“I’m A Nice Guy”: Accused Felon Goes On Rampage With Machete And Threatens To Put Housemate’s Head On Spear

Joshua Taylor, 25, insisted that “I am a nice guy” but police may need a bit more supportive evidence.  Taylor threatened to put his housemate’s head on a spear and went on a rampage with a machete.  Taylor has 24 convictions for 48 crimes, including for public order and criminal damage.



Police responded to a call over the threat to the housemate, but Taylor was next seen three hours later when he was swinging a machete  at a group of men.  He then reportedly  smashed windows at the police station with the machete.  He then is accused of damaging two windows at the Dust n Bones tattoo parlor.  It took a helicopter and a manhunt to find him.

He later claimed that this drink was spiked and claimed no memory of the events.

He asked that he not be judged by his tattoo in a colloquy with Recorder Jason Taylor (no relation): “I am so sorry. I did not mean anything, my intention was not to hurt anyone. Someone spiked my drink . . . I am a nice guy. Do not frown upon my tattoos. I have spent time meditating, I am trying to do well.  I am so sorry. I did not mean anything, my intention was not to hurt anyone. Someone spiked my drink.”

The judge or the recorder responded:  “I do not judge you by your tattoos. The fact remains that for the threats to kill and the possession of a blade only an immediate custodial sentence is appropriate.”

Taylor then gave Taylor a total sentence of 28 months to end a truly bizarre case.

24 thoughts on ““I’m A Nice Guy”: Accused Felon Goes On Rampage With Machete And Threatens To Put Housemate’s Head On Spear”

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  2. Sofia – I could care less what is happening while I am asleep, it is while I am awake that is important. 😉

    1. Paul, Freddy Krueger would disagree, as shown below in the movie preview to Nightmare on Elm Street (“NOES “) II.

      Interestingly, when this second series in the Freddy franchise first came out, I immediately recognized and commented on the homosexual theme implicit in the story. The male lead character is tormented by his homosexual feelings and he psychologically attempts to deal with them or attempts to deny them by substituting an alter ego in the form of the Freddy character to literally invaginate human flesh in a sado-masochistic ritual. If the late, great Gershon Legman was around when this movie came out, I’m sure he’d agree 100% with my analysis.

      Of course, when I first communicated this psychological interpretation of the movie based on a Freudian/Kraft-Ebbing analysis, I was accused of being “crazy,” “nuts,” etc. However, time has proven me correct, and today, many film buffs and pundits on cultural phenomena readily acknowledge that NOES II is, indeed, based on a homosexual theme.

      1. Ralph Adamo – you are on your own on this one. I have not watched any of the Freddy movies and know of them only anecdotally. I am sure it is worthy of a paper.

  3. CV Brown – I get enough sleep to get me by, I have 2 computers in my office, one for emails, etc., the other for entertainment.

  4. 24 convictions for 48 crimes by the age of 25 is not a nice guy.

    As for judging anyone on their tattoos – anyone can be good or bad regardless of how they dress or their tattoos. However, the appearance we create is the flag we fly to the world. We send general messages to our community with our clothing, ranging from conservative, science geek, comic fan, gangster, tough guy, or combat ballerina (little girls wearing tutus with combat boots.) Such style choices are part of our nonverbal communication about how we project ourselves.

    If you get a facial tattoo, it’s probably not going to help your employment prospects. It’s likely not going to land you a conservative girlfriend. You don’t get facial tattoos and unusual piercings if you really dislike being stared at. You get it to look tough and dangerous, and for the attention. Some people work out and take martial arts or other fight training if they want the confidence to handle bad situations. They don’t brag about being a bada(*&; they just have that quiet confidence. Others just want to look like they can and be loud about it.

    I have no idea if he voluntarily took drugs and was involuntarily violent, was sober and violent, or voluntarily took drugs and was violent. What I do know is that his past history is a clear indication of him plowing his life into the ground and squandering his opportunities, determined to put himself in a cage. I am curious how he smashed a window at the police station with a machete. Just strolled by the station during his rampage? Glad no one was hurt and that he was contained. He sounds like someone the community really needs a break from. With 24 convictions, he cannot have served much time to be out at 25. At what point does he get put on ice for a long enough period of time to give society a break?

  5. Maybe I missed something… but wondering why this freak of nature isn’t behind bars????

  6. Maybe someone will kill him while in prison and get him off the table.

  7. Okay, I will ask the question. Who did spike his drink and with what?

      1. wildbill99 – soda is not capitalized and this guy does not have the taste to drink Scotch. Plus, the only butler he has seen was on Downton Abbey.

  8. Say what you will about this guy. But one thing we can all agree on. He makes it easy for witnesses to pick him out in a police lineup.

  9. You know I don’t blame him. I’ve thought of doing that to any of about a half-dozen regulars here.

  10. Hmmm. This took place in the UK, which has permitted this piece of crap to garner 24 convictions and 48 crimes in a mere 25 years of life, and will not execute him. Meanwhile, Baby Alfie gets the plug pulled at 24 months or so of life.

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

    1. So Squeeky, a plenty of so called Gov’ts have completely collapsed once again in history, what are the people to do other then Feuer Frei!


      Ot, Squeeky, I hope you don’t run off I’ve a job I hope you might be interested in in about a month. I’ll connect with Mespo 1st to place a safe msg 2 you. I consider it fun, hope you do to. Rhymes put to music…

      1. I will probably not run off for a while. But, it is getting warm outside and I have a whole family of Indigo Buntings out there! There were 7 of them on the Music Room porch Sunday Morning!

        Squeeky Fromm
        Girl Reporter

        1. Sorry Squeeky, my son tell’s me the reason some of my port do not go through is my my PC and operating system are crap.

          That last picture didn’t come through.

          1. OKy1

            I believe the reason it happened in this instance was the link you provided pointed to a local file on your computer and as such is not readable to the general internet which is needed to post the image/page. (file:///home/….). The WordPress server is unable to access that file to post it here. You might try uploading it to a file server open to the general internet.

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