“By The Book”: Wray Pushes Back Suggestions That Andrew McCabe Was Forced Out For Political Reasons

440px-Chris_Wray_official_photoWhile various networks have advanced narratives of former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe being fired as part of a Trump bloodlust, FBI Director Christopher Wray weighed in this week to say that he acted without any political influence.  Wray, who has been widely credited as being completely independent and apolitical, supported the view that McCabe was fired for true cause.  Wray pushed McCabe out after reportedly reading the conclusions of the Inspector General’s report.

It was Wray who acted before Attorney General Jeff Sessions in forcing McCabe out of the FBI — pushing him into a terminal leave.  He pushed back on the notion that he acted with any other motive than deciding “by the book.”

He told NBC News: “My commitment to making sure that our process is followed, that it relies on objective input, and that most importantly, it is not based on political or partisan influence is something I am utterly unyielding on.”

NBC reported that McCabe’s firing meant that he would not receive “his full pension.”  It appears that the media is no longer suggesting that McCabe has lost his pension. Indeed, as I have discussed, he will likely receive an almost $2 million pension.

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  1. Georege W. Bush used to get blamed for everything by lefty media dems. Now same is happening on steroids to Trump being blamed for a rogue FBI employee getting canned. Chelsey Handler Handler blamed California wildfires earlier this year on Trump. Lefties are so delusional they cannot even string together common sense logic. I saw April Ryan earlier this week on CNN where she acknowledged that after all this time Mueller probably wont get Trump on collusion. However she ascertained that he will get him for obstruction of justice. Problem is that if there is no collusion/crime attributable to Trump then how could he have obstructed justice. From a change in personnel standpoint, side by side comparison of Comey and Wray points to good decision to have made the change. Comey too emotive, leaky, and sanctimonious. Wray quiet and not hesitant to do some dirty work such as taking part in ousting leaky, dishonest, and conflict-laden McCabe.

    1. Really , Wray has been doing his best to hide crimes of FBI ! I can’t stand this smug character more than his predecessors !

    1. Rand Paul didn’t even recognize the threat from the guy next door on his lawnmower.

      Where was Rand when Nunes closed up shop early on the Russia investigation?

      Laura Ingraham,…really?

  2. Spooks & oligarchs openly infused with Dims – a perspective from the Indie Left (language warning for pearl clutchers)

    1. Da Saudi Prince has Jared in his pocket and Putin has Da father in
      Law T rump in his. Mueller is following da dirty money in da laundry and so are we. We will not surrender to da. T rump Kushner dynasty kleptocracy.

    2. No left I know like Jared da Saudi Price T rump or Putin. We know they are out to rob us of our rights and resources.

  3. Christopher Wray is such a dedicated and proficient sleuth that he knew absolutely nothing about and had absolutely nothing to do with the pervasive corruption in the FBI.

    America knows the insidious corruption the directorship of the FBI has wrought. All high ranking officials of the FBI must be replaced and prosecuted.

  4. we do not need to be convincing anyone of this fact. McCabe was fired due to his own hubris, and James Comey is next

    The Main Screed Media is no longer framing the narrative for Americans. Their credibility is worse than that of the Clintons. The days of “All the President’s Men” ala Bernstein and Woodward are beyond our timeline. WaPo, NYT, CNN, ad nauseum ad infinitum are as moribund as Hillary’s viability as a career politician. Put a fork in them, they are done.

    Fox News, Drudge Report, Breitbart, etc (shameless click/bait websites and histrionic revenue driven organizations like all the others on the Left) have given Americans alternatives for their news consumption

    The verdict has been read and Americans are responding accordingly to the main stream media.
    They have been trounced with cancellation of subscriptions, skewered by national surveys and gored by American fighting mad that are fed up with their blind ambition and arrogance


    1. the liberals will never understand your proof. they are still waiting for Hillary to come back.but you hit it right on the head.

  5. Doesn’t matter, we don’t need him or the department anymore. Time to foreclose on these departments that just run up spending with no benefit to society. Or, that apparently harm the core of society, in this particular case.

  6. Comey’s background was too plebeian for the conservatives. The privileged Wray makes for a better fit. In governments of the people, by the people and for the people, civil servants are one, of the people. In oligarchies, they are from the richest 0.1%.
    (Comey was old school Republican before the party became the Koch Party. The past few years Comey’s been an independent.)

    Admission to Trump’s swamp is pedigree bought with money i.e. rich White trash like Erik Prince and Mnuchin. Mnuchin took 8 trips between spring and fall of 2017 that cost taxpayers $1,000,000. Presumably the trips were necessary so that he could inflict the Koch economic agenda on the 99%.

      1. Aspblom,
        While Linda might come off as a racist, she just doesn’t like wealthy conservatives.

        1. Despise wealthy conservatives who (1) hypocritically refer to themselves as free market while stacking an economy to guarantee monopoly and oligopoly business (2) who spend consumer dollars to create an oligarchy, destroying democracy (3) whose politicians run interference for Putin’s election tampering, threatening U.S. national sovereignty (Republicans on the House Committee asked Cambridge Analytic’a CEO, Nix, 3 questions, total time “5 min. done”, as reported by UK’s Channel 4 transcripts of recordings)

          1. Yes, let’s behead all of these tyrants! Let the neo-Soviet republic ensue! Who’s with me??… well… anyone???

            1. Putin’s neo-Soviet government?- that play is already in the game …ask Nunes, Trump, Flynn, Kushner, Cambridge Analytic, Facebook and Rohrbacher.

              If you like oligarchies, Princeton Prof. Martin Gilens documented the U.S., as one and the same.

              1. The authoritarian push really started under W. Obama ramped it up, especially with that second term pen of his (I guess you fail to remember that), and now we see the communist philosophy pushing against a mainly middle of the road Democrat-type President who was rejected by sitting federal employees. But we know from history if we stick to our wills, your lot will eat itself. We see the SJW crowd already dividing and attacking each other. I am not a Trump supporter. Just hope he does smash government down a few pegs before he leaves, which he will, sooner or later. Meanwhile, you Democrats offer nothing but “Ken-type” of input… “we good, we ain’t got hookers…” and that seems to be it. I know Kennedy probably seems like Mussolini to you far lefties now, but how about a little looking ahead with some grand ideas? Oh, I forgot about who I was talking too again… see the link about Elizabeth Warren. I realize now I ask too much, but I always like to be hopeful.
                Meanwhile, keep tearing down… tally ho!

                1. slo-
                  You relying on the Koch’s NFIB, ALEC and the rest of the Kochtopus to turn America into a free market and, away from monopoly and oligopoly? Good luck with that. They’re the ones spending $400,000,000 on the elections, not a phantom communist party. The richest 0.1% only use that schtick to dupe the stupid.

                  1. You need to read up. This is world-wide situation, and there are bigger actors than the kochs. Way bigger. Just have to open your eyes and accept it. Kochs are nothing compared to the Democratic string-pullers, international banking. Causing the geopolitical strife world wide, and you lot just keep taking the bait.

                    1. slohrss29, good points all! Banks are far more evil than the Koch bros as they are behind the corporate control trying to override our sovereignty. The more worldwide chaos the more they benefit. Rule of law does not apply to them as they are “too big to fail and too big to jail” — these people have no allegiance to any nation. Profit ueber alles.

                    2. Autumn at 2:02. I don’t see why it’s so hard to understand. The pan national banks and companies, as well as NGOs, and the MIC, answer to no one. The amount of mischief Soros has been able to generate is just amazing. And he’s just one. I guess if you depend on legacy media–the communication channels for these organizations (heck, I thought it was common knowledge that the defense industry owned many of these…), you’re going to barf out the narrative as we see here daily. We’ll hope that at least Trump is doing what I read about a while back–one way to drain the swamp is to pull them from public office into a cabinet position, then fire them. It appears to remove them from the revolving door. Seems to explain the last couple. I hope there are more coming.

                  1. (1) “Washington Voting Rights Act, a New Dawn for American Democracy” (2) a huge win against the Tennessee privatization cabal (3) the Parkland-led student protests, and (4) Mueller’s investigation with its linked FBI searches, give us reason to speculate that the Uihlein/Koch one-half $ billion spent on the 2018 midterms will be a bust, similar to the Mercer Bannon debacle.

                    An example should be made of the oligarch toadies, one that aligns with the lessons in the Weyrich training manual.

              2. Prof. Gilens theories are widely challenged.
                You’ve used words likev”proof” in reference to Gilen’s supposed conclusion that the U.S. is an oligarchy, or words like “documented”.
                It is, instead, a view expressed by Gilen and others that is far from universally accepted.
                The fact that you eat that stuff up ahould not delude you into thinking that Gilen’s views are established fact.
                Even the Huffington Postsaid “not so fast”in conclyding that the U.S. was an oligarchy.

    1. re: “Comey’s background was too plebeian for the conservatives” wtf?

      Have you looked at the folks Obama surrounded himself with? Or HRC? Or even Bubba once he shrugged off the Arkansas hick image?

      This is not a partisan thang. congress critters prefer the wealthy and connected. Yalies especially seem to dominate..

  7. Christopher Wray- a man of the people’s oligarchy…attended Buckley School ($36,000 a year), attended Phillips Academy ($40-$50,000 a year) then, Yale. Starts on 3rd base then, gets appointed by Trump and praised by conservative bloggers- no surprise.

    1. That bio of FBI Director Wray sounds somewhat similar to the bio of Robert Mueller, whose father was an executive for Dupont.
      Both from affluent families, attended exclusive schools, etc.— therefore, they must be “of the oligarchy” by Linda’s “reasoning”.

      1. Unlike Wray, Mueller served his country while in the military. Mueller had acquaintance with some of the 99%. That, of course, distinguishes him from draft avoider and POW disparager, Cadet Trump. Trump’s knowledge of the 99% appears to be isolated to sex workers?

        1. Probably why you were rooting for Roy Moore over Doug Jones in the Senate race…Moore served in Vietnam, too.
          Mueller deserves recognition for his service in the military, but that factor does not somehow make him superior to the current FBI Director, Wray.

          1. Mueller’s relative value in his current position is based on his draining of the swamp (with more to come).

            In a, which is “superior”, beauty contest between Wray and Mueller (a discrimination well-known to Trump), Wray would win, earning a spot on the stage of the Apprentice or Mr. Universe pageant.

            The Nash/Turley defense of Wray is worrisome.

            1. I should know better than to ask you a question, Linda, because you never answer.
              Anyway, here goes; what is your specific objection to Wray’s leadership at the FBI so far?
              Try answering without the words “oligarchy”, Koch”, “top .1%”, “false equivalencies”, “the Waltons”, etc.
              I realize that’s a hell of a restruction for you, but just for once, surprize everyone and answer a question without going off on one of your Tina Fey impressions.

              1. “The Nash/Turley defense of Wray is worrisome”.
                The fact that Linda is off her meds is more worrisome.

          1. also Obama never served – maybe that’s why he showed such disdain for the troops.

      2. 🙂 If Linda had reasoning she would also have an ounce of objectivity. The fact her hostility towards wealthy people is completely partisan undermines any rational desire to be perceived as principled.

        1. Actually, she is involved in incitement of hostility toward White people.

            1. Wow. Readers see that objective observations on behavior (incitement to hostility) is not wallowing. Obviously, for you writing these comments substitutes for the whole in your life. Too bad people get lured into your fantasy world

              1. Aspblom claims that incitement to hostility is an objective observation, rather than a subjective one. The trouble with Aspblom’s claim is that an objective observer would easily recognize that the defensive reactions of White people to criticism of White people is not admissible as evidence of incitement to hostility against White people unless the White people at issue were already hopelessly wallowing in self-pity on account of their Whiteness.

                1. Diane – looks like you are projecting again. You are beginning to lose contact with reality.

            2. Sad Cadet Trump- couldn’t serve in the military because of bone spurs. Sad businessman Trump who inherited a $1 mil. -bitter about being denied the perks being a minority owned business. Sad, horny Trump- compelled to pay women from the 99% for sex (a friend/ lawyer paid for the sex worker’s silence because that’s what a member of the noble law profession does… he takes equity from his home to pay a billionaire client’s prostitute, never expecting to be repaid.

              1. y’all are really really hung up on Trump’s sex life. Some men like a variety of partners — (as do some women) — and whether they buy services or not what difference does it make? Also, surely you’ve heard of the Mayflower Madam and Xaviera Hollander – I bet they were not in the 99%.

          1. I understand your point John but she is more hostile towards conservatives and their values. You won’t find her hating on White liberals for instance and certainly not those with wealth. Overall, she comes across as bat-$hit crazy.

            1. Only the 99% are bat-$hit crazy to Oilly- it illustrates his concept of objectivity.

      3. TN – Du Pont ugh! Responsible for poisoning citizens with carcinogens across the nation. No wonder Mueller has no morals.

        And Biden’s son as AG let a chester the molester Dupont heir who abused his young daughter off the hook.

        “Biden also defended Superior Court Judge Jan Jurden, who noted in her sentencing order that the wealthy father “will not fare well” in prison.” Some people are just too too fragile to survive in jail. Especially if they are rich and connected. It’s a club and we ain’t in it!


      1. The turquoise Linda, in reality, is probably a catfishing man, without verbal skills, sitting in his basement or, is a Russian bot working in Kosovo. Sad.

        1. I don’t know, Turquoise Linda appears capable of posting without mentioning the Kochs, the .1%, “oligarchy”, or the Walton heirs. So her verbal skills are certainly superior to the Orange Linda.

          1. Nor, posting words with more than two syllables. Possibly, turquoise Linda is Trump.

  8. Turley wrote, “It was Wray who acted before Attorney General Jeff Sessions in forcing McCabe out of the FBI — pushing him into a terminal leave. He pushed back on the notion that he acted with any other motive than deciding ‘by the book.'”

    Wray’s motive for taking action against McCabe is utterly irrelevant to Trump’s motive for waging a propaganda and disinformation campaign against the FBI, the DOJ and the OSC that is a continuation of Trump’s previous propaganda and disinformation strategy throughout his 2016 campaign for president to the effect that “the system is rigged,” and “[HRC] never should’ve been allowed to run,” and the rank and file of the FBI have been demoralized by the disgraceful corruption of its national leadership in failing to jail his political opponent–“Crooked H; lock her up.”

    And don’t forget Trump’s constant, relentless, merciless, yearlong harangue against Attorney General Sessions for having deprived Trump of the protection Trump demands from his Apprentices. Turley has suddenly lost his interest in the distinction between the letter of the law versus the spirit of the law.

    Wray’s integrity provides no more cover for Trump to hide behind than does the transparent edifice of Trump’s collosal tweetwalling campaign against the FBI, the DOJ and the OSC. Nixon tried that, too; you know. It’s not going to work for Trump any better than it worked for Nixon just because Trump has Twitter to work with while Nixon was stuck with Spiro Agnew. Poor Tricky Dick.Trump remains sorely in need of an actual legal defense–not more fake tweetwall defensiveness based upon smearing the special counsel’s investigation into Trump’s financial transactions with Russians and Russia.

    Mueller is at the gates. And Trump’s still tweetwalling his innocence. Stupid is as stupid tweets.

    1. Diane – the barbarians (Mueller) did not always successful storm the gates. Mueller is tied to Whitey Bulger and a couple of other major disasters that went south for the FBI/DOJ. Don’t think Mueller is squeaky clean, he is not.

      1. Ah-ha! I see it clearly now. It’s the very concept of relevance that is irrelevant to Paul C. Schulte.

        1. Diane – you see Mueller as some kind of white knight who is going to ride in and kill the evil dragon, Trump. The problem is that Mueller is not a white knight and has never slain a real dragon. Trump has added an attorney to his team who knows how to play Mueller’s reindeer games. Fun times should ensue.

            1. Diane – he has been deterred many times. He has also withheld exculpatory evidence, as has one of the attorneys working with him. Both have won in the lower courts but lost big time on appeal.

  9. The pension fake news was a bit much. On the other hand the amount he is owed for his pension is too much.

    1. The $400,000,000 that two Koch Bros. are spending on election 2018, is too much, particularly when the money is derived from consumer dollars. Adam Smith is turning over in his grave at the corruption of free market principles by America’s richest 0.1%.

  10. I would like to see Comey arrested at one of his book signings. It would do my heart good. Anyone who has really been following this knows what the real story is. McCabe is in criminal jeopardy, as is Comey. As are several others. That IG report better drop soon.

    1. Trump hired Rosenstein. Trump fired Comey. Rosentein hired Mueller. Trump has not fired Rosenstein. Trump has not fired Mueller. Did Trump conspire with the deep state to launch a partisan, political witch hunt aimed at overturning the results of the 2016 election that Trump won??? Why would Trump conspire against himself for the sake of furthering the partisan, political witch-hunt deep-state conspiracy to conduct a slow-as-molasses coup d’état against Trump?

      Did Comey trick Trump into firing Comey???

  11. Certainly not surprising the fake uproar over McCabe’s firing. Wray walked him out of the building a while back. What did everyone think that meant? It was reported then that it was because of the IG’s report.

    I presently have little faith that McCabe will be criminally charged as he should be, but at least it was worth witnessing the angst portrayed last weekend.

    Too bad Comey was already fired, as he could have been the next one to do the ‘walk’.

    1. Retroactive anachronism: Trump had to fire Comey because the Inspector General’s report was eventually, inevitably going to find fault with McCabe, who was Comey’s second in command at the FBI. Do you Trumpettes really, really, truly, truly believe your own chop-logic? Well . . . Do you, Peterman?

      1. L4D,
        Who do you think you’re kidding? Logic? Reason? You malign anyone as a trumpette that dares to suggest there are clear violations of the law by people other than what is alleged against Trump. Sure, you’ll continue to rack up frequent posting miles on this blog in that effort and yet fail to see your anti-Trump fervor is equally as bad at the most ardent trumpette. There’s a 3rd option of commentary on this blog and that comes from those that actually want equal justice applied. It’s neither Left or Right, Liberal or Conservative, Democrat or Republican. It comes from those that believe no one is above the law. Your lack of objectivity in that regard makes your commentary illogical and unreasonable.

        1. Olly, you’re dodging the issue, ineffectively. Trump fired Comey long before the Inspector General found fault with McCabe’s answers to their investigators questions. Unless you and Peterman are suggesting that Trump somehow knew ahead of time that Comey would eventually have to have been fired anyway for authorizing McCabe’s leak to the WSJ, then . . . You know what, there is no logical, reasonable conclusion to that sentence, Chief. It’s retroactive anachronism. And that is, in fact, chop logic.

          1. Nope. While you drone on regarding the timing, it’s the conduct of these career public servants is what warranted their firing.

            1. Making an authorized leak to the press to correct a fake news story planted in the press does not warrant firing. Daring to defend the reputation of the FBI when that reputation is under attack from fake news stories planted in the press does not warrant firing. If you’re truly interested in your beloved rule of law, you’ll eagerly await the revelation of the names of the people who planted those fake news stories in the press. Gee, I wonder who those people will be?

      2. Sorry to take so long to get back, L4D. You take a comment that I make and do your damnest to twist into what you wrote?

        But that is your pattern and why you come up with all these conspiracies that Pres. Trump has dangled in. First it was collusion with Russia, then its obstruction, then its money laundering, then its a meeting in the Seychelles, lastly was Cambridge Analytics.

        Try looking logically at what happened during the election. The ONLY crime was the hacking of the Podesta emails. That’s it. We never got Hillary’s emails, no one was caught breaking into the DNC offices.

        You’ve twisted yourself into all these theories and they’re all based on speculation. You are never accepting of reasonable explanations.

        So now, I make an off the cuff comment and I’m a Trumpette. I am so glad I don’t have to live inside your head.

        1. Trump fired Comey before Rosenstein appointed Mueller because Trump fired Comey. Trump did not fire Comey because McCabe authorized a leak to the WSJ. Sessions’ firing of McCabe has no conceivably logical connection to Trump’s firing of Comey. None whatsoever.

          P. S. By all means, please feel free to make as many off the cuff statements as you’d like. I shall patiently lie in wait anticipating my next ambuscade.

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