Meet Adam and Eva: America’s New Canine Heroes

gxXj257_As the proud owner of a goldendoodle (Luna), I could not resist posting this story about two hero labradoodles named Adam and Eva.  While St. Bernards get all of the rescue press, these two canine superheroes just saved an elderly woman from freezing to death in Michigan.

Lonnie and Susan Chester, told the Jackson Citizen Patriot that they could not understand why the two dogs were barking to go outside in the freezing cold at 4:30 am.  However, the dogs persisted and started tugging on their sleeves to go to the door.  Once let out, Adam and Eva ran directly to a woman in her 80s wearing only a nightgown.  When the couple ran to her, she could only say “I’m so cold.”   

Now, tell me, would a cat do that?

Her family was looking for her and arrived at the house thankful to the couple and most importantly the dogs.

It is not clear how long she would have lasted in the 9 degree temperatures but what is clear is that Adam and Eva are wonderdogs.  

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  1. “I ENDED the pissing contest. Prego.” -a classic, by Nick the Dick.

    You are so incredibly full of yourself, Nicky.

    Here’s what really happened:

    I posted the NY Times link yesterday evening, and then I saw that Nick had posted a couple of his BS comments, but I wasn’t about to get into it with him, at the end of a long day. And by this morning, I had decided to just let it go, because some of us know what he’s about… Having just seen his ludicrous comments, backed by his oversized ego, I decided to weight in, rather than letting his distortions go unanswered.

    It was over before you arrived, Nick. I think you need to take a long walk and try to clear your head.

  2. Animals are amazing. We should never underestimate their abilities or feelings. When they love humans, there is no hidden agendas there…I’ve learned much about being a better human from my interactions with animals.

    1. Sooo true! I am the luckiest person in the whole world to have the little cats that I do. I swear I have the best kitten ever. She is always bouncing everywhere, and making little brrrrzzzzppp sounds and jumping down on me from the cabinets. She was the runt of the litter of strays, but you would never know it. She tackles her bigger brothers like a tasmanian devil.

      Squeeky Fromm
      Girl Reporter

    1. Thanks anonymous–another timely contribution to the blawg. FTR, I am jealous of Ms. Vandervelde’s abstract impressionism. I’d bet her art will help keep her mind sharp for a good long while. All I have is Doctor Schmachter’s Blawgwort Elixir. And there appear to be occasionally mind-boggling side-effects to that particular stimulant. So I have to remind myself from time to time that self-diagnosis is notoriously unreliable. Maybe I should get sniff-tested by Adam and Eva. Is it cheating if you have cookies in your pockets???

      1. You’re welcome, L4D. (There are many thoughtful, informative, and insightful comments, as well. I hadn’t read any of them when I posted the article, but they’re worth a look, IMO.)

        “I am jealous of Ms. Vandervelde’s abstract impressionism.”

        I took a look at some of her work. She’s a pretty amazing artist.

      2. Mentioned in a number of the comments to the NY Times article:

        “Final Exit Network is a registered non profit organization that operates throughout the United States. (We do not operate outside of the U.S., however you may go to the World Federation of Right to Die Society’s website for international information.)

        “We believe in death with dignity and an individual’s right to self determination. We are the only organization that publicly provides education on all end of life choices as well as a compassionate presence to those who are suffering from incurable diseases and have chosen to end their suffering. Unfortunately, we are not able to support individuals with primary mental illnesses. We do not put an artificial requirement for an individual to be certified as likely to die in six months. Suffering does not recognize that restriction and neither do we.”

  3. Only Jon Turley could manage to screw up an otherwise beautiful true story. JT does this just by throwing in the following line: “Now, tell me, would a cat do that?”

    Why does Turley find it necessary to belittle cats? Why does Turley feel that it’s necessary to demonstrate his ignorance?

    I happen to love cats as well as dogs, and animals in general. And many people feel the same way. Cats are wonderful and sometimes mysterious animals. And they can also surprise you in a good way. But to demonstrate that cats can and do protect humans in their own way, just as dogs can do, see the following instructive video. Although it’s from CNN, one of the certified fake news networks, this story is non-political, so CNN has no reason to lie about it, Plus, the story is captured on video from start to finish and the action speaks for itself. So, watch this cat rescue a boy from a misbehaving dog:

    1. Ralph – thanks for posting the video. I remember this from a while ago. Still just as moving. I actually used my limited bandwidth to watch it again.

      However, the male commentator wasn’t that nice about the kitty.

      It was so brave of that cat to body slam the dog, and it was horrifying to see what happened to the boy.

      I remember years ago my local feed store agreed to let people bring in kittens to try to give away from time to time. One of the guys was vaccinating the latest kitten, which mewed most piteously. All of a sudden, the store cat rocketed out from the back of the store, launched herself at the man, and sank her teeth and claws into his leg until he dropped the kitten. Mind you, this was the store cat, who just lay around getting pet all day, acting boneless and sanguine. When she heard that kitten cry out, she went all mama grizzly. And I thought it was very nice of the store manager to be impressed and understanding rather than mad at her.

  4. My wife believes, and I agree with her, that dogs are better people than most people people.

  5. Trump should make Eve the Sec. of Health Education and Welfare. Adam should be appointed to Secretary of Defense.

  6. What a sweet story. I love stories where animals save people.

    The tragic undercurrent of the story is that the elderly lady most likely was suffering from advanced dementia, which now strikes 1 in 3 people 75 and older. Where are her marches and poignant Oscars acceptance speeches? It’s a plague, and the symptoms are the worst hell anyone can imagine. I hope and pray we find a cure soon, or at least prevention.

    1. “Where are her marches and poignant Oscars acceptance speeches?”

      “It’s a plague, and the symptoms are the worst hell anyone can imagine.”

      Oh, puh-lease. Such drama.

        1. I know plenty about dementia, Paul. It’s a dreadful thing, but Karen gets carried away.

          1. Karen’s a drama queen; she trivializes serious and significant issues by her (often) melodramatic responses.

          2. Anonymous – my grandmother died of Alzheimers. At one point, she forgot how to swallow, and would gag and choke. She felt lost all of the time, didn’t know anyone. And then she forgot how to understand language. A lot of dementia patients get lost because they constantly feel scared, like they’re lost, and have no idea where they are. She knew she was losing her mind, and would talk about it, before she forgot how to speak.

            Many people with dementia eventually die of thirst. They do not take extraordinary measures to extend life in hospice, since this is an incurable, progressive disease. We would thicken water so that it was like Jello, and then coax and plead with her to eat it.

            Eventually, people with dementia forget how to eat and drink, and starve, before their heart forgets how to beat. The dehydration leads to cardiac arrest.

            It is so much worse than most other illnesses out there. You have to watch your loved one go through torture for about a decade before it’s over.

        1. Whatever.

          (You obviously don’t know Karen. This has nothing to do with my feelings for the woman in this posting.)

            1. Let me rephrase that:

              You obviously haven’t read enough of Karen’s comments.

              1. anonymous is a vapid, cowardly, loser. Karen is a ray of sunshine and a real asset to this blog. Anonymous is this blogs hemorrhoid.

      1. You know nothing of the ravages of this disease. If someone you love had it, you would call it anything but “drama.” Your ignorance is astonishing to those of us who have someone so-afflicted.

        1. Actually, I know a lot about “the ravages” of dementia.

          Don’t be defensive and dramatic. Please read carefully. My earlier use of the word “drama” have nothing to do with “dementia.”

          1. My earlier use of the word “drama” *had* nothing to do with “dementia.”

            (Again: Karen’s a drama queen; she trivializes serious and significant issues by her (often) melodramatic responses.)

            1. anonymous is truthful about knowing the ravages of dementia, being an early stage victim of that insidious disease.

              1. Adam and Eva did not mock the elderly woman whose life they saved. But, being human, and, therefore, worse than a dawg, Nick Spinelli just can’t resist his conditioned reflex to turn Adam and Eva’s good deed into just another pissing contest.

                Oh! But don’t dogs have pissing contests, too? Yes! But dogs don’t have pissing contests over Alzheimers. Humans, and only humans, do that.

                1. I didn’t “turn it into a pissing contest” your angry buddy, anonymous did. It’s on the record for anyone not illiterate. I ENDED the pissing contest. Prego.

                  1. “I ENDED the pissing contest. Prego.”

                    LOL. In your dreams, Nick. You’re delusional. (Your comments have absolutely no bearing on when and how I choose to respond. Get over yourself.)

                    (And hemorrhoids serve a useful function as little cushions, in stemming the flow of stool. You might want to educate yourself.)

                  2. Mr. Spinelli, Sirah,if you’re using the term “prego” in the sense of “you’re welcome,” then you’re supposed to wait until the other dawg says “grazzie.” If, however, you’re using the term “prego” in the sense of “after you,” then the other dawg regrets to inform you that she will not say “grazzie.”

                    Because the only use of the term “prego” in the given context that makes any literate sense at all is the excessively literal sense of “I pray.” Which you were all-too-obviously doing when you prayed that you had ended the pissing contest. After all, if Adam and Eva ever had a pissing contest, the best that Adam could do would be to pray for Eva to end it and then faithfully add “grazzie.” For it’s a well known fact that the female dog always wins the pissing contest. Accept it. It’s your lot in life. It has nothing to do with fairness. Just ask Karen S.; she knows.

                  3. Contrary to what he obviously believes, Nick Spinelli doesn’t run this blog. He a nobody — a nobody who postures and pretends.

  7. I mentioned on the topic below (before this topic was published) that God spelled backwards is Dog.
    I will mention too that on The Eight Day God put Dog on Earth to give watch over humans. And give humans guidance.
    I am an 8th Dog Adventist. That is my religion.

  8. Outstanding job, Adam and Eve. Everybody knows you can hear things that we can’t hear. And maybe now we might guess that we can make sounds that we can’t hear, but that you can. What do we sound like when we’re not listening?

  9. Great story. But maybe their motivation was just to be petted by a stranger.

    1. If the elderly woman called out for help–no matter how quietly–then Adam and Eva would’ve recognized her voice as human and responded in a friendly manner. If, however, Adam and Eva simply heard the elderly woman breathing, or heard the elderly woman’s heart-beat (dog ears are better than stethoscopes), or if Adam and Eva smelled the elderly woman (dog noses are better than radon detectors), then Adam and Eva’s initial motivation may have been an instance of prey drive subsequently interrupted by the human identity confirmed during close inspection of the quarry.

      P. S. It’s still a heart-warming story, anyway.

    2. From the article in the Jackson City Patriot linked in Turley’s original post:

      “This was not the first time Susan has had an experience with an elderly person wandering outside into the cold. Her mother had wandered outside her own Jackson County home about two months ago and is still undergoing medical treatment from injuries she suffered in the incident, Susan said.”

      So another interpretation of Adam and Eva’s behavior might be that they thought that Grandma had finally come home from the hospital–or at least for a visit. Oh boy! Oh Boy!

      Anthropomorphism is still allowed, you know.

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