Florida Man Registers A .316 BAL After Crashing In Mailboxes and Other Cars

1521665101861The happy and amazed mugshot of Collin James Daniel, 24, may reflect the fact that he is lucky to be alive.  The Spring Hill (FL) man registered a blood alcohol level at .316.  He was spotted by an aviation unit driving erratically in an apartment complex and things only got worse.

Daniel crashed his Toyota Scion into mailboxes and other vehicles. He then parked and got into an argument with a man walking his dog. When the man threatened to let loose his German Shepard on Daniel, he ran away and was later found lying on his back between to large air conditioning units.

We have discussed one individual who blew a .20 but Daniel overshot that record by a considerable degree. A .35 BAL is considered a lethal level of alcohol in the bloodstream.

The legal limit in Florida is .08 percent.

Once sobered up, the police informed Daniel that he is now charged with DUI and battery.

22 thoughts on “Florida Man Registers A .316 BAL After Crashing In Mailboxes and Other Cars”

  1. This is the best topic posted by Turley by far, due solely to the comment section. Well done, people!

  2. Oh, my gosh. That’s the face of someone who’s poisoned himself. He’s too young to throw his life away, and no one voted to let him throw theirs away, either. That’s frightening that he was driving. I hate drunk drivers. One killed an absolutely wonderful young man in my husband’s family. He was loved by all, his whole life ahead of him. He hadn’t even graduated high school yet. He missed out on everything, and his family will never get over it or recover, because someone was selfish and drove drunk.

    I get that people have many reasons they become alcoholics. I doubt someone would blow a .35 and survive unless they were an alcohol. They do not have the right to kill other people. If you are out of control, get help. If you won’t get help, then stop driving. If you have the money to put your BAL to .35, then you have the money to get a ride. Get dropped off so you can’t drive back drunk.

    1. Save a life, even if you can’t save your own from alcohol. Leave your keys at home.

  3. when i was a medical student in the late 70s, i had read (and firmly) that a 400 level of alcohol was lethal… then i started working in the ER of a major metropolitan public hospital. one of my first patients was “sleeping it off” while i awaited his lab work. he had an 1176 alcohol level and was merely sleepy and peevish if disturbed. i was confounded by the facts as pronounced by Harrison’s text of medicine and the real life facts of the ER. I started to freak a bit until my resident told me the real facts. this dude is probably no strager to alcohol. lol

    1. Some properly situated decimal points would make this anecdote more intelligible. Doc.

  4. Looking @ his mug shot, I would check his double wide trailer for a crystal meth lab.

      1. Karen, I believe so. And it would also explain the extreme BAC w/o passing out.

  5. Why cant Hillary have this much fun? This guy is flying high and clearly immature. Hillary, like Michelle O, keeps hitting low and lower and lower.

    It doesnt take much to just smile and laugh. This young woman is adorable and just going with it without alcohol one presumes!

    Might we all learn from her


    1. William Bayer – thanks for all the mug shots. Two, of course, are standouts. Nick Nolte and Tiger Woods. I had forgotten how bad Woods looked in his booking photo. Nolte looks like that all the time. 😉 I designed the lights for a show he was in in Phoenix that then when to the Pasadena Playhouse where he was “seen”. He then became an infamous movie star.

    1. The reality is he didn’t just stumble upon that .316.
      You know Paul it just doesn’t get to 115 overnight.
      It takes a few days at 100+ to build to that level of heat.
      He was probabaly a reasonably good driver when he was in the <.20 zone.
      Sad someone didn't help this guy sooner.

  6. IIRC Putin congratulated President Trump for putting it to the Hildabitch, so simple courtesy would dictate a similar congratulation. Besides, since when does the leader of the free world need instructions from underlings, especially leaky ones.

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