Poll: Roughly Half Of California Support Trump Ban and Increased Immigration Enforcement

California flagThe Democrats continue to go “all in” on immigration in resisting enforcement, supporting sanctuary cities, and opposing increased deportations.  This however may be an issue that Trump is right about politically as a wedge for voters and the Democratic party.  A new survey by UC Berkeley’s Haas Institute for a Fair and Inclusive Society shows that roughly half of Californians support the Trump travel ban and greater enforcement (and deportations) under immigration laws.


Notably, UC Berkeley’s Haas Institute for a Fair and Inclusive Society opposes Trump’s policies.

Roughly a quarter of the polled individuals (24 percent) said that it is “very important” for the U.S. to increase deportations of undocumented immigrants while 35 percent said it’s “somewhat important.” according to the poll. Roughly half (49 percent) support a temporary ban for people from Muslim-majority countries. Even in the most liberal areas, the Bay area, some 44 percent of residents support the ban.

This poll follows something of a mutiny by cities across California in rejecting the sanctuary policy of the state and supporting the Trump Administration’s immigration enforcement efforts, including most recently San Diego.


Source: California Survey on Othering and Belonging Views on Identity, Race and Politics

50 thoughts on “Poll: Roughly Half Of California Support Trump Ban and Increased Immigration Enforcement”

  1. Here is what none of the pro-illegal immigrant crowd have ever been able to explain to me. Why do they support open borders? What would the unintended consequences be? If you support sanctuary states and ascribe to that rhetoric about how anyone opposing illegal immigration is racist, etc, then what is their reasoning for a country not being allowed to have any criteria at all an immigrant must meet? Because if a country had the most trivial requirements at all, say, one must not be an assassin for the cartels who murders and terrorizes villagers, then there would still be legal immigrants and illegal immigrants. There would still be “undocumented” immigrants, if there were any criteria at all. So, how do they defend that position?

    Do people really want completely open borders, where all 7.4 billion people in the world can come here, or do want to keep a legal immigration system and just change some of the criteria? If we aren’t even able to control the quantity of immigrants, then we would have billions of people arriving. It think we have around 325 million people here, now, and it’s getting crowded. It’s getting difficult to preserve open space and natural areas, and difficult to pay for all of the benefits. As it is, Social Security will run out of money in just a few decades. What would be the effect on our environment, housing, social benefit structure, culture, infrastructure, available jobs, and pollution?

    A Western value system, of equal rights for men, women, gays, freedom of religion, freedom of speech, a generally accepted view of the treatment of pets – that’s rare. Yes, we have criminals who go against our laws and values, and they go to jail. But the general consensus takes a Western approach towards freedom, values, and social structure. We have upward mobility instead of a caste system. The vast majority of the rich in our country are self made. That is the shining beacon to people around the world, what draws those who want to immigrate in the first place. So, what would happen if those with Western values were suddenly drowned out, while our population grew suddenly by thousands of percent? Those values would be swept away. Our infrastructure would crumble. Do you think there would be any national parks when we suddenly have to house 10 times our current population? How would we feed everyone?

    We do not have the moral obligation to allow everyone who wants to live here, to do so, because we do not have the resources. Too much of anything is bad. Even too much oxygen is bad for the body. You can die from ingesting too much water. Immigration that is responsive to our parameters is good. Too much immigration, or failure to impose the proper criteria, is detrimental. At the very least, think of what would happen if we removed the requirement that prospective immigrants must not be criminals. How would that be responsible to the people who already live here?

    We currently have an immigration system like the Hunger Games. We have a long, tortuous process to legally immigrate. However, there are parts of the world that do not even know how to immigrate here legally. People interviewed literally think illegal immigration is just how it’s done. You pay a coyote a ton of money for him to stuff you in some truck or lead a trek over the desert. Coyotes are most often part of the drug cartels. Women and girls will likely be raped, so many bring Plan B as part of their gear. Some will be sold into trafficking rings, or die in the crossing. If there is trouble, the coyote will abandon you, possibly while trapped inside a smothering shipping container. If you manage to survive, and make it past a certain range inside the border, you are “safe” and all efforts to detain you will be deemed racist. If you get caught before that safety zone inside the border, you can be deported. If you are pregnant, you are encouraged to wait until the last possible moment before you deliver, and then take the route described above. Ranchers along the border are used to finding women laboring in the dirt of the desert. Hopefully one will find you if you cut it a bit too close, or if walking all that way hastened your labor. If you have a child, you will be encouraged to pay a huge sum of money to one of the coyotes above, and hand your child over to be part of the unaccompanied minor surge that has a good chance of being allowed to stay. After all, it is inhumane to deport a child, but far better to allow the parent who put their child in such a savage position to come on over. And remember, the only reason why the parent did not accompany their child in the first place was because of the public support for unaccompanied minors. Be sure to pack a Plan B One Step with your unaccompanied girl children, because they will probably be raped. Boys might be sold to traffickers, too. Many children die along the road.

    Now, once you are in the US, you have some more paradoxes to navigate. Businesses will be fined if they hire an illegal alien, so you may have to steal someone’s identity. If you use a stolen identity, you may still get paid under the table enough that you will get earned income credit on your tax return, actually receiving money from the IRS instead of paying it. If you live in CA, you will be allowed to get a cheaper automobile insurance policy, with less coverage, than legal residents. Too bad for anyone you hit who won’t be properly reimbursed. You can get a drivers license in CA as an illegal, but not in other states. Of course, you won’t be able to fly with that license because it does not meet the standards of the federal identification law. Obviously, since you won’t prove your original identity. The California voters who keep voting for higher and higher minimum wage and employee benefits won’t want to actually pay those costs out of their pockets. They’ll want to hire you, for cash under the table, without any of that pesky minimum wage or benefits they voted for. After all Californians do like their cheap serf labor. Isn’t that the refrain? Citizens wouldn’t do the work an illegal alien does. (Democrats seem to be recycling the same arguments they used in support of slavery, and then in support of Jim Crow). Hmmmm, maybe that’s because they are paid serf wages under the table or exposed to pesticides and herbicides in the fields, but don’t have a lot of options for work? Lots if industries staff their crews with illegal aliens under the table, outbidding law abiding companies who hire legal residents and pay them decent wages. And then since those illegal alien crews are not bonded, not insured, and certainly not trained, then the jobs are dangerously poor quality, not to code, and if any worker gets hurt, their employer suddenly never heard of them.

    Why in the world would anyone fight so hard to maintain our current system? It’s the Hunger Games without the glamorous wardrobe. No one’s circling in a flaming dress. They’re just out there caught in this mad system. I hold zero animosity for illegal immigrants. Our policies, rhetoric, and sanctuary cities told them this was OK. It’s not the illegal aliens’ fault for taking us up on it. But it needs to change now. This is 2018. In no civilized country in the world should people be induced to hire cartel thugs to get them across the border, be raped, killed, sold into slavery, or give birth along the way. It’s madness, inhumane, and cruel. That is why we have a legal immigration system. You don’t have paper pushers in the immigration system selling people into slavery or leaving them in cattle cars. We also have a legal immigration system to adjust the flow of immigrants to match the economy. When entry level jobs are down, then obviously you don’t import a bunch of entry level job seekers to compete with people already here. That’s irresponsible. When housing is down or the cost is skyrocketing, you don’t import a bunch of people who will be looking for housing. When jobs go up, we can take more. Sometimes we may need more skilled workers, sometimes we may need more unskilled workers. It’s supposed to be a flexible, agile, responsive system, not a broken value on an underwater oil pipeline that no one knows how to shut off.

    Californians virtue signal with their vote, but it’s their actions when they spend their own money that are most revealing. The current illegal immigration system depends on coyotes, or human smugglers. The coyotes are part of cartels who run drugs, guns, and women. Human trafficking and smuggling across the border is very lucrative to the cartels. On the one hand, people are outraged at gun owners and the #MeToo Movement. On the other, they support a system that financially benefits gun runners, rape, and sexual slavery. Are we in Rome and everyone is drinking out of lead pipes? Because this is illogical, callous, and irrational.

    Oh, and food for thought. The most virulently anti-semitic man I ever met was a Persian who came to CA illegally, paying a coyote to cross the desert. He got married and became a legal resident, or citizen. I do not think it would be possible to be more anti-semitic. I also met a Syrian who talked about how people in his country pay coyotes a lot of money to cross into CA illegally. No vetting. Some might be good. Some might be bad. Who knows? We sure don’t, because they didn’t go through the system.

    1. I don’t have to read any more than your first sentence to see how perverse your perception is of the situation. You equate those who wish to allow DACA and other illegal immigrants who have been here for decades, paid into the society, have nowhere else to go, and are better citizens than many who were born here, with ‘open borders’. Most Americans, including myself, if not all, support a border that allows no, absolutely no, illegal penetration. The situation as it is has resulted in a need to separate those who are illegal and not beneficial and deport them while analyzing those, such as the DACA individuals and other who have been here for decades, contributed, and sometimes even fought in the military. The wholesaled marshaling of illegals without differentiating is purely a political move by a pervert we happen to have as President. It plays to the shallow minded and obtuse who made this travesty possible.

      I am for a closed border, extreme vetting of legal applicants, but not deporting those who came here under different circumstances. If you look at statistics, the ‘threat’ has not been this small since the 1970s. The real threat is how a bellicose buffoon like Trump can bring out the worst in America. It’s not so much the issue of illegal immigrants but the mean spirit of some Americans, always looking for an enemy. Perhaps you should look in the mirror.

      1. Perhaps you should write to your Democrat representative. Because only Congress can change the laws as you wish them to be.

      2. Isaac:

        “I don’t have to read any more than your first sentence to see how perverse your perception is of the situation.” That illustrates that you have absolutely no idea what my opinion is, and then proceed to review what you didn’t read. I specifically referred to those who support illegal immigration and sanctuary states. They call any deportations racist. Sanctuary cities/states oppose even the deportation of criminals. The rhetoric in favor of illegal immigration is that anyone who only supports legal immigration is a xenophobe, racist, etc. However, if you have any criteria at all, there will be legal and illegal immigrants. Therefore, there could be no limits or qualification at all, or you would still have deportations. That means open borders. I do not lump all immigrants into the criminal dog heap, and never said anything of the kind. Nor do I hold any animosity to illegal immigrants, for reasons explained above in my rambling oeuvre.

        I actually am sympathetic to illegal immigrants who were brought here as kids. They didn’t do anything wrong. In order to get amnesty through for them, we have to seal off the border. Otherwise, we just provided a huge incentive for more illegal immigration. It never stops.

        Mark my words. Shut off the faucet at the border, and amnesty for illegals brought here as kids will pass.

  2. Those people are evil bigots who should be outed, doxxed and fired!! Where is the great $PLC when you need them??

    Seriously speaking, I wish the upper middle class had to live under the same conditions they impose on ordinary people. I specifically mean had to deal with lots of “diversity” in their kids public schools, ER’s neighborhoods, etc. And no way to escape down the interstate or to their gated communities and exclusive social clubs.


  3. This is such a dish*t lama** piece of twisted polling; Trump will mention it, enhanced and perverse as is his custom. Those Americans that are ‘for’ allowing open borders and ‘against’ deportations are rare and inconsequential, just as inconsequential as their opposite extremes. What the majority of Americans oppose is the manner in which Trump and his minions are going about fixing the problem of illegal immigration, immigrants, or however one wishes to term the problem. 24% and 35% will be mentioned in with 49% and all positions will be ‘half of Californians are this or that’. California has exhibited extreme positions in response to Trump’s abhorrent approach to the issues of immigration. Trump has still to equal Obama’s level of deportations. The big difference is that Obama was allowing the productive, long term, illegal immigrants with ‘equity’ to remain and sort things out while deporting those that posed present and predicted negative results. Obama’s approach made sense and took time. It was not used by him to rant and rave to pander to the right wing sickos to come out and vote, as was the case and remains the case with Trump. The influx of illegal immigrants through from Mexico has been declining for decades and was at its lowest during the Obama administration. Enhancing border security in this age of technology, drones, etc has been evolving and effective for decades. Trump wants to build a bricks and mortar wall where there is no need and where it would make no sense. A wall means less surveillance of other types as the wall will be expected to be the barrier. Less surveillance means that those wishing to cross into the US will choose the areas where there is a wall and fewer border patrol officers, to enter. One person scales the wall, fixes whatever devices necessary and others follow, along with drugs. The cartels are working on solutions.

    The poll reflects a response to extreme responses, the pendulum swing. However, it does not reflect the majority of American’s perceptions of how Trump is going about fixing this ongoing situation, one which has been being fixed for decades.

    1. Another isaac everything the rock star Obama did good, everything trump does bad post.

  4. I hope the polling question wasn’t “do you support a temporary ban for people from Muslim-majority countries?” Because the travel ban is not based on the majority religion of any country. It is based on the country’s inadequate control of terrorists and poor vetting of travel visa applicants. There are many Muslim-majority countries that Obama did not include on the list.

  5. Los Angeles and San Francisco are not going down the toilet. They have become the toilet.

  6. Moonbeam knows the folks who’ll get him and his nutty ilk reelected are the hard-core nitwit lefties in metro SF and LA. That’s the large voting block responsible for electing gems like vineyard-owner Nancy Pelosi (net worth $30M+), wealth-masking Barbara Boxer (repeatedly fails to disclose assets during election years to make it seem like she’s one of the peasants she pretends to serve), the uber-rich Dianne Feinstein (net worth $60M+ with a 347-page financial-disclosure statement “nearly the size of a phone book”), and the affirmative action project and bar exam reject Kamala Harris.

    Methinks the survey must’ve excluded LA County.

  7. More than 80 candidates and politicians have been killed since Mexico’s election season took off in September – as drug cartels wrestle for power.

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5628475/We-watching-Political-killings-shake-Mexico-election.html#ixzz5D7RUeyqv

    I’ve lived in California for nearly 40 years. The cultural and political changes in this state are not favorable to the tax-paying citizens. Our public schools are ranked 47th in the nation. Water rates are ridiculously high. There hasn’t been any infrastructure spending for new reservoirs in decades. We had mandatory restrictions on water usage and when the water districts started losing revenue as a result of these restrictions, the districts of course raised rates. We have the high-speed rail that is now estimated to cost nearly $80 billion, no end in sight, and if its ever completed will whisk whatever passengers that can afford it on a trip that takes 3 times longer than a flight. Gas taxes are the highest in the nation and our state legislature has been considering a mileage tax as well. We have had a major increase in crimes involving theft. Catalytic convertors for instance are being stolen off vehicles in parking lots in broad daylight and sold on the black market. Don’t leave anything you don’t want stolen from inside your locked car and certainly not in the bed of your pickup. The police and sheriffs tell you don’t bother calling if the cost of this crime is less than $950. Yard sales have become businesses now. And we have become famous for putting violent criminals back on the streets, regardless of their immigration status.

    If you do not believe the 3rd world culture south of our border is having no negative impact on states like California, then you are wildly misinformed.

    1. Olly,

      When I moved out there in 93 I was amazed at how much a problem immigration was. Growing up in NY you are sheltered from the problem. I remember when prob 187 passed how the rest of the states were appalled. I believe the CO governor told their population to boycott Disneyland. I remember thinking how stupid it was for a state to think it should have a say in what we want but doesn’t have to deal with the issue was.

  8. Well imagine that. People don’t want illegal aliens.

    I’m not really surprised. I lived in that crazy state from 93 to 04. During that time we voted in prop 187 (no public schools for illegals) by 59%. It was a great victory. Only later would I realize that my American citizen vote was meaningless and that illegals had more say than we did.

    The other thing I learned about CA was if you talked to most who were born there, they were very bitter (Something I enjoyed seeing, being a lifetime New Yorker). They were bitter because they saw their state get ruined over the decades from a great place to one of high crime to the point were all beaches were now closed at 10:00pm. even if you lived right on the beach. I always told people back east that CA needed to update their brochures since what they were selling was not what you were getting.

  9. A question for Professor Turley:

    What does it take for the jus soli clause of the the 14th amendment to be overturned?

  10. Well, if you are not a business owner profiting from exploiting cheap labor or an illegal yourself, illegal immigration is just peachy. If you are a law abiding citizen who pays their taxes – not so much? Basically, you are paying for the illegal aliens and their children. Their school, medical, the extra police and court costs etc.

    The new nickname for the dreamers should be DRAINERS. They drain our tax dollars from our pockets.

    If they leave or are forced to leave, will I pay a little more for produce or a restaurant meal? Yes. But, as a NY resident, I will save thousands in taxes we spend to take care of our illegal aliens.

    1. First sentence should read –

      Well, if you are a business owner profiting from exploiting cheap labor or an illegal alien yourself, illegal immigration is just peachy.

  11. The Spics who some here to the U.S. and settle in do not always want all of their families and certainly not alll of their old neighbors in mexico to move to their new neighborhood in CA. No. Same with the Germans or Scots back in the 1850’s.
    Y’all come back now. Hear?

  12. Roughly half? That is 50 percent. It takes a tad more to win an election. It is time to run the Browns out of office. Brown Like Me! is a statement in CA. Jerry is a Communist.

      1. David Benson – the fact that Governor Moonbeam thinks that is not a pejorative is the high tide mark. 13 counties defying the state sanctuary law, is the tide starting to go out.

  13. And that “half is just the ones who will admit it. I bet there is a higher percentage than that, but they are afraid to come right out and say it, being surrounded by Liberals who will “shun” them if they disagree with them.

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

      1. David Benson – she is right about taking polls, which is why you have to get to the raw data on the polls and how it was taken to see how much validity it has. People will lie to pollsters, I do.

  14. a Trump ban seems like a helluva good idea, but banning all of them seems quite unlikely

  15. When most of the news only focuses on one political narrative, there often is great surprise when information comes out supporting that most individuals do not think as that narrative proffers. But in actuality it is not a change of thinking by the public, but rather the willingness to believe such things by those who write news articles.

  16. What’s really telling is that Latinos now make up more than half of CA’s population, so they are in the mix, too. Perhaps the tide is turning against the radical loonies.

    1. As Bernie Sanders told Vox, much to the surprise of the idiot millennials there, Open Borders is a Koch Brothers plan.

      Cesar Chavez was AGAINST illegal immigration that stole jobs and depressed wages. Open Borders was what the Republicans wanted to help their big farm contributors.

      Once upon a time, when the Democrats represented the working class, every Democrat knew this.

      1. Yup, Bernie is for borders – corporatists and traitors welcome open borders. Koch and Soros – same coin – different sides.

  17. You mean a lot of Californians want to get rid of criminal illegal immigrants? Wow, there is some common sense in the Golden State.

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