Poll: Roughly Half Of California Support Trump Ban and Increased Immigration Enforcement

California flagThe Democrats continue to go “all in” on immigration in resisting enforcement, supporting sanctuary cities, and opposing increased deportations.  This however may be an issue that Trump is right about politically as a wedge for voters and the Democratic party.  A new survey by UC Berkeley’s Haas Institute for a Fair and Inclusive Society shows that roughly half of Californians support the Trump travel ban and greater enforcement (and deportations) under immigration laws.


Notably, UC Berkeley’s Haas Institute for a Fair and Inclusive Society opposes Trump’s policies.

Roughly a quarter of the polled individuals (24 percent) said that it is “very important” for the U.S. to increase deportations of undocumented immigrants while 35 percent said it’s “somewhat important.” according to the poll. Roughly half (49 percent) support a temporary ban for people from Muslim-majority countries. Even in the most liberal areas, the Bay area, some 44 percent of residents support the ban.

This poll follows something of a mutiny by cities across California in rejecting the sanctuary policy of the state and supporting the Trump Administration’s immigration enforcement efforts, including most recently San Diego.


Source: California Survey on Othering and Belonging Views on Identity, Race and Politics

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  1. CA: A state which needs to be removed from the U.S of A. Make it part of Mexico. We can call it: Your Way Jose.

    1. 1. Mexico turned down the return as they couldn’t afford the water bill.
      2. If they tried to secede it would apply only to people as the land would automatically revert to the Federal Government those seceding would have to leave as aliens. Somewhat like those becoming Demcrats and rejecting US Citizenship as it that move rrequires a rejection of the former and a oath of loyaty to a foreign ideology.. not to mention a rejection of any form of religion.

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  2. Traditionally, governments repulse invasions rather than facilitate them.

    California used to be rational, comfortable and beautiful…and populated by Californians.

    Californians, defacto, stopped increasing their state’s population in 1960 – the population of California was “rightsized” and the pollution of overcrowding was rejected.

    What is the percentage of Europeans in China or Japan?

    Destroying the state, brokers were allowed to nullify the traditions and laws of nations which establish borders and citizens and sell California to the highest international bidders.

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