Giuliani’s Firm Severs Ties With Him And Publicly Refutes His Statements On Common Legal Practices

225px-rudy_giulianiWith his former personal attorney Michael Cohen spinning off ethical violations like some hurricanes spin off tornados, Rudolph W. Giuliani was meant to bring back some relief from the worsening scandal over Stormy Daniels.  Instead, Giuliani gave a rambling, conflicted account that the President had to refute the next morning.  The worse rebuke however came yesterday when Giuliani’s firm Greenberg Traurig severed ties with Giuliani and specifically refuted his claims that all lawyers regularly do what Cohen did.  Many of us at the time noted that lawyers do not take these actions and pay hush money from retainer funds.  The firm not only wanted to establish that it did not do such unethical things but that it was no longer going to be associated with Rudy Giuliani.


Giuliani defended Cohen’s actions by saying “That was money that was paid by his lawyer, the way I would do, out of his law firm funds. Michael would take care of things like this like I take care of this with my clients.”  That left most of us scratching our heads, but it appears to have left his firm red faced.

Greenberg Traurig has only recently dug out from the scandal of its infamous member, Jack Abramoff. 

The last thing the firm needed was a new member embracing the practices of the ethically challenged Micheal Cohen — let alone having a senior member like Giuliani making himself the brunt of late night comedians for his disastrous comments.

Shortly after Mr. Giuliani’s resignation was announced, the firm issued the following pointed statement:

“We cannot speak for Mr. Giuliani with respect to what was intended by his remarks. Speaking for ourselves, we would not condone payments of the nature alleged to have been made or otherwise without the knowledge and direction of a client.”

Mr. Giuliani reportedly laughed off the statement and just said that his now former firm did not understand his words . . .  which would put the firm in the company of most of humanity.  He then added that some of the firm’s lawyers are “enemies of the president.”

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  1. Giuliani and Trump are complicit in 9/11.

    “9/11 WAS AN INSIDE JOB”
    The official U.S. Government & Media 9/11 story is that 2 NYC towers were brought down by 2 airplanes.
    This is a total LIE !
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    This issue exposes the wide and deep corruption of the governments, courts and media.

    1. This is all false. In the case of WTC 7 it was hit by very massive portions of the exterior wall of WTC 1. This caused the diesel fuel illegally stored in WTC 7 to leak and burn. It was impossible to fight the fires as other segments of WTC 1 destroyed the water mains.

        1. They didn’t bother to look at the evidence. I did, in great detail.

          You have been seriously misled.

          1. They’re almost certainly fictional as well. David Ray Griffin’s organization had only three members who had any background in science or engineering. One was an aerospace engineer who had had some sort of nervious breakdown in 1982 and never worked again (he had a generous Air Force pension). He was more equivocal than the other two (and has since died). One was a mechanical engineer who designs dentures. A third was an electrochemist. None of them knew much about structural engineering. There was another chap who appeared later off the faculty of the state college in Fairbanks, Alaska, but his complaints amounted to telling his opponents to go stand in the corner of a round room.

    1. David Benson – owes me a citation from the OED or his is just Making Things Up!!!!

        1. David Benson – owes me a citation from the OED. BTW, is nutzier another word you found in your fictional OED?

  2. I wonder what happened to Giuliani.

    He’s gone off an end so deep that it’s not easy to remember the high point from which he fell.

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  4. CV Brown – the point I was trying to make was that extreme bravery comes at great cost and is not the thing the normal person does but the extraordinary person does under extraordinary circumstances.


    As Professor Turley notes, this is not an endorsement of Giuliani’s efforts on Trump’s behalf. Quite the opposite!

  6. “With his former personal attorney Michael Cohen spinning off ethical violations like some hurricanes spin off tornados,”
    I’m trying to figure out JT’s unabated animus towards Cohen and his law school, Cooley. No less than three posts have chastised Trump’s lawyer as a “fixer,” and one characterized Michigan’s Cooley Law School as substandard. In point of fact, Cohen did do what lawyers do which is to try to settle claims against their clients. He paid the settlement from money deposited in his trust account as retainer which can be used for fee or costs. The heavily criticized agreement he drew up withstood the scrutiny of an arbitrator who enforced it. And protecting political figures from embarrassment with pseudonyms seems de rigueur in his world. The ethical lapses are referred to as if they are self-evident and almost juvenile to question (like Trump not knowing at the time), but I’ve seen no complaints filed with the bar by the supposed victim thereof, Donald Trump. Ratification of the attorney’s action by the client seems a complete defense to me. I suppose if JT feels that way, he’s duty bound to report Cohen to the NY bar, but I’m wondering if he’s equatingy dislike with ethical violations.

    Meanwhile, Stormy’s lawyer, a GW grad and JT pal, is hailed as some kind of hero for his 65 CNN appearances (not to mention multiple drive-bys on Bill Maher, msnbc and every other liberal, hate Trump outlet) and representing an admitted liar whose sole purpose seems to be baiting and hamstringing* the leader of the free world as he goes about the business of denuclearizing the Korean Peninsula, thwarting Russian involvement in Syria, confronting Chinese hegemony in the South China Sea, supporting our ally in a potential war with Iran and stemming the invasion of criminals on our Southern border. (All trivial compared to a porn star’s revenge, I’ll grant you.) I suppose trying ones case in the press is a legal imperative nowadays but ethically it’s as suspect as jury tampering. Yet, not word one about Avenatti’s ethics despite JT’s wide ranging ethical antenna, To paraphrase one of those privileged middle-aged white guys held in utter disrepute by our modern, now-leftist, neoPurtians, “What fool’s these liberals (and their short-sighted lawyers) be!”

    *Avenatti seems to be taking that line about Justice and the Heavens falling a tad too literally or maybe he just likes a good ol’ suicide pact. .

    1. Mespo-
      Nobody “hates” Mr Trump. We don’t hate grossly mentally defective people. We are happy for them if they are able to find their way in the world by inheriting millions of dollars. We are concerned for the lives of all the people they are likely to attack, murder, torture, maim, and displace.

      1. We don’t hate grossly mentally defective people.

        I take it you don’t hate yourself.

        1. You’re waiting for someone
          To put you together
          You’re waiting for someone to push you away
          There’s always another wound to discover
          There’s always something more you wish he’d say

          He’s everything you want
          He’s everything you need
          He’s everything inside of you
          That you wish you could be
          He says all the right things
          At exactly the right time
          But he means nothing to you
          And you don’t know why

          – Everything You Want (1999)
          Vertical Horizon

    2. “and representing an admitted liar” This in reference to Stormy. And indeed she has been on both sides of the question, did she have sex with trump.

      And what is Trump? Perhaps not an admitted liar but is there any question he is fact challenged?

      1. Is that what Trumps 2013 referred to ?

        Donald J. Trump ✔

        Weiner is gone, Spitzer is gone – next will be lightweight A.G. Eric Schneiderman. Is he a crook? Wait and see, worse than Spitzer or Weiner

        7:10 AM – Sep 11, 2013

        9,981 people are talking about this

      2. INlegaleagle – thanks for the letter. It gets more interesting all the time.

  7. For sure no one worth mentioning knows the name of any of the others but now we know they are not to be trusted.

    1. More mysterious and untethered references to who-knows-what. I hope you’re not driving.

      this is to “just a nip or two to ward off the chill” mikey

    1. Whether a person is considered brave or foolish is decided by how admired they are.

      1. Darren Smith – we can disagree about whether someone is brave or foolish. Whether they are brave or not is in their heart.

        1. I’ll give you that. On another note the difference between heroism and stupidity is often measured by whether the person survives or not.

    2. Hemmingway’s classic definition of bravery’s less sophisticated but more desired cousin, guts, seems adequate for me.

      1. After a point man tripped an anti-personnel mine and was seriously injured with blood everywhere, I watched an unarmed, slight and unremarkable medic run straight to him as every other soldier in the platoon was frozen in place, terrified of taking a step.

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