Evergreen College To Drop It’s Racially Exclusionary “Day Of Absence” Event As Applications Drop Significantly

theevergreenstate640_c0-0-640-373_s885x516Many of us were critical of the decisions of Evergreen State College in not just its holding of it “Day of Absence” event were whites were expected to leave campus but its treatment of Biology professor Bret Weinstein who was hounded out of the college (and later received a $500,000 settlement for his mistreatment).  The school has also been criticized for racial exclusions of authors in the school newspaper.  Now there is a report that Evergreen could be heading in the same direction of the University of Missouri, which has seen a massive drop in applications in the wake of controversial decisions in race-related controversies.  Evergreen reportedly expects a 20 percent decrease in admissions even as it replaces its “Day of Absence” event. There is now a proposed “inclusion” course.  The Administration and faculty were remarkably slow in adjusting its course, which seemed to abandon Weinstein and embrace racial exclusionary principles.   It is still early to determine if Evergreen will experience the disastrous “Mizzou Effect.”


The treatment of Weinstein was highly disconcerting.  He made a reasoned objection to the plan for this year’s “Day of Absence.” As shown in a videotape, there was a mob scene around Weinstein as students called him a racist and called for his resignation.  Protests have denounced his “anti-blackness” and demanded his removal from teaching.  Rather than rally around their colleague and the principle of academic freedom, the faculty at Evergreen State College has sent a letter to students supporting the protesters and their demands for  disciplinary action of Prof. Weinstein. The faculty called for none of the students to be disciplined under “the misguided language of the current Student Conduct Code.”  The letter also calls for actions to counter “alt-right narratives that are demonizing Evergreen and Day of Absence specifically.”

Evergreen’s administrators and faculty succeeded in securing a position for the school as one of the worst institution in terms of free speech in America.

The controversial request for white faculty and students to leave for the “Day of Absence” is now gone.  A new course designed to explore diversity of views and values has been proposed.


Evergreen may be able to weather this downturn. It generated less publicity as Mizzou but the administration and faculty have served their institution and students poorly in the last couple years.

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  1. Evergreen may be slightly altering its course because of the financial pressure of the responding decline in enrollment, but it is critical that it recognize that its policies were racist. Otherwise, it will continue to teach racist principles in class, merely removing the day of absence targeting white students.

  2. As (our) white dominance is gradually replaced with various shades of brown, it’s remarkable that we seem to expect those previously exploited and excluded to be more generous with us than we were with them.

    1. Accepting your description of the situation as accurate, then you will no doubt be accept white people fighting back in the manner of, say, the Sioux.

    2. laudyms:

      In physics and politics, for every action there is an equal but opposite reaction. I find this most acutely true when those involved in the actions are armed. There’s a reason for the sniveling, fascist demands to repeal the Second Amendment every time a high profile shooting happens, just as they are many reasons to believe civil war will ensue sooner rather than later if this obvious brand of tyranny is tried. So an excess of generosity might just be a prudent, self-preserving practice since the only color that really matters in a civil war is scarlet.

      1. The ‘divide and conquer’ clique will always be the scum on the top to benefit from a civil war, or even a poorly thought out revolution. History has lots of examples.

  3. If this is higher education, the abused American taxpayers have been robbed through distinctly unconstitutional legislation.

    Consumers of the university product should pay for it without subsidies from victimized taxpayers.

    The American Founders limited government to “general Welfare” to preclude, precisely, these types of situations – free market competition would deal severely with these incoherent and hysterical actions.

  4. I am a liberal, but I find this episode baffling and frustrating. Is there supposed to be a black physics or a transgender chemistry?

    Or maybe, if all the 75% whites leave, we could watch the experiment of what a radical minority college amounts to. I would bet that it would further balkanize into blacks vs hispanics vs transgenders vs gays vs ???, all at each other’s throats.

  5. Though the revised version was approved, the course still might not happen. Paros estimated it needs 10 to 25 student signups for the administration to let it proceed.

    It’s an elective, which means the power still remains in the student’s hands. If the college is serious about changing the toxic climate then they need to make it a requirement to graduate.

  6. A university should be the best and the brightest teaching those who want to learn from the best and the brightest. Instead universities have been reduced to money processors, shifting money from the money printing presses, through banks, through student loans, to incompetent faculty and administrators in exchange for providing nothing of value to students.

  7. Wonder if they issue baseball bats when you enroll for that course? Leopards don’t change their spots and radical leftists don’t change their all important feelings. I’m betting it’s a CYA course in deference to some legislators’ demands. I say keep the spotlight and the pressure on until that faculty dries up like the dung hill they so obviously have become.

    1. mespo – it should be a required course and taught by R. Lee Embry. Faculty MUST take it over the summer or not be allowed in the classroom in the fall.

      1. I’ve toyed with the idea they should have a course titled “On the Nature of Violence” wherein they teach what violence is, and the difference between violence and offensive speech, through the use of pugil sticks. R. Lee Ermey would be perfect for the position.

    2. More of the unemployables:

      They take over one of the buildings and set demands, such as No Homework. Notice the students owning the administrator who retreats with his tail between his legs and says how claustrophobic he is


      Next the hearing before the legislature:


      Note: The Evergreen Chief, seated at the left, finally had enough of the stupidity and later went to work for another agency.

  8. Before the institutional racism at Evergreen became common knowledge outside Washington, the college struggled with maintaining minimal graduation / enrollment levels set by the legislature. It has the worst performance record of any public college in the state in terms of graduation rates and income levels received by those graduates. Causative to this, at least in part, is due to the fact that they admit nearly anyone having a pulse and a warm body just to keep the numbers up.

    The legislature simply needs to give the college a coup de grâce and put an end to this embarrassment. But unfortunately there are too many liberals in the legislature who view the institution positively and a governor who is likely to veto any effort to remove the college.

    The only advantage that might be argued for allowing Evergreen to exist is it forms a locus to attract both useless academics and SJW students away from the other universities to protect the latter from contamination.

  9. More incoherence and hysteria. Abolish “Affirmative Action Privilege”, generational welfare, public worker unions and all other forms of redistribution and social engineering. Aside from being irrefutably unconstitutional, as Congress has no power to tax for individual welfare, these “entitlements” teach precisely the wrong lessons.

    How did ostensibly intelligent people morph the Constitution into the Communist Manifesto? How did actually intelligent people allow it?

    1. George, I thought that Communism was the “state ownership of the means of production.” What does this have to do with the goings-on at Evergreen College?

  10. what a wonderful post to wake to. it gives me some of that great hope we’ve been wondering about!
    No worries if some can’t cut this curriculumn they can always transfer to UDUBya

  11. From this end of the state I remain skeptical of the ability of Evergreen State College to recover it’s reputation anytime soon.

    1. With good reason DBB but it’s that spark of hope that made the whole thing worth while. What is done with it is up to the next generation. Enough we gave them something to light the torch.

  12. As long as they hire a conservative to teach the course I am good with it. Otherwise, it is CYA,

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