Saudi Camel Beauty Contest Rocked By Botox Allegations

Scandal has rocked Saudi beauty competition with allegations of prohibited use of Botox and face “work” done of the contestants.  What is a bit different is that this pageant is for camels and the annual Saudi “camel beauty contest” where owners have been accused of giving Botox to the dromedary.

According to news accounts, a dozen beasts have been disqualified for “having work done.”

Megyn Kelly where are you?



31 thoughts on “Saudi Camel Beauty Contest Rocked By Botox Allegations”

  1. That’s sad. The camel shows were famous.

    Saudi Arabia has thrown away its reputation for love and pride in its horses and camels. When the Bedouin’s life depended on his war mare, he could recite her genealogy for many generations. He knew the traits of each line. Tribes were famous for their particular line of horse. Granted, being Arabs, they always did have issues with females, so they sewed up their lady bits before going into battle lest their perfect line of horses be polluted by a stallion from an enemy’s herd. I think it was rings they used.

    In any case, Saudi Arabia has been involved in one doping and cheating scandal after another in the horse world. Their reputation is dust at this point. I really do hope they get their act together and rediscover honor in the sport.

  2. Beer-goggles aren’t an option so Botox is would be the next best option. They should double-check the hump(s) for implants.

  3. The beast of burden, Camel, should not be associated with friggin tobacco addicts as is done above. Guns are quicker.

  4. Folks, this is serious. I had money in this. Now it is down the tubes, so to speak. Who do I talk to to get my money back?

          1. The camels don’t care what brand you smoke, they just want their nose under the edge of the tent. 🙂

      1. DB and PCS, you remind me that the Cigarette Industry is entirely responsible for advancing women’s rights. If not for the great risks that the Industry took on behalf of women everywhere, equality would only be a furtive dream.

        1. My mother was smoking long before Virginia Slims were invented. And NO ONE needed to liberate my mother. She was quite capable of liberating a city on her own. 🙂

  5. Hahaha…thats what we need more of….light stories !! Helps just a little with all the misery we see in the news.

  6. Wait.

    The FBI morphs into Coups “R” Us and the subject on the Turley Blog is camel aesthetics?

      1. I think it may be a priority when the FBI is conducting a coup d’etat in America and the smoking guns are puffing away.

    1. Are you surprised, George? Even Turley joins in to dumb down America. Bread and circuses.

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