Anti-Doping Officials Show Up Unannounced At Russian Competition . . . More Than 30 Russian Athletes Immediately Withdraw

Russian FlagThe famous proverb stated that “the wicked flee though no one pursues, but the righteous are as bold as a lion.” That appears born out in a recent athlete competition in Siberia. Russian Anti-Doping Agency (RUSADA) showed up unannounced at the regional competition in the Siberian city of Irkutsk and dozens of athletes immediately withdrew to avoid testing.

The doping program in Russia has been well documented and has cost the country the participation in the Olympic games as well as the loss of prior medals.  Russia is banned from participating in the 2018 Winter Olympics over allegations of a state-run doping scheme at the 2014 Games in Sochi.

Some 36 Russian athletes fled the competition at the arrival of the anti-doping competition, as reported by

Hopefully the list of these athletes will result in mandatory testing within a short time. If they are not, it is clear that Russia is still a doping haven.

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  1. “That’s the idea, not to change for the worse.”

    George, you are dealing with correlation, not causation. Why should women not have the right to vote? Their inferior raw strength has nothing to do with intelligent voting. They are individual beings. Let’s take an unmarried working woman that owns her own home and compare her to her equivalent unmarried working man. Why should one have the right to vote over the other?

    “Allen, have the Ten Commandments be “changed”?”

    Actually yes. The wording of the original Ten Commandments in the Jewish Torah has been changed in the Christian rewriting of the Ten Commandments and is different for Catholics and Protestants.

    “Are you as free as the Founders in 1789?”

    If you remember at the time state religion was permitted and there were state churches. Was I free of that church? Things change and that is why amendments were permitted. That many have lost their pathway is true, but that was true as well in 1789. I am not happy with many of the changes, but if those changes were due to Constitutional Amendments then I consider them part of the Constitution to change with another Constitutional Amendment. I think the Supreme Court has overstepped its bounds and our legislators permitted it. We should never have had slavery or even the question that a black person couldn’t vote, but we did and I wouldn’t want to deny a woman, a sentient human being, denied the right to vote because of her gender.

    I guess that leaves the ball in your court to prove there is something inherently evil or foolish in women that doesn’t exist in men. If you can demonstrate causation then perhaps you might have an argument, but I don’t think that is possible. Right now you are utilizing correlation to pass judgment, but you totally lack causation.

  2. “Russian Anti-Doping Agency (RUSADA) showed up unannounced at the regional competition in the Siberian city of Irkutsk and dozens of athletes immediately withdrew to avoid testing.”
    Maybe we could do the same thing to the Seattle City Council by using an intelligence test.

  3. If you’re a dope, you’re a dope…
    You’re a dope all the way…
    From your first opioid to your last dying day.
    So take all those pills when you’re in the Sixth Grade..
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      1. For those of us old enough to remember & love the musical, “West Side Story” (That song is a real earworm! I won’t be able to get it out of my head for days! (w/ orig’l lyrics) )

  4. Doping would not continue if it were not rewarded.

    Similarly, there are abuses in the equestrian show world that are condemned, but still rewarded in the show ring.

    Tail alterations are an example. Tails are blocked/deadened (Western Pleasure), docked (Draft), or nicked (Saddlebred and Tennessee Walking Horse.) All are harmful. All are still rewarded in the show ring, which is the only reason why they persist.

    If a docked horse were excused from the ring, you would see no more docked foals starting the next January.

    Likewise, if they tested the top three in every event, every time, doping would be discontinued. Of course, testing would have to continually evolve to detect all the new ways to cheat that people would discover.

    1. Oh, and throw saddleseat chainsaw bits, bicycle chain bits, and curbs with running martingales onto the pile of detestable sports practices that need to stop being encouraged, too. Yes, that’s a thing.

      1. KarenS, thanks for your posts on types of horses, riding techniques, and (mis)treatment. It’s like having a MasterClass here on the blog. Much appreciated.

  5. Speaking of Russian doping, is it true that Trump Dossier creator, Christopher Steele, was Alexander Litvinenko’s case officer? Litvinenko got a little dose of Russian dope. Small world. Oh, and if Comey prepared a draft exoneration of Hillary months ahead of time, did he simultaneously prepare draft charges of Hillary months ahead of time? Why just the exoneration version?

    1. Nutchacha,

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      I thought women were superior, obviously having no need for “Affirmative Action Privilege.”

      Looks like the 19th Amendment is the cure that is the curse.

      1. George – I would have thought they sewed up the pink pu$$y vote (pun intended) and that was all they needed.

      2. George your underlying theme is correct, but if you intended to deny my wife (who is more to the right than I) her right to vote you would be sliced into many different pieces.

        1. “…you would be sliced into many different pieces.”

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          “…if you can keep it.”

          You couldn’t.

          The Founders established a restricted-vote republic, distinctly not a one man, one vote democrazy.

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          ― Alexander Fraser Tytler

          The 19th Amendment Paradox –

          Look around you. America is dying. It has more deaths than births. The birthrate is in a “death spiral” and America’s population is being imported. It strikes me as it must have the Founders that women should be very busy with a very important job to do. “The Hand That Rocks the Cradle Rules the World” as they say.

          republic –

          “a state in which the supreme power rests in the body of citizens entitled to vote”

          The Founders amended the Constitution ten times; that was enough and those ten were ratified to preclude further amendment “…as will not injure…” the very Constitution itself.

          James Madison – Proposed Amendments to the Constitution, June 8, 1789

          ” And if there are amendments desired, of such a nature as will not injure the constitution, and they can be ingrafted so as to give satisfaction to the doubting part of our fellow citizens; the friends of the federal government will evince that spirit of deference and concession for which they have hitherto been distinguished.”

          No one has ever suggested that the Ten Commandments be amended.

          The 19th Amendment – THE CURE THAT IS THE CURSE. Indeed.

          1. “Tell me, does you wife’s vote cancel yours or turn your one vote into two? ”

            My wife and I always vote for the same candidates.

            ” the man’s vote represents the family.”

            There is a history behind that but women with property and no husband were permitted to vote in many colonies. In fact, women were given the right to vote in the 18th century in New Jersey which disappeared early in the 19th century. There is an interesting story attached, but I’ll skip discussing it.

            There is a lot of history behind one family one vote in other things as well. Homeowner associations, condominiums etc. provide only one vote per household.

            Pure democracy is evil and doesn’t work because the two foxes will always vote to eat the hen for lunch.

            A question that often comes up is should people supported by the government on a continuous basis have the right to vote? It appears you move towards a discussion in that direction and more.

            1. OK. You use the 19th Amendment to conduct election fraud turning your single vote into two, and there is absolutely no point to the 19th Amendment because the alternative is for your wife to cancel your vote out making it worthless. The corruption related to the 19th Amendment is not dissimilar to the election fraud conducted by democrats in their campaign to import democrat voters from third world countries – they come for the “free stuff” and they stay to vote for more and evermore “free stuff.” It all destroys the tightly-held, restricted-vote American republic and with that, freedom.

              Don’t talk to me. Talk to Ben Franklin. He understood the commitment to reverence, resolve, diligence and honorable discipline voting American men would have to make. A lot of responsibility resided in that early American restricted vote.

              We gave you “a republic, if you can keep it.”

              You couldn’t.

              1. George, Can’t figure out our point on a Constitutional basis. I understand your rant, but I disagree and so does the law.

                1. The American Founders adopted the Constitution and denied women and the “poor” the vote. They had good reason. Neither group is capable of a rational decision without incoherence and hysteria. Take a look around America. It’s an incoherent, hysterical place. How’d that happen?

                  1. George, things do change. That was expected and that is why the amendment process was placed into the Constitution. No one expected everyone to be happy.

                    You say woman aren’t rational decision-makers. Do you believe the bleatings of Ken and Mark are rational or substantive? Stretching what I can possibly know I believe you are looking at correlation rather than causation so what you seem to be advocating won’t change a thing.

                    1. OK. Let’s try it this way. Why did the American Founders preclude the “poor” and women from voting? The irrefutable fact is that it was so comprehensively understood by all men that the “poor” and women were not intended to vote and were never going to be allowed to vote, that it wasn’t even considered for inclusion in the founding documents. Where did rational men lose that foundational understanding? Things change alright. The —-ing Titanic sank.

                    2. “OK. Let’s try it this way. Why did the American Founders preclude the “poor” and women from voting?”

                      OK, George. Let’s try it this way. Why did the American Founders place an amendment clause in the Constitution?

                      Also, remember that women in many of the colonies were permitted to vote if they owned property (weren’t poor) and were no longer married. I can see the logic in many of the variations in who should be permitted to vote (whether or not I agree with those variations), but I can’t see it solely on the basis of gender or race.

                    3. “George, things do change.”

                      That’s the idea, not to change for the worse.

                      ” And if there are amendments desired, of such a nature as will not injure the constitution,…”

                      – James Madison

                      In post-Constitutional America, the Constitution has not only been injured, the Constitution has been totally destroyed.

                      Allen, have the Ten Commandments be “changed”?

                      Allen, it’s like they say before an election, “Are you better off?” Did you ever like the idea of freedom provided by the Founders? Are you better off now? Are you as free as the Founders in 1789? There was no welfare state, no abortion, no income tax, no Federal Reserve/Treasury Complex sans a gold-standard, no destruction of private property rights, no discriminatory “Non-Discrimination” laws, no unfair “Fair Housing” laws, no quotas, no affirmative action, no compulsory busing, no WIC, HAMP, HARP, Dept.’s Labor/Education, no non-white immigration, etc., etc., etc. Why do all these “changes” that you enjoy so much, coincide with the 19th Amendment of 1920? Ever notice that much the building blocks of communism were set in place in the early 20th century? I wonder what the Founders knew and intended as they were so absolutely convinced that the “poor” and women should never vote they didn’t even include voting restrictions in the Constitution. I think what they knew was that they had to keep the genie in the bottle or the “poor” and women would “sell” their votes and vote themselves largess out of the public treasury. The Founders gave Americans the “ONE” thing they could: Freedom. Between feminization, the dominion of the “poor”, communistic redistribution of wealth and social engineering freedom’s gone and the country is gone. Tytler revealed that democrazy always results in dictatorship. Now we enjoy the “dictatorship of the proletariat”. Post-Mexican invasion California, with its many multiple millions of foreigner illegal alien votes, is now in open revolt over the sanctity of U.S. borders and federal immigration law. All this has happened since the “Progressive”-cum-communist movement in the early 20th century. Do you notice any “collusion.”

                      I think the 19th Amendment had noble intentions and unintended consequences.

                      I know America hasn’t been a republic for a long time and the Constitution is dead.

                      Are you better off?

    2. Natacha, I will personally start a Go Fund-Me account for you to see a therapist if you would like.
      You need some help or you are going to be permanently damaged for the foreseeable future if you don’t get over the results of this last presidential election very soon.

  6. This scenario reminds me of what happens at Tennessee Walking Horse events when the inspectors show up to look for evidence of “soring”. All of a sudden there are very few competitors left.

    1. Oh, I HATE the Big Lick. The Big Lick needs to die. I also despise the less extreme versions that are guilty of using chains, ginger, soring agents, etc. I hate soring and stacks and high nails. The most recent ban on soring was retracted along with all of Obama’s other actions, and I hope they reword it. The previous language would have also banned healing salves and liniments.

      I grew up hunter/jumper and now ride dressage. I have always loved the natural self carriage and ability of a horse. Our sports are supposed to strengthen what a horse already is capable of, but we do have our cheaters and abusers. That’s true in any sport. And I have problems with the double bridle, riding in spurs at upper levels, Rolkur, and other issues. I ride bitless routinely.

      However, I have never liked artificial or awkward movement. I don’t like how Western Pleasure classes have been ruined. Instead of having a gliding, smooth, easy to ride horse, like in the old days, they now have animals shambling around in 3 beat, afraid to go forward. I don’t like Park or Saddle Seat, because the rider and horse’s head position are not good biomechanics. Crank the head up, artificially make their feet heavier, and tighten and hollow the horse’s back. But the Big Lick is the worst. I can’t stand to see the horses stagger around on ridiculous stacks, completely changing the angle of their backs and hips. They can barely move with those Frankenstein feet. Even draft horses are not spared. You should have seen one of my draft’s feet when we’d gotten him. They had allowed his feet to flare horribly, with Scotch shoes, to make his feet heavier so he would pick them up higher and have more action. Bah.

      Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but biomechanics is science. When humans do anything in dressage, trail, jumping, Park, Saddle Seat, Western Pleasure, or the Big Lick that is significantly biomechanically harmful or detrimental to the horse or rider, then it’s just bad.

      1. Karen S, this is all based on competitive envy without a desire to see that the animal itself is healthy and happy. All we have to do is look at Best In Show. Wonderful breeds of dogs have been ruined because they were bred for confirmation that created some changes that were never meant to exist. Who cares about cranium size when the proportion of the head looks so much better?

        Too much envy. When I get a dog I buy a dog, not a trophy.

        1. So true. I think one of my favorite breeds, the German Shepherd Dog, has been almost ruined in the US with a raked back like a hyena and health problems.

          I like the Czeck and other European lines with a natural, flat back. They look like wolves, archetypal dogs, and not slinking hyenas.

          1. When young I had a very special Collie that was specially trained. He was quite smart, but I have been told they bred the brains out of Collies

      2. To clarify, Park is the most extreme form of Saddle Seat, with the most use of devices, tail sets, tail nicks, baiting, etc.

      3. Agree. Can’t stand the Western Pleasure “peanut pushers”, any more than the “praying mantis” gait of the sored TWHs. I own 2 wonderful TWH geldings, so I am especially saddened by the cruelty in my breed of choice.

        1. TWH are wonderful, kind horses. They would have to be, or they wouldn’t put up with such poor handling as they receive in the shows. The sweetest horses are sometimes treated the worst. This holds true for draft horse breeds, too. The tight check lines and rough handling apparent in some shows would have flipped out a hotter horse.

          I have some friends who’ve had gaited horses, and they say that there’s nothing smoother, but I’ve never ridden one. I’d love to some day. So happy to hear you like horses.

          Western Pleasure used to be a great class. It was supposed to be about the horse that’s so easy and fun to ride, you could sip tea while out checking fences. They’ve ruined it, but I’m hopeful that someone will snap out of it one day and start judging this class correctly. Change the judges if you want to change trainer behavior.

          My own favorite breed, the Arabian, was almost thoroughly ruined by Saddlebred and Standardbred judges taking over judging the halter classes decades ago. These were horses the Bedouin trusted with their very lives, as they rode their war mares into battle. I cannot imagine actually riding very many halter Arabians, at all. They’ve bread the brains and bravery right out of some of the lines. Now, when you see an Arabian who actually behaves as an Arabian – very bonded to people, sensitive, intelligent, tireless, not over-reactive, you think they are a rarity when they used to be the norm. I spoke with a famous breeder once who said they stopped showing their stallions because none of their horses could place well with the new rules. They stood there alert, calm, and gorgeous while everyone else was snort and blow. You’d never want to ride one of the latter insane animals, but the former, you could go gather up cows one weekend, and enter in a jumping class the next. Their stallions were calm and confident in whatever arena they found themselves, kind of like a British lady at home on the hunt or in a ballroom.

  7. Off topic. Fake News. My Fake News Award goes to Chuck Todd on NBC. About a year ago he called the town of Ferguson, MO : “a Ghetto!”. I grew up there. I drove around the town in March of 2017. It is a nice and groomed town. There are no “projects”. There are african americans living there. Maybe that is why Chuck called the town a “Ghetto!”

    Chuckyboy Todd on NBC is a “Bigot!”

    NBC News is on the itShay list.

  8. If Russia was serious about quitting, it would have already mandated testing for all athletes at every event. Period.

    Since this has been a problem for more than one nation, the IOC should do mandatory testing of the top 3 in every event, every time.

    1. I forgot to add that there is some uncharted territory we need to explore regarding unfair advantages in sports, i.e. transgender athletes.

      Can a biological male who has transitioned to female compete in female sports? Does she have an unfair advantage, since the very reason we gender segregate some sports is because males have a physiological advantage? Or does the loss of testosterone from a transitioned person mean there is a disadvantage instead? What if someone had a genetic condition, such as XXY or hermaphrodite? Those are exceedingly rare, but they are topics of consideration for modern athletic ethics.

      This is very confusing, and I don’t have a concrete answer yet.

      This is why I like equestrian sports, the great equalizer. No one cares if you wear a dress or pants or who you’re with. We all wear breaches in the arena, and it is not gender segregated.

      1. Karen S.,
        Here is an issue to consider for combat sports, at least, and transgendered participants: muscle and bone development. It isn’t just about hormone levels necessarily.

        “I’ve fought a lot of women and have never felt the strength that I felt in a fight as I did that night. I can’t answer whether it’s because she was born a man or not because I’m not a doctor. I can only say, I’ve never felt so overpowered ever in my life and I am an abnormally strong female in my own right,” she stated. “Her grip was different, I could usually move around in the clinch against other females but couldn’t move at all in Fox’s clinch.””

        1. Good response, Prairie Rose. Also, Fox has been beaten by a woman, and ironically blamed the loss on the fact that Fox takes estrogen and ostensibly produces no testosterone, whereas typical females do have small amounts of circulating testosterone. Nevertheless, as Fox did not have transition surgery etc. until ~31 years of age, Fox’s muscle mass is typical of a grown man (although Fox may no longer be able to bulk up the way an untreated biological man can given the consumption of testosterone-blockers). Fox’s bone structure/muscle mass put the fighter at a decided advantage compared to biological women. Joe Rogan, long-time UFC commentator was completely right in his opinion regarding differences in body structure and how that affects the mechanics of the sport. Why would anyone fight when her opponent had such an unfair advantage?

          1. Thanks, Karen and Cape Cod!

            Great addition, Cape Cod, about Joe Rogan! He has a great podcast.

            Also, Cape Cod, thank you for posting that link to the journal article. You know I love PubMed! 😉

    2. That is a great suggestion Karen S, but wouldn’t that have the possibility of ending the Olympics? 😉

      1. Ending the Olympics would be a good thing, IMO. American coverage is so bad as to make it unwatchable, anyway. Hmmm, since there is apparently nothing newsworthy to cover here in the good ol’ USA, I’d be interested to know Turley’s views on perpetual liar and American doper extraordinaire Lance Armstrong? Furthermore, what is his opinion of the French, given that for decades they have turned a blind eye to the cheating so that tourism and sponsorship $$ won’t dry up? Or Amgen and Californians, for that matter? I recall reading somewhere something about a mote in one’s eye….

  9. We need Anti-Doping Officials to show up on this blog so that the same will happen here.

  10. Given the importance of the ideals of pure athleticism there should be no quarter given to athletes that take drugs. It is a travesty for baseball that Barry Bonds is remembered in any way other than a disgrace. Sports are already tainted with the perversions of money, corporate manipulations, politics, and the oligarchs that simply lie to the public. There must be one area where the absolute of no drugs should prevail. Of course, with Putin probably excusing this as a bathroom run, the dope police will have to be vigilant and the heads of all the organizations resolute. I wonder how all those East German men/women/?? are doing; if any are still alive or not on tubes in some institution.

    1. That is sooo racisssst! Singling out a black man for your white nationalist diatribe against drugs! Wille Horton Alert! Willie Horton Alert! Next thing you know, you will want to be locking up dope dealers, even if they’re black!

      Squeeky Fromm
      Girl Reporter

  11. “Russia” is banned from competing as a country, but Russian athletes “who’ve never had a doping violation and have consistently been tested” will be allowed to compete under the Olympic banner. That allows for 101 athletes at present.

    Of course the corrupt IOC has numerous financial and political interests in Russia and is allowing this to protect those corrupt interests. (The amount of money that went into Putin’s and IOC executives’ pockets around the Sochi games probably requires a new system of mathematics to count!) These 101 athletes have no doubt cheated in the past – they are simply much better at evading detection than those who’ve been caught. If the IOC had cajones instead of greedy pockets, it would ban all the athletes outright. That’s the only way to deter cheating over the long run.

  12. This is all a disgrace for the Russian people, Mr. Putin should be ashamed, if he had any such a thing as shame in his DNA. I am going to reblog this article for you Sir.

  13. Only dopes take dope. OUr nation is a nation of dopers. Roper dopers need love too. We need to clean out the medical profession. We need to have each prescription for all drugs to be put on a national computer base with the doctor’s name, patient’s name, address, social sec. number. All pharmacies should be required to look on the data base and be prevented from selling to someone who has two doctors or more prescribing at the same time period.
    Athletes need to always take drug tests. Don’t let em play if on drugs.

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