A Nation United? Only 16 Percent Of Americans Support The Patriots In Super Bowl LII

100px-New_England_Patriots_logo.svgdownload-1It wasn’t the Russian interference in the election or the presidential election itself. It was not the tax cuts or Hurricanes Maria or Harvey.  However, with today’s Super Bowl fans appear united in rooting against the New England Patriots.   A combination of past scandals and, let’s face it, dominion in the league, most fans appear to be tuning in to root against the Patriots as opposed to for the Eagles. For my part, I am in it for the good football despite the terrible omission of the greatest football legacy on Earth . . . the Chicago Bears.  The good thing is that I can watch Alshon Jeffery catch balls and cheer for the appearance of at least on Bear in the Super Bowl this year.


According to a survey from Monmouth University, only  16 percent of fans are rooting for the Patriots while 39 percent are actively rooting against the Patriots.

I am making a new slow-cooked chili this year. I prepared guajillo, ancho, and  pasilla chiles and pureed them for a beef chili made with a beer and prayer.  This will either be a collossal flop or my greatest moment.

As for the game, I have had serious doubts about watching this year.  I find the NFL to be one of the truly more repugnant organizations in the country and the reappointment of Roger Goodell was the ultimate one-finger salute to fans who despise him with an unprecedented passion.

This is a case of fans trying hard to forget the conduct of the owners, the commissioner, and many players to just watch the game.  I will admit that I also love to watch the commercials.


59 thoughts on “A Nation United? Only 16 Percent Of Americans Support The Patriots In Super Bowl LII”

  1. Congratulations Philly. The Eagles played a great game. They deserve to win. This morning the Las Vegas odds makers were picking the Patriots in the next super bowl. In the next month or 2 a lot of teams will undergo a lot of changes.

  2. I did not turn the game on until way into the fourth quarter. Did they all stand for the national anthem?

  3. Patriots lost. But here’s the same question sort of slightly changed.

    What percentage of US Citizens support the Patriot Act from start to it’s latest version Dec 2015?

  4. Oh right — it’s Stupid Bowl Sunday. Geez, Turley — you hate the NFL and yet ritualistically watched the game AND the hyper-commercials? That’s a pretty good metaphor for why things never get better in the US anymore.

    I was at the first Monday Night NFL game here in Cleveland in 1970. Great game (still remember being one of 84,000 people chanting “We Want JOE” after they pulled Joe Namath out of the game to save his life). Ever since then it’s been all down hill for the NFL (which I gave up on in the early 90s).

    It takes 60 minutes to play an NFL game, but 3 to 4 hours to watch one — probably five hours to watch a Stupid Bowl. You don’t have to be a math genius to figure out what an incredible waste of time that is, even to watch the greatest game ever played.

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