“Are You Going To Cry To Ya Mommy?” New York Police Search For Man Who Attacked Five-Year-Old Boy In Subway


New York police are looking for this man in a truly incomprehensible crime.  At 4:30 pm, a mother and her child were waiting for a train at the Bergen Street Station in Brooklyn when this man allegedly walked up and punched a five-year-old boy in the face.  According to New York Daily News he then yelled at the boy, “Are you going to cry to ya’ mommy?”

The boy was left with bruising and swelling.  The suspect was described as a man about 6 feet tall, 160 pounds with a medium build, short black hair and mustache.

The assumption is that there is some mental condition in such cases since no one of right mind would attack a small child in this way. However, we just discussed to people in New Jersey who were just charged for assaulting a 2-year-old child in a movie theater.

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  1. I truly believe that the Democrat Party has started a movement in this country that they have lost any control over. This is a cultural thing that is has gone virally out of control.

  2. Jason Riley’s “False Black Power” explains in the video below in plain English and with solid evidence how leftists or so-called progressives and the black politicians doom the black population to failure. Yet, they will ignore history and reality and pretend that more leftism and more black politicians are the answers, digging the black population deeper and deeper into the abyss.

    1. It is not that they don’t ’empower’ blacks. It’s that black politicians tend to be drawn from subfractions of the black population who have no interest in addressing quality-of-ife issues in black neighborhoods. The black rank-and-file aren’t particularly averse to these grifters, so they stay in office disfiguring public life. The problem is, the black bourgeoisie consists of people who have other things to do with their life than get involved in politics and it consists of rude grifters and confused ticket-punchers. Every once in a while you get a reform-minded and performance-oriented figure like Anthony Williams or Robert Bowser. Not very common and not particularly honored in black populations.

      For examples, see the succession of characters who’ve held office as Mayor or state’s attorney in Baltimore since 1982. Du Burns, Kurt Schmoke, Sheila Dixon, Stephanie Rawlings Blake, and Marilyn Mosby. Each has a distinctive and peculiar sort of inadequacy. The best you can say is that with the partial exception of Wm. Donald Schaefer, the honkies were wankers too.

  3. This may just but another variation of the “Knock Out Game.” Many of the unsuspecting victims were elderly, so why not children?

  4. New York police are looking for this man in a truly incomprehensible crime.

    What is incomprehensible about it??? I bet you the “hitter” above is a product of a single black mother, who grew up in an atmosphere of violence and savagery and ignorance, paid for by the Government , so that Democrats can stay in power. Then, we find it incomprehensible when those people do violent and savage things themselves. Go figure.

    Try this video from the BBC:


    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

      1. This hilarious! The BBC has English subtitles for the blacks, but not for the white teacher. And yes, I had to refer to the subtitles to understand what those hood rats were trying to communicate. It’s hard to believe that their families have been in America for 300-400 years.

        1. Can you imagine someone passing a law that says you have to hire these black thugs in significant numbers, and that you can’t check their criminal record? And, that you have to pretend they are valuable members of society???

          And, that law abiding white people should give up their guns, while nobody says anything about taking guns from these black thugs. Even though, most gun murders in the country are committed by black thugs.

          Soon, we will have laws like England’s where if we shoot these rascals during a home invasion, that us law abiding white people can be prosecuted for having a gun.

          Squeeky Fromm
          Girl Reporter

  5. I am so very sorry for what this little boy and his mother went through. I hope they are both OK. What was everyone else doing during this savage attack?

    I hope they find this maniac and lock him up before he hurts anyone else.

    As I stated before, I don’t automatically make any assumptions about his mental health. He was not described as homeless, arguing with himself, or fighting shadows. His comment indicated that he understood that his victim was a child. Maybe his life has been hell up to this point and he feels angry all the time. With this act, one wonders what his own childhood was like. A lot of abusers just boil with rage and hatred. Maybe he had antisocial personality. Did he know them? Who knows? He may have had every reason to be angry that day, but the moment he struck a small child, I stopped caring why. At that point he’s crossed the threshold to out of control criminal. He needs to be locked up. If you want to adjust his internal decision tree, then by all means send a counselor or mentor, but do it in jail while the rest of us are safe from his predation.

  6. A ten year old child in Visalia, CA was recently punched through an open car window while her mother was using an ATM. Is this some sort of new fad? Just walk up to a random child and punch them?

    1. Oh my God, that’s crazy! Is the child OK? Visalia is cow country. People are going to go nuts if there are random attacks on children.

  7. “The assumption is that there is some mental condition in such cases since no one of right mind would attack a small child in this way. ”
    I might disagree with this assumption. It is a bit analogous with a person who cannot be convicted because they received university degree and are of course above such accusations. Being of right mind is not often a defense since there are forms of malevolence which manifest in ordinary people when certain circumstances and come into play. And there are those, more than most people realize, who are of such depravity and propensity to violence they are outside the realm of mental illness and are truly evil at heart. I propose there are more of these types of individuals in the world than there are the violently mentally ill.

    For me I’ve unfortunately seen so much of this callous hatred of others over the years I just go through the motions on dealing with them. For men such as this suspect, if convicted they are best dealt with by tossing them in prison and throwing away the key. And afterwards, we go home, crack open a cold pop, and sit back and relax until the next day when we have to go back to work and throw another son-of-a-bitch like this in jail where he belongs.

    Then one day you get to retire and someone else can deal with these guys

    1. I agree with Darren. Some people are just bad. Maybe he has antisocial personality. Maybe he had a rotten life and he’s angry all the time. But anyone who would punch a little child needs to be locked up.

  8. sad but predictable.

    The attacker shows the same violent heart (without a gun) that David Hogg shows in his profanity laced interview (without a gun?).

    While David Hogg perpetuatea the war on Americans that Hillary, the DNC and the promoters of “Resist” started, the message is clear: rage rules.

    David Hogg’s profanity laced interview was deleted by YouTube but too late.
    The damage has been done. The vitriole of Anarchists, Antifa, Resist and David Hogg translate into violence


    Police apprehended the subway attacker.

    When will Hillary, Resist anarchists and David Hogg be apprehended for inciting violence?

  9. Evidently, the kid told yo mama. So, we have a 5-year-old snitch on our hands who needs to be put in witness protection.

    However, I have a feeling there is a backstory to this. Is this payback for something the kid did earlier? 5-year-olds can be dangerous to life and limb. Anyone who has watched W.C. Fields knows exactly what I am talking about.

    1. PCS: In Ghetto, the proper grammar would be, “the kid told he mama.” I do agree with you that the kid may have provoked something. Five-year-olds are cute and innocent in the abstract, but can be little hellions if undisciplined and unsupervised. If you’re on the subway, and some little brat is kicking your seat while his oblivious mother has her nose buried in her cellphone, it can make you feel like swatting them both of them. But most of us just move to another seat, or grit our teeth until we get to our stop.

    2. Paul, now that was a a low blow against a favorite comedians (though I’ll freely admit that I have many). Although W.C. Fields was well-known for such lines as “I never met a kid I liked” and “Anybody who hates children and dogs can’t be all bad,” this was just a part of his act, like drinking was for Dean Martin (who drank apple juice or tea on stage). When Fields passed away in 1946, his will specified that the bulk of estate be used to establish a schools for orphan boys and girls.

      1. Ralph Adamo – I just finished a Fields 5-reeler in which he threatens and is barely stopped from dropping a 5-year-old from a 2nd story. That is what reminded me of him. Almost all his films have some kid of that age bedeviling him.

        1. Paul, I grew up watching W.C. Fields and I thought that when the kids always seemed to get the upper hand with Fields, the situations were hilarious. That was part of his comedy. When I later studied drama and psychology as a young student, I learned that in this type of situation comedy, Fields represented a depreciated father figure, not unlike Elmer Fudd was to Bugs Bunny; in a sort of reverse/inverse Oedipal situation between father and son. One of my favorite films as a child was Fields’ “The Bank Dick,” though I haven’t seen it in some time. I may check it out again. I periodically like to see if movies I enjoyed years ago still hold up today.

          1. Ralph Adamo – The Bank Dick is a great film. Just got Running Wild. My library has been getting early Field’s silents.

            1. Paul, Would love to hear your W. C. Fields recommendations. I own a couple of Fields’ sound 2-reelers and, of course, “The Bank Dick” and “It’s A Gift” are now on my revisitation list.

              1. Ralph Adamo – My Little Chickadee is my personal favorite because the two stars hated each other, were doing their own writing and were trying to be top-dog. 🙂 Very funny lines. Mae West is delightful in it.

                1. They hated each? Really? I did not know that. I last saw “My Little Chickadee” about 12 years ago and I thought they were great together, with some genuine comic chemistry.

                  1. Ralph Adamo – that is my understanding. They worked well together, but that was because they were writing two different scripts. 😉

                    1. Will revisit. Thanks. Checked trailer:
                      Judge: “Are you trying to show your contempt for this court?”
                      Mae: “No, your honor, I’m doin’ my best to hide it.”

  10. The Mafia needs to handle something like this. Not the police. Find the guy and send him home to his own mommy in a bag.

      1. Does it matter what color – he is a child – what is wrong with you people?

      2. You might be wrong on this one. Sounds to me like the kid was white:

        A quick-thinking witness snapped photos of the creep, and cops released them as they urged anyone with information on the boy’s attacker to come forward.[]

        Horrified parents at the subway station Sunday made sure they had copies of the creep’s mug, saying they’d be on the lookout while riding the rails with their own youngsters.

        “The guy’s insane,” raged a 38-year-old dad, who only gave his first name, Andrew. “He needs to get locked up before he does something even worse to a child.”

        Visibly rattled mom Anne Marie Mellon, pulling her 4-year-old son close, added, “Our kids aren’t safe anywhere, even if we’re with them. It’s too much.”

        Detectives visited the victim’s Cobble Hill home Sunday and left following a brief visit. The boy’s parents declined to comment on the incident or their son’s condition.

        The young victim was taken to NYU Langone Health Cobble Hill on Saturday, where he was treated and released.

        Police described his attacker as approximately 20 years old, 6 feet tall and 160 pounds with a medium build. He has short black hair and a mustache.


        Squeeky Fromm
        Girl Reporter

        1. I may indeed be wrong but I find nothing to indicate the race of the victim. I did a search on the mother’s name and found one in NYC who was definitely not white but that is certainly not definitive. I suspect the upscale neighborhood where they live in Brooklyn includes black people as well.
          My response was in objection to the premise of the previous commenter that the boy was likely white as if he were singled out for that purpose. The man who struck the boy has any number issues but there’s nothing to suggest the attack was racially motivated.

          1. I think it’s virtually certain that the kid is white. First, the neighborhood. Cobble Hill is a very upscale neighborhood of yuppies and million dollar homes. It would take two professional parents, or one parent making buckets of money on Wall Street to live there. Second, the newspaper referred to the boy’s “parents” as a unit, which excludes about 80% of black people. Third, the news reports say the boy’s parents’ “had no comment” on his condition. When have you ever heard of a black person saying “no comment” to anything? A black person, especially a black woman, would be out there screaming in front of the news cameras. So yes, the kid was white. His race doesn’t necessarily mean that’s why he was targeted. Maybe the kid did something that the adult attacker thought was disrespectful. Or maybe the kid was wearing a little blazer with a private school crest on the lapel, looking like a little Baron Trump and the attacker resented his perceived privilege. Or maybe it was a cowardly hate crime, like the knock- out game is. We just don’t know at this point. In any case, the police have identified the attacker as 25y/o Ramon Thomas, so it shouldn’t be long before he is picked up.

            1. So there are no well to do black couples in Brooklyn? That settles it. And “no comment” is outside the vocabulary of black people? These are convincing arguments that reveal nothing about your preconceptions.

              1. Enigma:
                Nona Gide questions: Would you be surprised if it was a white 5-year-old? If so, why? Would you feel any less sense of rage against his attacker? Do unprovoked crimes against white kids deserve enhanced sentences when committed as a hate crimes by blacks? What sentence would you give Ramon here?

                1. I wouldn’t be surprised whatever the race of the child. I suspect it has more to do with the mental stability of the attacker. Who does such a thing? I have mixed feelings about the concept of hate crimes based on how I view their application. My current thinking is I don’t think they’re useful for minor offenses (not saying this is one) and I’d be more likely to reserve it for capital crimes.
                  As far as sentencing, I would want more information regarding the defendant and was there something going on that should be considered. I also have no point of reference for what would be typically charged and the associated sentences.

                2. Damn you, Mespo!!! Before I saw your correction, I went and looked up Nona Gide. Because I thought Gide was gay as a three dollar bill. What was he doing with a wife??? Was she his beard??? But there was nothing on the web about her. Sooo, I tried Mona Gide, and Rona Gide. Was she his daughter??? Did Andre have a sex change operation???

                  That was 10 minutes out of my very special life. Which, you owe me back. Sooo, I want you to pay me back by going to the women in math thread, and go to the McGonagall link, and some of the stuff, and maybe read a part of the fake autobiography, The Lamentations of the Poet MacGonagall. He was like the worst poet in the world, but had a colossal ego! Here is the first paragraph, and a link:

                  My Birth and Parentage

                  Like most great men, I was born at a very early period of my existence, in that odoriferous portion of the globe yclept the Grass Market of Edinburgh — sacred to the memory of Burke and Hare and the rest of the Covenanters. This important circumstance occurred somewhere about fifty-five years ago, and I am thus particular in notifying the fact because of the many discussions that have always succeeded the demise of eminent men as to the exact spot of their nativity. My parents were both poor, but bibulous — the latter fact accounting in no small measure for the former. That they were intelligent to a degree goes without saying, since I, their sole surviving and orphan son — by a remarkable and eclectic natural process, have had conserved in my own stupendous cranium the best parts of both, the baser instincts having been eliminated by the sheer force of the perverfidum ingenium Scotorum, which I, although a Milesian on both sides of the house, possess in a much higher degree than that terribly overpraised and far more immoral than immortal Burns.


                  Do that, and I will forgive you. And maybe even tell you about the Sweet Singer of Michigan.


                  Squeeky Fromm
                  Girl Reporter

                  1. Squeeky – he might be a horrible poet however clearly a man you would want to have at least one drink with. 😉 These are genes worth carrying on. 🙂

                    1. Oh, I agree! MacGonagall was certainly a one-off. I think I am going to order that Lamentations book. They do reprints of it for about $15. I will put it in my book budget for next month, although I was really looking forward to the first female translation of the Odyssey.


                      Squeeky Fromm
                      Girl Reporter

                    2. Squeeky – is the first female translation going to take the word men and male out of the Odyssey?

              2. enignma – I am basing it on anecdotal information. I do not know one black mother who would let that young man live after hitting their kid. 😉 Do you? They become tiger moms when their kids are injured.

                1. Paul – I know lots of black mothers whose first concern would be the condition and welfare of her child. Of the black mothers I know best, my own, two daughters and a daughter-in-law. All of them would want justice, I suspect only one of them might want to exact it personally and that only in the moment.

                  1. enigma – I know this is anecdotal and not a scientific study, but when I was teaching and a black student got in trouble and the mother was called in, they acted like a defense attorney. 😉 If the student was Hispanic mom and dad showed up and we usually had to stop dad from hitting the kid in the office. 😉 We knew the kid was going to get it when he got home.

                    Again, it could have been the population we were working with. 🙂 Whether it was a discipline problem or a 504, they were tiger moms.

                    1. Playing the odds, you are probably right. Black women are, as a group, extremely belligerent. My goodness, they brawl at the drop of a hat. But, Enigma will pretend that doesn’t happen, and “What in the world are we talking about???”

                      Plus, most of the Ghettopotamuses outweigh the 160 pound perp.

                      Squeeky Fromm
                      Girl Reporter

                    2. Squeeky – I just read an article that our poor are the fattest in the world. Anecdotally, that worked on all sides. I rarely saw any skinny parents regardless of race or ethnicity. If you have not seen it before, you might enjoy Spike Lee’s School Daze, which is out on DVD now. It is a semi-biography of his time at Morehouse. However, he combines Morehouse and Spelman to make a single co-ed college for the purposes of his film. You will recognize many of the actors in the film, they have gone on to much better things. 😉

              3. Enigma: I understand that there must be some wealthy blacks in Brooklyn. And of those numbers, a lesser number may actually be married. Reducing the numbers even further, would be any black who says “no comment’ and goes into the house, rather than running his/ her mouth to the press or anyone who will listen. But what are the statistical odds of all these anomalies existing in one black couple in Brooklyn, who have a 5 y/o son who was punched in the face on the subway? It’s like a DNA match where the odds are 700 million to 1 that the defendant isn’t the source of the DNA. Possible, but nobody’s going to believe it.

          2. there’s nothing to suggest the attack was racially motivated.

            Yeah, but us White Folks are responsible for everything that goes wrong in the Community. That’s what Blacks are taught 24/7. Should we be surprised if this goober believed it? All that racial hate that gets preached has to go somewhere. It doesn’t just evaporate.

            I guess maybe if a Nazi hits a Jewish kid it could be random. But I would think not.

            Squeeky Fromm
            Girl Reporter

            1. Unbeknownst to you apparently, white people are not the root of all evil in the black community. Black people are not taught that 24/7. Plus, 5-year-olds are generally assumed not to have earned their Racism Merit Badge yet and are innocent.
              There’s nothing sane about a man hitting a child at a subway station, particularly when there are known to be hundreds of cameras and little chance of not being identified and eventually caught.

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