Did Stormy Daniels Just Implicate Tom Brady?

downloadOk, I admit that I am a Bears fan and this could be the only way to get Tom Brady out of the next session, but doesn’t this picture look a tad familiar?  Check out this picture: Tom Brady  Or here in his hoodie: Tom Brady. With our new young quarterback scheduled to face the Patriots this year, it is close enough for me.

Stormy Daniels released the sketch today of the man that she says threatened her in a parking lot in 2011.  She describes him as 5’9″ and 6′ tall, between his 30s and early 40s, and with a lean but “fit” body type.  Brady meets all of the criteria except the height. He is 6’4” but he had to be stooping to lean into the car.  It takes something off the height.  He was 39 in 2011.

Notably, in 2011, Tom Brady was making all types of statements against his interest, including his love for deflated balls.  He also has a history of angrily telling people to drop matters like . . . well  . . .  football.  

He has even pushed back on reporters in saying that he “wanted to stay out of this debate.

He is also known to be a friend of Donald Trump.

I will be seeing my former student Michael Avenatti on Wednesday when we both participate in an event. I will claim my $100,000 at the event.

69 thoughts on “Did Stormy Daniels Just Implicate Tom Brady?”

  1. Get real, Guys.!
    Does anyone really think the Orange President, is above strong arming the minions.?????
    Unless, one is a** licking that man, they are on an enemies list. !!!

    1. Guinness:
      Nothing like a little sleazy innuendo, unsupported allegations and outright crudeness to cement one as commenter to be avoided. Not to mention the pointless SHOUTING! Thanks for the heads up.

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