Prominent Pennsylvania Lawyer Charged With Bestiality


Alleghany County Jail

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette is reporting that a prominent lawyer and an animal shelter volunteer has been arrested in a bizarre bestiality case involving his Labrador Snoopy. Ivan DeVoren, 61, is charged with 10 felony counts of animal cruelty, 10 counts of sexual intercourse with an animal in addition to drug charges. After police found crack cocaine and other drugs in his home, they added possession charges.

DeVoren represents energy companies on regulatory challenges and compliance. He has described himself as a “lawyer and philanthropist” according to


Snoopy dog PittsburghDeVoren was arrested after a neighbor called police about “strange noises” coming from his home.  Snoopy was found to have colon injuries.





This case follows a slew of recent bestiality cases: here and here and here. This included another Pennsylvania case and the first case of bestiality filed in Ohio.

What is surprising is that the Pennsylvania statute seems to make intercourse with an animal only a misdemeanor:

2014 Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes
Chapter 31 – Sexual Offenses
Section 3129 – Sexual intercourse with animal

Universal Citation: 18 PA Cons Stat § 3129 (2014)

§ 3129. Sexual intercourse with animal.

A person who engages in any form of sexual intercourse with an animal commits a misdemeanor of the second degree.


(June 18, 1999, P.L.67, No.8, eff. 60 days)

1999 Amendment. Act 8 added section 3129.

Cross References. Section 3129 is referred to in section 5329 of Title 23 (Domestic Relations); section 62A03 of Title 42 (Judiciary and Judicial Procedure).

However, an animal cruelty charge can be brought as a felony.  Section 5533 is a misdemeanor in the second degree for intentionally, knowingly or recklessly illtreating, overloading, beating, abandoning or abusing an animal.  However, Section 5534 allows for a felony aggravated cruelty charge for torturing an animal or  causing serious bodily injury or death of an animal.

DeVoren earned his college degree from Penn State‘s Smeal College of Business and his law degree from the Temple University Beasley School of Law in Philadelphia. reported that one of DeVoren’s LinkedIn recommendations reads, “[DeVoren] is conscientious and ethical in all matters.”

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  1. I’m old enough t remember when a transexual provoked the same the same mix of shock, disgust & astonishment as having sex with animals does today (actually it still does in some quarters). Maybe 50 years from now enlightened people will accept sex-with-billy goats as a valid lifestyle. Is there any evidence the dog was unhappy with the arrangement? Was the dog dressed provocatively?

  2. An internet search of Ivan Devoren Philanthropist provides a link to his twitter feed. The national language of the twitter messages is interesting.
    According to, prior to helping oil companies stave off regulation, he ran a string of tobacco companies.

  3. Why hasn’t this post been removed from blog comments yet?

    Garima Chauhan
    February 26, 2018 at 12:47 AM

  4. When he dies and goes to the Pearly Gates for his interview with Saint Peter (or the dog standin) he will not get a ruling that he comes back to Earth (after his time in Hell) as either a male or a human or a dog. He will come back as a female skunk.

  5. Ralph and Paul, we knew this crap was going to happen. Remember, don’t be ” judgemental “! Now these people are just plain transstupid.

    1. mespo – Saturday I saw The Shape of Water. So, what do you call sex between a human and a God? (if that is what he is) or creature (they seem to have dug up the costume from the Creature From the Black Lagoon). As a thought problem, does the USgovt have the right to capture and imprison a god? And if having done so, is it illegal to free such god? And do gods have the right to kill Americans on US soil?

      1. I saw the same movie hours ago. I believe either the law would treat the amphibian/god as an animal or less likely an entity not subject to jurisdiction of the law in the sense that it is neither a person or animal. There are cultures that revere particular animals or idols as gods and those are subject to law as such items.

        It would make for a good thought experiment.

        1. mespo – neither the CIA or the FBI seems to run a coherent organization, why would I ask them? Maybe I will as the NSA, they are tapping all the phones.

  6. I am with Ralph Adamo on this one. He is just transanimal. I have just decided to go with the flow.

  7. Although bestiality was once considered a perversion, psychiatrists from the Left have been analyzing the psychology of bestiality and pedophilia for some time now, and have come to the conclusion that these are merely alternative expressions of human sexuality–not perversions. Thus, a man who has engages in sexual intercourse with a dog may actually by a “transmammal.” A “transmammal” is someone who either permanently or temporarily self-identifies himself, herself, or itself was a mammal of his, her, or its choosing. Similarly, what was once being called pedophilia, should, according to the Leftist psychiatrists be redefined as “transaging.” A “transager” is a person who permanently or temporarily self-identifies himself, herself, or itself as a person substantially younger or older than his, her, or its chronological age.

    Thus, sexual activity between a “transmammal” and a mammal is simply a perfectly normal thing, just as between a “transager” and a young child. With respect to the latter, the Islamic culture has long recognized what the Leftist psychiatrists are only beginning to discover. But Islam has always been ahead of the Leftist curve.

    In time, the laws about these things will be considered anachronistic and they will cease to be enforced if they continue to remain on the books at all.

    1. Oh Good Grief…. Psychologist are off their rockers. IT’S JUST PLAIN SICK BEHAVIOUR…..

  8. He sodomized his dog? That poor thing! I hope the dog is able to get re-homed to a safe, loving forever home.

    Yeah, causing the resulting internal organ damage should be charged as a felony.

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