Missouri Governor Charged With Felony Invasion of Privacy In Bizarre Affair

1519343017060Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens is now the state’s chief executive and its most famous accused felon.  On Thursday, the Republican governor was indicted for  felony invasion of privacy in a truly bizarre affair from 2015. Greitens, 43, is accused of involuntarily restraining a woman in an affair and taking pictures of her naked as leverage over her.  The indictment occurs when nude pictures are also being raised in Nashville as possible evidence against the Mayor Megan Barry, who is also embroiled in a scandal over an affair.

Greitens allegedly took a photo of the woman “in a state of full or partial nudity” without their knowledge or consent. He then allegedly “transmitted the image contained in the photograph in a manner that allowed access to that image via a computer” — a criteria for the felony charge.

Greitens has admitted the affair but denied the specific allegations of abusive treatment of his lover.   KMOV-TV reported that Greitens allegedly threatened to publicize nude images of the woman if she disclosed their affair.

The sexual relationship began as a consensual affair but the woman claimed that she was lured to the basement so Greitens could show her “how to do a proper pull-up.” She says that she was then blindfolded and her hands taped as he took revealing photos of her.

Greitens was elected in 2016 and is a decorated former Navy SEAL officer with both a Bronze Star and Purple Heart.

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  1. It wasn’t more than an hour after his mugshot photo surfaced that it was posted to his Wikipedia entry! Things move fast in the Internet page.

    It’s back to the old headshot photo now, but if I knew how to post a pic, I’d include the screenshot I took of the “enhanced” Wikipedia page.

  2. I’m curious, JT. . .you tag this as a BIZARRE AFFAIR. . .and, also. . .a TRULY BIZARRE AFFAIR. Just what constitutes a BIZARRE AFFAIR or a TRULY BIZARRE AFFAIR? Let’s see, shall we? It was conducted by and between two, consenting and, albeit, married, individuals, who were, obviously, not married to one another, at the time. Yeah. That’s why they call them, AFFAIRS, JT. Nothing bizarre or spectacular about that. Just your run of the mill, AFFAIR. Nothing unsusual, in terms of describing, affairs. Let’s continue. The affair– or as you put it, the bizarre affair–went on for months and wasn’t just some random, one night hookup. Bizaare? No. That’s why they are, affairs, as opposed to, one night stands. There is some life to them, so to speak. Shall we go on? Oh, yes. . .maybe we will get to the part where the affair becomes, as JT coined it, TRULY BIZARRE. The affair was conducted by and between two individuals of the opposite sex. Pretty normal, if you ask me, although if they were members of the same sex, would you coin the relationship, bizarre? I doubt it. That would be unthinkable. So very un-PC. Yet, an affair, between a man and a woman, is, as you put it, bizaare. I guess I don’t get your choice of words, JT. Remember, Greitens, at the time of this affair, did not hold public office. He had political aspirations, but he held no office. He was just your average schlub, f’ing his hairdresser. Period. Nothing bizaare about that. Pretty standard in the realm of extramarital affairs. Interesting what you categorize as bizaare. . .could his political affiliation have tainted your perception, just a tad? I suspect that it did. Maybe, next time, you could attempt to hide it a little better?

  3. This was an ongoing affair, which lasted for months. A consensual and clandestine sexual affair, conducted between two married adults. Yes. I live in St. Louis, and the lurid details are splashed, in the paper, on a daily basis, since this indictment came down. The woman was, allegedly, his hairdresser, so let’s just get this straight–this wasn’t some underage schoolgirl, being lured into some strange man’s basement, on the pretext that some stranger was going to show her how to work the elliptical machine. Nonsense. She also did not struggle, protest or attempt to escape when he tied her to the machine, in a state of undress. She was, undoubtedly, a willing and eager participant. He wasn’t f’ing her because he wanted to learn how to do a perm or sew extensions into someone’s head. He wasn’t f’ing her because they had long discussions about the Constitution and he was mesmerized by her mental abilities. When she was, eventually, confronted by her then husband, about the affair, he decided to secretly tape what she told him, which, by the way, is legal in the State of Missouri. Who knows whether or not she was telling the truth regarding what transpired during that time in the basement? Remember, context, folks. Context. In this taped conversation, with her then husband, Harriet the Hairdresser was attempting to explain away the affair, so maybe–just maybe–she made up the part about being threatened, with nude photos, that Greitens snapped? That would seem, at least to me, to be highly plausible, given the kind of conversation transpiring–she was trying to excuse away her continued and prolonged infidelity, and she used the ole, I COULDN’T STOP CAUSE HE THREATENED TO SEND MY NUDE PHOTOS EVERYWHERE excuse.

    What JT doesn’t mention, as well, is that there is a newly elected, female, African American, Democrat, in charge of the Circuit Attorney’s Office. The b$#ch was, and is, gunning for him. She wanted to take Greitens down, with a passion, as he was viewed as a golden boy, rising quickly in the political arena. Too fast for the b$#ch, who has stars in her eyes regarding her own political ambitions. Would she have gone after another male, in the same office, with such shoddy evidence, if he were black and a Democrat? We all know the answer to that one, now don’t we?

  4. I’m sure he’s rich enough to be considered innocent and not guilty, unlike being poor enough to be considered guilty until proven innocent.

  5. Greitens has not confessed either to taking any pictures of the woman as is alleged. He has denied threats of blackmail. The indictment is for transmitting a photo taken without the knowledge of the other party which is a felony in MO—a minor felony but a felony nonetheless. The indictment claims that he did this so that must mean that the prosecutors investigation turned up the evidence of said transmission. According to a local law professor at St. Louis U. Law School intent does not matter. It is the transmission itself that is the “crime” here. It seems pretty clear that since Greitens has had ample opportunity to deny taking any such pictures and/or transmitting them that the prosecutor has the goods to convict the Governor who is resentful of the allegations and will fight to the last to avoid ruining his political ambitions. The MO GOP is so desperate they are blaming George Soros for the charges which is typical of the level of lunacy the Republican Party has descended to these days. After all, George Soros didn’t have the affair and didn’t take any photos of the woman Greitens had the affair with. It’s a sad situation all around.

  6. Seems like maybe SEALs have learned a lot of bad things in the post 9/11 Gitmo era of “enhanced interrogations” and Abu Ghraib style shaming.


    And has anybody ever been prosecuted for condoning or performing torture in the name of the USA except for some low level soldiers?

    Find out the creeps that teach our soldiers these bad things and discipline them!

    I remember when the worst stain on SEALs was Dick Marchincko allegedly taking kickbacks on a defense contract for flash bangs or some nonsense. Things have not got better!

  7. I just can’t believe this kind of behaviour goes on and on with these hack politicians. Somewhere along the line their actions become public and they end up with criminal or civil charges, or at the very least they find themselves found guilty in the court room of public opinion.

  8. Turley wrote, “The man secretly recorded a conversation with his then-wife, in which she reportedly admitted to having an affair with Greitens.”

    Is the sentence cited above for real??? What man secretly recorded a conversation with whose then-wife who admitted to having an affair with Greitens???

    1. Seriously though, just because Turley knows what he meant to write, doesn’t mean anybody else can figure out what Turley meant to write. Shall one presume that the woman who was having an affair with Greitens was secretly recorded by her then-husband admitting to him that she had had an affair with Greitens???

      So, because the woman’s name is being withheld, therefore her former husband’s name is also being withheld; such that, Turley couldn’t figured out how to write that the woman who was having an affair with Greitens was secretly recorded by her then-husband admitting to him that she had had an affair with Greitens.

  9. A Purple Heart is awarded for being wounded or killed in action against the enemy-nothing more is required to receive it.

    1. More is required for a Bronze Star.
      Mueller was awarded the same medals for his servive in Vietnam, a fact which has been brought up a time or ten here.

  10. She followed him to the basement so he could show her “how to do a proper pull-up?” (LOL! I guess he had no “etchings” to show her)? How does that work, exactly? “First, you take your clothes off, so you’ll be lighter. Then, you hold out your arms while I tape them together, thusly. Next, I blindfold you, and . . .” click, click, click. I know I’m old and jaded, but this still sounds fishy.

    1. If you are stupid enough to let somebody tie you up, and blindfold you, then you deserve what you get. What is the thought process here??? “I want you to treat me like the whore I am, but not too much! Just a little bit so I can pretend to be naughty, but don’t actually treat me like a whore, because I am just pretending to be one.”

      Squeeky Fromm
      Girl Reporter

  11. It’s a sad thing to see a decorated military war hero degrade himself by becoming a politician of today’s caliber. There was a time when a person could maintain Honor and transition from military to politics, such as George H W Bush (WWII Naval Aviator) and before. Now, by entry into the realm of today’s politicians, the honor goes away and the corruption and sleaze take hold.

    If these allegations are proven, he should be ridden out of the capital on a rail.

    1. A better bet would be that Greitens considered himself above the law. Not just a Democrat or a Republican, but part of the political class.

      1. My bet is that he didn’t consider anything. . .his commitment to his wife, his newborn child at the time, his future career, his morals, his beliefs. . .there was only one head that ruled his behavior at the time, and it didn’t sit atop his neck.

    2. Squeeky,..
      I hadn’t thought about politics affiliation at the time of the alleged offense.
      Now I have to check to see whether Trump was a Republican, a Democrat, or and Independent during times of his alleged misconduct.
      Maybe he was “born again” and committed to a life on the straight and narrow after his last switch to the Republican Party, and “libertine Trump” only surfaced when he was a Democrat or an Independent. 😃😄

  12. A decorated hero would not take nekkid pictures of a woman. Just ask Mueller or JFK. Once you are a decorated hero you are clean as the driven snow forever.

  13. Does being a politician make you a target for affairs? Do women find politicians more attractive? Do female politicians have the same problem? We don’t hear much about that. If I were a male politician I would avoid that pitfall; never know when you might be President?

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