Former Breitbart Spokesperson: Trump’s Lack Of Response To The Russians Is An Impeachable Offense

donald_trump_president-elect_portrait_croppedI have previously written about the endless calls for impeachment from Democratic members for everything from Trump criticizing NFL players to comments made about protesters to his reference to “shithole countries.”   The Framers saw the great abuses caused not only by tyranny of nobility, but tyranny of the majority. They sought to insulate our government from the transient impulses of politics. The danger has been repeatedly shown by members who see virtually any act or comment by Donald Trump as a case for impeachment. It is a trend toward what I have called “the no-confidence impeachment” option and it is not only an abuse of our constitutional standard but a dangerous trend for this country.   The latest grounds for impeachment was stated by former Breitbart spokesperson Kurt Bardella who was also spokesperson for Rep. Darrell Issa, Rep. Brian Bilbray and Senator Olympia Snowe.  It appears that the failure to take additional actions or “accept” the fact of Russian interference is now grounds for impeachment and removal from office.  His article appears in USA Today entitled President Trump’s Russia Denialism Is Grounds For Impeachment.  (For full disclosure, I also write for USA Today).

Bardella writes in USA Today that, despite the agreement of his own intelligence officials,  Trump has remained “skeptical.”  He added:

“Trump’s refusal to accept the consensus of his own national security team seems to be the definition of “adhering to” our “Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort.” His state of denial of emboldens America’s enemies to continue their attacks against our democratic process, and makes him a willing accomplice in their efforts to undermine our republic.”

The White House has repeatedly objected to the claim that Trump has called the Russian interference a “hoax” as opposed to the allegation of collusion with his campaign — most recently yesterday.  There is no question that Trump has muddled the message and could be stronger in his condemnation.  However, the notion that a president can be impeached for his policies judgments on what to say and do about a threat is a highly destabilizing notion.  Trump supporters long criticized President Obama for not doing enough about Russia including the interference with our elections that began in 2014.  Should he have been impeached?

Bardella asks “What is the point of having a free republic, if the president turns a blind eye to outside interference from a foreign power?”  The answer is that the free republic allows us to choose our president, not dictate what choices he will make.  That is the core element to a representative democracy as opposed to a pure democracy.

The concept of discretion runs deeply in our laws.  Under the Federal Tort Claims Act (FTCA), officials have qualified immunity for discretionary acts.  The discretionary function exception in 28 U.S.C. § 2680(a) allows public officials to make negligent decisions by commission or omission like Janet Reno’s disastrous decision to attack the Waco Compound in the Davidian tragedy.

Likewise, courts regularly refuse to intervene on policy decisions and would never entertain a challenge to force a president “to do more” on an issue of foreign relations.

To use impeachment as such a vehicle would render the constitution incomprehensible but it is a sign of the distemper that has taken over our discourse.  I respect Bardella’s concerns for this country and his objections to Trump’s approach.  Indeed, I may share some of those concerns but this is a question for the political not constitutional process.

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  1. In the American Justice system – the “discovery” process is how we get to the truth. We don’t issue a “Guilty” verdict first, then create a show-trial to make the whole thing appear legitimate. The latter example is commonly called a Kangaroo Court or Show-Trial.

    Not our FISA courts, but our traditional Article III courts and jury-trial system, is the most accurate “truth-machine” in the world, more accurate than any intelligence agency. American courts also have fewer leaks than any intelligence agency in the world. Our courts can keep secrets better.

    What made our former, and once great, 20th Century Justice system the best in the world?

    1) Fourth Amendment – restrains government authority but more importantly it places a healthy risk of contempt and perjury on “accusers” (police, prosecutors, plaintiffs). It is NOT PREEMPTIVE, it is based on evidence of past crimes. Once an official has real evidence and is willing to risk perjury under the warrant process, that official must have a member of the co-equal Judicial Branch agree with the “accuser”. The judicial warrant is specific, if looking for a rifle, you can’t search the medicine cabinet.

    2) In a speedy trial, the “accused” is given exactly the same evidence as the “accuser” in order to clarify or deny any accusations. In recent history the “Plea Bargain” process has been severely abused and over-used in order to game this system to subvert this process. Speedy trials also maximize witness’ memories, witness deaths and prevent evidence from being destroyed. For example: supposedly cell-phone records are only kept 3-8 years by most third-party companies. Some, not all, prosecutors can simply delay justice for years in order to game the system by destroying evidence.

    This was the degradation of our once great Justice system that began with the so-called War on Drugs and was then totally destroyed after 9/11. This is the “Verdict-First” Justice system Trump now faces – created by his own party.

    If in Trump’s shoes, I’d appoint a Special Prosecutor to indict the Bush torture attorneys that committed legal malpractice at the U.S. Department of Justice after 9/11 – that’s his best chance at reforming our once great Justice system. It would create an immediate deterrent for torture-minded attorneys working at DOJ today. Congress refused a “Leahy Truth Commission” that would have minimized prison time for government officials but likely created vital reforms (although Congress largely ignored the 9/11 Commission reform ideas).

    Torture attorneys, knowingly committing legal malpractice, gave the green-light to interrogators, prison guards, phychologists, doctors and troops. Those following their illegal orders didn’t attend law school but some were sentenced to prison terms for following orders. Some that refused their illegal orders – refusing to torture – also were sent to prison (ex: John Kiriakou). DOJ attorneys also grossly exploited the Espionage Act to be used against “non-spies” to target journalists and legal whistle-blowing.

    As unlikely as it sounds, Trump may be able to save our once great American Justice System by exposing it.

    1. Yes, he’s ‘Giddy alright’…as HE was the one caught on a ‘hot mic, telling President Medeved “When I am re elected, I will have MORE flexibility” to which Medeved replied: “I will relate that, to Vladimer”……..SO IF ANYONE WAS COLLUDING WITH RUSSIA, AND PUTIN, IT WOULD BE OBAMA….STOP ALL THE B.S. AND INVESTIGATE THOSE WHO GAINED MILLIONS AND MILLIONS FROM RUSSIA, IN SELLING OUT OUR AMERICAN URANIUM(20%) TO RUSSIA…..THAT WOULD BE OBAMA/HILLARY AND PODESTA!

      1. Oh it is! There is one of him on a bike somewhere that was hilarious, too. And who can forget the Michelle one where she is standing in front of a potted plant??? I did a Parody Poem on that one!

        Tres Outre’ – A Poem
        by Squeeky Fromm

        I thought that I would never see
        The FLOTUS looking like a tree!!!

        But there she is, with Royalty,
        Just standing there like shrubbery.

        I bet she does not have a clue
        The imagery of her hairdo.

        Or how ironic it must be
        That it is really he, not she

        Who should be seen like potted plant.
        For giving in to “Yes, We CAN’T”

        For Hope and Change he did not push.
        He is The One resembling Bush.

        Squeeky Fromm,
        Girl Reporter

    1. JUA – FWIW – just read this on Glenn’s Twitter – looking forward to watching this.

      ” Glenn Greenwald‏Verified account @ggreenwald

      This is worth listening to (as always) for Jeremy’s commentary & analysis on these matters. But note that the full, unedited video version of my debate with Jim Risen will be published tonight on The Intercept.

  2. How long did it take Barry to respond to Fast and Furious, Fort Hood, Benghazi? Sick to death of the LEFT who can’t find anything formidible to hang their hat on and they are grasping at anything! Too bad they can’t look in the mirror at themselves and the deep corruption we saw with the Dems that is coming out now. Please… let’s cut the crap! It’s going to be a long 8 years so the Dems need to earn their pay and get back to work.. If they can remember how to do that (Chuck / Nancy).

    1. Mary,you’ve isolated the Dems pathogens quite distinctly.
      Namely, questioning Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer’s legitimacy as leaders of a phantom political party.

      1. My dad flew bombers for SAC at that time so I’m quite connected to that movie. There were so many great actors in that film, espcially Slim, George C. and Peter Sellers of course.
        Amazing how that kind of paranoia can be rekindled at any moment.

        1. Roscoe – if you come to Arizona, go to the Pima Air Museum in Tucson and you can see models A-H of the B-52 lined up side by side. You cannot get inside but you can stand beside them, take pictures, etc. The first Air Force One is also there, prop driven. Lots of cool planes to see.

          If you get your application in early enough, you can go to the plane boneyard. I have never been there. You have to submit your driver’s license 3 days in advance for clearance because it is on the Pima Air Force Base.

          1. Paul, I’ve seen music videos of Pima. I think Tom Petty’s Learning To Fly was filmed there.

            Have you seen the documentary on the Kee Bird?

            So exciting. No spoilers. Check it out.
            I’m sure the good Professor has seen this.

            1. I watched a thingy on youtube about B-58s a few days ago. My father was in the Air Force, too. So he always had these airplane books around. I started looking at the pictures when I was a wee tot. By age 5, I could identify most airplanes.

              Squeeky Fromm
              Girl Reporter

          2. PCS, did you ever see the line of “swimming pools” left by the Arc-Light missions on the Cambodian border in the Parrot’s Beak? It went on as far as the eye can see. I would not have wanted to be under those B-52’s during business hours.

      2. Paul C. Schulte,..
        – Sterling Hayden was another one who gave the performance of a lifetime in “Dr. Strangelove”.

          1. I saw that a while back, and loved it! Which reminded me to order a copy of it! Which I did. Let’s see, so that leaves Young Frankenstein, North by Northwest, a whole slew of noir stuff, like Laura, and others, and A Little Night Music, the musical one, and the Ingrid Bergman stuff like 7th Seal.

            That way, when the Zombie Apocalypse happens, I can sit back on the Bugout Farm, and watch movies, and read books, and clean my guns and knifes, smoke my pipe*,and grow eggplants and stuff.

            Squeeky Fromm
            Girl Reporter

            *Note to self, add pipe tobacco to the Coffee emergency supply list. And hot teas. And matches.

                1. Squeeky – I used to teach film and have a friend who used to get films for me in China very cheaply. Have a yuge collection of films. So I had a computer built with several drives on it to hold on the movies and then transferred them over. I use Kodi to view them and sort them. Takes a little time but it was worth it. 🙂

                    1. Squeeky – I am Irish. We were enslaved long before your black a$$ was. 😉 There is a little thing called reciprocity. What are you going to do for me in return if you want it for free?

                    2. Uh. . . ! Write you your very own Irish Poem???

                      Casting A Paul???
                      An Irish Poem by Squeeky Fromm

                      There once was a fellow named Paul!
                      And movies? Heck, he had them all!
                      But someday. . . well, FATE!
                      Best that someone au lait!
                      Get’s them, and not some cheap, bottom-feeding estate sale bargain hunting twerp who will just resell them on ebay or Craigslist!!!


                      Squeeky Fromm
                      Girl Reporter

                      PS: You know seriously, you could probably leave them to a college movie department somewhere.

                    3. Squeeky – the computer was an outlay of 5k, plus the movies, plus the time to rip them on to the computer and then modify them for Kodi. I do have all the Godzillas, Charlie Chan, Frankenstein, etc. My tastes are eclectic. 🙂 And it is set up to watch Netflix and Hulu as well.

                    4. Squeeky – I am interested in too many things to concentrate on just watching movies. Right now I am doing a Great Courses on The Vikings. I just finished one on The Great Authors of Western Civilization. I am on here. I am reading three books, just finished one and I am trying to keep my doctors happy. 🙂 This weekend I will be seeing 5 of the Best Picture Nominations.

  3. This is war mongering against Russia. If Trump is impeached it will be a bonus for the Deep State, especially members of The Family who support Pence who in turn supports Clinton as his fellow Family member. But if you look around just about everywhere you see the Deep State salivating for that war.

    These people will not rest until every part of this earth is full of death and destruction. The gun control which is desperately needed actually most applies to the the MIC/bankers etc. who are profiting off weapons and destruction. We need a peace movement and they need arms control pronto.

    1. Just say no to rubble making.
      That’s all we seem capable of doing is turning real estate that’s not ours, especially in sovereign nations, into rubble for beyond specious reasons.

    2. It is a cyber waR with da Ruskies and it ain’t stopping. T rump has more secret wars going than Obama. That da homophobe Pence supports Clinton is da craziest thing I have ever read here and that is sayin somethin.

      1. Ken,

        I urge you to read up on The Family. I admit it sounds crazy. However, if you read Jeff Sharlet you will find some documents which might blow your mind. The Family has its own set of rules and values. In that system Pence and Clinton will support one another. You’re going to need to get informed!

    3. Jill

      I agree with everything you said except that, with all due respect the issue isn’t gun control, it’s VIOLENCE control – which doesn’t require scaring gun freaks.

      1. billmw,

        Thank you for your thoughtful reply. I do think this govt. needs gun control. We are the weapons supplier to the entire world. We stir up coups, wars, and skirmishes everywhere because there is a whole lot of profit in weapons sales for the plutocracy. There’s even more money in the creepy space, undersea, exotic and cyber, etc. weapons industry which is mostly funded by the black budget (opium from Afghanistan for example). I read this from a conservative commenter last night and will just include it here to see what you think of what he said:

    4. Goldman Showers don’t want him impeached. They and da generals occupy his administration. Don’t worry JIlly T rump da sex Assaulter and da NR A are safe.

      1. Ken,

        I like Goldman Showers. That’s great! I also agree with what you said although it is possible the govt. will disarm ordinary citizens eventually. I doubt the NRA will care as they are much more allied with the “govt.” then they admit to.


        You’re right. Not a dime of difference.

    5. Spot on Jill as usual. People don’t understand that neo cons / neo libs are birds of the same feather no matter the R or D affiliation. MIC and GS would be much happier with Pence. Twisted people who are only interested in domination and profit.

      1. Goldman Showers is da happiest with T rump and Javanka. Da rich New Yorkers stick together. Pence is a Koch Brios Christian. T rump put da war monger industry on steroids with da new budget. Pence would carry on. Might as well keep T rump in until 2020. Easier to beat for a newcomer.

    6. Intriguing. Please discuss further this “Deep State” organization which you have so cleverly uncovered. It seem that through your dogged sleuthing, you have revealed a nefarious cabal of ne-er-do-wells seemingly hell-bent on eradicating our ‘Merican way of life, our love for mom and apple pie, or fluoridating our precious bodily fluids, or some such other diabolical purpose yet to be revealed.

      this is to “Inspectress Cleouseau, on the job” Jillovska

      1. Markanovavich,

        I see you have not done much research on your own or you would understand the origin of the term “Deep State”. It’s a concept acknowledged by actual left wing people such as myself and actual right wing people such as Mike Lofgren. You can read about it at Counterpunch or on Zero Hedge or just about anywhere, even the MSM! As to The Family, you can read about that as well if you have any real interest in truth or even actual information!

        Here’s a hint for you–Jeff Sharlet and even Rachael Maddow did a segment on the Family. So, lots of different links from many different perspectives that you could explore if you wanted to!

  4. The question everyone should be asking is why wouldn’t the DNC turn over their supposedly hacked to servers to the FBI?
    Isn’t that technically obstruction? If the Russians were so nefarious and could have swayed voters to the point of flipping voters opinions with efficacy wouldn’t that be something the DNC would want to help explain.
    Apparently not.
    Maybe because they weren’t hacked.Kim Dotcom says he can prove that theservers weren’t hacked someone loaded a thumb drive and dumped the emails.
    I assume if the DNC truly wanted to show the american people hard evidence of Russian interference they would have turned over the servers to the FBI.
    I assume the reason is obvious. The FBI would prove they were in fact not hacked and that gets rather embarassing now doesn’t it?
    Things kind of unravel at that point and get back to the facts that a) Trump was a product of the GOP letting it get eaten by its own and b) HIllary Clinton was just a deplorable candidate.

    1. JUA – Mueller and/or Congress does not want Kim Dot com to testify because it would blow up their carefully crafted illusions.

      1. Autumn,

        No they sure don’t. And here I thought they just wanted to get to the bottom of things, not be at the bottom, feeding!

        1. JIll, it is chilling to think of all the evidence missing (laptop in the mail), removed (Rice’s emails locked away for 5 years in Obama library holdings) — and outright destroyed (BleachBit, Justin Cooper, Cheryl Mills, Heather Samuelson).

          The country is being destroyed from within.

  5. Some people just can’t stand it that Trump is doing exactly what he promised to do in the campaign – and more. Illegal immigration is down, a wall is going uP, the rich are getting richer, Betsy is working hard to dismantle our public education system and turning it over to private interests who know a thing or two about efficient operations, Rex is making headway towards punishing Venezuela for making him look resentful, Jared is making peace and bringing Israeli justice to Palestinians, the Pentagon is saving billions by closing down 100’s of unnecessary military bases around the world, the U.S. is well on the way to renewable energy
    resources replacing fossil fuels, and Trump’s soaring rhetoric is bringing comfort and hope to all those nations around the world that want peaceful relations with the U.S. and to be free of CIA efforts to destabilize their governments and expand opportunities for large U.S. businesses. And isn’t it nice now that our government just might stop supporting ISIS and end protection of the heroin business in Afghanistan?

    1. BMW – funniest line “Jared is making peace and bringing Israeli justice to Palestinians”

      I just hope we are not drawn into conflict due to Bibi’s bellicose stance. Stand down and let HIM go head to head with the Iranians if that’s what he wants. Provide AIPAC members/supporters with uniforms & gear so can put their own damn boots on the ground. Niki Haley would look marvelous in cameo I’m sure.

      Ordinary Israeli citizens who just want to live in peace must be quaking in their boots.

    2. You forgot to add: degrade the Office of the Presidency through his ridiculous, vile, scandalous, infantile, dishonest and unscrupulous behavior; inciting white supremacy by amongst other things, saying there “were some very fine people” in the march on Charlottesville, attacking black NFL players for exercising their First Amendment rights and making the blanket statement that Mexicans were “rapists”; degrading the institutions which form the foundations of our system of government by attacking judges, members of Congress, federal law enforcement agencies, federal civil employees, other executive branch agencies and the press; making a mockery of both the domestic and foreign emoluments clauses; ceding the lead in world economics and trade to the Chinese by pulling America out of beneficial trade agreements (although adults are working to reverse this); weakening America’s national security by degrading our military alliances to the point where our long-time allies are not sure where America stands on our mutual-defense obligations, and basically blundering about like the ill-informed and uncurious neophyte that he is. Although that’s not a complete list, that will do from just off the top of my head.

      this is to “but he calls them smart people names, just like I would if I could” billie willie

      1. Marky Mark – re “ceding the lead in world economics and trade to the Chinese by pulling America out of beneficial trade agreements (although adults are working to reverse this)

        ADULTS? no dude – anyone supporting the TPP is a traitor neo con. And that is why people voted for Bernie Sanders, Jill Stein and obviously Donald Trump and the hideous crooked old witch lost. Get over yourself.

            1. Yo Marky Mark, w/o even reading the “article” from the Wash Compost I can bet that every “Republican” Senator opposing Trump on this supported the TPP – in short, they are RINOs. Corporate interests above national.

              1. Ah yes. We shall purify the Volk! Uh, er, party, that is.

                this is to “republican party membership committee chairman” autumn

                1. No – it’s just that TPP support is a clear indication of who’s who – DINOs or RINOs. Nothing to do with “purity” it’s about “sovereignty” Screw the corporations!

  6. There’s just one problem: Trump has a point.

    Barack Obama sold out our Eastern European allies on missile defense. He slow-walked aid to Ukraine and did little more than shrug when Crimea was annexed. He said “never mind” on his own “red line” in Syria and turned a blind eye to Putin’s intervention there, in large part because of his obsessions with getting the Iran deal. The Russian meddling in our elections started on Obama’s watch — and not just our elections but those of many of our allies. When Mitt Romney famously said Russia was our No. 1 geopolitical foe, Obama mocked him for it as did countless liberal journalists who are now converts to anti-Russia hawkery.

    1. Come on Olly, you’re better than that. Don’t make me go back and walk everyone up from what happened in Georgia to Victoria Nuland in Ukraine. Banks, NGO’s, and a for-profit state department have everything to do with where we are at now. Don’t let yourself get sucked into Democrat hysteria.

      Pat Buchanan (a great analyst–maybe not so much for the lazy kneejerk commentary here, but you’ll appreciate it) explains it all here (I follow up with a second post for what happened to this guy)


  7. Let me see if I understand this correctly:

    President Trump is investigated for collusion with Russia to affect our election and should be impeached. The investigation finds no such collusion and instead indicts 13 Russians for interfering in our election and President Trump should still be impeached because his response to the indictments is not sufficient? Perhaps President Trump should sell another 20% of our uranium reserves to Russia as a way to prove he is serious about protecting our nation’s national security.

  8. Just remember who he is fronting for. You think these guys were on his side, to begin with? This is much ado about nothing.

    1. Somehow, I don’t think $$$$$ is a problem for Kushner. The LEFT are grasping at anything they can to cause trouble for this administration. They should take a look in the mirror and fix their own house first.

      1. Mary S – Kushner is about to lose a major property if he can’t get financing and he’s parlaying that into foreign policy. Jerk needs to be far from the WH – nothing to do with Left or Right.

  9. As it turns out with this mornings revelation it was Russian it did target both one anti Clinton and the other pro anti Clinton candidates without their knowledge which clears up all but a few points

    Collusion which isn’t a crime anyway is dead
    Conspiracy with Russia is dead

    It does not clear up all the loose odds and ends which the Congress is investigating principally concerning Cllinton Campaign and DNC funding the Dossier which unless Mueller has more to come later inforrmatioin are along with the NSA violation and the internal issues such as the FBI agents activities and the Family fund issues and the pay for play issues still a problem for Clinton and DNC.

    Meanwhile The President seems to be doing the DNC’s job since it’s non functioning at the moment.

    1. Michael A “Meanwhile The President seems to be doing the DNC’s job since it’s non functioning at the moment.”
      Exactly, it’s like they are under some sort of spell.
      Sorta like this one:

    2. Oh, the DNC is functioning just fine – when was the last time we heard anything about the Imran Awan?? The Paki who had access to demo house computers and was arrested trying to flee the country. How much information was he able to provide to the Pakistani intel folks? Hell, he even did some “work” for some representatives while he was over there!

  10. Bookoos of crimes that could prove to be impeachable surrounding da T rump Kush Pauly.Cohen mob but this ain’t it.

    1. wishful thinking vesus a presentation of realty. Beau Coups it’s French…the rest is a bad imitation of a Vietnam Vet slang. two strikes. Back in your cage

      1. I t means a whole big bunch. Manafort is indicted. Cohen is payin da money to hush da hookers and da porn stars. Jared is in over his eyeballs. Will it all lead to T rump or will he be found just too out of his mind to know what da hell was goin on. Don’t know. Pence is da Koch’s boy and T rump is Putin’s boy. Both are liars but T rump is a sex fiend Assaulter and Pence is a homophobe Puritan.

        1. Do you find it curious how fast Tony Podesta shut down his $20 million a year highly lucrative well-connected K Street lobbying firm after Mueller started shaking down Manafort? Just like that, poof, Podesta stepped down and closed up shop. Where’s Tony now? In a witness protection program?

    1. Our country has not jumped the shark. Breitbart News has jumped from one shark to another shark. One wonders if Sloppy Steve has anything to do with Bardella switching sharks in midstream.

      1. I don’t know I don’t deal in wishful thinking or mystic subjectivism. Last I heard Brinnon was ousted from Breitbart a month or two ago.

            1. There is no way the Anti-trumpers can claim Trump is in denailism about Russian interference and not look back and ask “What did Obama do that was any less indifferent?”

              1. Shhh! Johnny, you’re not supposed to ask relevant questions.

                In an act of breathtaking projection, the Left has acted precisely like the Russian apparatchiks it now claims hide under every bed. It has taken kernels of truth mixed with lurid lies and innuendo and spun them into what it believes is a politically powerful narrative aimed at bringing down a president.

                In practice, the Left has achieved the ends the indicted Russians supposedly sought, of sowing discord and undermining our core political institutions. It appears the Russia hysteria peddlers are engaging in a more effective disinformation campaign than Russians could have ever constructed.


                  1. Thanks Squeeky. Refusing to understand it is really a willful ignorance problem. If they fail to understand it, well that’s a critical-thinking problem. If they refuse to accept it, that’s an ideological problem.

                    1. Oh, I also write Fantasy Stories! I wrote a 7 Chapter Short Story on the “Demotion” thread! I am certain that you will want to copy and paste it to your word processor, sooo you can enjoy it over and over and over. . .

                      Its down at 11:32 where it starts! You’ll laugh! You’ll cry! It will become a part of you!

                      Squeeky Fromm
                      Girl Reporter

            2. S-mom

              So you mean Democrats did have a right to have their votes for Sanders counted? Are you serious???

              The Democratic party argued in a court of law that they (the Dem party) get to choose the candidate, not the people. If you want to see a stolen election just look at what your very good friends in the Democratic party did to Sander’s voters.

              P.S. They are back in court because this case isn’t over yet, even though your very good friends would just like to take voters money and their votes and tell voters to F-off.

              The hypocrisy on display here is disgusting.

                1. S-mom’

                  In what way is this a false equivalency? Your man Kurt said nothing about US Statutes. Here is what he actually said as you quoted him above : “At the heart of our country is the idea that Americans are empowered to choose who represents them in public office.” Yet your wonderful party said, in a court of law, that Sander’s voters votes did not count, that they could not pick the candidate of their choice, It would be your wonderful party would tell them whom their candidate will be. Sorry, but in US statutes primaries are covered by laws. Your attempt to deflect what I said simply fails as you are trying to add something to Kurt’s own quote which you posted, that he did not claim. (Further, however unfortunate it is for your lovely party, the law applies to them!)

                  What remains is the hypocrisy of claims that Democratic “leadership” cares about people’s votes. That is a stunning claim, even in the depraved political environment we are living in.

                  Why not be honest that you want a war? It’s really too much to say that your party cares about anyone’s votes, except the ones they approve of or can steal.

                  1. Never heard of Kurt until today. Don’t we have enough wars going already? Maybe you believe Trump really wants the best for the Palestinians, the Iranians and the Korean peninsula. David Benson is right. This is bedlam. Bye.

                    1. Bedlam, a noun, describing the act when the other side responds to my emotional outpourings with facts and reason, (Swarthemoremom’s New Abridged Dictionary, the ONLY dictionary where definitions change daily!)

                      Squeeky Fromm
                      Girl Reporter

                1. S-mom,

                  The Russian collusion which has been shown to have occurred so far is with the Clinton campaign. So far no indictments have shown collusion with Trump.

                  Kurt’s quote is so depraved. In using it, you are presenting a liar as telling the truth. Most of us are truly sick of Democratic lies.

                  1. What Clinton collusion? They continued with opposition research, how is that collusion? So foolish, comrade Autumn/Jill.

          1. Bardella switched to being a Democrat in December, 2017, during the Roy Moore scandal.

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