Georgia Horse Trainer Arrested After Being Videotaped Feeding Cocaine and Whiskey To Goat

1518967840964Sergio Palomares-Guzman, 28, is accused of a truly bizarre crime of force feeing a goat a combination of whisky and cocaine.  The abuse was captured on a videotape as Palomares-Guzman  and another man can be heard laughing.  He is charged with aggravated cruelty to animals and also faced deportation.

The Georgia horse trainer was arrested following a tip.  The goat was later adopted after the Palomares-Guzman waived his ownership rights.  It appears that two other men were involved in the videotape and hopefully police will identify those men to bring them to justice.

Beyond deportation, what do you think the punishment should be for such animal abuse? Should it include jail time?


25 thoughts on “Georgia Horse Trainer Arrested After Being Videotaped Feeding Cocaine and Whiskey To Goat”

  1. “Beyond deportation, what do you think the punishment should be for such animal abuse?” Deportation? Do you mean to say that this depraved act was committed by an illegal alien? Sanctuary cities claim that deporting even violent felons is xenophobic and racist. Indeed, requiring all immigration to go through legal channels, merit based immigration, and applying even a base minimum standard are all xenophobic and racist.

    If he did this to a goat, can you imagine what he does to horses? This charro is no horse trainer. Out here, charros leave horses in very sad shape, some of them unable to be saved, unable to ever trust a human being again. Horse tripping is one of the charro “sports.” I’ve seen charros “train” horses to lift their legs higher by smacking them on the legs with bamboo poles, and it’s my understanding that what I witnessed was quite mild. They put them in cross ties and beat their legs with whips to make them dance in some sort of rictus dressage. They padlock their stalls, so of course they burn to death in fires, like the recent ones in CA. It’s like they suffer from testosterone poisoning. It’s pretty ubiquitous that if anyone in an English barn brings a horse in and says “he’s been charroed,” everyone knows that means he is an abused wreck.

    You can GOOGLE “Charro abuse” to learn more. Not all Latinos abuse their horses. In fact, I have met a very nice young man who takes lessons and rides kindly and with skill, but he refuses to tell his friends because they will deem him wimpy.

    There is something rotten in the world of charro. They are not simply Latino cowboys. Abuse is rampant, and then their used up horses go drag around rubbish carts. Every equestrian sport has its abuse, and charro has more than its fair share. They need to clean up their act.

    I am very sorry for this poor goat. They can be lovely pets. Some of my friends have pet goats. They follow people around like dogs and are so sweet.

    1. May I add, that I differentiate truly great, sensitive riders, such as those who ride dressage for Spain or any Latin American country, from the brutal philosophy of riding that is “charro.”

      Testosterone poisoning does not belong around women or horses. Good men protect the weak in their care; they don’t harm them.

  2. I have no love for goats-until after they’ve been dissected and roasted. Any remaining cocaine should be promptly administered to the defendant. The true crime here involves the gross misuse of the whiskey. For that, I suggest 12 years-one year of incarceration for each year of aging of the Whiskey. For those of you that might call this capricious, I would ask you to consider the recent nature of our Congressional DACA discussion. Nothing could be more capricious that that.

  3. Most of the time I am against death penalty, but there are some criminals like this one that really deserve to be erased of the Earth. Deportation only moves the criminal to another country to keep on doing the same!

  4. “Beyond deportation, what do you think the punishment should be for such animal abuse? Should it include jail time?”

    Raped by a horny donkey?

  5. Take the sob to the Congressional people in DC for sentencing.
    He should be horse whipped !!

  6. ” truly bizarre crime of force feeing a goat a combination of whisky and cocaine. ”

    Definitely, a man that needs the right to remain in this country. He sounds like he would make a good Democratic voter.

  7. Of course, the punishment should be an IV bag of similar concoction followed by a midnight return swim acros the Rio Grande. Adios, dreamy vermin. Build that wall.

  8. I sure hope that his public defender, as he enters the courtroom, waives the rainbow flag, while, simultaneously, holding a large, sign, declaring, LOVE IS LOVE.

  9. I’m sure his taxpayer funded Public Defender will argue that this poor illegal was only dating a goat that no American was willing to date…..

    1. And don’t forget to charge him with possession of cocaine. In Georgia, that will probably get him a longer stretch in jail than animal abuse.

  10. Another Dreamer, just trying to live the dream. Yep. Just here, living the dream. The dream of being in this country, to work hard. The dream of escaping poverty and hunger. The dream of escaping the roaming death squads of his former country. The dream of trying to eek out a decent living for his wife and kids. And, yes, the dream of making Gertrude, the goat, his woman. A kind and decent fella, who should be welcomed, with open arms, and accepted. Stop being so racist, JT! Have you no shame? This man’s culture dictates that he ply barnyard animals, with liquor and drugs, to get them in the mood. How dare you criticize his behavior and even attempt to insinuate that there should be repercussions! No Christmas party invitations for you from LA RAZA.

    1. How do you think they get that donkey in Nogales, Sonora to have sex with a woman? You don’t sweet talk them into bed with a woman. He is just setting up his own bestiality show. Whatever the sentence for attempted bestiality is go for it. He will plead to a lesser, just so he won’t be known as a goat f**ker in prison.

    2. bam bam-
      Even out of your world view of hate and anger, a kernel of truth can be found. Many of the cultures the West has engaged with, are not only severely oppressed by violence, but those who are oppressed also behave violently toward animals. If the oppressive violence against illiterate people can be stopped, they are more likely to stop oppressing animals. Certainly the first steps in any education should include compassion towards all living beings.

      1. Ahhhh. Yessss. The infamous, OPPRESSED. Nothing quite says, Monday morning, like a lecture from our resident loon about, of all things, the OPPRESSED. Please, enlighten us, Karl Fried Brain Marx, with your special kernels of wisdom regarding, the OPPRESSED, and how we, the ultimate, OPPRESSORS, need to be more tolerant and understanding with regard to how our, widespread and flagrant, OPPRESSION–of which we are all guilty–has fostered this malicious and cruel behavior by this poor, innocent, not to mention, OPPRESSED, DREAMER. Let’s see, shall we? This poor, desperate and down and out Dreamer–who, by all accounts, can only be on our shores to live a decent life, provide for his family and contribute to society, because any other narrative is racist and inhumane–is, according to you, so OPPRESSED, that said OPPRESSION manifests itself in the following forms–he has the enviable opportunity to live in this country, escaping his nightmare of a hell hole, and, Mr. Oppressed has a decent job, as a horse trainer, with enough disposable income to not only OWN a goat but to also have access to booze and coke. Sure sounds like he is one of the, OPPRESSED, to me. Is there anything–anything, at all–that your curdled mind won’t excuse away as the result of, what you have been poisoned to believe is the result of, OPPRESSION? Don’t care for my world view? Best news of the day! Please, just keep living by your warped and distorted worldview that dictates to you that the planet is inhabited by those who are nothing more than victims of this world, whereby you feel special in justifying every disgusting and violent behavior as the result of your twisted and sick version of, OPPRESSION. Is there nothing that you and your ilk won’t justify in the name of, OPPRESSION? We have been forced, to watch, as hordes and mobs, of so-called, victims–the terminally oppressed–rampage through our city streets, every time a verdict, in a court room, doesn’t reward and support the criminal animals you probably deem to be, the oppressed. Large parts of various cities. . .destroyed and burned to the ground. Stores, looted and burned. . .because nothing says, I’M OPPRESSED, like stealing Pampers and Nike sneakers. A sick and demented view of things, whereby all behavior–no matter how violent, unfair, destructive and bizarre–is explained away as the result of victimization. I’d suggest that you seek professional help, but I doubt that it would make any difference at this point.

  11. I spoke with some of my local Mexican friends to see if there was any folkloric basis and they just looked at me as if i was craxzy and said No. then I explained the why of the question. They wondered if we might send perhaps to El Salvador We routinely keep mixtures such as condensed milk and garlic for scorpion sting but nothing like that Instead of jailing them in relative comfort send then back from whereever they will like accomodations a lot less . I’m reminded of the jail for Colon Panama where the prisoners must atand all day and the bed at night was the ground unless they had 50 cents for a sheet of butcher paper and he meals one a day unless a relative brought something with a propina for the guards. Our jails are much too rico for that kind of ‘animal.’

    1. Really? Seriously? You were actually capable of keeping a straight face, not to mention, your composure, as you inquired, of your “local Mexican friends” if there was any “folkloric basis” for plying a goat with booze and drugs, as a prelude to sex? You have got to be f’ing kidding! Forget the Golden Globes! That must’ve been some performance! If only I could have only been a fly on the wall, and listening in, to this one. . .and, yet, some how, some way, you appear to be shocked, stunned, surprised and baffled that, in response to your inquiry, your “Mexican friends” looked at you as if you were crazy. All that I can say is that I sure hope, for your sake, that that your “Mexican friends” don’t work in the kitchen, of your favorite eatery. If they do, I suspect that the next time that you visit the establishment that you will be leaving the eatery with more than just looks of bewilderment. . .you’ll be leaving with Montezuma’s Revenge, which will probably erupt before you make it out of the parking lot. Don’t say that you weren’t warned.

  12. It should definitely include a year in jail, because “deportation” amounts to nothing more than a free trip home at taxpayer expense. He’ll be back within a few months. Jeez, JT, you haven’t heard of these illegals who are arrested for murder or whatnot and it turns out they’ve been deported six times? “Deportation” is a farce, unless we either start parachuting them into North Korea, or get the damned wall built!

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