Swiss Fire Top Investigator After Clandestine Meeting With Russian Lawyer At Center Of Trump Tower Scandal

downloadAccording to the Daily Beast, a top Swiss police investigator identified only as Victor K was fired last week in a case that some are describing as an effort by Russians to make him a virtual double agent.  Against the direct orders of his superiors, Victor went to Russia and was put up in a luxury hotel to meet with the office that allegedly offered dirt on Hillary Clinton to Donald Trump Jr. in the infamous Trump Tower meeting.  In Washington, he was promptly put into a meeting with the main figure from the Trump Tower: Natalia Veselnitskaya.  Once again, she wanted to talk about the whole Magnitsky controversy where huge amounts of money reportedly were generated for powerful Russian figures in a $230 million fraud scheme.  The Swiss were zeroing in on that money which may have been laundered through Swiss accounts.


The Swiss official was brought to Russia to meet with Deputy Russian Attorney General Saak Albertovich Karapetyan before Christmas 2016. Note the timing.  The Trump Tower meeting occurred in June 2016. However, the meeting was not revealed until June 2017.  Months after the Trump Tower meeting, the Russians were still using Veselnitskaya in meetings with targeted officials.

The meeting with Veselnitskaya has been described as an effort to create a double agent but the description from the Swiss is not so clear.  The Swiss Federal Administrative Court is cited as ruling that this amounted to unacceptable “unauthorized clandestine behavior” and left “the impression that they do not have their employees under control and thus creates an unpredictable security risk in their delicate field.”  That does not necessarily sound like espionage but it was clearly an effort to lure this official to Russia to influence him and his investigation.

The Swiss court  was told that Veselnitskaya had raised the Magnitsky case with the Swiss officials, just as she had with Donald Trump Jr.

Once again, the taking of this meeting by Donald Jr., Jared Kushner, and Paul Manafort still ranks as one of the greatest blunders in United States political history.  Veselnitskaya certainly has the profile of an asset of the Russians. Otherwise, she has a curious habit of appearing in some truly suspicious meetings. At worse, she could be an agent. The point is that any such meeting — whether by Swiss or American figures — should have occurred only after consultation with intelligence or appropriate officials.  I do not fault the interest in hearing about alleged evidence of criminal conduct by an opponent but such meetings with a foreign national should have been raised first with the FBI and addressed in a more careful manner.

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  1. The theme that Russians did things to infect our election never gets supported by allegations of what phony statements or allegations about Hillary were put out in the public domain to defame Hillary or promote The Donald. One allegation which I saw was that Hillary had sex with a male dog back in her college years. I like dogs and the story said the dog consented, so I voted for Hillary not against her.
    Folks on the blog: what allegation altered your vote?

  2. NewsFlash McCabe was just “removed”. I guess this way out saves his pension if the FISA memo looks bad.

  3. It will be interesting to see what Trump does about the Russian sanctions deadline today. Roger Wicker, Mississippi Senator (R), posted at his government site on Jan. 17, 2018, a letter to the Trump Administration.
    It references specific Russian oligarchs and implementation of the sanctions legislation.

  4. Every time a trump supporter says, “The deep state,” the collective national IQ of the GOP drops by a point. When they say it in hushed, conspiratorial tones, looking guardedly over their shoulders to see who might by spying on them, two points. When Trump says it, three points. When Trump tweets it, ten points.

        1. A welfare check, Obamacare and a healthy dose of “Affirmative Action Privilege” to compensate for a total dearth of merit.

      1. Thank you. I do my best. Mostly I do my commentaries from my comfy old chair!

        Hey, did you see this article? Sad to see Gen Kelly has sold out every bit of principle he ever had. Surely, he once knew what an oath to defend the constitution meant. But, apparently, not any more.


        1. When Kelly lied about a Congresswoman who was doing nothing more than sharing the grief of a gold star widow, a family with whom she was friends, he showed what he has always been.
          Bigotry – hard to hide- and, it almost always accompanies other fatal character flaws.

          1. Excerpted from the article linked above:

            “Trump erupted in anger while traveling to Davos after learning that Associate Attorney General Stephen Boyd warned that it would be “extraordinarily reckless” to release a classified memo written by House Republican staffers. The memo outlines alleged misdeeds at the FBI and Justice Department related to the Russia investigation.

            For Trump, the letter was yet another example of the Justice Department undermining him and stymieing Republican efforts to expose what the president sees as the politically motivated agenda behind Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s probe.”

            Always keep in mind that The POTUS [Trump} can declassify any classified information at any time and for any reason. Ninny-Na-Na Nunes cannot declassify any classified information at any time nor for any reason without authorization from The POTUS [Trump]. As such, AAG Boyd can only undermine and stymie Ninny-Na-Na Nunes–not The POTUS [Trump]. Thus Trump is erupting in anger at the necessity for The POTUS and only The POTUS [Trump, himself] exercising executive power and authority.

            What’s the world coming to? Next thing you know The POTUS will have to shine his own shoes. It’s so unfair.


    The FBI/DOJ – Coups “R” Us – knew “Russian Collusion” was “fake news”.

    “…McCabe said he asked for the meeting to tell Priebus that “everything” in a New York Times story authored by Michael S. Schmidt, Mark Mazzetti, and Matt Apuzzo was “bullsh-t.”

    “Media Madness: Donald Trump, the Press, and the War over the Truth.”

    Howie Kurtz

    “According to Kurtz, Andrew McCabe asked for a meeting with then-White House chief of staff Reince Priebus in order to set the record straight:

    Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe asked to speak privately with White House chief of staff Reince Priebus following a February 2017 intelligence briefing… McCabe said he asked for the meeting to tell Priebus that “everything” in a New York Times story authored by Michael S. Schmidt, Mark Mazzetti, and Matt Apuzzo was “bullsh-t.”

    McCabe claimed to want Priebus to know the FBI’s perspective that this story was not true. Priebus pointed to the televisions that were going non-stop on the story. He asked if the FBI could say publicly what he had just told him. McCabe said he’d have to check, according to the book.

    McCabe reportedly called back and said he couldn’t do anything about it. Then-FBI director James Comey reportedly called later and also said he couldn’t do anything, but did offer to brief the Senate Intelligence Committee on the matter later that week, suggesting they’d spill the beans publicly.”

  6. No surprise- an alt right guy connected to the bogus pizzagate story and to leaks to 4 Chan has a WH press pass (Media Matters). Lawfare described the “leaks as leaning conspicuously toward Moscow”.

  7. A new interview published at Politico (a Senate member of the Russia investigation committee) portrays Nunnes as part of a coordinated effort to impede the process. In the 11th paragraph from the end of the article, there is the meat identifying Russian interference about which all on the committee members agree.

    1. Linda, reality is irrelevant. you are battling ignorance on steroids with the Trump apparatchiks.

      1. Excerpted from the article linked above:

        “Warner also warns about a “coordinated” attack by the president and “Trump zealots” in the House of Representatives to undermine the legitimacy of the investigations against him, an effort Warner says includes the president’s threats to fire special counsel Robert Mueller and other officials as well as a secret Republican memo alleging “shocking” FBI surveillance abuse against Trump that Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) is now threatening to release. Warner calls out Nunes, the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, in arguably more explicit terms than any Democrat has yet, saying he has read the underlying classified material used in the memo and that Nunes misrepresented it as part of a McCarthyite “secret Star Chamber” effort to discredit the FBI probe of the president.

        “We’re seeing this coordinated effort to try to impede the investigation,” Warner says. The Nunes memo, which is apparently drawn from information contained in the same late-2017 document dumps that have caused the Senate panel to expand its inquiry, is based on “fabrications” and “connecting dots that don’t connect,” Warner asserts.”


    Coups “R” Us FBI/DOJ is disintegrating!

    Andrew McCabe has “resigned”.

    Andy’s out of “…Andy’s office…”!

    On a potential Trump 2016 election victory:

    “I want to believe the path you threw out for consideration in Andy’s office – that there’s no way he gets elected – but I’m afraid we can’t take that risk,” Strzok texted on Aug. 15, 2016. “It’s like an insurance policy in the unlikely event you die before you’re 40.”

    – Peter Strzok to his paramour Lisa Page in the office of FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe.

    Stay tuned, folks. Don’t turn that dial.

      1. Yes, he is of retirement age in March and is taking paid vacation leave until March.

      2. Of course! That is why he is hanging around. After this, he will become a lawyer for some Dem group, or get a sinecure somewhere for “services rendered.” Maybe work security for Hillary’s 2020 campaign.

        Squeeky Fromm
        Girl Reporter

      3. He should get 20 years as should the “deep state” DOJ/FBI Coups “R” Us hierarchy…and soon, so that we can get this party started prosecuting the traitor, empty suit and ineligible fraud, Obama, and his entire gang.

      4. Better or worse benefits than the Republican Appropriations Committee Chair will get, as he walks out the door- one more Republican member of Congress presumably leaving for greener pastures (figuratively, $) ?

    1. Da Trump bots think they got somethin. He was already leavin. Andy wiil have plenty plenty of time to work on da testimony before da GRAND JURY.

  9. It’s fun to watch Trump attack Republicans that HE himself appointed as being involved in a conspiracy against him. Remember when he said he hires the best people?? He’s so freaked out by this investigation that he can’t think straight.

    It’s fun to watch the trumpets pretend that this was a plot against Trump when Comey went public with re-opening the email investigation into Clinton right before the election but DIDN’T reveal that they were also investigating the Trump team. You have to twist your tiny brains into knots to think this favored Clinton.

    If the GOP wants to be taken seriously, they are going to have to come with better people to defend their deep state conspiracy theory than Devin Nunes, Jim Jordan, Kevin McCarthy, Mark Meadows, Trey Gowdy, Louie Gohmert, Alex Jones, Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson. I had patients with schizophrenia who were better put together than some of these kooks.

    There is very little that Trump has done that suggests innocence. I have never seen a public figure behave with such a profound sense of consciousness of guilt. And his enablers are looking pretty bad, as well.

    1. Jim Jordan hails from a part of Ohio that is unfamiliar with thinking but, very familiar with entrenched beliefs about the subservient roles Blacks and women should play.

      1. Linda/Rikea;

        “Jim Jordan hails from a part of Ohio that is unfamiliar with thinking but, very familiar with entrenched beliefs about the subservient roles Blacks and women should play.”


        Oh, so roaringly funny and so deliciously churlish! Yep, all that area of Ohio did was produced enough Pershing tanks to whip the Nazi Panzer divisions butt cold at the Ludendorff Bridge during the Battle of Remagen and assuredly shortened the war in Europe saving thousands of American lives. No biggie. Yeah, those dumb Ohioans looking out for their country that way and making the place safe and secure for the likes of you two ungrateful prigs. If only they had your erudite, refined sensibilities with your conceited repartee about people you know nothing about and care for even less.

        Dante had it wrong — the hottest place in Hell is reserved for the unappreciative.

        1. Glad you brought that subject up, mespo. You must have missed the hypocrisy of Jordan defunding government (the Koch agenda). Tanks aren’t built with corn husks. Ideally, they are built with the latest technology and the materials best for the application, in other words, they cost big bucks.

          The manufacturing workers you praise for building those tanks attended public schools which the richest 0.1% are currently, starving of funds so that the schools can be privatized for the enrichment of the donor class.

          The children of those workers haven’t seen a wage increase in 35+ years.Those same workers are receiving the least share of national income in recorded history. Their fathers and mothers (or, grandparents) rewarded themselves for their hard work in the war by demanding their proper reward which included pensions, which men like John Arnold and the Koch’s are working to strip from current workers.

            1. Very glad to enlighten readers. The non-thinkers in Jordan’s district along with the rest of Ohioans, were fleeced out of $1 bil. in the school privatization scheme run by a big state Republican donor. (Mother Jones) Poor Ohio, gerrymandered to the point it is not a democracy. Ohio is Kasich’s conservative albatross, picked clean by the donor class.

  10. Allegedly… hmmmm is that like un named sources ah yes or reportedly

    No source no validity

    1. One way or another
      Huma gotcha gonna getcha
      Huma gotcha huma huma

      anyone seen Huma lately?

      I’m guessing witness protection program.

    2. WTH- Hillary’s actions are always labeled sinister by the right wing whereas, the Trump inner circle commits “blunders”.

      1. They claim T rump did not assault all those women They believed Paula Jone but think 30 women are lying about their very own predator in chief dear leader man.

        1. And, Trump actually admitted he was an active lecher during the Access Hollywood interview.

      2. Because HRC has so many deaths associated with her. Trump has his own major flaws but deaths ain’t one of them

        His name was Seth Rich

        1. The referenced deaths are attributed by the same lying scum who were behind pizzagate. The Kremlin perfected poisoning and murdering opponents. It’s not an American thing.

          1. Nope Linda. Aside from the deaths during the campaign there are many many more before and more recently — all associated with her. The Clinton Cabal is real. Woman is a twisted, dangerous biatch. Why do you think Strozk and Page were so nervous?

          1. The Daily caller calls you. lol. I would call Blumenthal an influence peddler. Manafort was a very swamp connected lobbyist

                1. Which, just means that Manafort had to have a bunch of clients to make money, where Blumenthal was able to do it with just one large client! It’s kind of personal injury plaintiff’s lawyers who have to have 20 car wreck victims per year, versus the insurance company lawyer who makes a good living with the one insurance company account.

                  Squeeky Fromm
                  Girl Reporter

    1. Related to the Koch’s $400,000,000 targeted at political campaigns to destroy democracy- recently, UnKochMyCampus published a letter from a member of a formerly prestigious university in the Northeast. Apparently, elite schools are so strapped for cash (sarcasm), they’ll let reps. of the Koch’s, craft political curriculum for the schools for about $100,000.

  11. Turley said, “At best, Veselnitskaya appears an asset of the Russians. At worse, she could be an agent.”

    Really? Do you think? Natalia Veselnitskaya is so obviously an agent of The Kremlin that it literally beggars belief that Turley would have his readers entertain the dubious notion that she might be merely an asset of The Russians. What’s up with that, Jonathan?

    The documents that Veselnitskaya keeps pedaling are Kremlin fabricated charges against Bill Browder. The same Kremlin fabricated charges The Russians used to try and convict Browder in absentia for the same kickback, extortion, bribery, tax evasion, tax fraud scheme that Sergei Magnitsky (Browder’s tax accountant and tax lawyer) had uncovered in 2012, thereby leading to Magnitsky’s death in a Russian prison and the confiscation of $230 million of Browder’s money. Talk about blaming the victim. The Russians stole Browder’s money, killed his lawyer/accountant, then convicted Browder of the very crime that they had committed. Well . . . They didn’t charge Browder with Magnitsky’s murder. Such swell fellas.

    There’s such a thing as fawning with fake fairness–Turley.

    1. Fake fairness explains Fox and CBS Sunday morning programs ignoring Wynn…wait…no, it proves their right wing bias. CBS news is run by a former Fox executive.

  12. The Russians must be having a field day watching Americans go after each other. Scary to think what they might be doing as all eyes are focused on the Trump investigation. I’m still waiting on when we’ll get to the Bubba and Hildabeast Russian investigation.

  13. How was she allowed into our Country ? Were strings pulled to let her into U.S ?

    1. SSSSSSSSSSSS Like most countries if you can pass a police records checks and show bringing in funds of one million or more it’s an instant process.

    2. Michael J.,,,
      -The concern over the issue of failed monitoring of foreign agents pre-dated the headline news about Veselnitskaya.
      The problem involves agents other than Veselnitskaya……she’s just become one of the better known examples.
      It may be that agents with hard- to-spell and hard-to-remembed names like Veselnitskaya or Akhmetshin confuse those who are supposed to be monitoring these agents.
      Or it’s too much of a hassle to write up a report and spell the names correctly.😉

      1. Random observations and questions-
        An internet photo search for Maria Butina shows her with some guys, few women, and that she appears to be enamored with guns. Rhetorically, is that similar to the average Russian woman?

        Alexander Torshin is a name that’s easy to spell.

        A couple more rhetorical questions-Does Paul Erickson (associated with the NRA and, he reportedly claimed he was part of the Trump transition team) share, both an apartment address in S.D. and a company Bridges LLC, with a Russian national?

        How old is Erickson? Does he have a close friend in her late 20’s?

  14. This person allegedly came to New Bern, NC from Bern, Swiss in order to meet with Americans who could speak German. She was disappointed. She left New Bern and went on to Mar A Lago.

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