Maine Man Allegedly Avoids Sobriety Test By Repeating Punching Himself In The Face




2deb3cf9-6bf3-4115-93ec-5d588f800974-large16x9_FoggBrianThere are various techniques to evading sobriety tests from burping to vomiting to claiming medications.  Brian Fogg however had a more hands on approach.  According to police in Belfast, Maine, Fogg repeatedly punched himself in the face to force the officers to attend to his injuries rather than administer the breathalyzer.  It did not work.

Police state that they found Fogg’s car in a ditch and tried to give him a breathalyzer test, but Fogg allegedly punched himself in the face three times.

Notably in addition to Operating Under the Influence (OUI), Fogg is also charged with criminal mischief and, the most intriguing, falsifying physical evidence.  Could his face be the evidence?  The presence of blood in one’s mouth interferes with the readings of most such tests.

He is the the first to come up with the idea of kicking your own butt to get what you want:



In 12011, Brian Fogg was charged with threatening an officer.


18 thoughts on “Maine Man Allegedly Avoids Sobriety Test By Repeating Punching Himself In The Face”

  1. He must be a Trump supporter, they like doing that kind of thing. And then blame Obama.

  2. He began drinking after discovering on that he was not descended from kings, but rather flagellants.

  3. At least he was not seen texting while driving. TWD is the worst offense out there.

  4. Where is the place called “Foggy Bottom” and is this guy named after that area of the world?

  5. The video clip selected was a poor choice to illustrate the point. Fight Club, from 1999, was not the first movie either to illustrate a man beating himself up to get what he wanted. A much better choice for many reasons is Liar Liar, from 1997, starring Jim Carrey, when he had comedic talent (before he lost all talents as a result of his sad leftist-addiction problem).

    Just for the set-up, Carrey plays an attorney who has to tell the truth all of the time because of a wish that his son made under mysterious circumstances. Now, imagine how problematic that would be for an attorney. Should an attorney always tell the truth? Of course not. Revealing the truth could cause harm to the client. The attorney-client privilege would cease to exist if an attorney was compelled to tell the truth in all circumstances. But Carrey has no choice in the matter. He must tell the truth.

    So, in this scene, Carrey tries to protect his own client from himself by convincing the court to excuse him for a bathroom break . . .

  6. Well, I give him points for trying. It was creative under the circumstances.

    1. I hadn’t noticed that until I read your post. Seen it many times in dogs, but not humans. Could this guy be part Irish Setter?

  7. The answer is easy. Is Belfast anywhere near Bight ME? you have to think like a sailor for a second.

  8. Blood test is taken with vial and needle.. The rest is the result of stupity. next most codes contain three version. Under the Influence of alcohol, the same from drugs of any sort including prescription meds, and reckless driving . Likewise there are three results to add on. causing death, causing injury, causing physical and property damage. which could be something as simpile as kickinig out the back seat side window in the transporting patrol car

    The one thing that can move it straight to reckless driving causing etc. is being able to slug down an amount of alcohol after the action and before being apprehended as one cannot tell the BA percentage at the time of the incident. to get the charge of reckless causing injuries for example dropped it takes a falsified report and charge sheet. worded back to under the influence.

    Which means you got a dirty cop on the police force.

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