Durham DA Drops Felony Charges Against Protesters Who Tore Down Confederate Statue


We previously discussed the arrest of four protesters arrested for the destruction of a roughly century-old statue of a Confederate soldier in North Carolina.  The public, premeditated act was was carried out in front of news cameras in broad daylight.  Moreover, the arrested individuals seemed proud of the crime and various advocates called for all charges to be dropped against  Takiyah Thompson, 22, Dante Strobino, 35, Ngoc Loan Tran, 24, and Peter Gilbert, 39.  Indeed, faculty declared Thompson a hero for her vandalism and Political Science Professor Allan Cooper of North Carolina Central University called for Thompson to be given a scholarship.

Now, Durham District Attorney Roger Echols has dropped all felony charges against the eight protesters.

Thompson and the others will only face misdemeanor.  However, the destruction of a public art piece in a mob action has been deemed unworthy of a felony charge.  While some or all of these offenders may be first offenders, that criteria alone is not necessarily dispositive if a crime is premeditated and serious.  Moreover, the protesters organized and filmed what could be construed as a mob or riot action around this statue.  They then celebrated the act on film.

As discussed earlier, these individuals were clearly unwilling to join the debate over the removal of confederacy images or figures.  Instead, they destroyed not just a piece of history but a piece of art that, if the community decided in favor of removal, could have been placed in a museum or alternative setting.

The concern is that this was a popular crime given the offense of the statue to many in the community.  However, Echols is not supposed to treat popular and unpopular crimes differently.  Otherwise, justice becomes an extension of the mob.  That is why it is called mob justice to simply commit property damage when you believe that it is warranted.

Thompson however was still irate that even a minor misdemeanor would be charged since she has the public on her side and that her actions were justified. Indeed, she indicated that the dropping of the felony charges came only after Echols felt the pressure of public opinion:  “Since these outrageous charges were filed against us, thousands upon thousands of people from across the country have called the DA and other city officials demanding the charges be dropped.”

What do you think about the dropping of the felony charges in this case? Do you agree with Thompson that all of the charges should have been dropped?



169 thoughts on “Durham DA Drops Felony Charges Against Protesters Who Tore Down Confederate Statue”

  1. Betcha those law breaking a holes didn’t even have to pay restitution for the debris cleanup

    1. Exactly. I think they needed to be hit pretty hard with the book, clearly they show no remorse. If this were a university, Jon, I suspect you would refer to it as ‘chilling’. The crime was very intentional, motivations matter, and this feels like they were given a reward for their behavior to me. I beg to differ with the piece – an exception WAS made, and I think it bodes poorly for us all if it becomes a trend. Did one of the kiddoes parents grease some palms? Pathetic.

  2. Do we know the reason why felony charges will not be pursued? Prosecutors frequently elect not to pursue felony charges in favor of misdemeanor crimes when the defendants are first offenders and there is no injury to persons. The reasoning is that in the event of conviction a judge will not sentence the offenders to more jail time for a misdemeanor conviction than the judge would have sentenced the offenders had the offenders been sentenced as felons. If the prosecutor knows that the judge will not sentence the defendants to more than a year in jail anyway, why bother with felonies? Sure, there are collateral consequences to felony convictions, but collateral consequences rarely influence the decision of prosecutors. Felony charges require grand jury action and jury trials, that is, a lot of prosecutorial resources. Misdemeanors do not require indictment by a grand jury and frequently can be litigated via bench trial. They move more quickly through the system, leaving judicial and prosecutorial resources available to try more serious cases. This may have been the reason the Durham DA chose not to prosecute the defendants in this case as felons.

    Also, as I understand the charges, felonies in this case would require the government to prove that the defendants engaged in “riot”. I do not know what the elements of “riot” are in North Carolina, but it may be that “riot” would be difficult to prove on the facts of this case.

    Soooooooo, the decision not to prosecute as felonies may have been routine or reasoned, not political.

    1. V.J.
      Thank you for posting your comment. The draft laws of Koch’s ALEC have significantly contributed in making the U.S. the most incarcerated population in the world. Americans should not now nor, ever again be enslaved, based on the hatred of plantation-enamored people of wealth. Confederate reminders built long after the war’s end, served one purpose, to threaten Americans with a return to slavery.

  3. Isn’t that what free speech is about. Even wack jobs get a chance to be heard. That’s wack jobs left and right.

  4. Let’s see, you robbed a bank but I like your politics. So I throw the case out.

  5. FDR was a virulent racist who wouldn’t meet with Jesse Owens after his Olympic triumph, he roinded up American citizens and transported them to concentration camps simply because of their race.
    Does this mean that if I destroy any monument to him in NC, do you think I will only get misdemeanor charges filed? Or if I deface the nane of racist governor Charles B Aycock from the school bearing his name?
    Chances are that because these men were 20th Century Democrats, I’d do a lot of time.

  6. What’s next? The Washington Monument is an obelisk on the National Mall in Washington, D.C.? Or a reminder of the slaves in Egypt?

    1. Jerry, the Washington Monument is a phallic symbol – patriarchy, sexism and possibly mysogyny. Surprised it’s still standing after the Pussy-hatted crowd assembled to protest….

  7. Communists, Islamists, dictators want to erase history. How are our descendants to know the struggle America had if the past is erased?

    Destroying a historical statue is a very significant crime.

    Will history books be next?

    1. They have 2 agendas, the first is callow partisanship. They want to erase the history of the Democratic Party and racism and rewrite it to blame the GOP for those Democrat institutions of slavery and Jim Crow.

      The other is even more insidious, they want to fundamentally remake America as a socially st state.

  8. Obviously, Roger needs to grow a pair. And he needs to reinstate the felony charges against those who destroyed a part of history. Corporal punishment is warranted in this case, such as how they do it in Singapore.

  9. A Leftist is a Leftist is a Leftist. And a Leftist is the lowest form a human can take. What else do you need to ask?

  10. prosecutors normally ask three questions: 1) was a crime committed; 2) can I prove a crime was committed beyond a reasonable doubt, and 3) is it possible to get a jury to vote to convict. In most situations, if the answer to all three questions is not an unqualified yes, a prosecutor will not prosecute.

    The outcry in the town seemingly made it clear that it would be difficult to get a jury to convict them of felony charges. It was within the realm of reason for the prosecutor to drop the felony charges, based on information available. It would not have been within the realm of reason to drop all charges, but they did not drop all charges.

    There will be times when prosecutors decide to take “tough” cases to trial, even though it might be difficult to get a jury to convict. The Sen. Menendez Trial is one of those.

    I don’t see this particular case as one where prosecutors NEED to file felony charges, unless the defendants have prior convictions for violent crimes.

    But the defendants should not be let off of the hook.

  11. Next time they call on law enforcement or federal aid to the campus and what not say. Who you?

  12. I don’t know of course what actually motivated the district attorney’s charging decision, whether it resulted from public outcry or errors in the case, we at this stage can only speculate. However the hubris shown by these students pales compared with these faculty members who step over each other to virtue signal their “enlightenment” through censorship.

    As I’ve mentioned before, given slaps on the wrist only serves to embolden individuals such as these. They’ll offend again and the state can have another go at them.

  13. I live in Durham. What they did was stupid and I wish they had been given a sentence of community service.

    OTOH, I’m glad the old coot’s statue is down. Our history of tobacco farming and slavery needs to fade further and further into the past. We’re building a great 21st C town.

    1. Wish you felt the same about military slavery and getting rid of the draft system… oh yeah forgot you are exempt being a baby factory and all and the guys are really told what signing that form means to get student loans.

      Selective Service System > Home

      Should the Federal Government shut down, the http://www.sss.gov website will still be available. Individuals will be able to register with the Selective Service System as required by law. However, the information on this website may not be up to date, transactions submitted through the website might not be processed, and the …
      ‎Check a Registration · ‎Registration Form · ‎Register Now · ‎Who Must Register

    2. I agree with you Sarah, except no community service. The students have ideals that should be encouraged.
      Statues to enemies of the U.S., like the secessionists, belong in a trash heap. They should never have been built as a threat that slavery would return.
      Robert E. Lee wrote about adding brine to the lashes of slaves. The Union’s enemies were evil. There was nothing noble about them. That is what should be remembered.

      1. “The students have ideals that should be encouraged.” Ideals?!! WTF? If a group of committed “idealistic” neo Nazis decided to destroy works depicting George Washington Carver, MLK, Harriet Tubman, etc. you’d encourage them as well?

        1. Your list , Autumn, does not include traitors to the nation nor people evil enough to encourage enslavement of their fellow Americans. WTF?

          1. As usual your comment deflects and doesn’t make sense. Are you really that ignorant or drunk all the time you post your inane comments?

          2. does not include traitors to the nation nor people evil enough to encourage enslavement of their fellow Americans.

            It’s good to know Linda that you consider anyone that would encourage enslavement of their fellow Americans as evil and traitors to our nation. That would align you with those that believe we have natural and unalienable rights. That means the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness (property) do not come from government. As you correctly state, one would have to be a traitor to this nation and wholly evil to believe those rights are alienable and up to the discretion of government.

            Welcome aboard!

            1. Give your lesson to the donor class and demand they stop gerrymandering and suppressing the vote.
              (Ohio’s Timken island, as an example)

              1. Linda,
                I used to believe you couldn’t be that naive but no longer. If you had any understanding of human nature, you’d know that throughout history every class of citizen has sought the power to influence government. You’d also know that throughout history, every government has had a price they would accept. Supply and Demand. If government wasn’t for sale, then there would be no buyers.

      2. Again, you show your utter stupidity! Do you have any idea at all why the brine was used??? Have you ever bothered to research the issue???

        My God, but you are an utter moron!

        Squeeky Fromm
        Girl Reporter

      3. “I agree with you Sarah, except no community service. The students have ideals that should be encouraged.”

        Spoken like a true follower of Stalin.

        1. It is the Kochtopus that resembles repressive Stalinists. (Didn’t the family’s wealth originate with Stalin?) When the Koch’s can explain how ALEC created the U.S. as the most incarcerated population in the world, when their organization, Americans for Prosperity, can explain how labor’s share of national income shrunk to the lowest point in recorded U.S. history, when the GOP can explain the party’s high visibility, repressive sheriffs and, can explain the GOP attacks on free press, we will all be rapt with attention.

          1. Even Koch learned to despise Stalin. Read Free to Choose by Friedman. Give me your address and I will mail you a copy. It’s a very fast read, but loaded with information.

    1. Taxpayers have one less statue to maintain. And, thank God, taxpayers won’t be spending even more money to incarcerate U.S. citizens. The U.S. is already the most imprisoned population in the world, in large part, because of Koch’s ALEC.

  14. Prosecutors everyday blow decisions. My concern is his decision enables and justifies such conduct. Ends do not justify the means. Next is mob justice in killing a person who has a political views you find offensive. It’s the same conduct. And we actually see these attacks on people who we hate their views. Very poor decision and says laws are fungible.

    1. Dead men who promoted and demanded slavery and advocated adding brine to the lashes of slaves, in a war they fought against the U.S. 150 years ago, is a situation so dissimilar to people expressing political views today, that it’s laughable.

  15. No, they are guilty of destroying public property. A suitable so-called community service would be picking up plastic and other trash, daily, for an appropriately long time.

    1. An appropriate sentence would be to install ten outhouses outside the place where the statue was torn down or damaged and put a cop there to watch over. Sentence the defendants to one year of cleaning the outhouses five times a day with a small scoop and a trash bag. Video the proceedings and show them on the web. If they cannot clean the outhouses then put them in jail. In a cell with no toilet. With a plastic bag to poop and wee in.

  16. Part of being a Banana Republic means that certain people get prosecuted, and others don’t. If the Klan had torn down a statue of Martin Luther King, it would be charged as a felony.

    Welcome to Democratic Party America.

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

    1. You’re forgetting actual history Squeeky, if the Klan had actually killed someone, chances are there would be no penalty at all, even if the whole town knew who did it.

      1. So the way to get rid of the past is get rid of the reminders and then create a new sysem of wrong doing because wrongs make a right. uh huh. Only in Democrat America.

      2. enigma – in the olden days that would be true, today they would be convicted if found guilty.

        1. Today, the Justice Department, and Congress, barely recognize the existence of right-wing extremist groups yet have created a whole new category for “Black Identity Extremists,” coincidentally since Trump and Sessions hit town. I’m not sure I share your optimism.

          1. Enigma,…
            FBI Director. Wray testified in late Septempter that there were over a 1,000 open investigations into domestic terrorism and domestic terrorist groups.
            I think that the FBI does recognize, and gathers intel on, right wing extremist groups.

            1. Despite an uptick in far-right violence and the Trump administration’s plan to increase the Department of Homeland Security budget by 6.7 percent to US$44.1 billion in 2018, the White House wants to cut spending for programs that fight non-Muslim domestic terrorism.

              The federal government has also frozen $10 million in grants aimed at countering domestic violent extremism. This approach is bound to weaken the authorities’ power to monitor far-right groups, undercutting public safety.


          1. Linda – Trayvon Martin deserved to get shot, he tried to steal the gun of the officer.

                1. Paul Schulte,
                  People sometimes get the two shootings mixed up.
                  Understandable, since the Koch brotheres and/ or other oligarchs 😏are responsible in both cases.

                2. Trayvon Martin’s murderer decided he should follow a teen who went to a store on foot and was returning to the neighborhood in which they both lived. The murderer had no additional information about the kid. The murderer called the police and told them he had singled out someone he thought was suspicious (for no reason other than that the kid was Black). He then followed Trayvon, even after the police told him to stop.
                  Paul, it’s a shame the murderer didn’t target you on your return to your home after buying something at the local store, instead of the kid enjoying the skittles he bought. It’s amusing to think that you wouldn’t have reacted in any way after being followed at night by a guy, of a different race, who outweighed you significantly and who obviously was attempting to provoke you. (Granted that since the kid had no weapon, he should have just prayed his murderer wouldn’t shoot him like Root shot the Black baptists at a S.C. church.)
                  If you had reacted that would have been a confrontation worth observing, instead of a tragic story about race in America.

                  1. Trayvon Martin got exactly what he deserved. And bullsh*t that Poor Little Trayvon didn’t have a weapon! He had a concrete sidewalk available to him! And that is the same as having a rock, which is “rock meet head”, while a concrete sidewalk is “head meet rock.” He was simply a thug who got shot while mugging somebody.

                    Do you have the same sort of sympathy for Poor Old Horst Wessel???

                    Squeeky Fromm
                    Girl Reporter

                    1. Wessel- ick- pimp, monarchist?
                      fyi- what’s trending now with the conservatives who hate America is “forget about the past” and, apparently, ignore hypocrisies and absurdities.

                  2. Hey dummy. re: “Granted that since the kid had no weapon, he should have just prayed his murderer wouldn’t shoot him like Root shot the Black baptists at a S.C. church.”

                    Seriously, only you would compare Zimmerman with Root!! Also, Parishioners at Mother Emmanuel are AME – (African Methodist Episcopal) not Baptists.

                    I bet you are the type of Liberal who doesn’t even know any Blacks.

                    1. The difference between Zimmerman and Root is Zimmerman got to walk and keep his guns. BTW, hasn’t he been arrested since then for other situations involving volatile reactions?

                    2. Linda, that is the most REVEALING thing about yourself that you have ever said! Let me first reiterate what you said:

                      “Granted that since the kid had no weapon, he should have just prayed his murderer wouldn’t shoot him like Root shot the Black baptists at a S.C. church.)”

                      Most people would think you are merely stupid, for conflating Zimmerman (a mugging victim) with Root, a murderer. But I think you have revealed your Inner Racist, to wit, that the innocent black victims in the church are the same as some thug who was mugging a man. In other words, to you, all blacks are alike, they all look the same. Innocent blacks praying in church, and muggers.

                      Squeeky Fromm
                      Girl Reporter

                  3. Linda – I am sorry that the jury did not see it your way. /sarc off Trayvon was a known thug who was moving between parents because he couldn’t be handled. Had the court allowed Trayvon’s life history into evidence, the jury would have been out for about 15 minutes.

                    1. Paul,..
                      I was wondering if a juror who “reasoned” like Linda deadlocked a jury, could a juror’s insanity result in a mistrial?
                      Or would the judge replace the loony juror with an alternate?
                      It’d be interesting to see if that’s evef happened.

                    2. Tom Nash – I have heard anecdotally of juries asking that members be removed for various reasons.

                    3. In hindsight, we have Zimmerman’s arrests to compare with Trayvon’s history.

                      Zimmerman had no knowledge about Trayvon, when he followed him with a gun and the police told him to stop following the teen.
                      I presume if Paul had been followed and had a gun, he would have shot Zimmerman, unless Zimmerman fired first, hitting him with a fatal bullet. In that scenario, Paul’s family would be filing a wrongful death suit against Zimmerman. But, if Paul survived, it would be Zimmerman’s story against Paul’s story. Who knows which one the prosecutor would file charges against. But, it seems likely it would be Zimmerman. Then, the jury could decide Paul was lying and acquit.

                    4. Linda – you have the Trayvon meme correct, but the facts wrong. Zimmermann never spoke to the police until it was all over. The person who sort of said he didn’t have to follow Trayvon was the 911 operator, who is not a cop and who has no command power.

                  4. There were no known witness to the events immediately preceding the fight between Martin and Zimmerman.
                    If Martin was lying in wait fof Martin and jumped him, as Zimmerman claimed, then Zimmerman had a plausible case for self-defense.
                    That was his case, there was no one to dispute Zimmerman’s account of that final confrontation.
                    Linda seems to know what happened,and seems to “know” that Zimmerman was the aggresor in their fight.
                    She also makes one of the stupidest comparison’s I’ve seen, in comparing the Martin-Zimmerman case to the murders of the bkack churchgoers.
                    So she first constructs her own narrative of the final moments that translired with Zimmerman and Martin, then leaps to the Dylan Roof case in an attempt to make a comparison.
                    The only thong missing from Linda’s jumbled story is that an oligarch was onscene and pulled the trigger.

      3. No, you’re wrong. If any klansman in 2018 Durham (all 19 of them, rest are federal informers) torn down any leftist hero’s statue, facing felony charges would be just the beginning.

      4. T rump assaults women with no penalty. Kids assaulted a statue and should get a felony. No way da D. A. Did da right thing.

        1. Two were 35 and 39 – even taking delayed adolescence into consideration these losers are not “kids”

      5. Maybe you and other blacks would have a better life if you “forgot” some history and just started living in the here and now, in 2018. I swear, but blacks are still bitching about slavery over 150 years later, and about Jim Crow, over 60 years since most of that ended, not to mention that in most of America, there wasn’t any Jim Crow.

        Perhaps if Blacks stopped whining about the past, and got their a$$e$ busy doing their homework, and using birth control, they could get somewhere in the present, and stop wallowing around in savage, stupid, violent matriarchal cesspools.

        The Germans and Japs “forgot” about World War II, and rebuilt their countries. The Jews “‘forgot” about their trauma in the camps, and built Israel. The United States “forgot” about Pearl Harbor, and the Big Bulge, and the Commie Guerillas in Vietnam, and became friends with those countries.

        Forget, Engima, forget! Come join the rest of us in 2018!

        Squeeky Fromm
        Girl Reporter

        1. Two things Squeeky!
          1. Those that ignore their history are doomed to repeat it.
          2. Many of the things that you’re certain went away long ago only changed in name.
          I wrote this in another place for another purpose but the truth of it is clear.

          “Jim Crow did not begin immediately after the end of the Civil War. The end of slavery begat the Black Codes which begat Jim Crow which begat the current system which includes redistricting designed to maintain white strongholds, gerrymandering, mass incarceration and voter suppression. Throughout history as one system was outlawed it was replaced by one that accomplished as much of the same as before as it could, just sounding better. The Black Codes were simply revisions of the Slave Codes. Establishing protections for the masters and defining the lack of rights of the slaves. The Black Codes prohibited free black people from voting, compelled them to work for low wages. Black people could not bear arms and were sometimes prohibited from pursuing an education. The true intent of the Black Codes was to duplicate slavery and limit the influence of black people, particularly in areas where they were in the majority. The forces that during the war supported black people were the very enforcers of the “new” codes that maintained the old status quo. The U.S. Army enforced the rules and the Freedman’s Bureau helped implement them. The white agenda was to get the Southern economy jump started and to maintain the cheap labor that gave them an advantage in the first place. The war was all about slavery and the inherent economic advantages enjoyed by the South but was never about freeing the slaves.

          The Republican Congress reacted to the Black Codes with the Civil Rights Act of 1866, ratification of the 14th Amendment and a Second Freedmen’s Bureau Bill. While blacks were still subject to all manner of persecution. There were also gains. During Reconstruction, blacks were elected to Congress and Mississippi sent a Senator to Washington as well. There was the hope of steady progress until The Compromise of 1877 which led to Federal troops withdrawing from the South. Southern states immediately began implementing new laws, designed to protect white interests by limiting black ones.

          You could easily be confused by references to the Civil Rights Act of 1866 which was destroyed by the Supreme Court. The Civil Rights Act of 1871 which protected blacks from the violence of the KKK became unenforceable when the troops left in 1877 and the Civil Rights Act of 1875 which was ruled partially unconstitutional by the Supreme Court. All you need to know is that for every law protecting the lives and rights of black people, the Supreme Court has been there to void them. This is as true today as in the period just after slavery. Another thing to know is that Jim Crow laws were not merely the immediate byproduct of the end of Reconstruction but were the laws that governed black people in the South until 1964 and the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. This Civil Rights Act was in some ways an attempt to restore rights granted in previous Acts that the Supreme Court ultimately wiped away. It would not be unreasonable at all to state that historically, the Supreme Court has done more to preserve white privilege than any other institution in America.

          The period of Jim Crow was neither brief nor just a phase. It was how White Exceptionalism manifested itself between 1865 and 1964. Before that, it was called something else and afterwards new names have not yet stuck but it exists all the same. The Supreme Court has recently done what the Supreme Court has always done which is to weaken the rights of blacks and other minorities to preserve the power of white America despite its decreasing representation in the population.”

          1. I tell you to forget the past, and concentrate on 2018, and what do you do??? Blah, blah, blah Black Bullsh*t about the 1800s and 1960s.

            Do you I have your number, or do I have your number???

            The illegitimate black birth rate now stands at 77% average, That is nearly 4 out of 5 little black kids, and you are still blaming the Civil War??? Amazing! Absolutely astounding! Yes, Tawonnadonna of the Hood has the Battle of Bull Run on her mind tonite as she sleeps with some random Negro without using birth control.


            Squeeky Fromm
            Girl Reporter

            1. Not just the 1800’s, 1960’s, but now. I’ve connected the dots for you, using that damn history you wish I’d ignore. BTW, you “telling me” to forget the past doesn’t really carry a lot of weight.

              1. Look at the chart! The black illegitimate birth rate was 21% in 1960. Now, it is 77%, and higher in places like Minneapolis, where it is 88%.

                What happened in the 1960s??? Let me give you a hint: It starts with “great” and ends with “society”. Quit blaming white people for the stupid stuff black people do. You guys sold out your race for some freebies.

                Plus, how long ago was 1960??? Hint, it is almost 60 years ago. The Krauts and Japs rebuilt within about 20 years. How come black people don’t seem to do anything besides run backwards???

                Squeeky Fromm
                Girl Reporter

                1. Scandinavian countries have a high percentage of children born to unmarried parents. It may reflect a developed society. Research shows that Black fathers who are unmarried spend more time nurturing their children than do White unmarried fathers.

                  1. Black baby daddies spend more time nurturing their kids??? Is that why multiple schools full of black kids have not even one child who is proficient in either Math or English??? Exactly how stupid are you??? And the United States ain’t Scandinavia???

                    How about you go jogging tonight in an inner city black neighborhood, with your purse and your phone! Then, tell us how developed that society is! This, is developed???


                    You are laughable to the point of being an absurdity!

                    Squeeky Fromm
                    Girl Reporter

                  1. Not just permanent victimhood, but permanent blaming of white people for the stupid trashy stuff that black people do. Its absurd. A race has over 3 out of 4 of its kids born out of wedlock, and they blame another race for their economic disparity???

                    Squeeky Fromm
                    Girl Reporter

                    1. I think that there are more blacks that want an end to this foolishness than many might imagine. Maybe with more jobs and higher pay that will be coming based upon our improving economy, many of that group will recognize that they have to be more outspoken and start taking the Enigma’s of our society to task. It’s not a matter of color or race. It is a matter of mindset and the Enigma’s of the world are providing a vision that is destructive.

                    2. Allan:

                      I hope you are right. Blacks like Enigma are just chugging full of resentment at white people, and that sort of resentment is why American Blacks do so much worse in society than African Blacks, who are not held back by that resentment.

                      To understand the deep division that exists between African Americans and Africans, one first has to examine the background of the two groups.

                      Before migrating to the United States, most Africans have typically dealt with white Americans who went to Africa as Peace Corps volunteers, missionaries, doctors or teachers. These Americans acted as mentors and guardians to the Africans and developed positive relationships with them.

                      When they come to the United States, it has been my experience that Africans can easily identify with white Americans because they understand each other. Before migrating to the United States, the majority of Africans have had little to no direct negative experiences with whites. They simply do not hate them.

                      On the other hand, most African-Americans grew up in black neighborhoods where they learned from older generations the history of slavery and the cruelty it inflicted on the black race. Furthermore, they have usually experienced firsthand and in their communities the legacies of racism that still exist in the United States.

                      With this background, many African-Americans are not generally predisposed to trust white Americans, and they look down on those African immigrants who express respect or admiration for white Americans.


                      There is more at the link, but that is why Enigima can stare at a 77% Illegitimate Birth Rate,in 2017, and still find a way to blame white people. And slavery, and Jim Crow, and Rosewood, and The Titanic, and The Hindenburg Explosion, etc. Just whatever, except the black whores who are making the babies.

                      Squeeky Fromm
                      Girl Reporter

                    3. Enigma seems to have been taught to use racism instead of eliminating it. He is probably a decent fellow with a chip on his shoulder. The leftist way of thinking can really destroy one’s mind.

                      He looks at me as white though he can’t be sure of that and thinks I look at him as black, but that is not true. I look at him as a leftist that uses race to advance his political ideology. We are all Americans and should be working together.

                    4. Sadly, Enigma ought to be cheerleading blacks to improve themselves instead of making invalids of the whole race. But, at his age, he probably is going to die one day with that chip still on his shoulder. I bet his tombstone will read, “Whitey Put Me In This Grave!!!”

                      What sucks is, he has been to college, and ought to know better.

                      Squeeky Fromm
                      Girl Reporter

                2. Black nor White people ran backwards when they elected America’s first Black President. Then, White people ran backwards and elected Trump, a “stable genius”, only in his own eyes. Pres. Obama’s popularity continues to be very high. Isn’t Trump’s down in the low 30%’s?

                3. Hyper Mass Incarceration would have been another choice. There’s hope in that you realize something changed after things being stable for decades. You want to spend tour time condemning those who have been affected by real policies and laws you want me to ignore. Sorry.

                  1. Mass incarceration is just another bullsh*t excuse. If they have time f*ck, they have time to get married.

                    Plus, if blacks quit breaking the law, they will stop getting incarcerated. It isn’t like most of them go to prison on their very first crime or anything.

                    Squeeky Fromm
                    Girl Reporter

                    1. So, Tawonnadonna of the Hood is laid up tonite, January 26, 2018, screwing some random Negro, without birth control, and if she gets knocked up, what does that have to do with history??? The little b*st*rd kid’s “history” starts tonite, not back in 1850 or something.

                      You are just mired neck deep in Black Victimhood Bullsh*t, and you refuse to dig yourself out.

                      Squeeky Fromm
                      Girl Reporter

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