Ohio Woman Leaves Memorable Mugshot To Go With Her DUI Charge

download-e1522637161515.jpgWe have repeatedly debated the optimal choices for a mugshot from looks of contrition to smiling confidence. Amber Legge, 32, went with a different option after being arrested for DUI in Ohio.

To make matters worse, Legge is accused of threatening to burn down the house of a woman who alleged owed her money.

She is accused of aggravated menacing and operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol and drugs.

16 thoughts on “Ohio Woman Leaves Memorable Mugshot To Go With Her DUI Charge”


  2. Charming.

    She drove around randomly attempting to kill everyone on the road, and is unrepentant.

    Action…consequence. When the judge decides upon her sentence, he should hold up her mugshot.

    This is the problem. You cannot force people to understand they are doing wrong, and should change their ways. There are people, like her, who will inflict maximum damage upon everyone else until they are locked up, or they die in some self inflicted way. It’s a waste of a life full of promise. Sometimes jail is a deterrent, but for some, it’s a time out while the rest of us have a little bit more safety.

  3. My laptop will not do what is needed here. Could someone post the DUI mugshot here next to the Hillary muglshot shown yesterday, side by side, with the caption: “A Choice, Not An Echo.”

  4. Many, many newspapers in America THRIVE on the display of mugshots. I believe that we on the web should post mugshots of the owners and editors of the local newspapers and charge them with false crimes.

    Anyway, it is Monday not East Sunday and I am cooking eggs with Crisco not Lard and I am praising the Crisco and not the Lard.

    In voting for Trump we all had a choice and not an echo and I was fool enough to vote for the bitch echo
    Well if they run against each other again in the next election I will vote for the choice and not the Hillary. But if she does run please keep her ugly photo off this website. My cat looked at the screen last night, saw her, mugshot and puked.

    1. It must be genetic. She looks exactly like a druggie acquaintance of my sister’s. In her late 30s, and convinced that she is the coolest person on Earth, even as she does unspeakable things in sinister places to get her paws on pain killers, She lost her kids to her ex-husband, routinely gets busted and loses all her possessions while in lock up. Penelope represents her during her various escapades, but she is oblivious to Reality. Nope, she is the cool one, and the rest of the World just doesn’t get it.

      One day, she will simply over dose, and the world will be a better place.

      Squeeky Fromm
      Girl Reporter

  5. Typical white trash chick on drugs. She was once somebody’s darling little girl, and now she has become this. Partly, because we don’t execute drug dealers and remove them from society. Nope, we send our kids pout into the world and permit the drug predators to pick them off, one by one.

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

    1. or what she thinks of her accuser — aka “dope friend” according to the linked article.

  6. “She is accused of suspicion of aggravated menacing …”

    Coming to you from Cleveland: There’s no such crime as “suspicion of aggravated menacing.”

    She’s either accused of aggravated menacing or suspected of aggravated menacing — NOT accused of suspicion …

    Agg. Men. is a first degree misdemeanor. Lesser included offenses are Menacing and Disorderly Conduct. The difference between Agg. Men. and Men. is one relates to “serious physical harm” and the lesser offense to just “physical harm.” Threatening to punch someone would be Menacing. Threatening to shoot someone would be Aggravated Menacing.

    They are both oddly-worded statutes, because the language includes not just threatening but “causing another to believe” that the threat will be carried out. So to convict, a prosecutor not only has to show that there was a threat, but that the alleged victim actually believed that the threat “will” be carried out — not MIGHT be carried out. That can be a difficult threshold to overcome.

    So it becomes an issue of the alleged victim’s state of mind — was the person actually put in fear, or was the charge brought merely because there was an excuse to file a complaint.

    1. Ah — the source article is better that what JT wrote: “Legge was booked into jail on suspicion of OVI and aggravated menacing.”

      It sounds like she’s accused of Aggravated Menacing and suspected of Operating a Vehicle under the Influence.

  7. It is going to make it harder for facial recognition software to find her later. 😉

    1. Yes, enigma –

      She’ll come to realize that just because you didn’t hurt anyone or their property doesn’t mean you won’t pay a very high price if The Man catches you after you drank a very legal liquid libation of a 90 proof nerve tonic.

      The police should have simply driven her home and called for a friend/relative to retrieve her car.

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