Cohen Puffs As Judge Fumes

download-1I have been a long critic of Michael Cohen, who has a reputation of a reckless and unprofessional lawyer.  Cohen could not have taken a more disastrous course for his client, Donald Trump, and he has maximized the potential costs for both himself and his client.  Now, as a judge was holding a hearing on his motion to protect his files, Cohen took upon himself to not only skip the hearing but sit outside in New York smoking a cigar. He even joked that he wanted the pictures snapped by the awaiting reporters.  The judge in the meantime was reportedly irritated by his absence at this critical hearing over his allegedly confidential files.

It was a telling moment for a lawyer who has consistently adopted the worst possible approach to legal controversies.  It is absolutely baffling why Cohen would want to telegraph to the court that he did not have anything better to do and simply used the time to smoke a cigar with friends.

So Cohen wants the judge to take extraordinary steps to protect his communications but it is not enough for him to actually take a 10 minute car ride to the courthouse to convey his respect for the court and the case.  As with many of his decisions, there is literally no positive element to this move.  He could have stayed inside his apartment or office during the hearing if he did not want to be in court.  Instead, he picked a public location with the knowledge that reporters were waiting outside.  He has achieved the impossible . . . he makes Stormy Daniels look  professional and deliberative by comparison.

Elizabeth Landers


Photo of Michael Cohen taken by my NY colleague Lawrence Crook- who reports that he’s sitting outside the Loews Regency now with a group of friends smoking cigars

It will remain a mystery to history why Trump did not sever Cohen months ago and continues to embrace him as he stumbling around tripping wires and maximizing the risks to Trump.

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  1. Two Russians in Prague while Cohen was in Europe- Konstantin Kosachev (Kremlin) and Yeugeniy Nikulin (high level hacker).

      1. She hasn’t updated her talking points. That’ll have to wait until MadCow gives up on the Michael-Cohen-in-Prague meme.

  2. @JT
    “He could have stayed inside his apartment or office during the hearing if he did not want to be in court. Instead, he picked a public location with the knowledge that reporters were waiting outside. He has achieved the impossible . . . he makes Stormy Daniels look professional and deliberative by comparison.”

    OK, agreed, but you have to admit that Cohen and his posse sure are snappy dressers. 🙂

  3. This is what I consider pouring gasoline on a candle flame. Some people throw up obstacles in their own path. That is not effective.

  4. Trump has made America great again. He has given us a sideshow, the likes of which no other country can afford. America is great enough to endure this level of buffoonery, lies, corruption, nepotism, narcissism, incompetence, bellicose ranting and tweeting, and outright disgusting behavior. America survived it in the past but never at this level. Perhaps that will be the legacy of America.

    1. Yeah, Clinton is arguably as big a dirt bag as Trump, your point is well taken.

      Cordially, Bill

  5. My favorite scene from the hit 70s series, Dallas: The scene starts as oil Barron JR Ewing is confronting his wife, Sue Ellen, about some cocaine found in her car by crooked cops on JR’s payroll.
    SUE ELLEN: You think I’m scared of you, JR, and you’re crooked cops who planted that stuff?
    JR: No SueEllen. It takes brains to be scared and you’re not scared even a little bit, darling.
    Cohen’s not scared one bit either.

  6. Dumb smoker. Perhaps this is a redundancy. All smokers are dumb and so just being called a smoker is being called dumb.

    1. Wait. California is beginning to budget on marijuana sales. Jerry “Moonbeam-Clown” Brown just loves smokers…right? I mean, he runs anti-smoking ads of the most disgusting sort but hypocrisy never bothered him and his ilk before – he hates guns and loves abortions. It took 100 years to finally “underground” all the electric utility equipment so he passed tax-credits for new installation of ugly solar panels on property, on roof-tops over parking lots and everywhere.

    1. A convocation of dirtbags. Cohen, Stormy…perhaps even the depraved Orange Buffoon himself!

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