Town & Country Disinvites Monica Lewinsky From “Social Change” Event After Bill Clinton Decides To Go

Despite long-standing allegations of sexual assault and sexual harassment, Bill Clinton remains a draw for liberals and Democrats, including many women.  That was strikingly evident when Town & Country reportedly disinvited former White House intern Monica Lewinsky to an event on “social change” when they succeeded in getting Clinton to attend.  It appears that is a bit too much change for Town & Country.

Many have questioned the continued speaking tours and celebrity status of Lewinsky based entirely on her affair with Clinton as a young intern.  However, Town & Country’s preference to feature Clinton, even in his “MeToo” environment is telling.

Lewinsky responded angrily with a tweet:

“Please don’t invite me to an event (esp one about social change) and — then after I’ve accepted — uninvite me because Bill Clinton then decided to attend/was invited. It’s 2018. Emily Post would def not approve.  p.s. … and definitely, please don’t try to ameliorate the situation by insulting me with an offer of an article in your mag.”


HuffPost reported that Town & Country was the magazine that disinvited Lewinsky to avoid any embarrassment to Clinton.

For those who have accused Clinton of sexual abuse, it is like barring various actresses to make Harvey Weinstein more comfortable at a Hollywood gala.

After refusing to comment after various media requests, Town & Country issued a belated apology to Lewinsky.

32 thoughts on “Town & Country Disinvites Monica Lewinsky From “Social Change” Event After Bill Clinton Decides To Go”

  1. Clintons are a disgrace but she stooped to the deed.

    Does anybody ever say maybe she had even a little culpability?

    T$C is a worthless rag of rich-people sycophants

  2. It’s just too damn bad that Bill Clinton might be embarrassed, he should be. As to her speaking tour, Ms Lewinsky has many years of experience as a target of bullies. She has learned from that experience talks to many groups about it. It seems the commenters here should attend one of her events, that is, if they can open up their minds just a bit and realize that many powerful men tend to be predators.

  3. She’s unmarried and childless and doesn’t appear to have any profession. (Subsidy from whom?). She’s had one accomplishment since 1995: she picked up graduate degree (of no use, however). Not the person you want to be when you’re 44 years old. And her father is stuck with knowing that his family name is now a colloquial synonym for a sex act.

  4. I can’t say what I want to say, but the Clintons are the gift that keeps on giving.

  5. Did they disinvite the other women that Bill Clinton had his little interactions with over the years?

  6. So T&C prefers hobnobbing with victimizers of women instead of the women they victimized. Yes we got the underlying message. Thank you

  7. Without addressing the controversy between Monica Lewinski and President Clinton, the manner in which Town & Country submitted its apology insulted now only Ms. Lewinski but the notion of civility.

    Rather than make a substantive offer for reconciliation, the magazine instead offered only this, encapsulated within irrelevance of a Twitter tweet:

    “We apologize to Ms. Lewinsky and regret the way the situation was handled.”

    Their vacuous effort certainly lacked the conveyance of humility that once was expected in an acceptable apology, which in itself serves almost a greater form of insult.

  8. So what you are saying without saying it is Town And Country would rather hob nob with a Victimizer of Women rather than those he… and his wife(?) victimized. No worries the rest of those who support victimizers of women will soon show themselves as well. .

      1. Darren Smith – someone taught him how to do macros and this is where he practices.

              1. David Benson – owes me a citation from the OED. If not, he is Making Things Up.

                  1. David Benson – just do what you are supposed to do. You know it is academically correct. It is not nuts. It appears you are recalcitrant because you cannot perform. Attacking me is not going to make that performance anxiety go away.

  9. Monica Lewinsky has speaking tours? About what? The dangers of having affairs with powerful married men?

    How curious that Town and Country would believe that the scandal of disinviting her would avoid embarrassment for Bill Clinton. Now, it’s all anyone will be talking about.

    It is also interesting that after his affair Bill Clinton emerged with his popularity intact, while Monica Lewinsky became a pariah and the butt of jokes for years. Donald Trump likely had an affair with a porn star, and possibly a variety of women, over the course of his life. They are highly popular and he is excoriated. Interesting, especially since the porn star admitted she pretended to be interested in Donald Trump because it might further her career. She negotiated a financial settlement to not disclose the affair, which she did anyway after accepting the money. It was a mercenary interaction on one side, and a disloyal breach of faith on the other.

    The entire impeachment process had many Americans wondering how an investigation into Whitewater and the Travel Department turned into airing dirty laundry was on the national stage. I’m more concerned about any abuse or non consensual allegations against Bill Clinton rather than a consensual affair with Lewinsky. Likewise, I have not understood the interest in any alleged affairs from years ago. He’s been divorced multiple times, and it was my understanding he had a history of being unfaithful. This should be a private matter to be handled between him and his wife.

    1. Like we have been saying. Morals, Values, Ethics and standards are strangers to the left who prefer to victimize women and … whatever else is handy.

    2. Some folks still feel that character counts, apparently they never got the memo announcing that we’re in a post truth era now.

      1. Some folks still feel that character counts, apparently they never got the memo announcing that we’re in a post truth era now.

        I agree, but we aren’t condemned to it. Character absolutely counts. I discovered this quote from Garfield years ago and cite it for just these occasions.

        Now more than ever before, the people are responsible for the character of their Congress. If that
        body be ignorant, reckless and corrupt, it is because the people tolerate ignorance, recklessness
        and corruption. If it be intelligent, brave and pure, it is because the people demand these high
        qualities to represent them in the national legislature … If the next centennial does not find us a great
        nation…it will be because those who represent the enterprise, the culture, and the morality of the
        nation do not aid in controlling the political forces.

        When we enable that post-truth era/b> to dominate among our lawmakers, then we are certain to be headed towards a post-rights era. The generation that produced our form of government understood this, not because they were perfect, but because they lived in an era of true tyranny. They produced a constitution specifically for weeding out the sort of character that would undermine the rule of law. What they couldn’t do is design a system that would weed out ignorance, apathy and dependence among the electorate.

        We’ll survive bad character in positions of power that have term limits. But for all others, leaving term limits in the hands of voters that don’t care about the rule of law or the character of their representatives, is not a problem our constitution is designed to fix.

        1. Absolutely right. I imagine the Founding Fathers would be disgusted by what American politics has become.

          1. I suspect they would recognize the political class as what they would naturally become if our citizen class weren’t up to the task of self-government.

    3. Yet, republicans couldn’t contain their glee to go after Bill Clinton for a consensual blowjob, and considering it was that flaming douchebag,Newt Gingrich who divorced his wife because she was ill. Republicans are not fit to breathe air.

    1. And no doubt paid for it. They don’t perform for free.

    2. There are still many ignoramuses who believe still that the Clintons are the greatest thing since the wheel!

  10. We can only hope that Donald Trump’s amazing victory in 2016 will forever remove the foul stain left by the vile Clinton clan upon the Presidency.

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