US Spy Satellite Captures Chinese Ships Illegally Selling Oil To North Korea


It has long been known that China has helped North Korea evade international sanctions while professing faithful compliance with United Nations resolutions.  Now, U.S. spy satellites reportedly captured photos of Chinese ships illegally selling oil to North Korean boats on dozens of occasions.  China has again professed innocence.

The Chosun Ilbo reported that the photos came from the West Sea.  Both natural gas and crude oil imports are under UN sanctions.

Notably, the satellite photos show the name of one of the ships — Rye Song Gang 1 — which is clearly shown tethered and transferring with a Chinese vessel.  China denies having any information on the Chosun’s report.

There is clearly ample commerce passing between China and North Korea, including guest workers (which is supposed to end in two years).  The regime is then using much of its foreign capital to fund a program of mass destruction, including possible biological weapons in addition to nuclear weapons.

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  1. 2001 to present. Afghanistan. If only the country had better weather, Adelson, Mercer, could make it into a banana republic. The brother, of Trump’s Sec. of Ed., Erik Prince, he making any money in the war?

  2. I thought President Trump didn’t believe our intelligence agencies. How curious. The Chinese have assured us they’re not selling oil to the North Koreans and everyone knows hey treated President Trump better than anyone in history. Let’s move forward. The deep state is trying to alienate us from our true friends, Putin and Xi . I think it was that dumb dumb lawye John Dowd who condemned China, not Trump. MAGA!

      1. Nothing new here. Fat Boy is learning to deal with a different type of opponent but the methods he uses are the same as the middle east methods. Delay delay, change the subject, reframe, redefine dodge, duck and blow a lot of hot air promising whatever and delivering nothing. In short …same thing Scummer and Pelosillyni do and that whole subjective fairy tail other world crowd.

        The difference is the mid east is trained to accept suicide and look forward to it thinkinig it’s the only choice.. The North Koreans don’t known there is a choice.

        Pudgy got shoved to the side for Christmas and a few other events started oinking and the media sucked it right up with the usual stupidity.

        Best thing for the President to do. Carry a big stick showing a willingness to use it and lead them around by the snout. Same way you treat Progressive Socialists. Once you use a size small tweezer to latch on to their tweeties they fall ight in to the same old same old line of …..nothing.

        Seen Just Facts for 2017? Try it out. especially two through five.

        1. More like “ouch” for Trump’s inner circle (and, the American people).
          Thanks for the post, Seamus.

          1. “Exclusive: Russian tankers fueled North Korea via transfers at sea – sources” AS did the Chinese.

            This has been going on for decades through multiple administrations both Democratic and Republican where deals have been continuously broken. Now they have nukes. Don’t blame Trump. He just got there. Blame the Stalinists and the Maoists that care more for the enemy than their own country.

          1. And…Trump’s supposed buddies who are the leaders of authoritarian police states play the POTUS like a cheap fiddle when they promise to help with North Korea. Find your own brain Sherlock.

            1. Highly unlikely that North Korea developed its nuclear capability so rapidly without Russian assistance.

            2. So let me get this straight. Trump’s Government released these photos yet somehow Trump doesn’t know about it and is being played “like a fiddle” who hasn’t done a single thing to challenge the status quo? Someone doesn’t live in reality and his name is Seamus.

                1. Re-read the headline Linda. It clearly states “US spy satellite”.

                  In any event, I can’t fathos what your and Seamus are bellyaching about this time. Maybe you are just giving us all a Beavis and Butthead routine in lieu of intellecual discussion.

                  1. What it states and what was listed as a checkable resource for facts are often two different things. Just as one may quote NYT,l WaPo, Guardian etc. but how often have they been incorrect other than ‘most of’ What do we know ‘for sure’

                    They have a nuclear program
                    They may or may not have nuclear devices
                    They have a rocket program
                    They may or may not have rockets that with a payload can reach furthert than Guam , SK, Japan, Russia and parts of Alaska,

                    We stated or rather one of our idiot Presidents stated no Neutron Devices but were they really shut down?

                    We know that delivery vehicles come in many shapes and sizes some look exactly like freightersl, tankers and fishing boats.
                    We know real payloads come in different shapes, sizes, and types

                    We know that a metallic dumb bell was shown and claimed to be a bomb.Something any good machinest could make.

                    We know that dial a yield suitcase or at least small packing case type bombs were in the aresenals of at least three countries in the past. USA, Russia, China

                    We know that US warplanes routinely overfly North Korea.

                    We know the weather patters run from NK straight to west coast of North America Canada, USA, Mexico

                    We and the world hope the US was really not stupid enough to disarm the neutron versions and if so that has been reversed since Nov 2016.

                    We hope the apologists and sell outs of the left are not correct in counting on their absence

                    We do NOT know how many devices were disarmed in any of those countries.

                    What we don’t know would fill the Encyclopedia Brittanica

                    What we do know is …. not much. Except hope and unfounded on facts conjecture.

                    1. My sources are the standard news obtainable everywhere are you saying they are incorrect. We see photos every few meaning two or three months and that does not count drones and satellites. Are you saying the satellites and drones are turned off? For that you would have to provide a real source to be credible in that IN and UN credible statement.

                  2. Turley’s headline was about China. Seamus’ post was about Russia. Reading Seamus’ link would help you untangle.

            3. Do bookmakers give odds on Trump announcing that he believes the Kremlin’s denials? Russian leadership has a reputation for veracity.

                1. andrewworkshop
                  December 31, 2017 at 11:06 AM

                  Read Seamus’s link. Still have no idea what you two Beavis and Butthead types are moaning about other than Trump Trump Trumpity Trump.

                  Some years ago I bought a T Shirt by virtue of getting in the door prior to opening and it was the next to last one available. ‘Approposeof nothing whatsoever’ or something which will identify the targets the cartoon characters were listed as Beaver and Butthood. Bubba was The Beaver.

              1. They do? Since when? Remember that like Progressive Socialists they are influenced by a past and still guided by the hard and fast rule ‘anything said or done to support the (insert political system) is THE TRUTH until it changes….I would give your statement very low odds except the Putin regime is much more adept and shaping it’s comments to their needs – far more so than the Progressively Regressive Socialists and their propaganda machine.

                1. Michael- As predicted, sarcasm doesn’t translate well on blogs. No one thinks (me included) that Russian leadership is truthful e .g. the poisoning of Russian opponents and then Kremlin denials when caught red- handed.
                  It makes one question why Trump said he believes Putin and raises the question about what the Deutsche Bank records may show.
                  You are aware of the financing for LePen’s campaign in France?

                  1. I believe Trump was saying that he thinks he can deal with Putin. However, even if your statement is correct and he said he believes Putin publicly, that is sometimes done to move things forward, but Trump never said he would trust Putin. In fact he said quite the opposite in his words and deeds.

                    Russia has nukes so one has to respect their power. A plastic reset button was typical of the foreign policy of the last 8 years and that is why the previous Iranian demonstrations didn’t lead to change, but instead 150 Billion dollars sent to Iran propping the regime up. That is why Putin went into the Ukraine and the Crimea, why Libya now has anarchy.

                    What are your proposals to stop the nuclear proliferation in N. Korea and Iran? How do you wish to contain China and Russia in their boundaries? Do you want Japan and S. Korea to develop nuclear arsenals? How did you want to manage Syria and the Russians? Are you unhappy that in less than a year Trump destroyed ISIS territorial ambitions and are you happy that under Obama ISIS metastasized throughout the world?

                    You seem to have a dream of what the world would look like, but you are unable to explain how to get there because it is either a dream or a religion that seems to run your mind.

                    1. Allan
                      Pretzel time- Russia denied meddling in the U.S. election. Please incorporate the recent NYT info. about Poupadopolis in your rationalization about the situation in which the U.S. finds itself. Recall the Russians didn’t want former Secretary of State Clinton to be elected. Their protestations to that fact are proof of more of their lies.
                      While you are crafting your response, what I will be thinking about is that a majority of the American people voted for Hillary’s analytical ability, experience as a U.S. Secretary of State and her temperate personality.
                      If Trump had the mental skills (coherent sentences) and personality (he didn’t shove other world leaders out-of-the-way- like a 5- year-old), the amount of time he spends on the golf course would still make it impossible for him to gain the required knowledge/experience to offer optimal solutions. Given the revolving door of WH staff, his Sec. of State describing him as a moron, his belittlement of his attorney general, his Secretary of Ed. having her audiences turn their backs on her, he obviously didn’t hire good people. Trump’s flipping back and forth like a yo-yo among compliments, insults and threats e.g. toward China’s leaders, makes any good international affairs solution highly improbable.

                      If you choose to regurgitate Benghazi, I’d like to know how much time Fox has devoted to uncovering the nefarious intent of Trump when he ordered the mission that resulted in an ambush killing 4 American soldiers.

                    2. Linda, do you bother reading what was said before entering your scattered thoughts onto the blog? Russia is to be respected and even dealt with. Trust is a separate issue handled in a different fashion.

                      “ Russia denied meddling in the U.S. election. “ Russia denies a lot of things. So what? Meddling in elections is a common thing done all the time, so what is your point? The Russians had been paying the Clinton’s loads of money so it seems that despite what you say, “Recall the Russians didn’t want former Secretary of State Clinton to be elected.” Clinton is already on the Putin’s payroll.

                      While you are thinking about Hillary’s experience tell us why she took Gaddaffi to his death when he had gotten rid of his nuclear arms and was doing what he was told. That example destroyed a good chunk of our foreign policy.

                      As your flighty ideas veer off to Trump “If Trump had the mental skills “ take note that illegal immigration is down, consumer confidence is high, the growth of the GDP is up, unemployment is down, salaries are going up and the country is much better off. I’ll take those great successes any day of the year over the failures of the Obama Hillary years. (By the way leaders of other countries tried to maneuver themselves to be close to President Trump despite what you said. They may say some rude things now, but they respect Trump and the nation he leads instead of “admiring ” the ass licker Obama. The type of friendship provided to an ass licker is not respect rather don’t stop, it feels good.)

                      I hear a lot of adjectives describing the President. If only those adjectives could be provided with proof you might have a case. But since when does a Stalinist have to provide proof? Stalinists deal in lies and killing people that know the truth so one can’t blame you for who you are. You are just following your nature

                    3. Linda:
                      “Hillary’s analytical ability, experience as a U.S. Secretary of State and her 𝐭𝐞𝐦𝐩𝐞𝐫𝐚𝐭𝐞 𝐩𝐞𝐫𝐬𝐨𝐧𝐚𝐥𝐢𝐭𝐲.”

                      ROF funny. Thanks for the laugh before we head off to Maple & Pine at the Quirk Hotel to celebrate a great 2017!! Happy New Year!!

                    4. mespo – I saw that and did not know if it was satire or badly written fiction.

                    5. No but I hope which ever programmer wrote it is banging it’s head into the mirror and wondering why all the blood is spraying everywhere. Sorry ‘all the three in one oil is spraying everywhere. That was a pathetic piece of fictionary .

                    6. PAUL:
                      I see Linda is the most prolific and wordy of our commenters. Do you think Soros pays by the word? Bet he does. Damn sweatshop foreman!

                    7. “commented on US Spy Satellite Captures Chinese Ships’ are permanently positioned overhead. The B1 Lancers frequently overfly but the most used are the newer U-2s, a veresion of the C-135, a flight of five drones with no comment made on the use of F117 or B2’s.

                      US Deploys High Altitude Drone To Spy On North Korea | Zero Hedge

                      May 2, 2017 – The drone, the first of five to arrive in Japan, is tasked to survey ballistic missiles and nuclear facilities in North Korea, and is part of the 69th … aerial images and electronic data from an altitude of around 50,000 feet (15,240 meters) or more, higher than the altitude at which commercial….

                      North Korea has been using balloons over South Korea.

                      Someone in one fo the blogs recommended using nukes over all but the area next to South Korea. A check of the weather patterns shows the entire country is open to MOAB, JSOW launched by drones or aircraft, cruise missiles launched from ships or submarines, The fallacy on using nuclear weapons unless neutron devices are being manufactured are two. One any conventional radiation producers are in a weather pattern that continues to the west coast of North America, Alaska to Mexico and second the area next to the DMZ between the two Koreas hosts most of the targets that need taking out.

                      Carter stopped the development of Neutron weapons but there is no evidence it was not resumed so the key question is down wind patterns and burst altitudes. There is likewise no evidence production was halted or any existing Neutron Devices destroyed.

                      A probable MOAB target list would include all the harbors capable of accepting commercial or military hulls. One MOAB dropped in the center of a harbor would certainly not enhance the day of shipping nor the usability of the docks and related equipment.

                      As far as military units near the DMZ are concerned the newer versions of the Merlin, a British developed mortar or artillery round is designed to seek out large metal mass such as tanks, artillary, anti aircraft etc targets

                      The most critical NK technique is pre-dug tunnels under the DMZ. but again the MOAB turns those into long narrow graveyards. Much work has been done since the ear to the ground era of my first visit to that area and South Korea has a rather massive military establishment. on it’s own.

                      All of the above is readily available by using Google and other search engines.

                      All or nearly all the firing areas for longer range missiles have long since been detected any escalation beyond bluster puts an array of defenses on a short fuze status as far away as Alaska, Guam and Hawaii
                      AND nearby foreign countries.

                      Perhaps the most effective means NK might use are maritime shipping as firing platforms so all traffic in and out of NK is monitored closely.

                      Including the use of what some say are not aircraft…… but at this point does it matter?


                    8. It doesn’t but it’s a chance to not let sleeping dogs sleep too long and remind our faction the counter revolution is far from over and ballots not bullets may not be enough. Thus we use you to pass messages to our members. Just think of it. Our oath of office is to support, protect, and defend the Constitution. You are not listed at all. Be glad. or don’t be. You are of no consequence.

                    9. and…. there was not one law enforcement officer, not one District Attorney, not one Attorney General not one Judge at any level that accepted the alledged as worth recognizing, investigating or pursuing and now the complainants have all disappeared presumably with their payoff.

                      Granted Moore was not a good candidate but the sleazy left were not clean in this one either. But what do you expect from The mindless preprogrammed Collective of The Party and it’s Robo Clones under whatever name.

                      So the score remains five for trump two die hard Robo Clone socialist progressive states and one fluke. And they called it a huge win.

                      Had things been legal none of the left would be able to vote having rejected their citizenship long ago. You should thank the military for not invoking their oath of office as the left revoked theirs. Ballots are always better than bullets but the oath clearly states defend the constitution against all enemies foreign and DOMESTIC.

                      Your time is running out. .

                    10. “Trump/Bannon asked Alabamians, reddest state in the nation, to vote for Moore.”

                      Linda, it makes sense. Whether one likes Moore or not it appears that he will vote for those things that decrease unemployment, raise our GDP, increase salaries etc just like we have seen. To vote for the other guy is a vote to stop our citizens from having a better life all in the name of politics. Of course Stalinists don’t care about the people, only power.

                    11. Republicans opposed the stimulus package for Americans, after the men like those Trump appointed to his cabinet brought America to its knees in the financial Armageddon of 2008.

                    12. Linda – wasn’t Obama Prez in 2008? Now you want to blame him for something that 8 years before his time.

                    13. “Republicans opposed the stimulus package for Americans,”

                      Linda, the first thing you have to ask yourself is how was the TARP money spent. Not on the little people. In fact you should read the book written by the IG of TARP to see how the money was not used as intended and how the details were hidden from the people (and the IG) for it demonstrates how the little people are forgotten. You will like that book and I will find it if you indicate you wish to read it. It’s an excellent book.

                      Then you should look and see why the collapse occurred and why the little people should have been helped when all we helped were the big people and Goldman Sachs. There is another book on that topic by Charles ? who ran BB&T Bank. I Have read both so they are somewhere in the house. If you are interested I can find both of them and give you the names and titles.

                      You really ought to read a bit more in depth because I don’t totally disagree with your evaluation of Goldman Sachs. Remember a lot of the problem started when our government decided to increase housing opportunities and created incentives that created the crash. Your desire of more government is a proximate cause of a lot of our problems today.

                    14. Yes Comrade, whatever you say comrade, sure thing Comrade. Seig Me No Heils Comrade, Thanks for the left over Christmas Turkey stuffing Comrade. Question? Since you repudiated your citizenship why haven’t you left yet Comrade? Can’t find the USSR Comrade? Hows it feel to be pimp for the propaganda progammers of the left Comrade?

                      You have now received a comment written exactly for your level. Have mommy change your diapers.

                      Ad Hominem? No that requires a human presence. For you it’s Ad Machina and pass the Three In One Oil.

                    15. Allan
                      I’m acutely aware of the success of Wall Street in shafting Main Street America, having read a great deal about it. I am also aware of the party duopoly funded by the richest 0.1%.
                      The issue is which politicians will exacerbate the problem. We need look no farther than the source of the gold in their coffers to find the answer.
                      Mnuchin doesn’t even pretend to care about the people his wife disparages, unlike the Trump hologram that Bannon crafted for the benefit of the wealthy. There is abundant evidence of colonialism in Trump’s cabinet, where men like Mnuchin think that serving the rich from trump’s WH, is a sacrifice for them, while they fly on taxpayer-funded aircraft to vacation in Kentucky during the eclipse.
                      Which party is Robert Reich in?

                    16. “The issue is which politicians will exacerbate the problem. ”

                      Linda, that is simple. It is whichever party decides to stretch the Constitution in order to increase the power of the federal government over the individual or the state.

                      You seem to support those that increase the power of the state that then combined with powerful corporate interests acts against the needs of the citizens.

                      You really ought to read the book written by the IG of TARP instead of skirting the issues for it gives a black eye to those that seek more federal power

                    17. The Koch voice channeled through Allan. It’s cheaper for the richest 0.1% to buy (corrupt) state government and, exert local control putting the screws to the citizens e.g. lengthening prison sentences, enacting ALEC draft law, etc.

                    18. Linda – The Kocks were NeverTrumpers, may still be. Explain ALEC to me.

                    19. “The Koch voice channeled through Allan.”

                      What a silly woman Linda is. Koch was a never Trumper and I voted for Trump. Why? Because I believe in the individual rather than the state. I don’t believe in big business and government being in bed together something Linda promotes. Perhaps if she believes the Koch’s position is one where business and government are bedpartners then maybe Koch’s voice is being channeled through Linda.

                    20. ALEC Exposed is the best site for info. It tracks, by state, the ALEC laws drafted by special interests ( IMO, ones that would be consistent with a Koch agenda). ALEC’s drafts are introduced in state legislatures by legislators who seem likely to have been “wined and dined” by ALEC. A few years ago, Ohio’s Senate Bill 5 (subsequently defeated in state referendum by a 2/3 vote) was a notable failed attempt in Ohio. Very similar laws to S.B. 5, have been introduced in multiple states. Fighting ALEC’s legislation is very difficult for citizens because of the money behind them.
                      Corporations never give up. A Republican Ohio legislator is pushing a new law to make it harder for Ohioans to overturn laws written by groups, with big bucks like out-of-state corporate interests who have bought politicians (sometimes with big donations to the state’s Republican party).

                    21. Who tells the truth more often, the Koch’s, Putin, or Pinocchio? If the Koch’s are opposed to links between business and government, somebody should let them know that Koch Industries is a member of ALEC. If the Koch’s threw a party, how many of Trump’s cabinet would get invites? p.s. Trump really likes the XL pipeline.

                    22. Ah the XL Pipeline. You are aware Linda that the northern segment of the pipeline has been in operation since the Obama-era. It ships our oil across western Canada where it is loaded on tankers and refined in China.

                      Know who else likes the XL Pipeline? All those people that live in the Dakotas and have seen fiery train derailments occur because people like you are afraid of building the southern part of the XL pipeline.

                      Know who makes BILLIONS by NOT having the southern leg of the XL Pipeline? Warren Buffett. He’s heavily invested in freight rail and without a pipeline the only way crude oil can make it to American refineries is by train.

                      Know who else would love for there to be a southern leg of the XL Pipeline? All those trades and craftspeople that could be earning a really good living working in refineries or building new ones to turn all that oil into consumer products. Things like the computer you’ll type your idiotic rebuttal on. The plastic keys your fingers touch are a petroleum product.

                    23. and the finished pipeline will carry Canadian Oil to Houston where it is refined, and resold to other parts of th world wihout any permission from us. None of it shipped back north.

                    24. Excellent Andrew. It’s funny how Linda’s policy supports the 0.1% while denying jobs to family men and women. Cognitive dissonance seems to be the explanation for Linda’s problem.

                    1. Clinton/Kaine expected Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania to vote for them.
                      They had not voted for a Republican presidential candidate since the 1980s, but all of them went for Trump in 2016.
                      The Moore loss wasn’t exactly a stunning upset, especially given the 11th hour allegations.
                      The results of the 2016 presidential election caught almost everybody flatfooted.
                      No comparison between the Moore loss and the Clinton losses, but the Moore loss is being played up as if it were a stunning reversal in the country’s political direction.

                    2. They really got that peluche muneca’s spring’s wound up far to tight but You got to feel sorry for someone like that and a little pity perhaps but ‘it’ is not worth too much.

    1. Key words explains the whole paragraph. He didn’t include ALL intelligence agencies nor all levels in the one’s in question. But the way to couch that is would be something like. The President’s comment seemed to indict both the top leadership of ‘some’ agencies and the middle and lower ‘worker bee’ levels but left the door wide open for any information that ‘some’ may want to offer on the subject.

      Which you may have noticed has been happening.

      My return comment is use the easy out method of firing by withdrawing the security clearance of ‘some.’ For the President it’s quite easy.

      “X,Y or Z I have no trust in you. Consequently I have pulled your security clearance prior to an investigation of same by the appropriate office. Which means you cannot continue working for the government at any level requiring a clearance until that investigation is complete.” For military personnel insert after I am pulling your clearance ‘which means you may not hold a commission as an officer in the US Military or for the federal government.’

      No backlash from the military at all. No backlash from the government employees unions as the individuals were not fired but suspended pending the investigation. Of course anyone supporting the individual runs the risk of becoming part of the investigation. Time Limit? None.” The individual could not even run for office for Rep or Sen with that hanging over their head.

      A light dose as an example would soon solve a lot of problems but should be applied for …let’s say …..all former political appointments. Which means the Clinton holdovers would be the first to go, the Bush holdovers next,, and then the largest amount the Obama appointments.

      Second do not request funding for those positions in the next budget year. That could be buried as an ear mark.

      You get the picture?

      The President is the Senior Executive over the National Security Agency etc. He is the one at the top and he is the only one who can define ‘lack of trust.’

      It isn’t rocket science. And while suspended no other jobs nor perhaps even a place in the unemployment line…..

      1. The military people could be retained not at their reserve rank but at the highest rank not requiring a clearance. Congrats former General you are now, if you wish to stay for retirement completion, reduced to PVT E2 or equivalent. The risk is they may have to retire at that rank level. That’s something for the Secretary of Defense to determine. Could they switch to the Picked Guard I mean the National Guard? No because their rank would be meaningless outside their state and the State would have to fund their retirement.

  3. My guess is that the Chinese have brokered a deal with the NK military to stage a coup against the round tyrant. The oil is flowing to appease the population and avoid an insurrection when the coup goes down probably in February.

    1. That would certainly prove strange if a coup instigated by China and a military junta forming is a preferential outcome. If this is the case a failed coup would be worse in disaster than what happened in Turkey.

            1. Andrew

              Perhaps if you read what I stated, you might notice the word “worse” in the last sentence and that is not conflating. When Erdogan survived the coup years ago look what happened in Turkey: Tens of thousands arrested under false charges of sedition and insulting government officials; greater persecution of the Kurds and other dissident or minority groups; evisceration of the press; murders and deaths; and a rule becoming increasingly autocratic. What would happen in the DPRK if a coup attempt failed as I stated would be far worse than Turkey.

              Argue what you will, but I might recommend not jumping to dismissive insults as quickly as you do.

    2. Your guess is certainly wrong. On the other hand, there was a report of China establishing refugee camps immediately north of the border with North Korea…

      1. David Benson:
        You managed a categorical denial and an affirmation in one paragraph. Bravo. Btw, why is China beefing up its military at the border and building a super highway into that sparsely populated region due for completion in February or March?

        1. Provide links for the two parts of your BTW last sentence.

          You do understand that the Chinese do not act as a unitary body…

            1. Thank you.

              Not sure how much to credit the Express. Sensationalism to sell papers.

              1. Starting in 1964 the last visit to ROK was seven years ago China started in 1967 the last time seven years ago. Turkey the last time was eight to ten years ago on regular basis. But i do not the difference between Cafe Greco and Gafe Turkos. What you are missing still is I am USING you. Much the same way Trump uses the twitty birds.

                Have you noticed the overt movement from State Economics to Market Capitalism per chance in China that is to say. The miracle of the bagel has also been applied in the last decade or so to Sweden. Just checking knowledge of 101 -201 level courses.

                But thanks for piggy backing.

      2. D.B. Benson, did you hear that?

        “…a categorical denial and an affirmation in one paragraph.”

        I LIKE it!

        You’re a genius!

      3. My guess or considered opinion is far more on track than your unsourced comments and ‘reports’ But then that depends on who is your programmer for the day. It does however depict the former administration with excruciating exactitude since the entire charade and the use of the word ‘legacy’ has done the house of cards trick…… The last thing I remember from that political group that was successful and not taken advantage of was the military intervention in northern Afghanistan which drove the Taliban out in 1999. Never did figure out why Bubba failed to ballyhoo that one but….I guess to busy ‘balancing’ his unbalanced budget.

  4. When the U.S. gets serious:

    “US military agency invests $100m in genetic extinction technologies”

    “Technology could be used to wipe out malaria carrying mosquitos or other pests but UN experts say fears over possible military uses and unintended consequences strengthen case for a ban.

    A US military agency is investing $100m in genetic extinction technologies that could wipe out malarial mosquitoes, invasive rodents or other species, emails released under freedom of information rules show.

    The documents suggest that the US’s secretive Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (Darpa) has become the world’s largest funder of “gene drive” research and will raise tensions ahead of a UN expert committee meeting in Montreal beginning on Tuesday.”

    – The Guardian

        1. That’s a link but is it a source? True but it started back previous to 1914 or even before. You have heard of the Panama Canal mosquito eradication from that date up until the late 1990’s when the budget for same, like the trans canal zone highway and malaria ‘control’ began? That’s where it all started in modern times. In other words ho hum yawn 100 year old nothing burger non news. You don’t want DARPA to make your story sound a little better and for sure not the left wing extremist Guardian Fort Detrick Maryland would have been more believable.

  5. So what is the ethical context of this massive blockade?
    There are people involved.
    I’m not going to go on, just surprised it’s not part of the discussion.

      1. Do you mean the UN Resolutions the left ignored covering Iraq on non compliance concerning their nuclear program and other programs of weapons of mass destruction and their genocide appetites while under Saddam Hussein all but one third of one turned out to be true. The same resolutions the left used to justify voting in favor of the War Powers Act then repudiated within six month? Or was it any other number of UN resolutions except for those signed by Barak Obama on his own and without consent of Congress?

          1. Yep. I noticed when the one third of the WMD/NBC UN resolutions weren’t fulfilled to the point of radioactive particles in the jet streams the other resolutions like genocide were also readily abandoned something that was a big deal for the left until the embarassment of Kosovo.

    1. You might want to expand that a little bit. It’s a small potatoes worry com,pared to the mountain being made out of a mole hill. at present.

      Ideally they come under the presemt government in Seoul and like the East Germans are rehabilitated, retrained and start their own version of a squabbling.

      One might as well ask what’s going to happen to 45% or less of the socialist progressives when they are asked to choose between coming US Citizens again or being deported as undocumented aliens. I’m in favor of putting them on the list for immigration to the USA …behind the million and quarter Mexicans and others in the world who are first in line for consideration.

      . A more engaging problem is what China may or may not do which probably means followi their new market capitalism plan with open trade.

  6. If Hilary was president she would just press the reset button and that would fix our relationship with the Chinese and the North Koreans. Yep it would be that easy.

    1. Spoken like someone that has no idea whats he’s talking about. I wrote earlier that it was only a matter of time before HRC was blamed.

      1. FishWings – you know that is exactly what Hillary would do and then if there was a problem, she would blame it on the button.

  7. A reasonable person with a modicum of common sense will understand to whom my comment was directed and to values expressed in the comment the person wrote.
    Consequently, my comment was clear, simply and direct.

    My comment was reasonable, practical and with historical based experiences. In addition, the values extrapolated from those historical based experiences are factually based on the religious and secular grounds for the United States Of America to convert the indigenes people of North America, African slaves or to fight/war against communism, Islam or any other “ism” or ideology that will not submit to America’s “Will To Power.”

    If one were to be insulted by my comment, perhaps the emotional reaction of “the insulted” person resulted confronting reason and common sense.

    When one is attacked by name calling or ad hominem attack, one can reasonably and rightly conclude the attacker has no facts, reason or evidence to refute the thesis put forward.

    Thus, I understand and accept your personal attack on my comment.

    dennis hanna

    1. In other words you are just another America hating freak. You mention both the indigenous people and slavery – your arguments for both are easily debunked. But that doesn’t get to the topic of this article which is North Korea. Are you willing to dismiss juche’ as “just another ism” that won’t submit to America’s “will to power”?

      1. The rest of the story. USA we get to exhibit are individual free will and voting is the most common way. North Korea has not voting nor independent free will therefore their case Juche is the ‘Korean’ version of “Collective’ In which case it fits the left in America perfectly. Which should take care of the majority of the misinformation. The rest is …..immaterial the argument based on a false premise. I this case Fresh Florida Orange Juice compared to rotten cabbage.

    1. Squeeky, putting aside the legal issue of police officers firing at the vehicle, it seems to me that the police are poorly trained in how to respond to situations like this. Once the situation escalated to the point that the officer was ready to smash the windows of the vehicle, instead of actually smashing the windows like one of the officers did, the appropriate action would be to fire at the tires, blowing them out. This could be done safely and quickly. While this action does not totally disable the vehicle, it pretty much takes the potential “high speed chase” scenario out of the equation.

      I also find it annoying that people don’t do this in scenes in the movies. But at least the movies have an excuse for having a character firing at the back of the car, rather than firing at the tires, blowing them out. If a character in a movie actually did the smart thing and blew out the tires, there’s no chase sequence–and where’s the fun in that for moviegoers?

      I blame all this on Steve McQueen for creating the iconic car chase sequence. If the bad guys really wanted to stop him, they could have just gotten close to him and blown out his tires. And even in the middle of the chase, they had plenty of opportunities to do the same thing. But, of course, they didn’t, which is why we have the exciting car chase scene. Since then, every cop feels like it’s essential to mimic the movies, rather than to do the smart thing to impair a vehicle.

      1. Ever fired a weapon before? Evidently not. Even if you once did, and you were able to “shoot out the tires” (whatever that means) that doesn’t eliminate the possibility of a chase. Tires sit on things called wheels…roundy roundy thingies that will continue to go round and around for quite some time. The only sure fire (no pun intended) way to disable a vehicle in motion is to put rounds through the engine block. What’s the challenge in doing so? Ever fired a weapon before? If you have you can explain the obvious.

        1. andrewworkshop – when you are firing a weapon under fire or stress the first thing that goes is your fine motor skiils. This is why cops can fire several hundred rounds and no one will be hit. Even snipers have a tough time under stress and have to be trained to deal with it.

  8. Nice shot! If it’s that clear the real ones were even more so.

    But a side question i’ll sneak in here.

    Fox just changed it’s system of sign ins and among other things is not accepting anyone born prior to 1950? What’s with that?

    1. No answer. It’ a simple question and based on Fox moving to the center and then some while the former self annointed center is waaaaayyyyy of their back in the USSR. But try to sign up under their new system and picking 1950 as the lowest possible offered gets an automatic freeze. Those of you turning 68 your turn is next.

      1. “Fox moving to the center”? No middle class exists anymore so, no economic group exists in the center. Fox, in targeting a market, just looks for the message that will enable concentrated wealth. Maybe they’ll hire Mercer’s Cambridge Analytica to put a plan together.

        1. The false premise that leads you to incorrect solution is you don’t know where the center is located. It is not the center of the three socialist factions International, progressive and national. It was in the USSR and other places but not here. In a representative Constitutional Republic the center is the Constitution. That puts all your three factions out to the left without out so much as finger tip not even a toe in or near the center.. That also puts the Republicans In Name Only as the Right Wing OF the Left.

          The second proof is your entire system is a direct copy of the Marxist Leninist camp except where it strays into the offshoot National Socialism. Even older than National Socialism …about 1920’s or so was Progressive Socialism coming to the USA 1898 after a stop in England as the Fabian Society.

          Where did you think…. if you do…. phrases such as James Carville famous line as part ot the Gore Campaign which started witih “Where is the sacred ground?”… referring to the secular church of progressivism and that brough the God of the Left Lenin immediately into play. Carville continued with a list of things the Democrats under Gore were doing wrong and instructed them to make changes stating, “Anything we do or say that advances the party IS the Truth and the right thing to say or do”….anmd tomorrow it may be different but it is still the truth because whatever it is it supports and advances The Party. . paraphrased. The same line first uttered by people like Stalin Lenin, Mussolinni the former head fo the Italian Socialist Party and in Mein Kampf Adolf Hitler of the German national socialists.

          That and artifically moving and redefining the center as the center of the left or claiming a democracy where none exists even… worse the Progressive Socialists are not the least bit democratic except the mobocracy part. The left has used many names and one is ‘liberal’ but even that is used incorrectly.

          But everything you say I have read many years ago and thus know the redefinitons and reframing is only the truth of the left. The one rejected by our founders 241 years ago.

          Fox didn’t move to the center for it was a false center. but they moved to fill a vacuum of those who moved to the far left. The same area that supports Government over Citizens preferably in a one party system with one ruler. instead of Citizens as employers of government and government as temporary employees. The same area that supports as their own left wing as members of the right when they don’t come close to being anything but left..the RINOs.

          And it only took a few months to bring your hundred year old house of cards tumbling down.

          1. The guy hosting the New Year’s eve party at Mar a Largo, playing golf for 3 mos. of his first year as president,
            shares your joy that the amount of national income going to labor is at its lowest point in recorded history.

            I understand that Rick Berman is paid to beat the dead horse of labor. But, why are the unpaid blog commenters, beating the down-for-the-count worker collectives as if they were alive and winning derbies?

            And, is there a plan to protect citizens from oligarchs as the 99% lose jobs to outsourcing by international companies like those represented in Trump’s cabinet? Or, is the Russian model, planned for this side of the Atlantic?

            You do know that the elites orchestrated Bannon?

            1. You are nuts lady. So I gotta ask:

              – How much golf did Obama play? (And really, if Trump is so terrible wouldn’t you want him to be on a golf course and away from the Oval?).

              – Outsourcing began because of NAFTA. Bill Clinton was Mr. NAFTA. The Clinton campaign ran on a platform of expanding NAFTA and outsourcing more jobs. Trump is the only political figure really since Dick Gephardt to run on a made in America platform.

              – “Down for the count worker collectives”??? What the hell is that? Are there kibbutzes in America nobody knows about?

              – Putin put Trump into the White House to replicate the Russian economic model here????

            2. Your constantly changing opinion and reframing mean nothing. You have no rights in our country. You and your kind rejected your social contract or compact with the United States of America a representative Constiututional Repubic.

              Therefore you are by your own choice an illegal undocumented non citizen. These other comments are for those with citizenship to discuss if they are so inclined. They are none of your business. The only question for you to answer is having rejected our country and our system of government when are you leaving or must you be ejected. You will of course not lay claim to any of the lands or wealth of our nation other than closing your accounts, paying your bills, and reimbursing us for your travel expenses. To where is none of our business nor our concern.

              I have just depicted the corner into which you have painted yourself with your idiotic nonsense. But that is your free choice. You made it. There was no force involved.

              There is only one other choice possible. Apologize to the nation and ask to be reinstated.

              At this point you have less rights and less use to the United States of America than any garden variety border jumper. who at the very least demonstrated a desire to take your place.

              Imagine having to argue that in a court of law in what to you is now a foreign country.

              And then the light goes on! Click! As you admit you did it to yourself.

              1. You’re right not to fear the activities of wealthiest 0.1%, like the Walton-funded GenNext, a site that featured Donald Rumsfeld and Janet Napolitano nor, to fear the Arnold-funded aerial community surveillance programs. Given that 6 Walton heirs have wealth equivalent to 40% of Americans combined, no fail safe from the oligarchy exists so, no point to fear.

                  1. Your point? It cost her in 2016. Voters perceived less distance between the two candidates, based on the connection.

                    1. Linda – don’t be an apologist for Hillary. She ran a lousy campaign. Only she could have lost to Trump, bigley.

                    2. For many among the Democratic base, the platform given to Bloomberg at the Democratic convention ruled out defense of Clinton’s campaign.

                      The offense of (1) an over-the-top double standard applied to Democratic politicians and (2) huge campaign sums from the richest 0.1%, to right wing politicians (some of whom are DINOS), undermines the GOP’s credibility on issues and on their selection of leaders.

                    3. “(2) huge campaign sums from the richest 0.1%, to right wing politicians”

                      You should be a big supporter of Trump because he didn’t get the support of the richest 0.1% or the mainstream Democrats or Republicans who are supported by big dollar donors.

                      All your arguments seem to speak against power, but you seem to be the biggest supporter of power because you do not seem to appreciate the Constitution.

                    4. The Constitution was in effect during the period when Americans who contribute to GDP and who built this nation were getting rewards for their productivity.
                      Why has an American aristocracy been so successful in the past 35+ years recreating colonialism, that benefits only the richest 0.1%, many of whom are in the financial sector that drags down GDP?

                      Will vote for no party that Peter Thiel, Koch’s, Mercer and Adelson call, their own.

                    5. Linda – America has never been a classless society. It was the wealthier members of that society who wrote the Constitution.

                    6. Yawn. We get it Linda. You hate America. You want us to become more like all those other stunning communist success stories – Cuba, North Korea, Venezuela, Myanmar, et al. Yet it never dawned on you that this very forum you use to express hatred for America and capitalism wouldn’t exist but for America and capitalism. Yes Linda, the thingy you type on is not a product of socialism.

                    7. “Why has an American aristocracy been so successful in the past 35+ years ”

                      Because we moved in your favored direction, to the left. Linda’s policies are the biggest cause for such a shift. Her policies have made it more and more difficult for the small business community (that is the small guy). She likes government direction and government likes to deal with large companies and the wealthiest people.

                      Linda is blind to what actually occurs and that is why she never offers policy solutions.

                    8. Allan and worksop traveling through the looking glass…where “up” is down…where Republicans are the party of patriots (ignoring the outsourcing of jobs, global corporations given dominion over the U.S., etc)…where the people who are true Americans are not those who contribute to GDP, but the financial sector that drags down GDP by an estimated 2% …where corporate welfare and monopoly are called free enterprise…where the regional and national Chamber of Commerce sidles up next to the NFIB to stamp a shiny veneer on its big business legislation…
                      I bet you guys are like the Enron Dept. that laughed about taking advantage of grandmothers.

                    9. “Allan and worksop traveling through the looking glass…where “up” is down”

                      Trump is President. He is trying to pass laws that reduce outsourcing and all you do is complain how you want the outsourcing to stop. You write before you engage your brain. Has Trump been trying to reduce outsourcing? Yes or no. If yes, then you should praise
                      Trump for that action.

                    10. Paul
                      The founding fathers were more complex than “you people” classification. Patrick Henry’s views on many issues (including the care of his mentally ill wife) reflect some of those differences within just one of the Revolutionaries.

                    11. Linda – our Fore Fathers were a somewhat disparate group of wealthy men who did their best under unusual circumstances.

          1. The median family income is approx. $50 k. In inflation-adjusted dollars, that median family hasn’t seen a wage increase in 35+ years. Enron’s John Arnold and the Koch’s finance attacks on pensions and Pete Peterson has spent one-half a billion to destroy Social Security- two programs that prop up a middle class and partially offset the consequences of sending jobs from the U.S. to third world countries.

            1. You just admitted it LInda. Wages haven’t increased because of NAFTA. They increased up through the 1980s and into the 1990s…but when the Clintons and their deep state clowns decided NAFTA was a great idea, that’s when wages stagnated.

              1. On this I am squarely on Andrewworkshops side. I just received my first real COLA increase in eight years. while the previous admininistration leaders took a16% increase in retirement salary my last increase prior was point zero two. that included my real retirement and the social security. We suffered a dollar devaluation in buying power of thirty percent. While the left ignored the whole issue and spent the money and the loans buying votes and rewarding their non citizen friends.

                That was and if Hillary had been elected would have again be called a Great Deprression . But it was the cycle of economic repression and yet another device invented by a member of your foriegn ideology. Carlos Marighella to be exact. Original name Cycle of Repression.

                Your kind have no friends in our country. and using AWS example I am exactly at the median but only because I escaped the consequences of ObamaNonomics.

                Now I work for a return to status ante at the least and the ejection of those who turned against their former country of their own free will. And uphold my oath of office to the Constitution.

            2. Linda, It looks like wages are going up under Trump.

              What is your policy to solve what you seem to consider to be the major problem, economic inequality?

              1. 10 to1 it’s the Sanders Plan with some radical verbal embellishments. The type are not thinkers but are mystics as long as proofs are not required. .

                1. We have to wait and see. Linda talks big about income inequality, but forgets that all but a tiny fraction of that money resides in the American economy providing jobs, taxes to pay for entitlements etc. It is not spent on personal items by the rich. The problem that one should concern themselves with is when government and business work side by side to the disadvantage of our citizens, but that is exactly what happens in the type of government Linda seems to support.

                  1. Indeed she only replaces one form of aristocratic establishment with another stil true to the false Plato form. and still ignoring the negative warning admonishments of Plato and later Maynard Keynes. So it’s OK to be a neo feudalist if you are Linda’s sort of neo feudalist which means a separate ruling class supervising it’s classless society. The only thing to establish is does she sit on the throne, behind the throne or at the foot of the throne. The throne room is never unattended and is indeed carried or is a form of transport and the occupants never have to look beyond it’s walls.

                    1. Natacha who follows on my screen is a prototypical Tczarina speaking only the language of the court which is the ultimate form of mysticism as it never includes a certain Madame Guillotine something they do not take into account, as do the Islamics, in the followup support belief of Plato’s ‘other world.’ But we stray so back to spreading the the frutis of implied objectivism as learned on Smoke Bomb Hill.

                    2. Mike, Linda perceives herself as an elitist that knows best and therefore feels she has a place in the supervision of that classless society but even though she agrees with those that would be in power the likelihood is that she would be one of the powerless who when she opened her mouth would be sent to a reeducation camp or killed. Her type of perfection can only exist in the mind.

                    3. Let Republicans and DINO’s steer the ship, and the nation can relive Bush’ s 2008 financial crisis, only with the added condition of much greater concentration of wealth. Then, remember there will be no stimulus and cuts to Social Security and Medicare will slow down the economic multiplier effect in states and communities.

                      Trump’s guy, the imperial Steve Miller, told a video camera what he thought about people who contribute to productivity, like janitors. “Are you tired of picking up your own trash, that’s what janitors are paid for.”

                      Trump can take credit for 400 new jobs at Dollar General. Rhetorically, what percentage of the business’ products are made in China and what are the wages?

                    4. Back to prior comments about Trump’s international saber wielding-
                      The Afghan war is approaching an anniversary of 20 years while 1 in 5 American children are estimated to live in poverty.
                      From the media, the elites’ “Bannon reportedly supported Erik Prince’s approach (proposed in 2017) to the war” i.e. contractors instead of G.I.’s. Potential big dollars for the brother of Trump’s Secretary of Education.

                    5. ” 1 in 5 American children are estimated to live in poverty.”

                      Linda, can you show us citation that 1 in 5 legal American children live in poverty? Do you realize that living in poverty in the in the US is considered rich by many of the people of other countries including the native country of those people living here illegally?

                    6. Allan
                      You and Louise Litton share common distorted reality.
                      Given a median family income of $50,000, I/2 of those families live below $50,000. Consider the price of housing, food, health care, transportation… The reality of the 1 in 5 statistic is obvious. Does the significance of Romney’s 47% Waterloo comment resonate with you? Bannon wouldn’t have crafted Trump as a populist and Trump wouldn’t have been elected if there wasn’t serious deprivation in the U.S.

                      The people of countries like the Philippines are impoverished. The national income of those countries disproportionately goes to the richest 0.1%. In the U.S., the share of national income going to the richest is at the highest point in recorded history.

                    7. Linda, you continue with your disjointed replies. It appears you would like to destroy our economic system so our people can lower their standard of living to that seen in the Philippines you mention.

                      By the way: “Median household income rose to just over $59,000 in 2016” CNN Money.

                      I am still awaiting your solution the problem of income inequality. You complain and complain, but suggest nothing.

  9. The US has the ability to stop this, by cutting off trade with China, but too many rich people would suffer, so it’s not going to happen. Priorities first, people.

    1. Hey, I agree with you on this! Why the heck do we ship our jobs off to China and Mexico??? Sooo, rich people can get richer. What we need is maybe a tariff on stuff from China, and Mexico! Wait, didn’t Donald Trump propose something like that???

      Squeeky Fromm
      Girl Reporter

      1. Compulsory communist “redistribution of wealth” stemming from the imposition of communism in America with the introduction of the Federal Reserve in 1913 created In November, 1910 by Nelson Aldrich, A. Piatt Andrew, Henry Davison, Arthur Shelton, Frank Vanderlip and Paul Warburg at the Jekyll Island Club, off the coast of Georgia, when they wrote a plan to reform the nation’s banking system from whence came the income tax, inheritance tax, corporate tax, ultimate elimination of the gold-backed currency, welfare, food stamps, WIC, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Obamacare, HAMIP, HARP, “Non-Discrimination” laws, “Fair-Housing” laws, and the entire communistic welfare state, including minority generational welfare and “Affirmative Action Privilege.”

        1. That system you mentioned of course did not allow for any ownership of anything except fro the ruling class of the classless society. National Socialism allowed for personal ownership but heavily monitored and controlled by the State. Progressive Socialism is still waiting to find out the answer.

        2. “Why the heck do we ship our jobs off to China and Mexico???,” asked the Squeekster.

          My answer precedes above.

        3. Since 6 Walton heirs have wealth equivalent to 40% of Americans combined, wealth has done been redistributed.

          Why are you guys beating a dead horse as if it was a winning thoroughbred?

      2. A tariff? Let’s see. The cost is added to the end user’s bill at the cash register and then the sales tax goes up to account for the added tariff. That’s the USA consumers read private citizen paying that cost Not the Chinese and Not the Mexicans.

        Not sure how that helps anyone especially when the tariff goes straight to the government.

        But think about who loses?

        Since we don’t know what the item is we can only assume it can be anything and everything from parts to build Chevvies to Flexie leather shoes to any of thousands of items sold where people can afford to buy namely WalMart, Amazon and the various Dollar Stores. which now become the Dollar Plus Tariff stores.

        What we do know is whatever the amount we do know the amout of the tariff plus extra sales tax will NOT be available to the end user consumer citizen nor to a competing product of the same type to spend on……

        some other product or service in any one of the other stores. That is who loses. Or maybe that extra didn’t go to the college fund, wedding fund, medical savings fund, times the number of people (millions) who had to pay the extra tariff and resulting sales tax.

        Basic Economics but the reference is Chapter 19 or 20 or close in Hazlitt’s Economics In One Lesson on the subject of Tariffs. Pretty soon that 2% boost in income gets reclaimed…by the government

        But the way to stop that sort of confiscation is don’t shop in malls.

        1. Tariff’s incorrectly used or correctly used all have that one thing in common. The US consumer pays the freight 100% and the government profits. It’s a form of direct taxation. especially if it’s an export tariff.

        1. But then with all the $3 items now tarrified up to the $50 level what then. Choice one buy the Mall items for $50. Choice two buy the tariffed items for $50 and watch $47 go to the government Choice three don’t buy from either one but haunt the yard sales and the local black market operations. Choice Four tell your neighbor Clyde you won’t be buying the kids new clothes for Christmas from his store or anyone else’s store but does he have a used sewing machine? Clyde answers ….shhhhhh…..and for half the cost of a new one the wife gives lessons. Choice Five pay the Coyotes to have items hauled in with the next wave of border jumpers. Choice Six… move south of the border and skip all the high prices and taxes and tariffs

    2. The POTUS should be the 1st to take action. He could move his clothing line from his China manufacturing plant to the US.

      1. Turns out it isn’t his clothing line and the family member whose clothing line it is also getting hit for underselling the high price carraige trade of the ……Sec Progs ruling class.

    3. Not to mention those who depend on affordable goods from China in Walmart, Dollar Stores and Amazon until we can dig our way out of the GD mess Lord Legacy left us in. So now you want to starve the population and have them go thread bare… Or could you wait until summer? Too bad all those who were directly attacked by your socialist buddies namely elderly and retired didn’t die and that would make you happy I’m sure. Small matter of that 30% loss in buying power the SucProg engineered. KMA.

    1. Problem with that strategy is that North Korean officers are “taught” that they must fire their weapons (artillery, missiles, etc.) if theees a decapitation attempt.

  10. If the North Koreans shoot one more missile over the Pacific toward Hawaii or our West Coast then we should nuke their capital and kill the midget along with all the other humanoids who live there. If they respond with any military then nuke the who nation with some zone above S. Korea not to be nuked.

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