Comey To Teach Course On “Ethical Leadership”

440px-Comey-FBI-PortraitThere remains an intense debate over the legal and ethical implications of former FBI Director James Comey removing FBI memos and leaking the information to the press.  Despite serious allegations of unethical conduct, Comey has been chosen to teach a course on “ethical leadership” at William and Mary in the Fall.

I have previously written (here and here and here) wrote a column about the lack of objectivity in the media in the coverage of the Russian investigation, and specifically, the conduct of former FBI director James Comey.  The FBI has already confirmed the obvious: this was FBI material and not personal material as claimed by some pro-Comey commentators.  Moreover, the material did contain classified information that cannot be removed by an ex-employee under federal law.  Four of the memos that Comey removed are now believed to be classified.  He reportedly gave four memos to his friend to leak to the media.  That would suggest that at least one memo given to Columbia University Professor Daniel Richman was classified.

Thus, there is substantial evidence that Comey not only acted unethically in the removal and leaking of FBI information, but he may have violated federal law in doing so if one of the memos was classified.

Nevertheless, he will teach students on ethical leadership in a three-credit course with Drew Stelljes, executive assistant professor of education and assistant vice president for student leadership in fall 2018 and spring and summer 2019.  For those who believe that Comey (who was tasked with finding leakers) became a leaker himself, Comey’s description of the course may be a bit jarring: “Ethical leaders lead by seeing above the short term, above the urgent or the partisan, and with a higher loyalty to lasting values, most importantly the truth.”

While I have said that Comey was a catch for Howard University to teach (despite his rocky reception with students), this is not the course that would seem ideal at this time for the former FBI Director.

Comey is a graduate of William & Mary and has been a loyal alumnus for the school. However, pending the outcome of the various investigations touching on his conduct, it may be a tad early to start holding forth on the subject of ethical leadership.


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  1. You are joking me. Comey? Next will be Meuller. Whose going to believe that story?

  2. Rumor has it that William and Mary is also planning to offer a college course on “Benevolent Leadership” taught by Kim Jong-il and another online on “Ethical Finance” taught by Bernie Madoff.

  3. William and Mary should not teach ethics. The school is named after a pair which had sex out of wedlock years back. William The Conquorer and Mary Mother of HeyZeus. She is known for saying: Hey Zeus, full of juice, don’t let your meat loaf.

  4. Comey should teach “situational ethics and the Deep State”

    “The FBI used to spy on Russians. This time they spied on us. what this story is about – a brazen plot to exonerate Hillary Clinton from a clear violation of the law with regard to the way she handled classified information with her classified server. Absolutely a crime, absolutely a felony. It’s about finding out why – as the Inspector General is doing at the department of justice – why Comey and the senior DOJ officials conducted a fake criminal investigation of Hillary Clinton.

    Followed none of the regular rules, gave her every break in the book, immunized all kinds of people, allowed the destruction of evidence, no grand jury, no subpoenas, no search warrant. That’s not an investigation, that’s a Potemkin village. It’s a farce.

    And everybody knew it was a farce. The problem was, she didn’t win. And because she didn’t wain, the farce became a very serious opera. It wasn’t a comic opera anymore, it was a tragic opera. And she was going to be the focus.

    What this is about, this is about a lavabo, a cleansing of FBI and the upper echelons of the Department of Justice.

    We’re going to discover that the Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, her deputy Sally Yates, the head of the national security division John Carlin, Bruce Ohr and other senior DOJ officials, and regrettably, lying attorneys. People who were senior career civil servants violated the law, perhaps committed crimes, and covered up crimes by a presidential candidate – but more than that, they tried to frame an incoming president with a false Russian conspiracy that never existed, and they knew it, and they plotted to ruin him as a candidate and then destroy him as a president. That’s why this is important. That’s why connecting the dots is important.”

    “Brazen Plot To Exonerate Hillary Clinton” And Frame Trump Unraveling, Says Former Fed Prosecutor

  5. I hope they issue the infamous Comey is my Homey coffee mugs that were once common at FBI Headquarters. Really, this is like hiring a fat man to teach a spin class.

  6. My understanding is that Comey was given blanket immunity by Mueller early in the game. Unless there is some way to remove that, he is home free. He is clearly unqualified to teach or co-teach any course on ethics.

  7. I can think of many great courses that could be taught by other executive assistant professors: 1) a course on faithfulness and modesty, taught by Donald Trump, 2) a course on validating your Nobel Peace Prize through the use of drones, by Barack Obama, 3) Winning through charm, taught by Hillary Clinton, and 4) How to objectively evaluate Hillary Clinton, taught by Prof. Turley.

    All of these courses should be taught in Washington DC, where northern charm meets southern efficiency.

      1. Silly boy. I taught that course years ago, as a TA. Except I don’t “despise” the material I read.

        For fun? Absolutely. I hope that’s not a crime. I’d get the death penalty.

        For profit? First of all, they don’t let me out of the asylum often enough for me to make a profit here. Second, I’m a poet. Remember the poem here: ? Everyone knows that poets aspire to starve to death, so their poetry will be remembered after they are gone. I’m not quite there yet, but my “profits” from this activity are probably less than Trump’s budget for studying the causes of global warming.

  8. With a little luck, James Comey will be arrested by federal marshalls during one of his lectures on ethical leadership. That would serve as the perfect bookend for that time the President Trump fired him while he out of Washington.

    Recall the old joke, asking the failed businessman how it happened that he went bankrupt?

    Gradually, and then suddenly.

    Comey in Leavenworth is going to have the same punchline.

    1. Someone who is one step above “associate executive assistant professor.”

  9. …or Comey is the perfect person to teach a course on how the old “ethics” of clear standards and objective boundaries don’t matter anymore because it’s Trump they’re after, which means anything goes.

    1. The question I’ll have for Nunes, Ryan and others associated with the partisan attack on the FBI is, “How much did you receive from the NRA and how much of that came from Russia?

      1. Here’s the take away from the article I suggested:
        “The evidence available to us today says that Russia’s activities on Facebook—if they even were sponsored by the Russian government—were no big deal. Twitter identified around 2,700 bot accounts possibly related to Russia. But if you realize how many bot accounts are on Twitter, let alone real accounts, this is just a drop in the bucket. Russians spent $46,000 on Facebook ads that ran before the election (of the reported $100,000). This compares to the Trump and Clinton campaigns’ combined $81 million spent on Facebook ads.

        If all it takes is $46,000 to influence an election, the Lion’s Club in my hometown of 10,000 people could “interfere” next time around. Even the idea that Middle America could be influenced by Russian disinformation is downright insulting. Flyover country is apparently much smarter than the Obama administration’s top brass at the FBI, the only group in America that really was duped by Russian misinformation.”

        1. Fortunately, I don’t have to rely on your description of what the evidence is. I’m quite content to wait for the report of the Mueller Investigation. Of course, that assumes that the complicit, Russia funding receiving members of the House and Senate aren’t able to derail the investigation.

          1. Enigmain, it’s just a suggestion to help you deal with reality when all of this falls apart and you look like a complete stooge for a losing cause.

              1. You will get it my friend, you will get it.

      2. You sure do like to toss around the idea that Russia rigged the election. Let’s try something then. Let’s pretend for a moment that you are spot on correct and that Russia did do as you claim. Where’s the quid pro quo?

        1. First, I think Russia is not the worst of Trump’s problems but the quid pro quo would have been the removal of the sanctions freeing up billions for Russian oligarchs. Trump staffers actually started down that road until Congress stepped in and blocked it.
          Where Trump faces real problems is money laundering, paying bribes to foreign countries (a felony in the U.S.).
          Back to Russia, Jared may well have been coordinating with the Russians re: sharing information which might be a bigger problem for him than Donald (who wouldn’t have understood it).
          Then there’s obstruction of justice and that stupid letter he drafted trying to save Donald, Jr. There are so many ways this doesn’t end well for Donald.

          1. So the Trump administration imposed tougher sanctions on Moscow than anything Team Obama ever dreamed of doing…and that’s proof of Russia-Trump collusion?

            What evidence of money laundering or bribery and how is that relative to Russia?

            If Jared did anything at all, why hasn’t Mueller figured it out yet?

            What obstruction of justice? Name one thing Trump has done that qualifies as obstruction of justice.

            1. The Trump Administration didn’t impose stricter sanctions, Congress did. In fact, the Trump Administration has failed to implement them.
              The money laundering goes to how Trump gets financing by preselling a number of units (to Russians) to qualify for loans he couldn’t otherwise get because he couldn’t get them due to his bad credit and relationships (except Deutschebank which has already paid out billions for helping Russia launder money. Trum just forgave Deutschebank (his primary banker) hundreds of millions in Federal fines. You’re asking great questions. The answers are public knowledge for those willing to look.
              Why do you think Mueller has no information about Jared? The New Yorker just broke a story today about his behavior with Chinese operatives (meeting alone with them despite being told not to and why) US Intelligence has intercepted Chinese operatives reporting Jared discussed his business interests, which he denies but can’t prove because… he met with them alone.
              I’ll give you three examples of possible obstruction. 1. Creating a false narrative for son Don, Jr to explain away the Trump Tower meeting with Russians. 2. Firing Comey to suppress the Russia investigation (which he explained to his Russian friends in the Oval office) 3. Pressuring new FBI Director Wray to fire Asst. Dir. McCabe, Wray threatened to resign and Trump and Sessions stopped pressuring him.

              Again, really good questions! I don’t expect you to take my word for any of this. You could just Google these things and see for yourself.

              1. The Trump administration shut down Russian consulates and expelled a whole bunch of Russian diplomats. Trump has been tougher on Russia than Boltneck and his boss President Pantywaist ever thought of being.

                That’s not called money laundering. Every subdivision you see under construction does the exact same thing. You have no clue what money laundering is.

                So you shift from Russia to China and admit that the deep state used intelligence capabilities to spy on Jared? Glad to see you are finally woke, at least somewhat. Need I bring up the cash Bill Clinton took in illegally from Chinese operatives for his 1996 election campaign?

                The New Yorker? LMAO!!!!!

                1. Except the narrative turned out to be accurate.
                2. The President is within his lane to fire the FBI Director or any other Executive Branch official he or she wants. Show evidence for your claim that he detailed this to people in the Oval office.
                3. Why shouldn’t McCabe have been fired knowing what we know about him, Strzok, and Page?

                I can Google and find websites that tell me little grey people live in the Earth but that doesn’t mean those sources are accurate.

                1. The “deep state” spied on communications between the Chinese Ambassador an other Chinese officials. Not nearly the same thing as spying on Jared. And it was the Obama administration that confiscated Russian compounds and expelled Diplomats. Trump tried to give the compounds back.
                  I don’t have time to research everything you want to know, work and all. Try Google.

                  1. You have time to tell me who shut down the Russian consulate in San Francisco. Who was that? Are you woke enough and man enough to say it?

                    If intelligence spied on Chinese officials why was it leaked to the media? Isn’t that a huge violation of the law? How do you know they were talking about Jared? Isn’t unmasking also a violation of the law?

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