“Very Sad”: Trump Suggests That FBI Might Have Prevented Florida Massacre If It Wasn’t So Busy Looking For Russian Collusion

downloaddonald_trump_president-elect_portrait_croppedPresident Donald Trump late Saturday night issued another highly controversial and frankly unfair tweet targeting the FBI.  Trump suggested that the FBI might have prevented the massacre atMarjory Douglas Stoneman High School in Parkland, Florida if they weren’t “spending too much time trying to prove Russian collusion with the Trump campaign.”  It is obviously a false association since the local and national offices dealing with such school threats are entirely removed by the Russian investigation. Indeed, the entire structure of the Special Counsel operation is designed to set it apart from Main Justice and other investigations.  The tweet is being condemned as politicizing the massacre as students are still being mourned and buried.  This includes some very angry responses from the surviving students.

The President’s tweet read:

Very sad that the FBI missed all of the many signals sent out by the Florida school shooter. This is not acceptable. They are spending too much time trying to prove Russian collusion with the Trump campaign – there is no collusion. Get back to the basics and make us all proud!

Like most people, I was highly critical on Friday night when we learned that the FBI effectively ignored a detailed warning of violent potential the accused gunman, Nikolas Cruz.  Moreover, I agreed that the indictment of the 13 Russians conspicuously lacked any evidence of collusion.  However, the linking of these two stories is inappropriate, unwarranted, and ultimately undermines the President’s outreach to families of the victims.
What do you think?

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  1. In the state that I live in there is a mandatory one sentence to be imposed if you use a gun in the commission of a crime. This has been on the books for over a decade. To date no suspect has had to serve this ” mandatory sentence ” as prosecuting attorneys use this as a bargaining chip when going after a suspect.

  2. I would greatly appreciate if a democrat or republican could tell us who, specifically, was responsible for making sure that young man did not possess a gun. If not the FBI, then who?

    When everyone is responsible, no one is. Right now it’s a free-for-all of blame. It’s certainly not the NRA’s job. A Congressperson or Senator couldn’t physically be there. So, whose job was it?

  3. “These trolls only detract from your quality input and thoughtful debate.”

    CV, They cannot detract or add. They are insignificant. Intelligent commenters change the quality.

  4. “Allan, and others as applicable.”

    CV, you can do as you see fit. Don’t expect people to follow you. A leader has a certain amount of leadership and charisma. You are not demonstrating that type of leadership.

  5. Let me get this concept. Trump is criticizing an agency that he is in charge of. Isn’t that a criticism of his leadership ability? Trump has said that the FBI is an agency in chaos. The chaos is at the top in Trump’s mind. The FBI is a good organization being trashed by Trump for his personal reasons. The unfortunate thing is that when, for political and personal reasons, a politico trashes a key component of government — whether the FBI, the IRS, the military, the VA, etc., that tears at the American fabric. If it is really a problem, I suggest that Trump and the Republican obstructionists propose solutions. They are, after all, in charge now. Act responsibly and fix the problem.

    1. Seriously? You just said that. It’s called the “swamp”, “deep state”, shadow government, military industrial complex, Coups “R” Us, take your pick. The entire “7th Floor” should have already been introduced to the guillotines. President Donald J. Trump is fighting like a bulldog to drain it. He deserves enormous amounts of credit and a special place in American history for taking on the traitors – the enemies of America – the destroyers of the American constitutional republic. The body of the FBI is effective and honorable but the head of the FBI needs to be severed.

      1. George – they are civil servants and protected by the Civil Service Act. Trump is trying to get rid of this so midline managers can fire employees instead of have them stay for a lifetime. He did it with the VA and he wants to do it with other agencies.

      2. Bedlam. Incoherent. But it looks good on you.

        This is to “I’m off the grid” georgie

  6. If we had a totlal police state like Russia perhaps we would not have nut jerks doing mass killings. Tell the Catholic Church to stop having “mass”.

    1. Children at da school are making political gay. They are going be marchin cause T rump and da do nothing NRA supporters are bad guys and gals.

  7. Why didn’t any of the teachers or other students have a firearm to defend those there?

    The bigger issues is why to we have these Slaughter house gun free zones. I avoid gun free zones here in Oklahoma like like a diseased Commie/Nazi prog.

    And why in the hell are we still using the out dated early 1800’s school system?

    1. As if this clown has any credibility or respect about anything?

      This is to “I thought all judges spit when they talked” jacq

  8. The terrible irony of this latest mass murder case is that it puts into laser sharp focus the reality that Left and their anti-Trump adherents have a vested interest in seeing that more such mass murders occur. The mass murders for them are absolutely necessary to pursue their anti-gun, anti-liberty agenda. The need their follow Leftist operatives to continue to infest government agencies like the FBI so that there is absolutely no interference whatsoever that could clamp down on terrorist activities. They need more terrorism. They want more terrorism. Their goal is take away all of the liberties of ordinary citizens and to empower the terrorists so that they can tighten their grip even further over denizens. The Leftists and their anti-Trump adherents are not merely complicit the these mass murders. They are partners in crime.

  9. Florida Sheriff’s Deputies called THIRTY SIX (36) x to investigate Cruz’s alleged crimes, including domestic violence. ONE ARREST FOR DOMESTIC VIOLENCE (NOT EVEN CONVICTION REQUIRED) AND CRUZ WOULD FAIL HIS NICS BACKGROUND CHECK!

    I need a gun to defend myself and my family from people like Sheriff Scott Israel and the FBI, who desire and promote insane gun toting criminals to walk free and kill innocents, even after the public ask these LEO’s to stop said killers.

    If retired LEO Darren Smith has posted on this subject, I’d like to read it. I bet he’ll steer clear of this land mind, presuming he has current LEO in his social and business contacts.

    Every minute Governor Rick Scott allows to go by without FL AG charging Scott Israel with criminal dereliction of duty is an offense to the survivors.

    Recall Scott Israel now. If the AG does not charge Israel, fire his sorry arse too. FL AG: pray tell what the hell is more important than putting behind bars Scott Israel, who Floridians pay to put guys like Cruz in prison (or at least prohibit from owning a gun), and instead let Cruz buy a gun and murder 17?

  10. Turley and his fellow leftist liars are in “damage” control mode as they scramble to attempt to protect the guilty within their own ranks. Here’s just a handful of their lies being exposed.

    1. Fantastic clip. Absolutely bone chilling truth. Our puppet masters are organizing these mass murders for sum total one reason: disarming us so we can’t defend ourselves from them, our puppet masters.

      Has anyone, ever been even fired from their union protected government job for their most grotesque direction/criminal malfeasance? Of course they deserve prison terms or a death squad, forget firing.

      Publicly hang a couple of these criminal bureaucrats and see how quickly their behavior changes. Retired CIA official Michael Scheuer was then Chief of the Bin Laden search unit. Scheuer swears that 3 times they had OBL in their crosshairs, they asked POTUS Clinton for permission, and 3x Clinton’s office replied “no.” Scheuer said then-AG Reno, “did not want to offend ME Muslims.” That, after OBL had already murdered 200 Marines in Lebanon. How did Reno not commit treason by maintaining OBL’s life so he could orchestrate 9-11?

      1. Joseph, I’m glad you like that segment. I though Jesse Watters and his team did a terrific job of providing a lot of useful information about what really happened as well as about the disinformation media campaigns spread about the tragic event.

        1. Haha. Pravda Faux News cartoon is referred to as a “segment.” Hilarious.

          This is to “the graphics are better than my old Scooby-Doo toons” ralphie

    1. M Schiff divorced Robert Soros – apparently he’s a womanizer – but yah – birds of a feather

      1. I looked it up and it was a different Schiff that Soros married, unrelated to Adam. Sooo, it isn’t true in the traditional sense of correctness. BUT, that doesn’t mean it can’t be Politically Correct!

        Sooo, Adam Schiff’s sister is married to George Soros’ son!!! Spread it far and wide!* Let #FakeNews loose!

        Squeeky Fromm
        Girl Reporter

        *, OK, sooo being a Conservative, I am having a little problem just out and out lying. How do the Democrats do it???

          1. Hmmm. “Have” character or “be a” character???”

            Oh, I also made one of my best puns evah! on the Bicycle Path thread! Not bragging, but you being a lawyer should enjoy it!

            Squeeky Fromm
            Girl Reporter

    2. SqueKKKy is getting her anti Semite Roy da Moore on. She may drink crap coffee but a good Ruskie troll she could be.

        1. LOL! I don’t usually reply to KKKen because that persona is just here to irritate people. My guess is that KKKen is sockpuppet and the Puppeteer appears here under other names. I know a little about sockpuppets. The original “me” was one prior to maybe 2011 or so..

          Squeeky Fromm
          Girl Reporter

        1. Don’t spend too much time here without your boots on. You might catch da white militia fever virus that goes around here.

      1. Da stuff da squeKKKy writes is worthy of da Ruskie trolls on Facebook. She is probably only a copy cat crimini not an original.

    1. What’s the matter, Benson? Upset that the FBI got caught? Upset that Trump was right again? Upset there are not more mass murders? On the last point, if the current FBI Leftist leadership and the Leftist internal FBI moles are left intact, you’ll get your wish and more Americans will die.

                1. David Benson – Federal Marshalls are fugitives, FBI are LEOs, that is why they have guns and handcuffs.

                2. David, did you ever hear the term special agent of the FBI. I think they are the ones that generally make arrests for the FBI. That doesn’t mean that other agents can’t make the arrest as well. The federal marshall service is another department that can do the same.

                    1. Bams

                      Great minds think alike! Poor David is a little obtuse. I have it on good authority that he is still trying to figure the “Pedal Philia” pun on the other thread. I expect him to comment, “Mis-spelt.”

                      Squeeky Fromm
                      Girl Reporter

  11. In addition to what Joseph Jones said earlier about the FBI, this guy makes some good points why the Sheriff, Scott Israel, ought to be fired:

    **** you Scott Israel, you piece of disgusting dog****.

    The cops were called to Cruz’s home 36 times in the six years from 2010 to 2016. These calls were, in many instances, for domestic violence.

    And much like the calls before – which were placed due to reasons ranging from the brothers beating each other to Cruz, at the age of 12, threatening his mother and calling her a “useless b****” – law enforcement left without taking any further action.

    But he was never arrested for any of this.

    May I remind you that even a misdemeanor conviction for domestic violence is a bar to purchasing a firearm legally.

    Had the piece of **** Scott Israel done his ****ing job and in just one of the 36 instances arrested, booked and charged Cruz with even a misdemeanor crime of domestic violence — crimes that were evident and visible on three dozen occasions — he would not have been able to pass an FBI background check and buy a firearm. A single guilty plea or conviction on even one such charge would have gotten Cruz flagged as a prohibited person in the NICS database.

    So who’s responsible for Cruz buying that AR-15 in a perfectly-legal transaction?


    Now, having failed to discharge his state constitutionally-required duty on three dozen separate occasions, many if not most of which took place while he has been Sheriff (he was elected in 2012), this jackass has the termerity to claim that we need more “gun control.”

    No, what we need are Sheriffs that do their ****ing job and arrest violent people when they find them in the middle of committing violent, criminal acts.

    The fact that SCOTT ISRAEL did not do so is the reason — the single, sole, factual reason — that Cruz was able to legally buy a firearm instead of being listed as a prohibited person in the NICS database.




    There is more at the link, and several more articles that are very unkind to the FBI.

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

    1. Squeeky, I agree with you. . .Cruz would’ve never been allowed to, LEGALLY, purchase this weapon IF, in fact, the sheriff had done his job. . .but, let’s be realistic here. If this lunatic truly wanted to go into his former school, to shoot up the place with a high-powered weapon, do you think that a gun shop, turning down the dirtbag, would’ve put a damper on his dreams? I don’t believe that it would’ve made one iota of a difference, except, of course, to require that Cruz put some additional effort into procuring a weapon. No big deal. I am confident that he would’ve gotten his hands on this weapon in another way, even with the convictions. That’s a given. No doubt about it. Should this sheriff be held accountable for his failures? Absolutely. Should the school, along with the school district, be held to account for failing to search the entrants to the school, thereby allowing this massacre to transpire? Absolutely. Would Cruz have managed to get his paws on this kind of a weapon, even if he had misdemeanor convictions on his record? Absolutely. Should the FBI be forced to account for its failures in this case? Absolutely. Well, we have a whole lotta answers with, ABSOLUTELY. Where do you wanna start?

      1. Something else that no one has mentioned is this. Supposedly you have to be 21 in Florida to buy a handgun. But it is reported that he also had 5 handguns. I wonder how he got those???

        I am not sure this joker was smart enough to get an AR-15 by himself, but he would have just gone in with the five handguns and do darn near as much damage.

        Squeeky Fromm
        Girl Reporter

        1. A competent reporter might mention, and look into, the apparent possession of the handguns by the Florida school shooter.
          If you read 100 articles about the Florida tragedy, maybe one? or two? articles will mention that “little detail”.

  12. With Trump, it’s always about him. And he never says a bad word about Russia, no matter what. As many have asked, what do the Russians have on him, anyway?

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