Defendant Loses Appeal In Contesting Possession Of Drugs Found In His Rectum

WYLIE-BIGGS-2017-0415This may be the single most challenging defense that I have seen in years.  Counsel for Edwin Greco Wylie-Biggs argued that the police had failed to prove that drugs seized in the state prison at Fayette, Pennsylvania belonged to Wylie-Biggs.  The problem is that the drugs were found in his rectum.



A state Superior Court panel dismissed the argument in five pages.  Prosecutors argued that a corrections officer saw another inmate pass something to Wylie-Biggs and he was then given a cavity search. A small plastic bag was found in his rectum containing a blue balloon with synthetic marijuana.

That was enough to get Wylie-Biggs, 36, of Clarion, an extra 3 to 6 years in prison for possessing contraband.

This might have been a case for Nathan Thurm.

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  1. Well, in the world of bizarre legal defenses that are successful, as opposed to this one, let’s turn to the Krauts!

    Woman escapes murder conviction after sawing lover to death during sex game

    A woman who slit her boyfriend’s throat with an electric saw during a sex game has escaped a murder conviction in a German court.

    The accused, identified only as ‘Gabi P’, was convicted of manslaughter and sentenced to 12 years in prison by the District Court of Munich Friday, according to Süddeutsche Zeitung.

    In his ruling, Judge Michael Höhne determined that the woman used an electric circular saw on the victim’s throat and chest while he was tied to the bed and blindfolded, but concluded that it was not evident that she had intended to kill the man before the bondage act began.

    The defense had argued during the case that it was not proven that the victim was bound or blindfolded at the time of the attack. The defendant claimed she could not remember the events leading up to the December 2008 killing, saying that she could only recall pushing the saw onto her boyfriend, Alex H.

    Prosecutors argued that the attack was premeditated, citing the defendant’s diary entries which detailed the couple’s turbulent relationship. The pair had broken up a short time before the killing.

    Public prosecutor Anne Leidig said her office will examine the legal argument in the manslaughter verdict, though the victim’s family do not plan to appeal.

    The killing only came to light in 2016 when the victim’s body was found buried in Gabi P’s garden following a tip-off to police. The victim’s family had assumed he had left the country for Romania.

    The body had been left in the perpetrator’s bed under a blanket for several months in the aftermath of the killing. The woman’s new boyfriend, Christian, discovered it while she was on vacation, reports Deutsche Welle.

    He and another friend helped her bury the body in the garden. Christian and the friend were jailed in September 2016 for two years and eight months, and one year and nine months respectively.

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

    PS: Yes, I thought about how apropos, “she conquered, she sawed, she came” would have been, but deemed it too cheezy. . . 🙂

  2. What drugs were found. If it was marijuana, then, with Sessions in charge, his ass is grass.

  3. What would be more interesting is whether or not investigators found David Benson or YNOT and their ilk in the same place as they found the drugs.

  4. So perhaps some other party stowed the drugs in this guy’s butt, just temporarily, for safekeeping? Or maybe they were put there to soak up some local flavoring …..

    1. I hate when other people stash things in my rectum without my knowledge. SO ANNOYING!

  5. Bubba told him numerous times that your ass is mine! So of course those weren’t his drugs, they were Bubbas.

  6. I wonder if the court heard anal argument before deciding the case or simply decided the case on the papers.

  7. It is common for common criminals to claim weapons or contraband found on their persons is not theirs but this is a new one.

  8. The humorous part is that it took five pages to sufficiently explain why the appeal would not be successful.

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