CNN: McCabe’s Abrupt Departure May Be Tied To Internal Investigation Findings

McCabeThe early departure of FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe has led to a spasm of speculation and criticism ranging from Comey’s warning of the destruction of  FBI knuckling under President Donald Trump to overwrought analogies to the rise of Hitler by one CNN commentator.  However, there are indications that McCabe may have been shown the door by FBI Director Chris Wray and even told that he faced demotion in light of an internal investigation.  Notably, on the eve of this disclosure a story was leaked that detailed the conversation between McCabe and Trump where Trump taunts McCabe about his wife being a political “loser.”  If true, the comments were shocking and distasteful but the emergence of these conflicting accounts show the intense struggle in Washington to control the narrative following McCabe taking leave pending his retirement. There have also been allegations of leaks by McCabe as both sides seeks to frame this controversy.


What is also notable is the continued leaks from Trump’s inner circle.  A new report describes Trump having a “tirade” on Air Force One because a top Justice Department official objected to the release of the four-page memo.  The content and speed of his leak is clearly meant to damage Trump and has to be coming from within his close staff — a recurring problem.  The motivation behind these leaks is an interesting question. It is not clear if it is meant to simply damage or somehow to deter the President .

CNN is reporting that Wray hinted in a message of FBI employees that McCabe was forced out and did not voluntarily take his leave. The impression left by the memo was that this followed Wray looking at a forthcoming inspector general report about the FBI’s conduct during the 2016 election.  It has also been noted that the leave was taken after Wray personally read the controversial four-page memo being released by the House committee.

The abrupt departure of McCabe obviously played into the association with these investigations but Wray amplified those connections in his message to staff.

Notably, after the Comey termination, we saw his leaking of his memos which notably changed the narrative over Comey’s past performance issues.  I have written that the memos, which would have inevitably been reviewed by the investigators, were leaked for tactical reasons by Comey.  The same purpose may be behind the sudden leaking of the alleged conversation between Trump and McCabe after Comey’s termination.

In the conversation, Trump demands to know why Comey was allowed to fly back to Washington on an FBI plane after he was fired.  Comey learned of his termination from news reports. I (and others) have criticized the Administration for not giving Comey advanced notice as a simple matter of courtesy and professionalism.  Comey was caught out of town by the news.  Trump was irate that the FBI flew him home and McCabe correctly noted that, while he was not asked, he would have given Comey permission to return on the plane.  That would, in my view, be the decent thing to do for a longtime public servant who was blindsided by this news — as opposed to abandoning him to find a way back.  Trump, according to the report, was silent after McCabe’s response and told him to ask his wife what it felt like to be a loser. McCabe reportedly responded by saying simply “OK, sir,” before Trump hung up.

If the account is true, it is highly disconcerting that a president would engage in such taunting or begrudge Comey a return flight. It is also interesting however that this story would be released by someone with news of McCabe’s alleged forced departure from the agency.

Washington is now awaiting for the release of the memo, which has been built up to a point that could backfire for the GOP.  The hype around the memo makes it sound like a combination of the Pentagon Papers and the Zimmerman telegram.  Hopefully, the White House is allowed a full vetting of the classified content.  Ultimately, the President is the final judge of such classification issues on what the public should know.  Yet, this is a rare case of a forced release without declassification by the relevant agencies.

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  1. We are all seeing the train coming down the tracts, and yet we see the train getting bigger and bigger, some say we see a flagmen telling us, don’t worry, nothing to see here. We Americans are going to have a big mess to clean up. This is a national issue, plain and simple.

    1. Well, I am glad that you have finally come over to our side! But I don’t think it is going to be all that traumatic to fire some of the higher ups in the FBI, DOJ, and various deep state intelligence agencies. Most of the real work is done by the people way on down the food chain.

      Squeeky Fromm
      Girl Reporter

    2. “If voter turnout can be increased by 5% from 2014, Dems can take the House and Senate”- Bernie Sanders

      1. Gotta offer some Dems worth voting for. RIght now the Establishment corporado Dims are intent on destroying them. Super Delegates rule dontcha know.

        1. Voting against Republicans, the party of the Koch’s and Mercer, is reason enough.
          From Politico-
          ” ‘It stinks to high heaven’ ” that Trump’s Director of the CDC traded in stocks of 5 tobacco companies. She was formerly the Georgia Dept. of Public Health Director. For a person who knows how addictive cigarettes are, it makes perfect sense for a profiteer to invest in the stock. With Trump, it’s not the public good, it’s money making for the people he surrounds himself with, none of them “good people”. She also traded Merck and Bayer.

  2. Well, this is very interesting! FBI and DOJ vet Nunes’ Memo and find no no “factual inaccuracies!”

    Among the criticisms mounted by Democrats in recent days is the accusation that the GOP-authored document isn’t factually accurate. Fox News chief intelligence correspondent Catherine Herridge, who first revealed that FBI Director Christopher Wray viewed the memo on Sunday, is reporting today that several FBI/DOJ sources have now viewed the controversial missive and are not questioning its accuracy:

    Two Senior FBI officials have now reviewed the Republican staff memo, alleging abuses of government surveillance programs during the 2016 election, a source familiar with the matter tells Fox News, adding that the officials “could not point to any factual inaccuracies.”— Pat Ward (@WardDPatrick) January 30, 2018

    One of the arguments against publishing the memo was that the FBI and DOJ should be given an opportunity to review its contents and raise concerns on factual or national security grounds. According to Herridge’s sources, a number of officials have now been afforded that courtesy, and they’re not disputing the core facts presented in the memo.

    That doesn’t mean that the top brass is now unanimously vouching for its in-context accuracy, or endorsing its conclusions — nor does it mean that they don’t maintain serious qualms about the impact of releasing a document that contains sensitive intelligence. Nevertheless, ‘not inaccurate’ is significant.

    Here’s something else to consider: Are Democrats riled up over the prospect of the Republican memo getting out because it contains objectively embarrassing information about their party’s actions throughout this whole confusing saga? Here’s Congressman Trey Gowdy, who was reportedly instrumental in pressing to allow the FBI access to the memo prior to the vote on its publication:

    Chairman Trey Gowdy on Fox and Friends

    My Democratic colleagues didn’t want us to find this information. They did everything they could to keep us from finding this information. I think it will be embarrassing to Adam Schiff once people realize the extent to which he went to keep them from learning any of this. That would be the embarrassment.

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  3. Rep. Swalwell- “Rep. Devin Nunes is willing to risk the Republic and the rule of law to protect the President.”

  4. Merely another symptom of an FBI that has been broken and dysfunctional for quite some time. It needs to be trashed and rebooted.

    Let’s not forget these are the geniuses who had the chance to prevent 9/11 and failed to do so. Or in an attempt to compensate for the 9/11 failings, spent $170 million and years on an IT system (ref: Virtual Case File) that had to be trashed a month before it was fired up.

    Mueller’s been in high places at the FBI and somehow still has a job. Incredible!

    1. “Merely another symptom of an FBI that has been broken and dysfunctional for quite some time. It needs to be trashed and rebooted.”

      We should start with the FBI and then keep going…

      1. “Glenn Greenwald @ggreenwald
        Replying to @ACLU
        In 2013, the @ACLU published a detailed report of how the FBI – under James Comey and Robert Mueller – repeatedly lied to the public, mislead Congress, and ran roughshod over basic civil liberties, especially those of Muslims…”

        “UNLEASHED AND UNACCOUNTABLE The FBI’s Unchecked Abuse of Authority”


    “Glenn Greenwald

    Since the end of WW2, but especially during the War on Terror, the US Presidency has been aggressively expanded to the point of virtual omnipotence. So many Trump controversies – from firing Comey to refusing to implement sanctions – are rooted in this lamentable trend.

    11:43 AM – 30 Jan 2018”

  6. “Four- star general warns that Republicans are chiseling away at essential U.S. institutions while treating a hostile foreign nation as a friend”.

    1. Russia hysteria to cover up for traitors at home. “Enemies foreign and domestic.” Our greatest threat is from within except it wasn’t Trump who was the traitor. It was his accusers.

  7. The Obama Gang is conducting a coup d’etat in America. McCabe is the first conspirator to have been caught and placed in a box with no way out. The dominoes are beginning to fall. The last domino will be Obamino.

    Connect the dots. Connect the texts. What did you know and when did you know it?

    Strozk and Page KNEW that Loretta Lynch KNEW that Hillary was going to be exonerated before Hillary was interviewed and they mocked Lynch in their texts. What Loretta KNEW, Obamino KNEW.

    White house confidants Rice and Power “wiretapped” Trump through Intel means and Obamino KNEW all about that.

    Obergruppenfuhrer Mueller, what did you know and when did you know it?

    McCabe requested a meeting with Reince Priebus to tell him that “…everything was bull—-…” according to Howie Kurtz’s book, “Media Madness”. If McCabe knew that “Russian Collusion” was bull—-, then Rosenstien and Obergruppen Fuhrer Mueller also knew. Is it possible that Wray didn’t – is he competent if he didn’t?

    Comey told McCabe, in his tweet WARNING, to be quiet and not testify against the FBI directorship which, by extrapolation, means Loretta Lynch and the White House of 2016.

    The FBI/DOJ/”deep state” Coups “R” Us cabal is disintegrating and leading inexorably to the final Obamino.

    1. Coup d’état was committed by the Republicans, when their gerrymandering insured a majority for their party. The GOP House Campaign Manager admits that it ended democracy. He’s from Jordan’s state, Ohio.

      1. Gerrymandering had nothing to do with Trump being elected President and if weren’t for gerrymandering some of our minority legislators would not be in office.

      2. The original coup d’etat was “Crazy Abe” Lincoln’s when his successors forced the concept of minority voting through in an environment of post-war military occupation and he failed to repatriate the freed slaves who became illegal aliens when the unconstitutional Emancipation Proclamation was issued, changing their legal status from “property” to “illegal alien” as the Naturalization Act of 1802 required citizens to be “…free white person(s)…” requiring immediate deportation of the aforementioned freed slaves cum illegal aliens. The coup d’etat continuum was and is perpetuated by treasonous liberals who have illegally imported Mexican, Central and South American illegal aliens to vote for “free stuff” as democrats. It is no surprise that the parasites who are not Americans and would have never been “entitled” to vote by the American Founders, vote for democrat “free stuff”. That they come here to illegally vote for “free stuff” is not in question. The question is why Americans let the parasites as illegal voters in.

  8. It’s all conjecture and spin control until and unless we have disclosure and transparency.

    Release the memo. Investigate the alphabet soup for political weaponization and lawlessness, and root it out.

    My Dad always told me something similar to what Nick said – the NSA, FBI, and CIA that he knew were all decent, honest guys. They did the job, personal feelings aside. He was very disappointed to hear the reputation of the NSA et al tarnished over the years.

    My concern is that the rank and file FBI agent may still be good, honest people, but for how long? If those in leadership have politicized and weaponized the FBI against conservatives, then how long until it filters top down through hiring and firing practices?

    1. KarenS – re “If those in leadership have politicized and weaponized the FBI against conservatives, then how long until it filters top down through hiring and firing practices?”

      Strozk is now in HR….

    2. KAREN said:
      “My Dad always told me something similar to what Nick said – the NSA, FBI, and CIA that he knew were all decent, honest guys. They did the job, personal feelings aside.”

      That’s the problem. Undermining democracies, overthrowing democratically elected leaders & replacing them with pliable dictators, bearing primary responsibility for the Crack epidemic of the 1980’s, operating the largest Heroin smuggling cartel in history, assassinating JFK, RFK, MLK, and on and on. JFK said that the CIA should be broken into a thousand pieces and scattered in the wind. President Truman shared similar

  9. According to journalist Sara Carter she has been told by a number of sources that ,”McCabe may have asked FBI agents to actually change their 302’s – those are their interviews with witnesses. So basically every time an FBI agent interviews a witness, they have to go back and file a report.

    Hannity: Changes? So that would be obstruction of justice?

    Carter: Exactly. This is something the Inspector General is investigating. If this is true and not alleged, McCabe will be fired. I heard they are considering firing him within the next few days if this turns out to be true.”

    Anonymous sources are problematic – but given that everyone expected HRC to win (aside from the monies given to McCabe’s wife) I would not be surprised.

  10. What a bunch of disfunctionals. D T won the election and case closed !So get over it you haters because you haters are slowly destroying this Republic.

  11. Only a die-hard Leftist dupe and dope would argue, as Turley has, that the President is some sort of a problem, when it’s OBVIOUS that the PROBLEM points to the Deep State, as represented by such Deep State drones as McCabe, Strzok, Page, Comey, and Mueller. The entire Deep State apparatus infecting the FBI and the Justice Department needs to be exterminated like cockroaches (with apologies to cockroaches).

  12. It is quite clear that there are concerns about McCabe’s emails and other communications disappearing.

    House Judiciary Tells FBI To Preserve McCabe Emails Pertaining To Trump Election

    The noose around the now former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe appears to be getting tighter.

    Just hours after news that McCabe was departing the FBI, allegedly forced out from his position, the Chair of the House Judiciary Committee Chairman, Republican Bob Goodlatte released a a letter urging FBI Director Christopher Wray to preserve Mr. McCabe’s emails, and all other communications, before his official departure from the agency.

    from Goodlatte’s letter to Wray sent yesterday:

    “Deputy Director McCabe’s decision to step down comes at a time where a confluence of events and reporting show serious irregularities in the FBI and DOJ’s investigation of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s mishandling of classified information. Deputy Director McCabe was prominently involved in both that investigation and the FBI’s pre-Special Counsel investigation into allegations of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia. It is essential that the FBI preserve Mr. McCabe’s emails, and all other communications, before his official departure from the agency.

    “This Committee currently has an investigation open on the FBI’s handling of the events surrounding the 2016 election. It is therefore essential that we have all of Deputy Director McCabe’s documents and communications pertaining to the 2016 election. It is also in the public interest that all documents and communications pertaining to Mr. McCabe’s involvement in the pre-Special Counsel Russia investigation be preserved from destruction or deletion. These measures are critical to ensure that this Committee and others can perform necessary and robust Congressional oversight.”

    Full article:

    1. that’s hilarious Squeek! Best comment I’ve read today on McCabe:

      “I don’t think he can collect on his pension till he reaches age 55. Until then the McCabes will just have to scrape by on what’s left of the $700,000 his wife got from Hillary through Terry McCauliffe.”

      1. LOL!!! Bet I bet Poor Old Andy has a few favors to collect on. FWIW, something else just hit. Penelope says when you are reviewing facts, you have to look for things that aren’t there, things that didn’t happen, as much as you do what is there.

        So in light of that, did you notice how the FBI lovers were afraid of Hillary venting her wrath on them if she won, but not afraid of Trump doing the same??? What does that tell you about Democrats? That the FBI knows they will abuse their power.

        Anyway, going outside to sit with my cat!

        Squeeky Fromm
        Girl Reporter

        1. Squeeky,
          Howdy! Also to your excellent point, Stroczk and Paige and presumably all Deep State DNC FBI operatives had their “insurance policy” to mortally wound Trump if he did win, which explains their lack of fear. The IP was of course the Russian Dossier and wire taps, all DNC-sourced felony crimes.

          Civil war may be that much closer if these treasonous felons walk.

    2. Stop it, man, you’re killin’ me!

      But it’s like the pot calling the kettle black.

      What did Wray know and when did he know it?

      If Wray didn’t know it, he must be fired for gross incompetence…

      Strzok and Page knew it and they were in heat – ecstatically distracted.

      (Not to worry, Obama, we’re getting to you – inexorably).

  13. Let the investigation be finished. Why? Mueller’s investigation will yield a work product that lays out all the facts, all the sources of those facts, and all the legal conclusions drawn from those facts. If there is bias or impropriety, it will appear in the work product and all the supporting documentation of the means of securing that information. Is that wrong?

    Surely it is obvious that stopping an investigation before it is done, by the very people being investigated, is an end run around justice and is manifest corruption.

  14. After all this talk about “decency” brings up images of Nelville Chamberlin, with his little bumbershoot, and tuxedo.Sooo, I figured “Decency” deserved its own Irish Poem!!!

    In Descent???
    An Irish Poem by Squeeky Fromm

    The once was a fellow named, Neville- – –
    Who thought Hitler was on the level!
    Sooo decent a chap!
    Til it all turned to crap,
    He got snookered real bad by a devil.

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  15. The laughably absurd Russia collusion lie has at last completely fallen apart. It was all a lie paid for and disseminated by Hillary and her DNC. The FBI/DOJ knowingly used that paid for lie to justify it’s surveillance of the Trump campaign and deceived the FISA court in the process. Now all eyes will be on the lies that got us here and how they were used. This was all easily predictable a long time ago. The only surprise is how long it’s taken to get to this point where we learn about who was illegally surveilled and under what contrived justification.

    This is the biggest scandal in American history by far. This is an attempted coup. The corporate media has shown their true colours and those who “fell” for the lies have show theirs. It’s been quite the revelation.

    1. Is it “laughably absurd” that Flynn lied, repeatedly about meetings with Russians? Is it “laughably absurd” that fatso’s campaign staff and transition staff and his own son met with Russians? Did this or didn’t this happen?

      How do you know what the outcome of the Special Prosecutor’s investigation will be? Has he issued a report, or are you another dupe of Trump News, aka Fox News, that repeatedly beats this drum?

      “Illegally surveilled”? Is this according to anyone not connected with Trump News Network, you know, like a real prosecutor or someone not drinking the Kool Aid? You, Ivan, fell for the lies.

      1. Your many posts me laugh.

        Let’s try logic: “Meetings with Russians” does not mean “there was a plan to sell our country to the Russians.”
        “Flynn caught in a lie about meeting with a Russian” does not mean “there was a plan to sell our country to the Russians.” There needs to be something much more substantive in order to get to the point where one would contemplate the thought that “Trump sold our country to Putin” and we have seen nothing of the sort. The accusation against Trump is that he is a traitor. That’s as serious as it gets so you better have some good reasons for making that accusation. The lack of ANY substantive evidence in this regard makes this bold accusation “laughably absurd” on it’s face. Those who have pushed this false accusation of treason have fallen on their face.

        So far, the Mueller investigation has given us absolutely nothing that shows Trump is a traitor. I suspect that if he had such information it would have magically found it’s way onto every front page in the country, but we’ll just have to wait and see in the end…obviously.

        My accusation that Trump was “illegally surveilled” is what’s on deck! We’ll get a look at what the House Republicans on the Intelligence Committee put into that memo soon enough. The IG report is also just around the corner and that will also make for some interesting reading. We need to see the surveillance warrants themselves and I’m sure the Dems will help in this regard.

        Either Trump is a traitor or he is not. If he is not, then the question of why on earth was he was being accused of being a traitor comes begging relentlessly. What was the basis for the surveillance of a Presidential campaign that turned out to be bogus? Whoever falsely accuses the President of being a traitor has the burden of proof else they end up looking like traitors themselves.

        And what of poor old Hillary? Hillary and the DNC actually PAID Russians to make accusations(that look to be lies…shocker!) about Trump and then pushed this to the media and the FBI.

        1. OK, Ivan: the Mueller investigation is still underway. Only Trump News Network, d/b/a Fox News, keeps harping that there is “absolutely nothing” to the investigation, which is ongoing, and far from complete. So far, Flynn has ADMITTED to lying. Lil Donnie got caught taking a meeting with Russians in order to get dirt on HRC. Those are undisputed facts and are far from “nothing” when it comes to investigating the influence of a hostile foreign power in an American election. However, TNN tells you it’s “nothing”, and you buy it.

          What law enforcement official says that Chump was “illegally surveilled”? This has dumbbell Hannity’s fingerprints all over it. That is NOT the story here, and why do people like you buy it?

          You ought to ask yourself why you are so enamored with the garbage put out by TNN, a/k/a Fox News. Isn’t it really because you resented a black man successfully serving as President for 8 years, you resented a successful, intelligent woman running for President, that you are afraid of brown people coming into this country because they might be more successful than you, and you agree with the racist rhetoric spewing from fatso’s mouth? Haven’t you noticed that the fat Dotard who has never had a real job, 2 divorces (so far) and is a massive egomaniac with illusions of grandeur, attacks anyone who dares to go after him, including professional FBI agents, the Justice Department, and anyone else. Who doesn’t respect the rule of law here, anyway?

          1. nutcha cha – Many many people did not view our first black prez as a “success” rather a sell out. And they didn’t want Obama 2.0 – a major reason they rejected HRC in addition to all the corruption and deaths.

            1. Squeek, I guess it depends on how one defines “success” – if garnering lots of $$$$ is a signifyer than sure,, the bitch was definitely successful.

              1. Well, I guess she was successful in the Futures Market, where she turned $1,000 into $100,000 in a short time. All on her own. Without any cheating by the firm that ran the brokerage. Who needed Bill Clinton on their side. But, being financial suit types, would never ever pull any tricks to put winning trades into her account, while other clients who needed favors bit the losses. Oh no, that could never happen in America! It was all Hillary!


                Squeeky Fromm
                Girl Reporter

      2. Natacha:

        Everyone met with Russians. They were meeting with every Dem and Repub in DC to try to maneuver around the Magnitsky Act. Remember the Russia Reset Button? Remember “I’ll have more flexibility once I’m re-elected?” Remember “the 80’s wants its foreign policy back?” Russia was cool and invited everywhere.

        What is your explanation of:
        1) Hillary Clinton received $145 million to her Foundation and Bill got double his regular speaking fees, paid for by the Russians as she helped approve selling 1/5 of US Uranium to Russia?
        2) HRC took over control of the DNC in exchange for taking on their debt, and pushed out Bernie Sanders?
        3) HRC and the DNC bought and paid for a fake dossier compiled by Russian spies in order to make spurious claims against Donald Trump, and she released it to the media just before the election, when there would not have been sufficient time to prove the allegations were false? That was a deliberate attempt to defraud voters out of the election. Leaked emails show her frustration that the media would not release the Russian documents until after Comey gave them to Trump, helpfully lending them credibility. But they did leak details, which is why we all heard about it before the election.
        4) Comey and others at the FBI changed their statements, removing language such as “gross negligence” in order to make it seem as if HRC’s mishandling of classified information was not as criminal as it was.
        5) text messages between an FBI investigator and his mistress show that they conspired against Trump, again, in an effort to defraud voters.

        What you have accused Trump of doing, Hillary actually did, with the help of the US government.

        Why do you have a double standard? How do you excuse this? Why are you going after the victim of her crime?

        There are plenty of things that Trump does wrong. He is at times tactless, and so will continue to be tactless throughout his Administration. He was the victim of Hillary’s attempt to use Russia to change the results of the election.

        As stated in previous threads, I have no problem with using foreign intelligence or sources for opposition research, but it had better be thoroughly vetted, clean, and it had better be right.

        1. OK, Karen, if you want to understand the truth, first of all, stop watching Trump News Network, d/b/a Fox News.

          First, the so-called “uranium one scandal” was a deal involving 8 different federal agencies. HRC did not sign the agreement, and isn’t responsible for it. It also involved the Canadian government. There is no scandal here at all. Second, the crap about HRC “taking over” the DNC and pushing out Bernie Sanders–if true,–so what? That was 2 years ago and irrelevant to the crimes fatso is being investigated for. There is no dispute that the Russians intervened in the 2016 election.

          The dossier, so far, has had NO facts proven to be false. The investigation leading up to the dossier was initiated by a rival Republican candidate, who abandoned the project when he lost the nomination at the convention. That is a fact. An offer was made to HRC’s campaign to continue the investigation by doing further research. That also is a fact.

          Director Comey has every right to word any report or memo in any manner he wishes. After thorough investigation, the FBI determined that HRC committed NO crimes, not matter what Hannity or others at Fox News say. Negligence, no matter how gross, isn’t the same thing as a crime. There is NO evidence of criminal intent. The Fox News spin on these facts is just that–spin.

          The FBI investigator and his mistress and anything else they said to one another are irrelevant. What, exactly, did they “conspire” to do? Set up fatso to look bad? He did that on his own. The majority of Americans think Trump is not very bright and not qualified to be President. TNN d/b/a Fox News can spin anything it wants, but 2 minor investigators at the FBI who don’t respect fatso do not constitute a conspiracy.

          1. (1) “Uranium One Scandal”: You failed to mention that the Clinton Foundation simultaneously received $140 million from investors who profited from the deal and Bill Clinton received a $500,000 speaking fee. This is the reason for concern that something illegal may have happened and due cause for any FBI investigation. We’ll have to wait and see if something develops.

            (2) HRC did take control of the DNC. That’s widely understood and accepted because we have the actual details of the transaction that left her in control. That you would deny such a truth is all we need to know about all that follow. You prefer to “look forward, rather than backwards” when it comes to Hillary having f’d Bernie, his supporters, and our notion of democracy. How Obama of you.

            (3) “No facts proven not to be false.” You would do well in Stalin’s secret police with standards like that. How about starting with “proven facts” and work from there? That’s the American way. And what do you have? Nothing of substance or significance. Hillary picked up an attempt to damage Trump from a never-Trumper and then she started this “Steele dossier” shenanigans on her own…that fact doesn’t help your case.

            (4) “Director Comey has every right to word any report or memo in any manner he wishes.” Except if he deliberately ignored the law to exonerate Hillary. This would be the “obstruction of justice” you’re not looking for. No evidence of criminal intent is required under the statute- the Congress did that on purpose. In fact, others have challenged this part of the law and lost under appeal wherein the court cited both the wording and intent of the law. That said, the evidence of intent is overwhelming- it should have lead to further more serious charges against her and those around her. Comey simply decided to ignore the law. They took control of the investigation away from the Washington field office and brought it upstairs to his floor…they called it a “special.” The simple inequity of how the law was imposed in the Clinton email case vs every other case against normal people will not simply disappear as you clearly wish. The many facts and details are damning.

            (5) “Gross Negligence” actually is in the wording of the law and IS A CRIME. That’s why the changing of the wording in Comey’s draft memo from “grossly negligent” to “extremely careless” matters. At this point, I can only say that you spew so many untruths that I have to question what your deal is? YULIN

            (6)” The FBI investigator and his mistress and anything else they said to one another are irrelevant.” Not if they acted in violation of FBI policies or the law. Not even if they only show extreme bias. We certainly have the latter already. “What did they conspire to do?” The basic allegation against Strzok is that he and others protected Hillary and tried to damage Trump both before and after the election. Strzok took testimony from Abedin and Mills that proves they both lied when they denied knowing about Hillary’s server…and, so far, the FBI has done nothing. Strzok is also the guy who popped into the Whitehouse(on McCabe’s orders) to interview Flynn when neither he nor the Whitehouse knew that the interview was even coming.

            The details and facts are damning for Trump’s accusers and they getting much worse by the day.

          2. May I say something nice to you??? While I think that you are mostly pretty stupid, you do have the redeeming quality of occasionally deigning to offer argumentation in your comments. That makes you a Leftist rarity of sorts.

            Thank you!

            Squeeky Fromm
            Girl Reporter

          3. Natacha said, “The FBI investigator and his mistress and anything else they said to one another are irrelevant.”

            I’d add to what Ivan said and suggest that the affair opened both of them up to blackmail and the possibility of being asked to do something they might otherwise object to doing, but for the fear of an affair or other impropriety being exposed. So the agent and his mistress and their communications and actions are completely relevant.

            Plus your ‘facts’ are wrong about the dossier.

      1. Sure it is.

        Trump is removed from office by the deep state and Pence steps in. How do coups work again? Overthrow the current regime to install a different one?

        You’d best work on your arguments….they are internally inconsistent.

        1. Disingenuous much? Pence is not remotely like Trump. A coup works by removing the person who is your enemy from power and replacing it with something far more palatable. Pence is palatable, Trump is not. Argumentation and reading comprehension are clearly not your forte. I suspect a low IQ is at fault.

          1. The Left was rather kind to Trump until he won the primary. He was considered easily deferrable. It was only after the primary that they opened the floodgates.

            Similarly, they have slung one malpractice assessment after another, from mental health to physical health. He’s too mad and unstable and boorish and rude to be President, etc. If they succeed, they will instantly move on to Pence is too religious and homophobic and unstable and fascist to be President.

            They have done this to each and every GOP candidate and President for many years. That’s why we even have the Goldwater Rule. Ad hominem has become a lazy knee jerk reaction for so long that people actually believe that half the country is evil.

            I don’t think the Left is evil; I think they are wrong. I think they need to research how so many of their policies have harmed those they tried to help. And I think the basic premise of the Left, caring for people cradle to grave through having them give up their individual rights and pay more and more taxes so the government can spend it for them, is not only wrong, it’s a dangerous mistake that has already played out in history. There is a reason why Progressives promoted and praised the Fascists and Nazis. Better living through big government. They recognized, over time, the folly of the relationship with them, but not the reason why that relationship formed in the first place. There is a similarity of approach – government control, intolerance for opposing ideas, demonizing critics…This is such a dangerous trend. I hope and pray the Left snaps out of it soon and abandons their adherence to strong government over weak individual. Already, anti-semitism is rising among the Left, as BDS and anti-Israeli sentiment is now mainstream. Please do not repeat the tragedies of the past.

            1. They also tried to get electors to switch. They’ve also tried to drive us to war with Russia to soothe their precious egos. They’ve even fought to silence our voices. That’s pretty close to evil.

            2. As Americans we are free to choose – and BDS is the choice of many who think Nasty and his yahoos are outta control. A small victory for the 1st Amendment

              ““The court has rightly recognized the serious First Amendment harms being inflicted by this misguided law, which imposes an unconstitutional ideological litmus test,” said ACLU attorney Brian Hauss, who argued the issue in court. “This ruling should serve as a warning to government officials around the country that the First Amendment prohibits the government from suppressing participation in political boycotts.”


        2. The Koch’s aren’t going to stage a coup to over throw Trump when their cabinet could avoid the unnecessary and, just vote Trump out. Trump or Pence, the Koch’s don’t care which as long as they get the legislation that want implemented.

          1. You could say the same about Soros, Big Union, or Wall St. They don’t care as long as they get the legislation they want implemented.

            You could say the same about yourself – you don’t care as long as you get the legislation you want.

            If you don’t like the money in politics, then get the money out of politics. But that means all the money, including that of Hollywood, and anyone else that tries to buy a result. You cannot buy what is not for sale. Reform campaign finance, and punish the selling of political favors. Everyone’s back in DC should be raw with all the mutual scratching.

            1. Your Republicans could stop gerrymandering and stop the flow of money in politics. They own the House, the Senate, the Executive branch, the Supreme Court and, most of the governorships. But, they ‘re interested in serving oligarchs, foreign and domestic.*

              * Roberts, appointed by a Republican, signed the Court decision that allowed dark money to flow and to make it hard to identify the illegal money coming from hostile foreign countries. Now, your traitors are trying to shut down the government agency, which through investigation, could expose the dark money in cases involving men like those listed in the Russian sanctions bill.

              1. Tom Delay was acquitted. Gerrymandering is SOP. Voting rolls will be purged.
                The DNC is certainly aware of these tactics.
                What do they do? Get shmucks like Bobby Mook to kiss some old lady’s ass?
                Honestly what does Nacny Pelosi deliver as a means to escape these heinous policies?
                These nasty people you now despise as politcal rivals are cousins to your heros.

      2. Agreed. A lawful election didn’t work for them, so they will continue to resist and use all means legal and otherwise to force Trump and the GOP out of the White House.

        If they are ever successful with removing Trump, they will move on to Pence, and so on down the line until we are reduced to a Single Party State.

        I have becoming increasingly disenchanted with the far Left and their opposition to individual rights, the Constitution, tolerance for opposing ideas, and the constant ad hominem attacks on the right. If you are center or right, you are evil, and there is this pervasive refusal to debate the facts. I believe that is a combination of Progressive’s platform based on rule by government fiat, and the Liberal’s tax-and-spend philosophy. There is a reason why the Left is still enamored of dictatorial regimes like socialism and communism, the worst polluters and human rights abusers. You don’t really hear them say, thank God for capitalism, where a little organic grass roots movement can become mainstream in a decade.

    2. Hey Ivan, the investigation is secret. Where are you getting your facts? And the department of your ass does not count.

      Don’t you want to know if your president is an unwitting Russian agent? I do.

      1. If you have a question about “facts” it’s best to point to the specific “facts” in question so we can talk about it.
        Otherwise, it’s you who’s talking out your ass.

        Of course I want to know if OUR President is a traitor, but that accusation bears the burden of proof…something significant. I have seen nothing to support the accusation so I question the sanity/intelligence of those making that incredibly serious claim with nothing real to back it up.

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