Happy Easter to all of our bloggers and readers that are celebrating today. The bunny came to the Turley house and left baskets overflowing with chocolates and candies, including a doggie basket for Luna.  Leslie made incredible French Toast that was addictive and the kids engaged in the annual trade negotiations over candy assets.

We celebrated Passover on Friday with Leslie’s incredible Matzo ball soup, briskets, and Kugel.  I am passed on gefilte fish and chopped liver — the price she paid for marrying a goyum.

Tonight we feast on lamb and an assortment of delicious items with my in-laws and our friends in the Wilson family.  We will  finish with Nana Suzanne’s homemade carrot cake.  That should put the caloric intake level for the weekend at truly coma-inducing level.

Happy Easter and Passover to everyone celebrating this weekend!

Jonathan Turley

31 thoughts on “HAPPY EASTER!!!”

  1. In the Atlanta Journal, political cartoonist, Mike Luckovich, showed pictorially, Trump supporters’ offense to Easter’s significance.

  2. Well, I got all dressed up and went to church. Then to my Mom’s for Easter Dinner, where she finally took my advice and just bought everything already prepared. Then, out in the yard for the Easter Egg Hunt for all the young uns in the family. Then a nap.

    But what a beautiful afternoon!

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  3. A grass cutting guy just explained the Easter thing to me. He says that years ago two rabbits had sex, the female laid an egg and sat on it. Jesus was born. It is pronounced Hey Zeus. The folks in this guy’s congregation say a prayer: Hey Zeus. Full of juice. Don’t let your meat loaf.

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