White House Staffer Leaks That Trump Ignored Written Warning “DO NOT CONGRATULATE” Putin On His Reelection

440px-Official_Portrait_of_President_Donald_Trump225px-Vladimir_Putin_official_portraitPresident Donald Trump is under intense fire for congratulating Russian President Vladimir Putin on his election — an election widely denounced as a sham.  Putting aside the propriety of an American President congratulating an authoritarian figure (who is accused of interfering with his own election), the most notable element in the story was a leak that said Trump’s national security staff not only warned him not congratulate Putin but included in his briefing materials in all-capital letters the warning “DO NOT CONGRATULATE.” The speed of the leak is astonishing even by the measure of the Trump Administration. It appears that the leaks may have occurred within minutes of the call.   Chief of Staff Kelly is reportedly irate with the leak and for good reason.

This leak is only the latest example of the work of staff close to Trump to get damaging information out into the press.  The lethality of these leaks is also unprecedented. These leaks are clearly designed to seriously undermine Trump and some seem intended to push Trump toward impeachment or indictment.  This means that Trump is working closely and daily with people who are actively seeking his demise. I can not recall a president in a similar position.

This leak seemed to be virtually immediate.  It was fast, lethal, and calculated.  It triggered various members, including Republicans, to denounce Trump’s decision and also led to a truly painful press conference with Sarah Sanders.

Like his decision to invite Russians into the Oval Office after the Comey firing (with Russian but not American photographers), Trump’s decision to congratulate Putin is baffling. He must have realized that it would fuel speculation over his relationship with the Russians and seeming reluctance to confront Putin.

I share the negative view of Trump’s decision to congratulate Putin. However, I do not see how this White House can function with this level of leaking from his close advisers.  This is not the usual type of leaks that we have seen from the White House and it is not “deep state” actors.  These are likely his appointees who are secretly working for his demise even at the risk of a criminal charge.  The motivation is not clear but multiple people appear to have taken on a mission of either alerting the public of problematic conduct or hastening the end of this presidency.  Since these are people who were affirmatively selected by the President or his closest aides, it is a remarkable role to take on after only a year of governance.

Trump himself is calling for an investigation, noting that only a small group was privy to the information.

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  1. So, as JT put it. . .an election widely denounced as a sham. . .and it was widely denounced as a sham because. . .? And, those, loudly denouncing the elections, as a sham, have what to gain by doing so? A sham, because many don’t like the results? A sham, because Jimmy Carter and some of his crooked and dishonest Klan pals were on the ground, in Russia, monitoring this election and detected widespread irregularities? A sham, because many don’t like the particular results? Seems like a very broad and general statement to delare without any real evidence. Remember, JT. . .that pesky, little thing called, evidence? I know. . .I know. . .in a time when every two-bit actress can claim that she was raped and abused, decades ago, and without a shred of evidence, of course accusations, with nothing to back them up, are now the new norm, but this was an election, in Russia. Irregularities? There are irregularities in every election. . .even in those which resulted in the election of Clinton and Obama. Irregularities are nothing new. That is a far cry from declaring an entire election to be a sham. Sounds a lot like sour grapes. I’m trying to understand just how JT and others are so convinced that the results of this election are a sham. Whether some of you like it or not, the fact of the matter is that Putin is widely popular in Russia. Yes, I know, that facts are inconvenient and uncomfortable, but Putin is massively popular in his country, for a multitude of reasons. Does it mean that I love Putin? Does it mean that I am a fan? No, and, no; however, the Russian propaganda machine, over the years, has presented Putin as strong, invincible, rugged, God-like and, yes, sexy. Remember the publication of those photos, sans shirt, horseback? A carefully crafted and manipulated image for the Russian people, not to mention, those around the world. News flash–we don’t get the chance to choose the leaders in other countries. Trump was correct in congratulating Putin. That’s what world leaders do. Funny, how Trump’s detractors consistently mock and condemn him for not acting with style, with grace, with presidential dignity. . .yet, when he behaves as a President should, given the circumstances, he is still condemned. Want to find the person or persons leaking info? Simple. Make a polygraph test mandatory for continued employment in the White House, today. Take it or you are out. The traitors, like cockaroaches, will run. Problem solved.

    1. Agree with everything you said, bam bam. How’s this:

      “…the Russian US propaganda machine, over the years, has presented PutinObama as strong, invincible, rugged, God-like and, yes, sexy. A carefully crafted and manipulated image for the RussianAmerican people, not to mention, those around the world.”

      I, for one, am happy to have a president who is willing to talk to other powerful world leaders. Communication is a good thing. Much better than sabre rattling and bombs.

      1. FFS – that old saying comes to mind – hold your friends close and your enemies even closer. Sane Americans do not want a conflict with Russia.

      2. Takin to keep Putin and hookers mouths shut. Today Melanie has three affair ladies in da news. Those Russian hookers could just blow da marriage of convenience to smithereeens

        1. OK – don’t care about Trump’s sex life – real or imagined – or his tax returns. What do I care about is the nefarious pay for play with the Clinton Foundation.


          Would Sarkozy and Weinstein have fallen if Hillary Clinton had been elected president? Was the prospect of her taking power previously protective? Are there other figures who have had their protective matrix weakened who were once thought to be untouchable? If so, who?


          John Key & Chris Finlayson in New Zealand are next. They wired $13 million of NZ tax payer money to the Clintons for protection. With Trump in the US and Ardern in NZ the priorities are shifting. In NZ expose the truth & destroy the chances of the corrupt @NZNationalParty in 2020

          1. So tiresome, Clinton’s have been investigated to death. Give it up, focus on your next victim. Remember real professionals do not let it get personal, comrade.

            1. Why aren’t the Trumpettes looking on the bright side: Somebody Trump endorses got reelected.

    2. Fatso and Putin are not “world leaders”. They are both con men who cheated to get what they want. Congratulating a thug who murders opponents and who cheats his way into office is contrary to US values. Great Britain is our closest ally. Putin sent minions there to murder an outspoken opponent and his daughter, not just to punish them, but to intimidate anyone else who might have similar ideas. Is it just me, or does the tactic of punishing people who speak truth to power and intimidation have a familiar ring?

      We should stand with Great Britain, not congratulating a murderer who should be hunted down and executed, preferably with the same nerve agent he used in England. Congratulating Putin, despite sound advice, is dumb, dumb, dumb, not “acting with style, with grace or Presidential dignity.”

      See, part of the disconnect is that people like you see a “President”. The majority of Americans, who voted against him, see a fat slob reality TV star who purchased a Slovenian model as arm candy, who brags about sexually assaulting women, a misogynist, racist xenophobe with ADD who cheats and who is the worst, chronic, serial liar in political history. We see a misfit who doesn’t belong in a position of power, who has shown no willingness to grow in the job. Every single day, he proves us right.

      1. re: “Is it just me, or does the tactic of punishing people who speak truth to power and intimidation have a familiar ring?”

        You mean like Seth Rich? Or Shaun Lucas? or John Ashe? or Klaus Eberwein? …. How many deaths are associated with the Clintons?

        1. None, other than those that Hannity and the ugly snark make up, and which gullible people like you are willing to believe. But for sane people, the answer is “none”.

          1. yo Nutchacha – HOW MANY PEOPLE ASSOCIATED WITH THE CLINTONS ARE DEAD? I just listed a few from the last 2 years. I don’t watch Hannity. Get my newz from Independent Media – they have insightful commentary and aren’t controlled by the Deep State corps And every day I wake up grateful that HRC is not our president.

      2. Natacha – Britain is the country that is claiming that 11-year-old girls consented to be gang-raped. They have also arrested the fathers of girls who tried to protect their daughters from being gang-raped. This same country refuses to identify the rapists as Muslim, while last week preventing 3 journalists from entering the country. They actually identified them as terrorists and held them for three days. Now one is being refused entrance for spreading race hatred, except Muslim isn’t a race, and it was part of an experiment.

        Muslims in Britain are gang-raping Christian girls, very young girls. And the cops and justice system are doing nothing about it. It is a huge scandal. I am not sure we should be standing with Great Britain. I am not so sure they were not partially behind the Steele Dossier.

  2. Whoever leaked this memo out did it to show the world that we have a unstable unfit incompetent in the White House.

    1. He or she knows Putin has somethin on T rump. Is it sex or money. I say both. If they could some women in Russia might be suin da porno pres.

      1. Why do you keep showing everyone your lack of writing skills? Don’t you have any self worth?

  3. This reminds me of the end of Apocalypse Now when Martin Sheen was getting ready to take out Brando. “Even the jungle wanted him….”

    The Democrats want Trump out.
    The Republicans want Trump out.
    Trump’s appointees want Trump out.
    Washington wants Trump out.
    The White House wants Trump out.
    Melania wants out……

      1. The only candidate endorsed by Trump who has thus far managed to get reelected: His old pal, Vlad.

    1. If I were Melania I would leak like T rump’s ruskie hookers. Impeachment could get her some relief.

      1. Sure they do but T rump gave em their tax cuts and their polluting dept. heads. They already got their biggies from T rump.

  4. I thought dialogue was important! Didn’t Obama just do that with the dictator/ torturer Fidel Castro! Aren’t we making headway in N Korea this way! I think Trump always has planned out strategies and has gurus around putting his plans to action and guiding every move!

  5. How freekin hard can it be to track down such leaks.
    You identify who knew what and when, and who had access to the original documents presented to the president.
    You start with that culled down group of people, and then check their communications to see if any news outlets on their recent communication list. You cross examine them asking them directly, and look for tells in their behavior. You look at their informal allegiances and see who is more likely to have done it.
    Even better, to ferret out the snitch, you give all the people who have access to some confidential material a slightly different version, make it too juicy to resist leaking, and the version that is leaked leads directly to the saboteur.

      1. I get it. Support Putin and the oligarchs of Russia — encourage them — in order to catch leakers.

        1. Olly’s ex-navy doncha know probably pre-all enlistment days thus not the best and brightest.

        2. No, I don’t believe you do. Trump congratulating Putin is apparently fooling his detractors but it won’t fool Putin. Putin didn’t hang up the phone and think, “he likes me, he really, really likes me and my totalitarian regime!”

  6. It may be Trump was giddy at how Putin won and hopes to apply the same technique in the 2020 election.

  7. So McCain said: President Trump insulted every Russian citizen who was denied the right to vote in a free and fair election.

    If the Russians are holding sham elections, then the Russian citizen’s have insulted themselves. Like it or not, President Trump must work with the world leaders their citizens allow to have power.

    1. How extraordinarily naive. Did America get the president they deserved? The majority didn’t vote for Trump. The anachronistic and discredited electoral college system did that. When the story is revealed of the American election and just precisely how the criminality was deployed by political actors in the dark arts,, I am sure that changes will be made and people held accountable in a court of law. As for Trump, well, in the spirit of Occam’s Razor, Trump is Putin’s quockerwodger, and destined to go down in infamy for his charlatanism and downright venality.

      1. Oh sure, America needs an updated electoral system, where Big States like California can add millions of illegals to their voter rolls to control the rest of the country! Gee, of course, that is what we should be doing.

        Squeeky Fromm
        Girl Reporter

      2. If the Dems don’t step away from their service to billionaire tech tyrants who are privatizing public schools (like Republicans are), they will find the way forward far more difficult than they presume. Public education is America’s most important common good. It is a unifier for the nation. The Dem establishment (corporate-funded Center for American Progress) shills for politicians who promote outside contractor schools with no elected school boards (charter schools as a replacement for the public school system). The politicians include Landrieu (La.), Pritzer (Ill.), Booker ( N.J.), Governors Cuomo and Raimondo (N.Y. and R.I. respectively), etc.

        The Dems comforted themselves with the message in the last election, “Who else are teachers and unions going to vote for if not the Democratic candidate?” The voters showed them by jumping from the frying pan into the fire. They knew Republicans would rob them and leave them by the road dying. But, they were tired of Dems being like an abusive boyfriend who bad mouthed them to his friends and stole money from their purses.

      3. Thankfully we didn’t get Hillary Clinton. And last I checked, candidate Trump did win the election. Maybe you need to review our laws.

      4. How extraordinarily naive.

        LOL! Naive would be whining about the Electoral College failing your candidate rather than your candidate failing the Electoral College.

        Try again.

    2. McCain needs to STFU. How bout he release the MIA records he has denied fellow citizens access to.

  8. Misguided Churchill did congratulate mass murderer Stalin on several occasions so what’s all the hype.

    1. bernard

      Trump wants peaceful relations with Russia. According to most opinion polls, the public wants to reduce spending on our military. The MIC and its supporters want more wars. Hence the tension and pressure on Trump to adopt a more aggressive attitude towards Russia

      1. Well, that’s it in a nutshell, bill. You nailed it in 4 sentences.
        Good job.

        1. Well then why has T rump increased da military budget? To bomb Iran And North Korea

            1. T rump Jared and da Saudi Prince plan to profit off war in da Mideast. Da prince said Jared is in his pocket. T rump is in Putin’s pocket. Da T rump Kushner dynasty sure owes s lot a people here there everywhere.

  9. Several international leaders congratulated the pu**y grabber in chief for his “election”.

  10. This is about the hundredth time the professor has described the president’s behavior as baffling. It’s only baffling if your willingly wearing blinders about his complete moral bankruptcy, fetishized notion of authoritarian regimes, and his path to the White House. There are clearly people in his own administration seeing the decay he’s brought to the office who are sending up rescue flairs before the whole ship of state goes under. And by the way, when has there been a Sarah Huckleberry Sanders press conference that wasn’t painful?

    1. It’s painful because you, along with the so-called, progressive, others in your camp, may falsely claim to love and support strong, assertive women, yet, in reality, you only love and support strong and assertive women who spout your point of view. Let a woman, from the other side of the isle, with a mind, as sharp as a tack, and a mouth, which tolerates no fools, get behind a podium and reduce the sniveling press to fools, and, of course, it is painful. Suddenly, the narrative changes. This strong woman is now a b#tch. This assertive woman, who is smart and quick, is ridiculed for her makeup, her clothes and her weight. Yeah. All bets are off when you don’t agree with a woman. She is reduced to a b#tch, who is fat and ugly. Quite ironic, to say the least.

        1. So says the p#ssy coward of the blog, who denigrates another, like Oly, for having served his country, in the Navy, declaring him not to be too bright. Right.

          Fat and ugly? That would be yo mamma.

            1. Even that comparison, Olly, is giving that twit far too much credit. At least, whatever a dog leaves behind, has a purpose. . .has a benefit. . .it acts as a fertilizer. It gives something back to the earth. Something useful. Contributes, something. YNOT doesn’t even rise to the level of dog poo. Nothing to contribute. Nothing useful. You gotta find something less redeeming than dog poo to make a comparison.

              1. Bam Bam, sorry, I was far too generous to YNOT. That is part of my good-natured personality.

      1. I’d have the same opinion if she was a man. But nice try. My critique has to to with her attacks on the press, and her general obfuscation on many important issues. To her credit she has an almost impossible job making sense of the constantly shifting and contradictory messages coming from the White House. So take a deep breath, read my original post again, and just like that early nineties movie that everyone remembers, the one where Shaquille O’Neil played the genie, you’ll find that a sexist attack just isn’t there. It never happened. psychiatrists call it “projection”. Have a super day.

        1. I know what you wrote. I understand what you wrote. Get a grip. Nice try, or, should I say, a pathetic attempt on your end to deflect. It doesn’t work. No need to take a deep breath. It is quite clear. Having a strong, brilliant and fearless woman, chew the sniveling and rancid press up, like yesterday’s mashed potatoes, has got to be painful. Awfully painful. It must be excruciating, as she reduces these snot-nosed, know-nothing, vermin to dust. She is, after all, a measly woman, and, not a very slim one, at that. And, not a very pretty one, at that. Yes. It must be torture to watch the press have their lunches, handed to them, by a woman who takes no prisoners. I understand your pain.

      2. BB – excellent comment!! Those losers consider women who refused to vote for HRC to be self haters and “husband led”

  11. Sarcastic. But. If you met the Pope and you were not a Catholic you still might say Great Job At The Vatican! Maybe you do not mean it but it is courteous. When I am at a dinner with other folks and they say a prayer before they eat their apCray food I might say Amen when they are done with the prayer even though I do not believe in God. I believe in Dog but if Dog is in the room I just give him a nod. And tell him to Seig Heil.

    1. Next time say, “Awomen”. And make note that it was probably women who purchased, the food, prepared it, and served it, so they deserve thanks.

      1. The word, and the manner in which it is used, in English, has no connection to, MEN. The word is not associated with, MEN. It would make no sense, with regard to the word, to praise WOMEN, instead. I suppose that concept is lost on you, who only hears the word, MEN, as a part of a word unassociated with any gender. Yeah. I know. Way, way above your head.

  12. Sarah Sanders, “when Russia stepped out of place”, which did not include poisoning a man and his daughter living in England. Trump’s goal is to tell Putin and those working for him that whatever Russia does in Europe and America, it will be viewed by the Whitehouse through a lens of forgiveness and mindless good cheer, the way one would treat a creditor holding prosecutable information.

  13. It’s the court of the Medicis all over again, I’d handle it like the Medicis did if I were Trump. Maybe tone down the banishments and poisonings in favor of a prosecution or two.

  14. Isn’t this childishness below even you? Have you not heard of veiled sarcasm? President Trump knows exactly what he is doing at all times and his advisitory minions just don’t understand the brilliance of their boss.

    1. You’re right Holmes. If Turley picks up the slant, its spin. Either Trump can’t identify “good people” to place on his staff. Or, more likely, the conservatives are plotting for the future. The richest 0.1% want Koch’s man Pence in power rather than a populist panderer. When Pence is in, the PR message will be, “America needs stability. One president of the people was already driven out, don’t rock the boat by scrutinizing Pence.”
      Americans, tired of the drama, will welcome the respite.

      1. When 17 candidates where running for POTUS , Koch brothers where asked who they liked, they said Pence……Pence was not in the group of 17. And you are right, the MSM WILL defuse and deflect any bad talk about Pence because of healing the nations wounds. Or any other talking point they come up with.

        1. Yep, FW.
          The Koch’s crash and burn plans for their possessions, like the U.S. colony, are consistent with evil, powerful men, as they near their inevitable deaths from old age -can’t take the possessions with them, no heirs that they care about– the ultimate FU- no planet, no common decency… the Kochtopus’ Lord of the Flies until it ends.

          1. If you are going to use the family name, Koch, incessantly, perhaps it might be time to ascertain as to how to write the family name correctly? The Koch’s. . .as in, the many members belonging to the Koch family? Try to find out how to write and spell whatever lunacy that you are trying to convey, correctly. If you are unable to do so, stop assaulting our eyeballs with your idiocy.

            1. Bam Bam, your advice to Linda is good advice, but will she take it? Of course not. Her constant repetition of Koch phrases represent an unhinged ideological vision but it almost mimics palilalia in written form.

              1. When the Koch’s slash their political spending and use business profits consistent with free markets, i.e. improving products and lowering prices, the disparagements will cease.
                When Allan and bam bam allocate their time to defending two billionaire brothers, who are making a deposit of $400,000,000 on mid-term elections, and they do it without pay, they are stupid.
                When Allan and bam bam defend ALEC for making the U.S. the most incarcerated population in the world, they are indecent people.
                When Allan and bam bam defend an anemic 2.2% average 5-year economic growth record, which the Koch’s boast as success, they prove they are unAmerican toadies.

                1. Linda, I neither defend nor accuse the Koch brothers of anything. I defend our Constitution, our Republic, and the free marketplace. I call Stalinists out for what they are; liars and killers. How far you have degenerated into that ideology I can’t guess, but it is clear you have descended down that road and you will libel and slander anyone that interferes with your path.

                  Anytime you wish to discuss the oligarchs, the Koch’s or Soros I am more than willing. But the cr-p that you lay out on this blog is nothing more than a mishmash of talking points that represent a person more prone to repetition than to actual discussion.

                2. Linda – wasn’t that the growth rate under Obama? Are you saying our former President is unAmerican?

                  1. The richest 0.1% determine economic growth in an oligarchy. The U.S. is an oligarchy as proven by the research of Princeton Prof. Martin Gilens.
                    $400,000,000 spent by the Koch’s, in the 2018 midterm elections, is unrivaled. The view of two brothers, shown in all polls to be out of main stream thinking, is reflected in the vice presidency of Mike Pence and Trump’s cabinet.
                    I respect millions of workers who join collectives to cobble together money, hoping to increase their share of national income from its current position as lowest in recorded U.S. history and, to stop the progression of the brand of colonialism favored by those like Facebook board members, Andreeson, Hastings and Thiel.

                    1. Linda – Barack Obama’s thinking has been shown to be out of the mainstream thinking. And the new photos of him that have been suppressed for years are helping explain his thought process. Soros is also out of the mainstream thinking. As are Bezos, Zuckerberg, Gates, etc.

                    2. An academic theory, widely cintested, is not proof.
                      Quoting or xiting Gilen another hundred times won’t turn it into “proof”, either.
                      What you believe to be true is not necessarily “proof”..,hate to break that to ya,

                    3. Linda who can’t admit when she is wrong keeps bringing up the Koch name. She accused the father Fred of being in cahoots with Stalin. But, as usual, she was wrong and twisted the story. From WaPo: ” Fred Koch was such a staunch anti-communist that he distributed at least 2.6 million copies of a pamphlet he wrote, “A Business Man Looks at Communism,” to every weekly newspaper in the country, among other recipients. Linda I believe also says they supported a bunch of wars. Charles Koch was against the Vietnam war and a bunch of others that occurred afterward.

                      One thing is certain, Linda’s statements are frequently lies or gross distortions. That is what one expects from the Stalinist type.

                    4. The John Birch society fell into disfavor long ago. Their views have only held sway in, say, the last 5 years when huge amounts of money funded or targeted various issue and candidate campaigns?
                      Gates is a politically active, villainthropist, with outsized, unpopular, views on education.
                      Wealthy people living in the states with the most regressive tax systems in the nation, who spend in other states to influence their elections reflects donor class control of government.
                      BTW- Tennessee’s 99% had a big win against their billionaire governor. With luck, the 99% will have a win against the two billionaire candidates running for Illinois Governor.

                    5. Aaaa, Allan, you’ve got to be making this stuff up. So, you’re saying that Fred, takes profits from the Russian people under Stalin’s regime, then self-publishes his own ramblings and distributes them, to the tune of 2.6 mil. copies, to those same people?
                      Then, his sons drive down the wages of labor to the lowest point in U.S. recorded history. And, while at it, they fund a foundation, whose founder (Weyrich) reportedly expected followers to use the appearance of brutality to advance the cause of even lower wages for labor? ALEC’s laws leading to the U.S. as the most incarcerated population in the world, where do they fit in? Don’t tell me. I’m already on the floor laughing at the absurdity. It’s like the comedic skits of Andy Griffith explaining the novelty of football when it was first introduced and Bob Newhart explaining tobacco, the first time a crop was used for smoking.

                    6. “Allan, you’ve got to be making this stuff up. ”

                      Let’s not go crazy Linda. I posted a quote from the Washington Post. You are spewing misinformation. By now I think most people have learned not to trust what you say. Understand there are things that you say that concern me as well, but trying to extract the few good tidbits from the shithole you create is very difficult.

                      I don’t know that his sons drove wages down. According to what I read at Wikipedia, a left-leaning site, they were paying high wages and had good relationships with their unionized Georgia Pacific workers. Maybe you want to explain?

                      “Don’t tell me. I’m already on the floor laughing” It sounds more like you are on the floor having an epileptic fit which leaves you with a memory loss.

                    7. Thank you Allan for illustrating for the class, what business is, via the description of the relationship between employees and Koch companies.
                      Now, please illustrate oligarchy.
                      Hints: (1) ALEC (2) Two brothers spending $400,000,000 on midterm elections (3) Walton heirs spending $1 bil. to privatize America’s most important common good (4) Bill Gates spending $1+ bil. to privatize public education while being an investor in the largest for-profit seller of schools-in-a-box.

                    8. “Thank you Allan for illustrating for the class…”

                      Linda, I just presented a few facts having to do with the Koch’s that differ from what you pretend to be facts. My facts came from Wikipedia, the Washington Post and elsewhere. You confuse correlation with causation and feel that you can simply shout “oligarch” and that makes whatever you wish to be true. It doesn’t. It just makes others look around for the one making such a foolish racket.

                      You have to be a little bit more detailed in your complaints. One or two repetitive words is not enough to build a case.

                  2. No, Paul.
                    She’she’ssaying that it’s the Koch’s fault,
                    I think she may have covered this a few hundred times before.😴😴😴😴

        2. FW – and Pence is pro TPP. Obama is currently Down Under in New Zealand and going on to Australia and Singapore — all of which signed on to the TPP. Interesting given how hard he pushed it.

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