Trump’s Attorney Files To Silence Daniels and Force $20 Million In Damages

160px-Official_Portrait_of_President_Donald_Trump_(cropped)President Trump’s personal attorney Michael Cohen has moved to claim at least $20 million in damages from porn star Stormy Daniels. Cohen is alleging at least 20 violations.  With the recent allegations of physical threats and post-election actions, the political costs to this strategy is likely to continue to rise.  Notably, Cohen is not simply pursuing damages through his limited liability corporation Essential Consultants.  An attorney for Trump is now directly calling for Daniels to be forced into arbitration  . . . and silence.

The litigation could finally force an airing of the claims of invalidity.  It appears that Trump is moving aggressively to try to stop the airing of Daniels’ interview with 60 Minutes in two weeks.

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  1. It sounds like they are suing Stormy to enforce her voluntary silence which she sold to Mr. Trump. You can’t say give me all this cash and I promise to be discrete, then speak out to receive more money, and then cry fowl for breach of contract (or whatever the relevant legal term would be for breaking the NDA.)

    In general, any NDA is silencing someone, and it has a controversial history. Many celebrities make employees sign NDA because they gain access to their personal life and with it, the ability to sell private details to the press and abuse their privacy. However, that means that if they see something egregious they may not be able to report it or complain about it, either.

    Lawsuits may include NDA so that the wronged party may collect a settlement, but then may not inform the public of what happened.

    There are some troubling aspects of NDAs in general.

    1. Probably most/all states have a similar law:

      Ohio Revised Code 2905.11 Extortion.

      “(A) No person, with purpose to obtain any valuable thing or valuable benefit *** shall do any of the following: *** (5) Expose or threaten to expose any matter tending to subject any person to hatred, contempt, or ridicule, or to damage any person’s personal or business repute ***.
      (B) Whoever violates this section is guilty of extortion, a felony of the third degree. ***”

      One can make an agreement to keep silent (NDA) in exchange for money as a way to settle filed litigation, but when you demand money or imply that you will accept money in order to remain silent, it comes very close to the line, if not over the line, separating legal conduct from extortion.

  2. Something Trump really doesn’t want to come out must be involved here.

    Trump is a known abuser of women. He has had multiple affairs. Many of his supporters seem completely unfazed by his atrocious behavior towards women. I can’t see why having this affair would be off putting to those supporters. So what is going on with this affair? Why is it different?

    He’s trying to subvert the right of free speech. He’s making physical threats. I hope whatever it is comes out. I hope he is unsucessful in his attempts to quash this information.

    1. Jill – great post as always. re: ” So what is going on with this affair? Why is it different? ”

      I think this affair is different because it’s the only one that has received so much (endless some would say) press. A great diversion from real issues and red meat for the Legacy Media.

      Was she really threatened? Given that we seem to have devolved in people making statements with 0 evidence (Russia Russia Russia) I wonder if the allegation is true. Threatening Daniels legally with a lawsuit I could see but threats of violence? That does not seem to be the Trump MO.

      At any rate I am curious to see how this plays out. =)

      1. T rump hires mobsters. You wanna bet she wasn’t threatened. T rump plays rough with women and so do his lawyers.

        1. Maybe, but I have heard of no deaths associated with the Donald. Unlike the Clintons.

    2. It wasn’t free speech, it cost a hundred and thirty grand. You sound like people who complain about HOA’s. If you are stupid enough to sign a contract you should live with the consequences.

  3. Seems to me that Stormy Daniels is not claiming she did not make a NDA for $$, she is just saying she didn’t make one with Trump, because he didn’t sign it.

    But does that relieve her of her obligation to keep mum?
    Whoever she made the deal with, it should be binding, even if it was made to an anonymous person verbally.
    She admits there was an NDA, that should be the thing that is controlling, whoever it was made with.

    1. It’s all a matter of legal mumbo jumbo. Trump has the legal mumbo jumbo jump-money-on Stormy. Trump’s father and Trump would not rent their development apartments to Blacks. This is just business in Trump’s mind because he can get more by pandering to the racist Whites. The Trumps get sued and pay fines, and are forced to rent to Blacks. However, what they never do is admit guilt. Guilt sets up the next lawsuit. The closest Trump got to admitting guilt was admitting he was the guy saying those things about grabbing you-know-whats on the tape, but that it was nothing more than locker room talk and nothing in comparison with what Slick Willie would be saying. Trump later said that it was not his voice, that it was faked. That old fakery again.

      Stormy says that because Trump’s lawyer paid her, admitted to paying her, he disclosed first so all bets/NDAs are null and void. This is a job for the courts and the mumbo jumbo experts. Like the tax returns, we may never know. The only way to know is for 20,000,000 of us curious to send a dollar in so that Stormy can have her say on national TV. Actually much less is necessary because once Stormy spills her guts, it will be legal fees. In the end, it will all serve to distract from the damage the oligarchs, Koches, Trump, and the rest of the traitors are doing to this country.

      I believe in the America the founding fathers had in mind. My interpretation is as valid as any. What they had in mind is not this. Our two party system, both of them bought and paid for, is one party away from a dictatorship. Compare Berlusconi and Trump.

  4. Let me get this straight, Trump is suing Daniels to shut up about something that he says never happened? And now he is going judge shopping to make it happen?

  5. The real question here is Melania. What is she doing with this idiot. She’s either delusional and believes the claptrap in the Washington Times that she’s a great First Lady because she dresses well, or she has lawyers coaching her on how to put the screws to the turnip. Imagine getting into bed with that fat fu*k every night knowing that he paid millions for sex with porn stars. His lying must include what he tells her. She can’t be that stupid, can she? The parallel universe of being the First Lady, the bizarro universe, is that she is the First Lady to the worst President in US history.

    The greatest service to the US Melania could do, once her parents are safely citizens, is to dump the lying sack of sh*t openly with full disclosure. Baron will get over it, what with the yugely fortune he gets. Melania can live the life she wants, sleeping with any Marine she wants.

    There’s lots more to come. Stay tuned. Do not change the channel. Now for a word from our sponsor, Trump condoms.

    1. I doubt they sleep together; probably haven’t for years. Donnie is moving on to fresh you-know-what.

    2. Melania worked in da dirty pictures business too. All normal for the lifestyle these T rump’s lead. Don Don’ junior’s wife hired a criminal attorney to divorce the crime family. . She needs security like Stormy does.

  6. Trump supporters like Mr Trump’s ignorance and depravity because they can identify with it.

  7. SCOTUS and labor cases- read about the Janus case (In These Times- reporter, Bottari), “17 of 19 amicus briefs were bankrolled by the Koch network or Bradley Foundation”.
    While America focuses on the Stormy-Cohen-Trump drama, there’s no attention given to the Koch network’s attacks on labor. The labor case currently before the Supreme Court is watershed for U.S. economic growth.
    Charles Koch brags his network has been more successful in the past 5 years than his prior 50 years. Economic growth has averaged an anemic 2.2% in the 5-year period and all of the rewards have gone to the richest 0.1%.

    1. Linda – 80% of that non-growth would have been under Obama. Got a reason for that? Did the Kochs buy Obama?

      1. Obama had a Congressional majority (McConnell) that announced they would defeat everything he proposed, starting on the day he was elected. You have a poor memory, Paul. The legislators that McConnell relied on were funded by the Kochtopus.

        1. Obama did have a Congressional majority for his first two years…it was a large majority in both the House and the Senate.
          McConnell was not the majority leader, and the Democrats were lead by Harry Reid ( Senate) and Nancy Pelosi (House).
          The Democrats lost the House in the 2010 election, but I think it was 6 years into Obama’s administration before the GOP had a Senate majority.
          The McConnell qoute takes one sentence from a lengthy intetview in which McConnell talks about areas where they (the GOP) can work with Obama.
          Politically speaking, I don’t know how many Democrats in Congress whose objective is to see a two-term Trump presidency, any more than McConnell wanted a two-term Obama presidency.
          And there are Democrats in Congress whose priority is to see that Trump doesn’t finish one term, let alone two.

      2. The SCOTUS majority also has the handprint of the Koch’s. Clarence Thomas’ wife was employed by the Heritage Foundation. Was the pay between $600,000 and $700,000? Thomas “forgot” to report it , not that it matters. Justice isn’t blind in an oligarchy.

        1. Sure, the Kochs control Congress, the Supreme Court, and the Presidency.
          And the Kochs control 99.9 % of Americans with their all powerful feudal-lord position.

          1. Paul C. Schulte,…
            -Read Weart to improve your “poor memory”’ll get as much help from Weart as Linda in the area of “memory improvement”, aka distortion of political history.

            1. The billionaire Democratic hedge fund mamager challenging the GOP Governor of Illinois has already spent $19 million on his campaign, and has at least an equal amount of campaign funds to draw on between now and November.
              There are about 470 Congressional races in November.
              I haven’t counted the number of addition races — Governors, major city mayors, Lt. Gov
              , State legislators, etc.
              Each election seems top the previous one in overall spending.
              Those $$$ numbers are out there for anyone to research the amounts of and sources for this massive spending.
              Or you can pretend that this is primarily a “Koch Bros.” problem, or a Soros problem, or an NEA problem, or a Fahr LLC problem etc. if you want to cherry-pick and selectively point out only the spending you disapprove of.

              1. Read Dark Money by Jane Mayer, Diane Ravitch’s books or the books that expose Bill Gates’ venture villainthropy.

        2. Ginny Thomas was paid $680,000 ( over a 5 year period) by the Heritage Fundation, and Justice Thomas did fail to disclose this.
          Hillary had to give 3 speeches to Goldman Sachs to “earn” the same amount.
          I think the price of a Hillary speech (or a Bill speech) is well off the top $$$$ amount they previously commanded.

          1. Ginny was the wife of a sitting judge when she received the payments.
            Hillary was a private citizen.

            1. Bill Clinton was the husband of the Sec. of State when he got $500,000 for his Moscow speech.
              Since you’ve made an issue out of “the wife of a sitting judge” getting paid by Heritage, then you would condemn Bill Clinton collecting $500,000 from a Russian bank for a speech.
              If you are consistent in your standards.

              1. Since Hillary was not elected, we don’t know if she would have harmed America as much as Bill Clinton did.
                It is certain that Trump and the Koch’s are a plague on the world.

                1. You have made it clear that you have no interest in seeing the amount of money in elevtions being reduced.
                  You want to somehow ban the “wrong”money’-money backing candidates or causes that you dislike.
                  When it comes to the “right” money for the candidates and causes of your choice, you are silent.
                  Your sanctimonious hypocrisy is on constant display, and unilateral defunding of one side or the other is not going to happen.

                  1. Recommendation- From tax dollars, a few months before the election, each resident over 18, is given (and limited to) a specified, equal amount per race, which they must allocate to one of the candidates who will appear on his or her ballot in November. Candidates will be disqualified if they spend more than the amount accounted for by the funds and disqualified from future funds, if they fail to hold a certain number of public forums with their constituents
                    They are not permitted to receive any gifts, no wining and dining by ALEC, no hunting lodge vacations, etc. Secondly, residents over 18 will be given $200 per year with the obligation to spend it on a political party of his or her choosing.
                    What you advocate, Tom, is the donor class spending money to influence the school board election in my hometown while those people have never been to my hometown nor have any interest in the community, state nor, as globalists, the nation. The GOP’s conduct relative to the Russian investigation is proof.

                    1. I’m not sure how you tied in the Russia investigation with your recommendations, but I’ll let someone else figure that out.
                      I’m not involved in your local school board election, so I don’t know whose money is backing which candidates in that particular case.
                      Given the Citizens united decision, it’s unlikely that the limitations that you’re recommended could be imposed on candidates.
                      The idea of matching finds ( the $3 checkoff on the tax returns) has been around for a long time.
                      Out of 17 GOP candidates in 2016, and about 6 Democratic candidates, I think Martin Omalley was the only one to accept the conditions and limitations to receive matching funds.
                      When a candidats like Hillary can raise over a $Billion, there’s no way that candidate will give up that ability to spend the other candidates into the ground.
                      Since your recommendations/ limitations can’t be imposed on candidates, and voluntary compliance is unlikely, it looks to me like your suggested reforms would fall by the wayside in the same way that the $3 matching fund idea has become irrelevantt.
                      I don’t know if you have bothered to check to see the amounts and sources of cpaign contributions for your school board races are coming from, but I didn’t advovate that “the donor class” go to your community to contribute to candidates.

                2. Hillary was an activist First Lady, a Senator for 8 years, and Sec. of State for four years.
                  There is a record there of her actions and policies
                  , Mubarek “must go”, Gadaffi “must go”, “Assad “must go”, etc.
                  We have some idea from her history and her record about her advocacy of interbentionism in overthrowing regimes, as well as othet past actions on her part that give some indivations of the policies that she’d pursue had she been elected.

  8. When did we all slip through a membrane into this alternate universe.

    Even writing the word “Trump” in reference to Trump is nothing more than free advertising for that moron: which is why he (barf) ran in the first place.

    Now his (recent) past is floating up. How not shocking.

    Let’s see those tax returns, too. Still under audit?

    1. So you are saying that not writing about Trump, is still writing about Trump?
      I heard that Kelly Anne Conway has made a rule never to refer to Hillary Clinton in public media by name.

  9. After they compliment each other on their hair dos, Trump can offer to set up Kim with Stormy, if Kim drops the nuclear machismo. What if Trump’s routine works? He likes the President for life thing. Putin is his mentor. The Congress, on both sides, are bought and paid for, along with the Senate. All most Americans look for is a good laugh and/or a Dr. Feelgood.

    Are there 20 million Americans who could mail in a dollar so Stormy can pay if she loses the lawsuits. Let’s hear what she has to say. Nothing Trump has done could make him sink any lower, and he has the support of enough Americans to weather lots of Stormys.

  10. So the man who claims that he would have heroically run into a high school without a gun to give battle against a mass-shooter cannot abide a woman speaking about her affair with that would-be heroic man whose goon-boy lawyer is now suing that woman for . . . twenty million dollars in damages??? What damages??? Trump knows exactly what tune Stormy’s going to sing. Trump cannot allow that tune to be sung. The singing of that tune will be the end of Trump’s public image and, therefore, his brand, to boot.

    That is not even would-be, wannabe heroism. That is just plain obscenity. Trump is a schmuck and a putz. And Trump’s supporters and defenders are damned proud their putzy schmuck and his schmucky putz. At least until such time as Stormy sings her tune about The Donald.

    1. P. S. Can you say peccadillos? Do you know what peccadillo means? Guessing is allowed. Use your imagination. What sort of peccadillos might cause $20,000,000 worth of damage if disclosed to the public???

        1. Why is it so damned important to silence the woman that she has to be threatened with $20 Million in damages??? If overkill isn’t proof, then nothing is.

          1. Oh I dunno. Let’s say you’re a CEO of a large corporation whose success depends on your reputation and some hooker says you’re a John and maybe a blackmailer. See any problems? Ever consider every hooker doesn’t have a heart of gold?

  11. Anyone remember Anna Nicole Smith who married 89 year old billionaire J. Howard Marshall? Was it love at first sight or love of money?

  12. No let it go on. Why not? We know what she is…..the only thing left is the price of admission.

  13. As long as he doesn’t lie about it, he should be ok. And suing people is what he did for a living for the longest time. And I would think that most of this is for Melania’s benefit who might be saying “If you had to have an affair, at least don’t admit it.”

    1. He has had at least a hundred affairs and assaulted da unwilling. Man is a porn addicted sex addict. Putin has got tapes to of his Russian affairs.

  14. Well, I have been meaning to write a parody song about this, sooo here goes! Still working on my second cup of coffee for today:

    Stormy, Whether. . .
    A Parody Song by Squeeky Fromm

    Don’t know what
    She got paid the money for
    Stormy, whether
    You and The Donald got together,
    You done spent every dime.

    You are broke!
    Here’s a tip, not a baksheesh.
    Stormy, whether
    You look good or not in black leather. . .
    You spent it in record time. . .
    Ev’ry dime.
    Girl, you are running out of time.

    When you got the cash
    All the green overtook you
    Then you lost your stash
    While the porn folks overlook you. . .
    All gone in a flash?
    Maybe the Strip Clubs will book you???
    Hop on that greased pole once more???

    Strip, and sue!
    That’s the only thing to do,
    Stormy, whether
    You’re sagging or not, get a feather,
    Make like you are Sally Rand. . .
    She was grand!

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

    NOTE: here is the music to the song:

    1. Nice! There is not doubt what she IS . The only thing left is negotiation

  15. From the perspective of Trump supporters, Stormy Daniels is, undoubtedly, the most annoying figure yet. As far back as the 1980’s, Trump’s image was that of a playboy multi-millionaire. Trump, in fact, seemed be living the “Playboy” fantasy Hugh Hefner created in that once great magazine.

    So does anyone really doubt that Trump had an affair with Stormy Daniels? Of course not! That would have been perfectly in character with Donald Trump. Melania, after all, had been a model of soft porn. What’s more, viewers of “The Apprentice” would have scarcely cared about the Stormy affair. They expected that behavior from Donald Trump.

    But now that Trump is President, and attacking women’s reproductive rights, his playboy image completely robs him of moral authority. Said image actually mocks the so-called ‘Christian right’. How foolish they look having supported a debauched playboy from the Hefner era.

    1. The short version is ‘you can’t have it both ways.. How foolish people look making a big deal out of something their entire party has supported for decades The left IS the party of porn.

  16. (Music)

    She’s a slut, she’s a slut…
    She’s a slut all the way!
    From her first twitter tweet…
    To her last dying day!

    Oh, Trump might have porked her..
    And others have too.
    But Stormey is likely to have a loose screw.

    It’s time to stop yakking about this dumb bitch.
    It’s time to start calling the Trumpster a twitch.
    He lives on his ego and struts on his floor.
    He can’t go on living without a street whore.


    1. Summation?


      We knew that when we engineered that election using the mistakes of others and turned him loose to destroy the sociais progressive liberal left.

      He’s doing the job no reason to complain about success.

      1. It means are they immiune from trying to have it both ways… on the one hand supporting pornography. On the other complaining about it . The media of the left for sure IS a pornographic operation itself.

      2. Dr. Benson, Squeeky wants Trump to sue the press for interfering in the non-disclosure agreement between Essential Consultants LLC (a.k.a. Trump’s lawyer, Michael D. Cohen) and Stormy Daniels (born Stephanie Clifford). Squeeky is worried about what Stormy might say about Trump’s sexual proclivities. That and the tapes she claims she has. What sort of peccadillo causes $20 Million in damages when publicly disclosed?

      1. Jay S – first, the pension thing was the IG’s idea, not the President’s. Second, you would have to check with Mark Kernes as to whether porn actors and actors have pensions. It is certainly out of the area of my expertise. 😉

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