“Very Sad”: Trump Suggests That FBI Might Have Prevented Florida Massacre If It Wasn’t So Busy Looking For Russian Collusion

downloaddonald_trump_president-elect_portrait_croppedPresident Donald Trump late Saturday night issued another highly controversial and frankly unfair tweet targeting the FBI.  Trump suggested that the FBI might have prevented the massacre atMarjory Douglas Stoneman High School in Parkland, Florida if they weren’t “spending too much time trying to prove Russian collusion with the Trump campaign.”  It is obviously a false association since the local and national offices dealing with such school threats are entirely removed by the Russian investigation. Indeed, the entire structure of the Special Counsel operation is designed to set it apart from Main Justice and other investigations.  The tweet is being condemned as politicizing the massacre as students are still being mourned and buried.  This includes some very angry responses from the surviving students.

The President’s tweet read:

Very sad that the FBI missed all of the many signals sent out by the Florida school shooter. This is not acceptable. They are spending too much time trying to prove Russian collusion with the Trump campaign – there is no collusion. Get back to the basics and make us all proud!

Like most people, I was highly critical on Friday night when we learned that the FBI effectively ignored a detailed warning of violent potential the accused gunman, Nikolas Cruz.  Moreover, I agreed that the indictment of the 13 Russians conspicuously lacked any evidence of collusion.  However, the linking of these two stories is inappropriate, unwarranted, and ultimately undermines the President’s outreach to families of the victims.
What do you think?

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  1. What it comes down to is that Obama put forth a bill that would make it easier to cross reference those with mental problems and those applying for gun ownership. Trump repealed it. A person with mental problems killed seventeen students. Trump got over $30,000,000 from the gun lobby. So, the price tag the gun lobby puts on deaths is approximately, $1,500,000 in their purchase of Donald Trump. This is a lot of money for the gun lobby and when you take into account the other millions and millions the gun lobby gives the other spineless parasites called ‘representatives’, this is an expensive pursuit, the freedom to arm one’s self to the teeth. But, this is worth it because they employ a lot of people, buy a lot of political add time, and the price per death goes down in time with the added number of victims.

    1. “What it comes down to is that Obama put forth a bill that would make it easier to cross reference those with mental problems and those applying for gun ownership.”

      Unfortunately, like a lot of Obama’s rules, it was too broad, so broad in fact that the disability community and the ACLU entered the picture against a portion of that rule. Obama had included a large number of people that did not have mental problems. Contrary to what Issac says Trump only limited the rule so that those people entitled to gun ownership could own them. It continued to exclude those with mental problems though Obama’s rule still was ineptly written without appropriate mechanisms included.

      You are warped Issac and definitely filled with hate. You should be prevented from holding any type of weapon more lethal than a plastic butterknife.

  2. So, let me summarize the week’s real events. The FBI thought they were again going to get away with sweeping their latest deliberate failure to lift a finger to stop a mass murderer under the proverbial rug.

    The Leftists then began to salivate. They just love mass murders and this one involved children, which delighted them to no end. Why? Because they believed they had a great opportunity to pursue their anti-Second Amendment agenda. To them, more mass murders automatically means more calls for gun control, an objective far more important to them than American lives. Americans are expendable to them. The media also spread a lot of lies about mass murderer Nikolas Cruz, claiming, for example, that he belonged or was involved in some “right wing” “White supremacy” group, which was a complete fabrication. The media, of course, never apologized for lying to the American public.

    But, unfortunately for the lying FBI, the DOJ, and the Leftists, a fellow by the name of Ben Bennight stepped forward to announce that he reported Nikolas Cruz to the FBI because he posted an ominous threat on Ben’s YouTube Channel.

    In response to this, Donald Trump, Jr. “liked” a Twitter comment that basically said that the FBI couldn’t be bothered with stopping mass murders because it had far higher priorities than stopping mass murders, like pursuing an anti-Trump political agenda. FBI Director Wray tried his best to coverup for the FBI and dismissed Don, Jr.’s and the Twitter poster’s accurate assessment of the situation.

    The FBI, caught with its pants down again, lied again as usual by claiming they were “unable” to track down who Nikolas Cruz was, even though there were only about 13 individuals with that specific spelling, and even though the FBI routinely tracks down individuals who post on the Internet–when the FBI wants to–by getting their IP (Internet Protocol) addresses and then tracking the locations of their computers.

    Then, it got worse for the FBI. Another individual stepped forward to announce that he/she called the FBI’s hotline about Nikolas Cruz and provided information that indicated that Cruz could go on a killing spree. While the FBI thought they could fool most Americans with their lies about being “unable” to track down an Internet poster named Nikolas Cruz, they couldn’t get away with lying that they didn’t know what to do when they get information about dangerous individuals via hotline callers.

    So, the FBI had to fess up, just a little, and announce that FBI “protocols” weren’t followed.

    The counter response of Mueller & Co and the lying DOJ leaders was to come out with their “13”indictments of Russians. Their crime? They used aliases on Facebook and Twitter and then made some political comments having no bearing whatsoever on the election or to Donald Trump. In short, Mueller and the DOJ served up a Nothingburger for the American public to swallow, to attempt to distract them away from the FBI’s failures, while claiming they were going to “perform” an internal “investigation” into who in the FBI failed to do their jobs (like the DOJ and the FBI, who managed to make thousands of critical emails mysteriously vanish, can legitimately investigate themselves).

    Of course, most intelligent Americans don’t trust the media, don’t trust the FBI, don’t trust the DOJ, and understand that all those groups are infested with anti-American Leftist liars. Meanwhile, all the Left can do is to engage in mental masturbation, if not the physical variety, fantasizing about Stormy Daniels and the 13 Matryoshka nesting Russian dolls.

    1. TRIPLE WOWS! Well said! Has the FBI & DOJ, along with CNN & MSNBC, not been fleeting with truth? Do both still not engage in all forms of circuitous lies & distortion? In doing so, do they not marginalize themselves & the American people? Need I state the obvious? Should I capitalize? WE ARE BEING INSULTED DAILY BY BUREAUCRATIC & MEDIA ELITES!

    1. Squeeky, but they’re “Dreamers” LOL!

      Yet me & my wife are realist, The dishwasher was loaded & my wife will find a very clean coffee cup in the morn. 🙂 G’nite

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            1. Allan – sedatives are a requirement for a medical condition. Placebos don’t work.

              1. Actually, placebos can and do work. If the sedatives were required based upon the needs for sedation then it appears that coffee might be contraindicated.

                  1. Paul, that may be true, but if as you say “sedatives are a requirement” and the sedatives are for sedation and not just a side effect then likely caffeine has a counteracting effect.

                    1. Paul, perhaps those medications aren’t meant to be sedatives rather sedation is an undesired effect.

                    2. Allan – take my word for it, they are sedatives that are being used for another purpose. I am not going to tell you what the drug is or what I am taking it for.

                    3. Paul, though I hope for the best for you I am not interested in your specific personal issues. Your statements were a bit confusing.

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  3. Anthony Zucher, BBC, has a summary of the 13 indictments by Mueller which I found clarifying.

      1. Facts are determined at the trials, which will never be held.

        I did learn more about the alleged behaviors of the gang of 13.

        1. “Facts are determined at the trials, which will never be held.”

          Opinion is determined “at the trials”, not facts. Facts and supposed facts are presented to the jury which then renders its opinion.

          “I did learn more about the alleged behaviors of the gang of 13.”

          What insights were you provided? Be careful because the author sounds like one that confuses opinion with fact.

        1. What, you love American Hatin Traitors like Meuller, Rosenteinn, ect…

          You may wish to think about the correct answer as
          Special Forces have had about enough of that Commie/Nazi Crap as I’ve heard them in their own words….

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  4. I think an agency charged with protecting the public from lethal harm that ignores two discrete warnings of imminent attack against American children is guilty of criminal negligence. I also think its political dalliances while Rome burns is fair game. Lastly, I think Trump was far too kind to these G-men in denial. Heads should have immediately rolled. Here’s the next special prosecutor’s inquiry: “What part of NiKolas Cruz wants to kill students at his Florida high school don’t you understand?”

      1. Darren Smith – Marky Mark Mark is only allowed to do Chapter 7 bankruptcies at his firm. Your question will have to be given to a senior partner tomorrow.

      2. There’s no question that Castle Rock, among many other cases, completely insulates the FBI from liability. The FBI has engaged directly in flagrant murders and gotten away with it, so this case is a piece of cake for them to avoid any legal liability whatsoever. For example, in one infamous case, the FBI conspired with the Chicago police to murder Fred Hampton, Jr. and Mark Clark in December 1969. However, because the murders were so flagrant, a civil lawsuit was filed. After years and years, the defendants settled for about $1.85 million with the City of Chicago, Cook County and the federal government each paying a third to a group of nine plaintiffs.

      3. Probably but the real challenge will be the budget battle when Congress gets to weigh in in the agency’s effectiveness. My guess is they cut the adminsitrative budget and signal an unwillingness to let business run as usual. Also some behind close door criticism is coming full steam ahead especially by the Florida delegation. Expect heightened presence of the FBI in the Sunshine State. Also expect tighter immigration enforce,ent there and federal money for mental health programs. Money salves all.

        1. That’s where the real teeth will come out against the FBI–when Congress becomes involved.

          Not to throw water on everyone’s discussion here but lower profile cases where police and for that matter everyone else make mistakes by ignoring issues that initially appear to them as benign but unfold in a tragedy happen often. These might occur rarely at a local level, but factoring in all locations it is at least a weekly occurrence. The public only learns of this when things go to the scope as the Florida shooting.

          Most of the guys I’ve worked with had made some form of mistake or error that led to bad consequences, including myself. But when you work in certain rolls, as these FBI agents do, actual harm can result. Someone working on a conveyor belt who places widgets into boxes makes a mistake nobody outside the factory knows or cares. A surgeon who makes a mistake can cause the death of a patient. An intelligence officer who mistakes data on an imminent terrorist attack errors and many lives are lost.

          I believe while mistakes will never be eliminated completely, the best we can do is to mitigate the odds by having a commitment to aid in their prevention.

          1. Darren, do you for a minute really believe that the FBI has simply made “mistakes?” And if so, why would the FBI allow repeated mistakes in several of its mass murder cases without making so much an attempt to correct them even a little?

            Let me give you a hint. If the FBI “dropped the ball,” it because they wanted to. Things like this are not left to chance. And whenever FBI agents have been involved in what you seem to like to call “mistakes,” those FBI agents are promoted. Thus, before the 911 crimes, when FBI agent Coleen Rowley found evidence that Zacarias Moussaoui was involved in a conspiracy to murder Americans, David Frasca, the head of the FBI’s fundamentalist terrorist unit, called Coleen Rowley and told her not to proceed with her investigation of Zacarias Moussaoui because Minneapolis might ‘screw up’ something else going on elsewhere in the country.” Shortly after 911, Rowley talked, and was canned. And what happened to Frasca? You guessed it. He was promoted, along with other FBI agents who committed “mistakes” that made the 911 crimes possible.

  5. John Kennedys father( Joe Kennedy) once said, sex is an itch and it has to be cratched.

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