Rep: Andrew McCabe Lied Four Times

McCabeRep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, who is a member of the House Oversight Committee, revealed late last week that former Deputy FBI Director was accused of lying not once but four times in the still withheld Inspector General’s report.  My column today in the Hill newspaper will discuss this disclosure and the timing of McCabe in securing hundreds of thousands of dollars in contributions through a GoFundMe page.

Jordan told The Ingraham Angle:

“Four times he lied about leaking information to the Wall Street Journal about the FBI. . . .He lied to James Comey. He lied to the Office of Professional Responsibility. And he lied twice under oath to the inspector general.”

I recently discussed how McCabe appears to have used a defense not unlike that of former National Security Michael Flynn: saying that he was “confused and distracted” in answering questions about his prior actions.  Now it would seem that he may have been confused and distracted four times: with Comey; OPR; and twice with the IG.


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  1. Meanwhile, I’m waiting to hear more about the alleged emails that McCabe’s lawyer claims McCabe has, which supposedly prove that Comey either knew about or approved McCabe’s disclosures to the media.

    If such emails exist, the first question would be why are they in McCabe’s possession. If they aren’t evidence handed over to McCabe by the Office of Professional Responsibility or Inspector General, then the only way McCabe would possess them is if he’d removed federal records and continued to unlawfully possess them after leaving the government — the way Hillary removed federal records and continued to unlawfully possess them after leaving the government.
    And it seems like the only way McCabe could’ve done that is by not using a government issued device and/or a government issued email account for emailing with Comey.

    And then there’s the matter that the FBI Employment Agreement requires FBI employees to seek and obtain WRITTEN authorization to engage in disclosures of FBI information.

    So I don’t personally see what relevance any emails between McCabe and Comey might have — other than possibly showing unlawful possession of federal records. An email conversation about disclosures to the media does NOT constitute written authorization to release information.

    A written authorization to release information would be included in FBI files where it could be located by people such as the Inspector General when investigating disclosures, authorized or unauthorized. And email concerning a discussion is NO substitute for written authorization maintained in FBI records.

    It seems to me that Comey AND McCabe are in very deep trouble, and emails about some email conversations(s) they might have had concerning disclosures should only make that trouble worse.

    To me, it’s looking like the people who investigated Hillary’s email misconduct may have been engaged in virtually identical email misconduct as Hillary.

    1. Maybe McCabe and Comey sent private text messages to one another after hours–possibly even whilst tooling around town in their luxury automobiles.

  2. It gets better

    Apple CEO Tim Cook criticized Facebook CEO Mark Z. for failure to self-regulate.

    “Facebook Inc. FB -2.96% Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg shot back at Apple Inc. AAPL -1.39% CEO Tim Cook’s critiques of his company, writing them off as “not aligned with the truth.”

    Last week, Mr. Cook said he would never be in the situation Mr. Zuckerberg found himself in after the Cambridge Analytica scandal, contrasting Apple’s focus on selling devices with the ad-based businesses used by Facebook and Alphabet Inc.’s Google, which are built on user data. He also called for regulation of data and privacy, saying certain tech companies had failed to self-regulate and limit what they collect from users.“

    If only Andrew McCabe, James Comey, Hillary Clinton had practiced to self-regulate as well

    ..the American people will be coming after them with torches

  3. Hmmm. I have thought and thought about it, and McCabe needs a good defense! Something that Democrats on the jury can buy into, and understand. Hmmm. Oh, and he needs an Irish Poem!

    I Wanna Twirl, Just Like The Twirl. . .???
    An Irish Poem by Squeeky Fromm

    Poor McCabe, and the trouble he’s in!
    His lies might land him in the pen!
    He needs a defense,
    And one that makes sense!
    Oh! he can say it tweren’t lies, but just spin!

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  4. This article is unfair to McCabe. As Mark Twain would have put it, “There was things which he stretched, but mainly he told the truth.”

  5. McCabe is merely the “tip of the iceberg”.

    The entire DOJ/FBI “deep state” must be fully investigated.

    Professor Turley, it is long past time to recommend a second special counsel.

    To wit,

    Comey, McCabe, Strozk, Page, Rosenstein, Kadzic, Yates, Baker, Bruce Ohr, Nellie Ohr,

    Mueller, Steele, Simpson, Hillary, Huma, Lynch, Clapper, Power, Farkas, Rice, Obama…

    et al.

  6. I’ve long thought that as the walls cave in on Trump, he would become more paranoid, insular, and reckless. 3/3.

    1. True. I bet all of your thoughts are things that you have “long thought!” I bet some of them stretch back to when you were a teen, and ever since then, nothing has managed to penetrate your brain and cause you to think new thoughts.

      My sidewalk is concrete, and it has long been a sidewalk. My bird baths are concrete, and they have long been bird baths. They have no choice. You do.

      Squeeky Fromm
      Girl Reporter

      1. Perhaps there are other reasons he’s become more paranoid, insular and reckless but the Mueller investigation seems to be the thing that has terrified him from the beginning.

        1. If that’s true — keyword “if” — it would be because the Mueller investigation, by its existence and by Mueller’s appointment, confirms that there are still criminals in the DOJ, as there is no lawful authority to have appointed Mueller or any special counsel under existing federal regulations. NONE.

    1. Difficult to raise money from Russian bots, if you’re on the other side. But, there’s still the American oligarchs to tap for the defense funds of Mueller investigation targets.

    2. LOL — so democrats — the people who pretend to be concerned about the economic gap between rich and poor — have donated more that a half million dollars to a guy that’s already worth $11 million.

      Gotta love it. They rant about rich white guys ruling the world, then donate money to a rich white guy. And the rich get richer. Heaven forfend that McCabe should expend any of his own wealth. If he needs charity for his legal defense, why doesn’t he just use a public defender, the way most black or Hispanic democrats would probably have to?

      1. Lest I sound too tiresome by quoting such a tired cliche as “do as I say, not as I do”, let me say that ” Limousine Liberals” have no compunctions about preaching to us how uncaring and uncharitable we “deplorable” conservatives are, but to actually suggest to them that they give THEIR money to an actual charity or to take in illegal immigrants within THEIR walled mansions or to give up THEIR armed bodyguards….WHAT…..are you NUTS??

        1. Diane Giova – did you see that one celeb was proud to proclaim that her armed guards did not have automatic weapons. 😉

  7. Professor Turley refers to the “still withheld Inspectors Generals’ report”.

    Perhaps we should all withhold comment until said report is released.

    1. Why??? If it slams the Democrats, you will just say it is a partisan hit job. Just do everybody a favor and quit pretending that you give a hoot about “facts.” You are just a Democratic party shill, and as such will say or do anything in your power to support them.

      Squeeky Fromm
      Girl Reporter

      1. I’m a mainstream Democrat by California standards. 12% of America lives in California. 3% of America lives in L.A. County. So arguably my views are statistically mainstream.

        The Trump presidency, however, is scarcely mainstream. The first president ever with no government experience. The first president to trash-talk in daily announcements. Trump used Easter Sunday to tell the DACA kids they had no hope of protection!

        Consider that for a moment: ‘A grandfather of 71 using Easter Sunday to taunt mostly Catholic kids’. Deliberately reinforcing their understandable anxieties.

        Would George W have done that? Would John McCain do that? Would Mitt Romney taunt Catholics on Easter? Of course not! They’re real family men. They’re real Christians too.

        The fact that Trump would abuse Easter Sunday makes him un-Christian-like. That’s not mainstream in my America.

        1. Peter Hill – the kids at the forefront of the DACA movement are hardly Catholic. And government works 24/7. Trump told them that before and the courts have told them. Now the Democrats abandoned them. They are orphans.

  8. You’re in trouble when your source is Jim Jordan. Poor fella looks like he’s a bit lithium deficient.

    1. Jim Jordan is the Kochs’ guy.
      Town and Country magazine, whose target is the affluent, wrote in March, “The Optics of Excess…it doesn’t look good”. The author pointed out that every child in Afghanistan could be sponsored at $45 a month and the Kochs would still have $40 bil. left. If it wasn’t tragic, it would be amusing that voters think that the Kochs’ evisceration of the middle class won’t affect them and they embrace the “freedom” sales pitch, just like dupes fall for bait and switch.

    1. No, that is who you fancy others are in your perpetual self-congratulation exercise.

      1. nii,’

        Are you able to make a rational argument about the ideas presented by Caitlin Johnson,the writer of the piece I linked to? You seem only able to make personal attacks. That doesn’t exactly show your intellect. If you are able to make an argument, please do! Otherwise, just carry on and I leave you to it!


        Are you terrified to read Zero Hedge? This is an article by a very liberal writer, CaitlinJohnson. I’m always shocked that so many here seem terrified of reading sites that they think are on the other side from them. People should be able to read anything and evaluate it! We need to stop being terrified to read ideas which are different from our own.

        1. Are you able to make a rational argument a

          Yeees, Jill. You’re problem re rational arguments Jill, is to be found under the heading ‘Dunning-Krueger effect’.

        2. I read it. You say Caitlin is a liberal. Autumn calls herself a “progressive”. The Waltons and Bill Gates fund the Center for American Progress. Labels deceive and misdirect.

  9. Didn’t jared “i use my position as trump/dennison water boy to bail me out of the devils 666 building” kushner lie at least 39 times just on one disclosure? And then many times afterward?

    McCabe has issues – and lying even once should be a wrong in any honest person. But with an administration that lies it seems literally thousands of times daily, it may be that conservatives are once again picking and choosing favorites

    1. I don’t know did he? You have some proof some convictions, some whatever? Or just allegations reportedlys and purportedlys.?

      39 times. List them. or list the source date of publication etc.

      I won’t hold my breath.

      McCabe has gone through all that and been found wanting by up to and inlcuding the Ethics Commission a final result The rest are still being patted down for collusion which seems to be of more interest than actual crimes.

      1. ROFL! You may be correct. I just looked it up and saw that over 100 security clearance form (SF-86) omissions and errors.

        “The head of a government bureau responsible for clearing background checks told lawmakers Wednesday he has “never seen that level of mistakes” when asked about numerous omissions in Jared Kushner’s security clearance application.”

        In my book, 100+ lies (oh! excuse me I forgot I met with russians dozens of times), with many omissions involving lies about russian contacts and the attempted unamerican back channel communications, should have him in jail – but in consevatopia, a promotion likely would be in order?

        btw – talk about being patted down, our cowardly russian pawn’s time may soon be near.

  10. A viral clip shows dozens of news anchors at Sinclair Broadcasting stations, repeating the same script on air this week. Management demanded that the anchors read a disingenuous message that intends
    the inference – the right wing is not the source of lies and distortions. The source is, instead, any media outlet that has standards for accuracy.
    The right wing chose Trump. Now, they are saddled with (or, benefitted by) his deceit and corruption.

    1. GOTCHA caught you liying again.

      Trump was supported by a portion of the GOP and the largest block of voteds which was mostly breakaways, independents but always non affilliated with any party and for the most part constitutinal CENTRIST Moderates and specifically not confined to the little bitty bunch

      40% block none affiliated voted AGAINST the socialist party and clinton
      The Socialists split their insufficient total with the GOP’s.

      So all this PCRap about the RIGHT wing doesn’t explain how The loser got 45% of the vote that counts and the winner got 55% of the vote that counts.

      And don’t start on me with that popular-ity poll garbage it doesn’t count ….period and repeating nonsense only serves to depict your unsubstantiated claim and your own credibilty

      When you want to start talkingdeceit and corruption let’s go to Clintons, Biden now caught in a corruption charge and clean your own stable out first. Remember you seculars don’t get to claim holier than thou status

      Most recent deceit from the left….knifing the DACA people in the back. …..

      1. Your proposition is that Obama was not elected by the left but by centrists. Got it.

  11. Cheesoid bureaucratic operator.

    I’m remembering Neil Cavuto’s take on Martha Stewart: “Be careful how you treat people on your way up, because you’re gonna meet ’em all again on your way back down”. If, unlike Lois Lerner, McCabe is actually held accountable, I’ll wager we can look forward to meeting some of the insteps he’s stomped on over the years.

  12. Haha. Blind lefties donate more than half a million dollars (so far) to fund McCabe’s defense of to be determined allegation(s) before OIG report released. Their bitter dislike of Trump disarms their ability to be rational; there was no rush to fund wealthy McCabe’s defense fund yet near-jerk donations were simply futile and wasteful ways for sore losers to lash out at Trump.

    1. Yea why can’t those Democrats be more light the Republicans! Yea, talk about pardons.

      1. Really? It’s over? I don’t think so…….or are you getting leaks from the future?

  13. I don’t know if this is true or not but the Republicans don’t care about lying, unless, of course,they are accusing an opponent of doing it.

    1. You spelled Socialist wrong. and don’t forget the RINO faction belongs to your party.

  14. Well, I don’t think that defense will work for McCabe since he seems to be the one who decided the Flynn lied.

    1. If he draws a Democratic lawfare artist as a prosecutor, hearing examiner, or trial judge, it will work.

      1. There’s nothing in Rep. Jordan’s remarks on Fox News as cited in The Hill article to which Turley linked that indicates the subject about which McCabe lied four times. Only to whom McCabe lied. Moreover, the initial leaking from the IG report said that McCabe lacked candor and made misleading statements. So you now have even more leaks from an IG report about an investigation into a leak from another prior investigation and still no indication from the actual IG report, itself, as to the subject of McCabe’s alleged lack of candor and misleading statements which are now being publicly characterized as lies. Don’t be surprised if you end up reaping tomorrow what you’re sowing today.

    2. Flynn pleaded guilty to lying because he is a lying sack of shit – the decision to be an unamerican was all Flynn’s

      1. Bill W, I’m guessing that the claim that Hillary ran a child sex trafficking ring out of pizza parlor still sticks in your craw. When Flynn was serving in Afghanistan and later as head of the DIA his subordinates coined the term “Flynn Facts” for Flynn’s “fibbing.” Even so, I suspect that Flynn pled guilty to the lesser charge in order to avoid the greater charges. If I recall correctly, Flynn’s lawyer once said that Flynn has a story to tell to the special counsel. I wonder if that story, too, made use of Flynn Facts.

        1. his subordinates coined the term

          Which employee of the Defense Intelligence Agency went on the record to tell you that Diane?

          1. I don’t work there. And neither do you. How am I supposed to answer your question?

            1. Then why did you make the claim as if you knew it was a true statement?

              1. Foxtrot Foxtrot Sierra asked L4D, “Then why did you make the claim as if you knew it was a true statement?”

                Answer: Because I knew it was a true statement–Zippy. Now you answer this: Why did you claim that it was a false statement as though you didn’t already know that it was true?

                1. Just curious – does it hurt when you twist yourself into a pretzel like that?

          2. Excerpted from the article linked above:

            Flynn has been startling superiors and subordinates since he became director of the Defense Intelligence Agency in 2012. He had spent a brave decade on the dark side of the war on terror. But he flouted authority and flayed his counterparts in the national security establishment, flaunted what DIA officers called “Flynn facts” – falsehoods – such as asserting that Iran has killed more Americans than al Qaeda in the 21st century, and was fired in 2014.

        2. All lies “stick in my craw”. Thus, I despise Hillary too. But the current administration and entire conservative platform have taken lies to a level never thought possible. It seems almost every position they take is based on lies to advantage themselves politically. The word public service has zero meaning to today’s conservatives

          1. Bill W, both Turley and Trump’s crew are trying to cook-up something sort of like a prisoner swap: Mueller gives up Flynn in exchange for McCabe. That is the real purpose of the IG and OPR investigations of McCabe. Trump is still worried about whatever story Flynn told to Mueller in exchange for reduced charges. Trump needs to get Flynn off Mueller’s hook. That’s why Trump fired Comey in the first place. Comey wouldn’t let Flynn of the hook, either. Whatever it is that Flynn knows, it’s bad news for Trump.

            1. Damn near psychic ability on L4D’s part to discern the motives, and unveil the strategies, of JT and “Trump’s crew”.

        1. Michael, Turley has repeatedly juxtaposed McCabe’s alleged lies to the lie to which Flynn pled guilty in order to avoid more serious charges, such as money laundering, just to name one. Remember, Flynn’s lawyer told Mueller that Flynn has a story to tell. As a cooperating witness, Flynn has presumably already told his story to Mueller. That’s why Turley is so keen on having Flynn withdraw his guilty plea. If Flynn changes his plea to guilty, Mueller will charge Flynn with money laundering and all the rest. Turley is giving horrible legal advise to Flynn. But it’s a halfway decent legal stratagem for Trump.

  15. Congress needs to be up front and admit that the US elections and judicial system has become far too corrupt and we need to re-work the entire system. Just like even a cookie bitten into the shape of a gun is not tolerated in schools, so – even the slightest tinge of government corruption must not be tolerated.

    1. For once I agree with you. voter photo id and paper ballots.

  16. Is McCabe of Scot or Irish lineage? If Irish he gets four lies. Scots are more frugal.

  17. The Guardian reviewed Russian troll activity and found it clustered around two themes, Hillary for prison and Hillary is a war monger.

    A comment from the internet-
    Republicans: “Deep State.. Witch Hunt!”
    Also Republicans: “Let’s hope Gates doesn’t tell the truth about what he saw and heard during the campaign.”

    1. Yeah, Hillary’s destruction of Libya for nobody knows what purpose was actually just one of them false flag hoaxes. Likewise when she kept implicitly threatening war with Russia via the imposition of a no-fly zone over Syria. But the jihadists now running Libya are happy about the return of black slavery.

      1. curri

        Hillary also blessed the coup against the democratically elected president of Honduras, Zelaya.
        Libya had the highest standard of living in Africa and was in the process of setting up an alternative
        system to the dollar currency system for energy payments.
        Can’t afford for U.S. citizens to envy and maybe demand that OUR government protect and advance the interests of ALL of us, not merely the rich and their uninformed supporters.

        1. Hillary also blessed the coup against the democratically elected president of Honduras, Zelaya.

          She didn’t.

          That aside, the Honduran Supreme Court issued an arrest warrant for Zelaya which the military was tasked with executing. Instead of jailing him, the officers put him on a plane headed out of the country. The speaker of the legislature was sworn into office per the Honduran Constitution. Except for exiling Zelaya in lieu of trying him, legal procedure was respected. Honduras was well rid of him.

      2. Libya was in a state of insurrection. Gaddafi got his just deserts.

    2. So you are citing a FOREIGN paper’s oppinion about a US election in a remark about FOREIGN influence in US elections ?

      Critical thinking continues to elude you.

      If you wish to continue this idiotic argument that foreign influence in US elections is a crime – then the Guardian, John Oliver, the Ukrainians and probably every other foreign government, must be indicted.

      Further – while the Trump campaign apparently repeatedly tried to get dirt from the Russians on Clinton,
      Clinton. HFA, and the DNC used a foreign spie to get dirt on Trump from russian spies. Therefore they must all be indicted.

      Assuming that the Russians actually tried to influence the election by pushing themes like “Hillary for prison” and “Hillary is a war monger”.

      We must then indict anyone who said anything true about Hillary in the last election.

      I would suggest reading Comey’s “non-indictment, indictment” of Clinton, and then 18 USC 793(f).
      Clinton quite obviously broke the law – badly, by the evidence Comey provided.
      There is no wiggle room, this is not a question of oppinion. The elements of the crime are all listed,
      and Comey’s list of findings meets every single element – as well as those of the harsher 18 cfr 793(e).

      With respect to Clinton’s militance, she was ranked by several groups – including pro-military groups as significantly more pro-military and pro-intervention than any other candidate – except Lindsey Graham.

      You are seeking to criminalize speaking the truth.

      You are seeking to criminalize persuasion.

      Your argument fails – even if we accept everything you state as the truth.

      1. -the research of a newspaper, that has a reputation for its reporting-the research was limited in scope -it did not address influence in elections.

      2. John say said, “So you are citing a FOREIGN paper’s oppinion about a US election in a remark about FOREIGN influence in US elections ? Critical thinking continues to elude you.”

        Foreign influence in US elections is conducted by foreign governments–not foreign newspapers. The United Kingdom–home of The Guardian–has not interfered in any US election. The Russian Federation did interfere in The Brexit Referendum in the UK and the 2016 US election. You argument against Linda’s critical thinking skills is so highly equivocal as to cast serious doubt upon your own critical thinking skills. Or else its just your rhetoric that is sorely lacking skill.

        1. The Russian Federation did interfere in The Brexit Referendum in the UK and the 2016 US election.

          They hired internet trolls. They also worked both sides of the fence.

              1. I prefer the term “selective” over the term evanescent. But thanks for adding to my vocabulary. I’ve been missing that for months now.

          1. Insufferable- “worked both sides of the aisle” – did they also work to get both Hillary and Trump elected? If they had, I’m pretty sure Hillary would have been elected.

      3. Apparently tried although that was refuted by Meuller is not the same as ‘is’ however you parse it. Murban Myth carries more weight.

    3. That is the British newspaper run by their extreme left…. ha ha ha haha Sure thing comrade.

  18. when we find out the truth about the interview of Hillary Clinton in her home by the Obama and Lynch f.b.i. and d.o.j. without audio or video of the interview I am going to say that no law enforcement agency works that way.

    1. Actually law enforcement works that way all the time – and that is the problem.

      This investigation of Trump is improper and corrupt.

      But much of what our government does is done corruptly and lawlessly.

          1. There would be no special counsel investigation of Trump had Trump not fired Comey. The FBI’s investigation of Russia’s attempts to cultivate members of the Trump campaign and the Russian information warfare operation in the 2016 election would not have been transferred to the special counsel’s investigation had Trump not fired Comey.

            1. There would be no special counsel investigation had Sessions not recused himself, something he could hve begged off doing.

              1. Had Sessions not recused himself, would Trump still have fired Comey? If so, would Sessions have resisted the appointment of a special counsel once Trump had fired Comey? Maybe Sessions recused himself for the sake of avoiding just such a dilemma.

            2. Diane – I really do not think you can say that. Comey was determined that there be a special prosecutor and he would have gotten one whether he was employed or not. His unemployment status just made it easier to leak classified memos.

              1. The Director of the FBI has no authority to appoint a special counsel. The Attorney General does. But Sessions recued himself. That left Rosenstein who wrote the memo recommending that Trump should fire Comey. I told you yesterday that your entire procedure consists of retroactively anachronistic justifications for Trump’s monumentally stupid decision to fire Comey. And just look at what you’re insinuating now:

                Trump had to fire Comey because Comey was determined to leak Comey’s memos which Comey had written just in case Trump fired Comey.

                1. Diane – he had no authority to decide on Hillary’s emails, but he did. Comey gets what Comey wants.

                2. I told you yesterday that your entire procedure consists of retroactively anachronistic justifications for Trump’s monumentally stupid decision to fire Comey.

                  It was a perfectly reasonable decision. Comey supervised the collection of grifters around Andrew McCabe and was responsible for the phony investigation into HRC’s security breaches, the corrupt FISA warrant, &c.

            3. and….. to finish the story ….. Meuller would have unable to determine and announce gop and trump had nothing to do with it the whole thing was DNC and Clinton . Which he did;. They didn’t report that on MSNBC. Tough..

        1. Has what to do with the Ethics Commission recommending and the DOJ recommending he be fired?

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