CNN Accuses Florida Student Cited By President As Lying About Scripted Question

200px-Cnn.svgColton Haab, a survivor of last week’s mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla., has appeared on national television to voice his allegation that CNN tried to get him to read a scripted question at the network’s recent Town Hall event with survivors and leading politicians.  The allegation led President Donald Trump to tweet that CNN had been caught in an act of “fake news.” Now however CNN has posted the original email and accused Haab of “doctoring” the emails and lying about its exchange with its producer.  If CNN is doctoring the emails (which is unlikely), Haab could sue for defamation.  However, the network says that critical language was removed by Haab or his family.


Haab accused CNN of rejecting his question and his statement before giving him a scripted question.  He then refused to attend. This led to appearances on Fox News and this tweet from President Trump and a fast denial by:


“School shooting survivor says he quit @CNN Town Hall after refusing scripted question.” @TuckerCarlson. Just like so much of CNN, Fake News. That’s why their ratings are so bad! MSNBC may be worse.

There is absolutely no truth to this story — and we can prove that. CNN did not provide or script questions for anyone in last night’s town hall, nor have we ever. Those are the facts. 🍎


Screen Shot 2018-02-24 at 7.41.01 AM

CNN then released the original email:

Screen Shot 2018-02-24 at 7.39.20 AM


According to Business Insider, CNN and Haab agreed on the question but there was a disagreement over a lengthy statement that he wanted to give.

CNN is now accusing the Haabs of lying in “an effort to discredit CNN and the town hall with doctored emails has taken any attention away from the purpose of the event.”

The key missing language of the emails to the father, Glenn Haab, saying “This is what Colton and I discussed on the phone that he submitted.”  Those last words did not appear in the Haabs version released to the media.

It is a truly sad and rather bizarre story.  It is not clear how the Haabs would not believe that CNN would release the original email or why those critical words could be removed without a nefarious purpose.

Obviously, if CNN is lying, the Haabs have a major defamation case.  If the original email is accurate (and again I have no reason to question its authenticity), the Haabs need to explain the discrepancy.  They could still argue that the CNN email did not capture the prior communications but the threshold question remains the omitted words.

The original emails explains to the father that time is limited and that they are sticking to what they previously discussed.  The family could have felt censored in the denial of the opportunity to read the longer statement, but that does not explain the alleged changing of the email (which the family used as critical evidence to support its claim). The family declined to speak with the Washington Post on the CNN released email.

This is a teenage boy in the aftermath of a great trauma and loss.  He should never have found himself in this media maelstrom.  However, the national accusations followed by the President’s tweet raised a serious allegation of false dealing by CNN and a staged event.

What do you think?


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  1. FBI Director Christopher Wray, the Director of the Florida Dept. of Law Enforcement, the Sheriff of Broward County, the Police Chief of Parkland, FL and the Principal of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School must all resign or be removed and prosecuted for gross negligence, dereliction of duty and incompetence.

    1. Fortunately no one pays the slightest attention to the mutterings of the George.

      1. “Fortunately no one pays the slightest attention . . ..”

        Actually, some of those people he mentions have some explaining to do. However, he does seem to be far off the point of the original post.

  2. O.T. but important:

    “The ongoing litigation of the DNC Fraud Lawsuit and the appeal regarding its dismissal took a stunning turn yesterday. The defendants in the case, including the DNC and former DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, filed a response brief that left many observers of the case at a loss for words.

    The document, provided by the law offices of the Attorneys for the Plaintiffs in the case, Jared and Elizabeth Beck, and appears to argue that if the Democratic Party did cheat Sanders in the 2016 Presidential primary race, then that action was protected under the first amendment. Twitter users were quick to respond to the brief, expressing outrage and disgust at the claims made by representatives of the DNC and Debbie Wasserman Schultz.”

  3. “This is what Colton and I discussed on the phone that he submitted.”

    What kind of English is that? Sounds like Russian trolls with poor command of English are writing emails for CNN.

    Goldman, the Facebook V.P., has seen more of the Russian ads and posts than most Americans, and his imagination clearly strains to accommodate the push to take them seriously. It’s hard to square words like “sophisticated” (frequently used by the Times to describe the Russian campaign) with posts like one from an apparently fake L.G.B.T. group promoting something called “Buff Bernie: A Coloring Book for Berniacs” with catchy English-language copy: “The coloring is something that suits for all people.”

  4. Trust no one completely.

    Caveat emptor. Buyer beware. Before buying the truth of a salesman, check it yourself. Before buying the truth of a news article, check it yourself.

    “Trust” but verify.

  5. CNN was caught feeding Hilary Clinton questions for a debate( through Donna Brazil). So it’s very possible that they wanted to script this students questions. That appears to be their MO.

  6. Now that a second student’s father says his kid was directed in his questions by CNN we can say with some level of certainty that when you’re in last place in the cable ratings lying just comes with the scenery.

    1. Mespo

      Can you post a name and any further details, or a link? A google search doesn’t turn up anything. Thanks.

        1. Thanks, Mespo.

          Breitbart and Ingraham. Now there are a couple of swell sources. Oh well…

          I’m sorry Mr. Klein’s child did not get an opportunity to speak. However, it doesn’t seem CNN had to do much ‘pushing of the narrative’. The kids have a pretty good idea of what they want. And happily, I bet there are any number of programs on Fox that will be happy to hear from Mr. Klein’s child. Somehow I think his opinions will fit right in with their narrative.

            1. But those sources say the second father claimed that they said they wanted people who were interested in “the policy implications for preventing mass shootings.” He didn’t say they indicated what policies should be raised or discussed.

              1. Guess you missed the preceding sentence: “Klein said of CNN’s one-sided townhall: “Laura, that’s not surprising at all. I actually spoke to a CNN producer on Thursday, the day after the shooting,” he said, adding, “and the producer insinuated to me they were looking for people who were willing to espouse a certain narrative, which was taking the tragedy and turning it into a policy debate; and I read that as being a gun control debate.”

            2. Mespo: Quite so.

              However, I respect you so I would never submit far left publications such as Daily Kos, Move On, or Democracy Now as a source. I thought I could count on you to show me the same respect.

              Perhaps next time.

              Best regards, Mae

              1. I’ve submitted all sorts of sources from the far right and the far left. The issue isn’t the source, it’s the message. Labels are so ill-fitting.

    1. LOL, Double Cool for Kevin’s Corner!

      As far as CNN pickin on someone their own size CNN should consider pickin on Roger County Community College’s Radio program, but they do likely have more listeners then CNN.

      Of course CNN will still be being supported by the Saudi, Qatar govt’s & that Known real life Nazi Collaborator George Sores, all which are attempting to steal American’s 2nd Amendment.

  7. Interesting….Daily Mail says the dad sent a word document of the email exchange to Fox and Huffington Post. Now why would he do that?

  8. Snopes reports that this was the statement that the survivor wished to read:

    Opening statement:
    page 1
    Ladies & gentlemen, lawmakers, fellow students, parents, teachers, faculty – last Wednesday will change our lives forever. My thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families of this horrific attack on our school. To me, it’s totally incomprehensible how this attacker was able to exit an Uber ride, walk into our freshman building and start shooting.

    There’s been a lot of talk about Gun Control since this senseless attack. Many of my peers are in Tallahassee with lawmakers now – unfortunately yesterday did not go in the right direction for us.

    I hope the much needed changes to Gun Laws can be made and implemented by the time the next generation (my kids) enters high school.

    The way I see it- 3 main things have to happen:
    1) Tighten up gun laws
    2) Secure the school and make it safe
    3) Defend the school


    Question 1)

    The Number One responsibility of the Federal Government is: To keep Americans safe & secure.
    We will be called back to school next week … How do we come back if Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School is not safe?
    Many of us students are afraid to go back until this school is safe & secure. Only 1 School Resource Officer cannot secure a 45 acre campus with multiple entry and exist points. So my 1st question is:
    What is being done to drastically improve the security of the school?

    Question 2)
    page 2

    There are armed security defending our President, Congressmen, court houses, IRS buildings, banks, jewelry stores, even the Smithsonian has guards with guns. Yet a gunman walked into our school’s freshman building with a rifle… and hero’s like Coach Fies ….unarmed… died trying to stop him. This is totally unacceptable.
    Schools are defended with a sign that reads:
    This is a gun free zone/it might as well also say:
    (Call someone with a gun if there’s an emergency).
    It is my opinion and the opinion of many – that this makes us an easy target for evil people to do their evil with little, if any resistance.

    I personally would much rather see a sign that read:

    “Please be aware that certain staff members at Marjory Stoneman Douglas are legally armed and may use whatever force necessary to protect our students”.

    We students should not have to beg to be kept safe.

    I ask you: are our students’ lives not as significant as court documents?
    As tax returns? As cash money? As a diamond ring or a fine watch?
    ARE our lives, our security & safety not as important as old dinosaur bones?

    My 2nd question is:
    What measures are being taken to defend our school from future attacks?
    And how can we get select faculty trained and armed to give them a fighting chance, if GOD forbid, there is another attack?

    Question 3)
    page 3

    There are over 450,000 unemployed Veterans living in the United States.
    Many are able, willing & trainable and would find a real purpose in the job of keep our schools safe and defend our students & faculty against evil.
    What steps can be taken to utilize our select retired military in this capacity?

    Closing Statement: page 4
    President Trump, Governor Scott, Senators Nelson, Rubio and Deutch, Sherriff Israel, Superintendent Runcie, Principle Thompson – I urge you, the student body urges you, our parents urge you: to secure our school.

    We cannot wait for legislative Gun Law Changes to be approved and implemented. We are going to be called back to school next week. We need Action Now! We have attended way too many funerals this week.

    We need to make MSD SAFE Now!

    Secure all Broward schools, secure all Florida Schools and secure all schools across this Nation.
    The Number One responsibility of the Federal Government is:

    To keep Americans safe & secure.

    We students should not have to beg to be kept safe.

    Please secure our school from outside threats from evil people and give the right people the training & tools needed to defend our lives. It’s time for a change! Don’t let the 17 lives lost last week be just another statistic.


    Thank you!

    In response, the producer wrote:

    Hi Glenn.

    That really is way too long. These are quick questions so that we can get to as many people as possible.

    This is what Colton and I discussed on the phone that he submitted. He needs to stick to this.

    Senator Nelson, if Coach Feis had had his firearm in school that day, I believe that he could have most likely stopped the threat. Have we thought about having a class for teachers who are willing to be armed trained to carry on campus?

    According to CNN, the elder Haab declined the invitation after the network rejected the full speech.

    23 February 2018, 5:09 P.M.: Updated with CNN e-mail release; changed truth rating to reflect more information.

      1. So who do you trust, Autumn?

        And look at the statement that Snopes says Colton wanted to read. Isn’t it exactly what he has been supporting? Do you think it is a fabrication by Snopes? Do you see that the length of the statement may not have fit well in the program’s format? And the statement fits with one of Colton’s own remarks that “CNN asked him to write a speech”. That’s exactly what that statement is – a speech. It seems reasonable that CNN would not have been looking for a speech. Further, the edited remarks appear to accurately and concisely reflect Colton’s opinion. It was the length that was objectionable – not his opinion. Is that not understandable?

        I think it’s pretty clear the issue was his wish to make , um, ‘extended’ remarks – not that CNN wanted him to read scripted remarks. And then the dad made a number of very stupid mistakes.

        1. Mae C,

          Who do you trust?

          I think it was about 14 years ago I cut my cable just to stop subsidizing American Hatin Trash like CNN.

          What, that’s only about $14000.00 in my family’s favor & we haven’t had to listen to most of their Commie/Nazi/Prog Demo bullsh*t.

          Over the years I’ve found many new people to trust. One is a real life former CNN reporter Greg Hunter. For many years now he runs his own site .

          Here is his weekly Friday roundup show.

          Maybe you’ll like hearing a different side to the same stories?

          1. oops, typo is now fixed.

            I think it was about 14 years ago I cut my cable just to stop subsidizing American Hatin Trash like CNN.

            What, that’s only about $16800.00 in my family’s favor & we haven’t had to listen to most of their Commie/Nazi/Prog Demo bullsh*t.

            That’s a lot of nice Sunday dinners for the family, etc…

            1. At the start of my freshman year of college I subscribed to cable. Four months later Cox Cable decided to offer an old movies channel for a buck a month. I reviewed the ad, but wasn’t interested so I threw the ad in the trash. The next month, the channel was added to my bill.

              I drove to their office and mentioned that the movie channel was added but I did not order it. She asked if I received the ad in the mail and when I informed her that I had she stated that I needed to call Cox and decline because otherwise the channel would be automatically subscribed. Miffed, I insisted that they close my account after I had been ripped off by their advertisement. That dollar must have been really important to them but nonetheless I went without cable for 16 ears afterward, subscribing only because my wife wanted cable after we married. (incidentally, I believe the state attorney general’s office sued Cox Cable for violating the consumer protection act and Cox Lost).

              Now there are hundreds of more channels than 30 years ago yet there continues to be almost nothing worth watching. The only change is the growth of the ridiculous fees we must pay and that the commercials are more insulting to our intelligence, banal, and more frequent in number.

              And I agree the news here is mostly propaganda.

              1. Darren – There are a lot of folks on YouTube showing interior and exterior antennas that allow you to pick-up all the networks clearly, and there are “streaming” devices like Roko that allow you to cancel cable. I’m not familiar with the technology, but am looking to cancel my cable because it’s gotten ridiculously expensive and I don’t watch it enough to justify the cost. I think that as more and more people dump cable in favor of streaming devices and OTA (over-the-air) t.v. antennas that pick-up satellite transmissions and deliver great reception, that the cable companies will hike their bills even more to squeeze what they can out of the remaining customers.

      2. You may be correct, if by “no one” you mean wackjob wingnuts who think Pravda Faux News is anything other than the punchline of a bad joke; those who attend conspiracy conventions wearing disguises; or those who still deny that they fell for the big con (oh, they now know that they were conned by the day glo bozo, but won’t admit it yet). Here in the real world, we rational, evidence-based, normal people will access all reputable sources of information in our desire to consider the facts of any particular newsworthy item.

        this is to “goebbels teaches us that a lie repeated often enough becomes the truth” autumn

  9. Such a spectacle that the behemoth CNN is pivoting on destroying a victim teenager who saved lives at the worse school shooting in US history. By any means necessary is their only metric

    CNN how the mighty have fallen

    1. I bet you’re really worried about CNN’s unwavering support of the truth in the face of the daily travesty of the day glo bozo. Now you think that by just making sh*t up about CNN, others will think that the stories it publishes about the obscenity in the white house are questionable. How’s that working for you so far? From here, it seem that only you, and the hardcore 36% composed of other like-minded gullible rubes, dupes, and klan-lite wannabees still think the buffoon you elected is anything other than a very bad joke. Sorry, the piper is going to be paid. Outside of your echo silo, we in the real world actually use our own cognitive ability to analyze what occurring in the world, rather than let the soothing pablum of Pravda Faux News make all those “so difficult” decision for us. But by all means, keep sopping up the hannity slop, and scream and knash your teeth and hold your breath until you turn blue when the patriots in the Special Prosecutor’s Office start landing multiple-count indictments naming the bozo and his incompetent criminal cronies.

      this is to “but at least we no longer have one of ‘those people’ as president” janie

  10. When a public statement is coming from the Corrupt News Network, my immediate response is to assume that it is a lie with leftist message (and the two inevitably go together).

    For CNN to prove that it did not lie, they will have to produce not just a printed email, but will need to present a video prepared by a third party that would have reason to believe that CNN was lying, such as Fox News. This video would go to Carrie Stephenson’s computer and would require her to go to Outlook, or whatever other program CNN uses, so that the ORIGINAL email–in live time–can be viewed in the video.

    Then, and ONLY then, will be able to prove that Colton Haab’s email was “doctored.” Similarly, a separate video should be presented–but prepared by someone that CNN selects–to prepare a video of Colton Haab’s computer and show Colton retrieving the ORIGINAL email he received from CNN on that particular date and time.

    PS: Why do people use the word “doctor” in this context when they’re talking about a fabricated document. How come they don’t say that “so and so lawyered that document?” The use of this language suggests that lawyers are trying to giver doctors a bad name by altering something to make it suit their own purposes. But that is something that lawyers are far more likely to do than doctors. Just sayin’.

          1. Doctor Benson, Ralph Adamo’s neuropathy is symptomatic of either jaundice or distemper, or rabies, or . . . bordatella??? We would have physically to examine Ralph’s anatomy to determine how many teeth, toes and legs Ralph has. Unless Ralph really does foam at the mouth. That would narrow it down.

            1. Fine then, Ralph. I retract my misdiagnosis on the grounds of your self-deprecating humor.

    1. Haha. Very nice. You assume that a reputable media source such as CNN is concerned with anything you want, desire, or even say? Pro tip: we refer to a certain type of buffoon as “wackjob wingnuts” for a reason. Rational, evidence-based people don’t engage with crazy, because “crazy gonna do crazy.” But Pravda Faux News likely has a breaking story for you about Hillary, but first a word from a sponsor about investing in gold during these trying times.

      this is to “here, I just write whatever crazy sh*t comes to mind” ralphie

  11. Traditionally it has been considered wrong for an enemy to “hide behind the children”. The teachers union and liberal democrats live by hiding behind the children. Ostensibly, everything they do is for “the children”. In reality, liberal democrat politicians obtain “power” by hiding behind the children and the lazy, greedy, striking, teachers union thugs obtain “money” by hiding behind the children. The greedy teachers unions have sucked every last dollar out of education leaving nothing for facilities or security. School security should have been as good as airport security a long time ago but public school teachers require a $200K compensation package (the rest of the public worker unions get “comparable pay” after the teachers strike).

    Politicians can be voted out. Teachers can be brought under rational control. Congress should immediately pass legislation making all public worker unions illegal, making public worker union strikes illegal and making hiring replacement workers legal. Public worker unions are already unconstitutional as strikes and failure to perform duties constitute insubordination, insurrection and conspiracy to attempt the usurpation of the power of elected officials, citizens and taxpayers.

    In the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting incident, FBI Director Wray, the police chief and the school principal should have been removed from office immediately for dereliction, negligence, conspiracy with unions and incompetence. They all knew all about the shooter and his intentions well before hand and there is no excuse. In Japan, a few short decades ago, these shameful incompetents would have already committed hara-kiri.

    1. I’m sure the other wackjob wingnuts appreciate your analytical, reasoned evaluation of the ethical, legal and societal issues surrounding the aftermath of the Florida school shooting. But, here in the real world, we who actually retain the ability to rationally assess the events which occur around us merely chuckle at yet another, wild-eyed, spittle-flecked manifesto ejected by one of the 36%.

      this is to “but he really won the popular vote too” georgie

  12. If CNN wasn’t so biased and instead actually made an effort to be neutral on issues, they might be believed on their claims of the email issue out of the gate. But they’ve sullied their reputation so badly over the years if what they say about the doctored email is true millions of individuals are not going to believe them.

    There are better forensics as to determine email provenance than what is shown here. In fact, one is in the form of a reply and the other is a direct email. The time stamps are off by a minute also. But surely there is more information to be found than this.

    1. Darren, the CNN email was sent to The Haabs. The Haabs then sent an altered version of CNN’s email to Fox News and HuffPost. Fox News and HuffPost then shared the Haab version of the CNN email with CNN.

  13. Off-Topic:

    Democracy – where voters self-govern within constitutional legal boundaries – can’t exist with excessive secrecy. Voters still haven’t been sufficiently informed about our 16 years of flawed counter-terrorism policy that has harmed U.S, troops. Congress in 2018, has still NOT enacted all of the 9/11 Commission reforms.

    Voters should know that Guantanamo creates far more terrorists than it locks up. Torture and cruel treatment creates terrorists than it deters.

    Bottom-Line: American taxpayers are funding BOTH SIDES of the illegal “War On a Tactic” – we are funding to create more future enemies for our children to deal with. These 16 years of flawed policies are harming our U.S. troops. We have enflamed the entire Middle East. To show how fraudulent Guantanamo has been, by 2018, about 90% of the “worst-of-the-worst” have been released.

    The super-majority of Espionage Act indictments were for “non-spy” activities. The Act was created in 1917 but had most of it’s indictments since 9/11 – largely to keep voters in the dark so we can’t self-govern.

    Maybe Mueller should be indicting the torture-attorneys at DOJ that committed legal malpractice by green-lighting Guantanamo, torture, kidnapping and other policies that create more enemies than we defeat! Every day we wait to indict these former attorneys, material evidence is being lost.

    1. I can’t watch this guy. Too strange. The girly hair and no-shirt under a leather jacket…..who can take him seriously?

      1. TIN – I take him seriously. I watch almost all of his commentaries. I don’t care how he dresses, I care how he thinks, that is the important thing.

  14. I am not so sure that Graham and Nixon were wrong about the Jews controlling the media. And I can say that with a good chunk of Jew blood in me. I have read a lot of opinion pieces about the issue which all say there is no Jewish “conspiracy”, but they don’t go into which “media” companies are run by Jews. They seem to skip that obvious step.

    Then, if you go to the anti-Semitic opinion pieces, they tell you who owns what, but can they be trusted to be telling the truth since they hate Jews??? For example, this website, where the representative of the Master Race apparently did not learn about “paragraphs.”

    Sooo, what are the real facts? Should we be worried? Would we be worried if say if Muslims controlled the media, or Jehovah’s witnesses?

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

    1. And if I write that Rupert Murdock controls media? What then?

      Quit being so foolish.

    2. SFGR, the idea is not to allow the truth, the idea is taint it and twist it with amplification and then constantly attack any criticism thus leaving a sterling, unquestionable phantom integrity in place to legitimize any coersive actions taken against the critical people.

      1. The media have been gaslighting the American people for longer than many of us have been alive. Thank God for bloggers.

    3. Squeeky – It is true that there is a substantial number of Jewish people are employed in the national media, and that a substantial number of Jewish people have ownership interests in various media outlets. But is there a ‘group think” among Jews that would impact their reporting of the news? I don’t know….if the media were disproportionately owned by Catholics I would say it doesn’t matter, because Catholics don’t have much in common as a group besides religion. On the other hand, Mormons are far more cohesive as a group, due to smaller numbers and a more inclusive community, so if Mormons owned the media I would expect slanted reporting. With Jews, I expect knee-jerk liberal and pro-Israel, pro-black and pro-illegal viewpoints, but since you are Jewish and don’t hold all of the knee-jerk attitudes mentioned, I would assume that there may be a lot of other Jews who don’t follow the stereotype…..

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