Democratic Member Seeks New Impeachment Vote Based On Trump’s Alleged “Shithole” Comment

Al_Green_OfficialI have previously written about the endless calls for impeachment from Democratic members for everything from Trump criticizing NFL players to comments made about protesters. The Framers saw the great abuses caused not only by tyranny of nobility, but tyranny of the majority. They sought to insulate our government from the transient impulses of politics. The danger has been repeatedly shown by members who see virtually any act or comment by Donald Trump as a case for impeachment. The latest such example comes from Texas Representative Al Green, who declared that Trump’s alleged reference to “shithole countries” is sufficient grounds for impeachment. The last time I checked, pottymouth was not included in Article II with “Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors.”

Green pledged new articles of impeachment, including new counts based on “how the president’s hateful comments can impact policy.”
He vowed to continue to add such impeachment counts: “I plan to do this as long as the president continues to make bigoted statements that are harmful to American society.”
Articles of impeachment are not supposed to be a running list of gripes against a president.  If offensive language were a basis for impeachment, presidents from Andrew Jackson to Lyndon Baines Johnson would not have seen the second week in office.

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          1. This blog stuff confuses me. I guess it was silly for me to not see a reply to his post was actually for some other benefit.

  1. This is all very unserious.

    There are calls for impeachment over uncouth language (which do not constitute ‘high crimes and misdemeanors’), but no serious calls for Obama’s impeachment for extra judicial assassination of two Americans. I’d even say Bush getting us into the Iraq War over false pretences fits the bill.

    Now we get being a potty-mouth as a reason. Good grief.

    Almost starting to sound like The Boy Who Cried Wolf.

  2. The major problem with the harsh language was not the language itself, but the context. Durbin and Graham went to the White House expecting to have serious and civil conversation with Trump, but instead got mugged.

    1. Durbin and Graham went to the White House expecting to have serious and civil conversation with Trump…

      🙂 Now that’s funny. And you know this because what, they’re Senators? If that’s what they were expecting then they were unprepared. They went behind closed doors to negotiate and then whined because the President used icky language in response to what they offered. Perhaps that shithole comment was hitting too close to home for these Senators.

      1. Olly, apparently Democratic Senators are hothouse flowers. And JayS’s imprecise language is emblematic of what is wrong with society now. Flirting is equivalent to rape, and “allegedly” saying a word with sh!t in it is equivalent to being mugged. LBJ is laughing his a$$, pardon me, buttocks, off in the great beyond.

      2. No, the problem was that they were invited to the WH for some (they thought) private discussions by Trump. But when they got there, there was a gang of hard-right types, who clearly had primed the pump for the harsh language.

        1. They had a private meeting with President Trump. They chose to make that meeting public. If anyone should feel betrayed it should be President Trump.

          I did however find video of the meeting showing the Durbin gang’s reaction to President Trump’s hostile environment. Viewer discretion is advised:

  3. I’ll bet Mr. Green hasn’t ever used the word “shithole” before… People in glass houses…. you know the rest. Give it up people – and let the man govern beore the US turns into a “shithole” also. We are in a heap of trouble.. A smart businessman is all we have to dig us out of this “hole”.. Shut up!

  4. Dems should pay attention to the lessons learned of Repubs since they have have taken up their obstruction strategy. Repubs discovered that when you spend 7 years promising to terminate Obamacare their constituents actually expect it to happen. A great surprise to Repubs. If Dems are promising impeachment, they’re far left base will expect it to happen if they gain the House. And if Dems are dumb enough to fulfill that promise, the blue dogs who voted for Trump aren’t going to like it.

  5. Economy growing and thriving.  Jobs, jobs, jobs everywhere.  Stock market in the stratosphere making millions of people billions of dollars richer, kim dong unhinged pissing pants, kissing ass and asking to play in the sandbox, welfare checks to the death to America crowd cut off and a First Lady in the White House that is not a fake lady.
    Just imagine how much GREATER this country would be by now if the democrats hadn’t spent the last 14 months at war with Trump, The United States and The American People trying to nullify the election, ursurp American Citizens Constitutional Rights and and Civil Rights, start a race war, start a civil war, start white genocide, start male genocide, and establish a death cult totallitarian communist government so they can purge their enemies and rule with absolute power.

    1. “First Lady in the White House that is not a fake lady.” No, just a mail-order bride from eastern Europe, with big knockers.

      If you are insinuating that Michelle is a “fake lady,” where did the Obama kids come from?

  6. This is getting really tiresome. I don’t care if people hate Trump, I really don’t. If they really cared about making a difference, on the other hand, they would be looking to their communities and neighborhoods and applying elbow grease, not posting on Twitter. Social media is the bumper sticker politics of the 21st century, all the rage, none of the positive energy to improve anything, heaven forbid we actually ask people to get off of their asses and work hard in service of something useful that benefits others, as opposed to alleviating our own discomfort (ironically, they tend to go hand in hand). They are hypocrites, all of them, and I am getting pretty fed up. This is NOT activism, it is needing your diaper changed. I’m an independent, and until the DNC cleans up its act, gets rid of the Clinton Foundation and Soros/Koch, I will not vote Democrat again, for anything.

  7. Mr Trump refuses to recognize why some countries are in such horrible conditions. There are many reasons other than foreign plunder, but that, of course, made the conditions far worse. His vocabulary and lack of knowledge are embarrassing. His failure to communicate effectively has wound up insulting and angering most of the people of the world including most of those in his own country

    1. I believe Trump knows that the reason some countries are horrible is because of the people who live there. If you have the most resource-rich countries on the globe populated by lazy, stupid people, who will have a sh!thole. On the other hand, frozen tundras can be turned into economic powerhouses if the right people live there – as, for example, the Scandinavian countries.

  8. What’s most alarming is there are idiots in Texas stupid enough to vote for Mr. moron Green!

  9. I would challenge the mostly-right-wing commenters here to give an example of ANY action that Trump could possibly commit, that they would consider impeachment-worthy.

    1. I’m not a right-winger, but Article II, Section 4 of the Constitution pretty much sums it up.

      1. Yes, but what specific “high crimes and misdemeanors” would be too much to tolerate from DJT?

        1. Jay S, as you well know, none of us on this blog are Congressmen. Ergo, it is not up to us to decide.
          Looking back on recent history, perjury and obstruction of justice aren’t enough to get one convicted (in fact, those crimes aren’t even enough to ensure one becomes unemployed in DC), so by my estimation the bar is set pretty high (particularly if the Senate is stacked in the Prez’s favor). In any event, I would expect charges of “high crimes and misdemeanors” by the House to be backed up by fact, however, and not lies made up out of whole cloth.

    2. Most people here are not right wing, they are in the legal profession, believe in law, and know the constitution inside and out. Turley himself, included. You, I don’t know what you are other than baselessly opinionated. You are entitled to be, just don’t be upset that no one is listening to you.

        1. I’ll bet that James has seen many of your comments and he is totally right. You are “baselessly opinionated”.

  10. I must confess that the adjective/noun “shithole” has been in my vocabulary all of my adult life and maybe even a little bit earlier. I have heard it used to describe everything from outdoor facilities to certain towns in my home state. While it is normally used hyperbolically, it is, nevertheless, descriptive and, therefore, a useful tool in communicating thoughts. Let us not be too harsh on “shithole”.

    1. Mine as well. It is only new and shocking to certain millennials and those that think like them. There’s really noyhing to see here, but for social media making every insignificance seem like armageddon for around 24 hours. This too shall pass, but not without great annoyance.

    2. Until now, we’ve expected a certain level of decorum from our Chief Executives. Just because he knows all the profanity, doesn’t mean he should use it.

      1. Hardly an impeachable offense. If profanity was cause to remove an elected official, we would have had one less recent VP and Lyndon Johnson would not have lasted 15 minutes in the Oval Office.

        1. Vince J.
          – Both Lyndon AND “Jumbo” would have had major problems with the reporting norms of today.

      2. I agree, Jay S.

        That said, the media is publishing stuff they never used to. Johnson used deplorable language reportedly. As far as I know, it did not make headlines back in the 60s.

        Reporters knew about the affairs of FDR and JFK and did not report on it.

        Why is the media focusing on the salacious and not enough on the pertinent?

      3. Until now, we’ve expected a certain level of decorum from our Chief Executives.

        W. Edwards Deming said: You can expect what you inspect. You want decorum? $20 trillion in debt, endless wars, education failing, millions homeless, infrastructure aging, etc. While you’ve been expecting one of the least significant parts of the Chief Executive job, our republic has been in a steady decline. We don’t deserve decorum; we deserve Trump. Perhaps if inspecting our government for constitutional violations (honoring their oaths of office) becomes conventional, then we can dare to look for decorum as well.

  11. Mr. Green wants a vote to impeach…again. If he and his colleagues were concerned with cleaning house, then they should not vote against releasing the intel memo to the public.


  12. So the message from JT today is that idiots abound from Maine to Texas. Got it.

    1. Autumn, thanks for the link! I didn’t visit ZH today, so am happy to see this. Hopefully something comes of it.

      1. I concur.

        I was going to agree with Cape Cod by saying ‘me, too’ but thought better of it.

  13. Oh what IS the issue? Is there an issue? And why in a nation where 99% use that word and fhe F word in place of duuh does it matter? Especially since the allegation was unproven wth only one complainant who himself is a s**t .

  14. Stupid move for a representative of a sub culture that can’t manage three words without one of them using four letters. Just another pre mid term play for cheap publicity.

  15. I’m beginning to suspect that Goody Two-Shoes Turley is enjoying Trump’s profanity. It must be so liberating for an ethical prig like Jonathan to keep on typing and posting the word “shithole” every time anyone gives him a perfectly legitimate excuse to keep on doing thus and so. It’s almost as good as reverting to childhood without ever getting your mouth washed out with soap. Shithole. Shithole. Shithole. Shithole. Shithole.

    Okay. So it’s true that any word repeated often enough sounds ridiculous. Back to adulthood, now. Awwwww. Do we hafta?

    1. No. At issue is his failure to conform to the progressive hive mind in which all countries are to be seen as comrades of equal measure in every way. The hive mind never permits impure thoughts that violate this principal. But having grown up on military posts, I can tell you that is an unnatural and twisted way to view the world around you. If the shoe fits, wear it. And, if they defecate in dirt holes there, then that country could reasonably be referred to as a “shithole” place.

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