Just When You Thought You Had Enough To Worry About . . . Lunar Hay Fever

apollo moon photos-1033716704_v2.grid-6x2If you are planning to join the first Moon colony, you might want to read the latest report from NASA which found that moon dust is actually quite harmful to humans.  A recent study published in the April issue of the journal GeoHealth found that moon dust produces what some described as “lunar hay fever.” Indeed, it might give you Moon Lung if you live there long enough.

The study recounts an interesting account of Apollo 17 astronaut Harrison Schmitt who breathed in some moon dust after a lunar walk in 1972.  He came down with lunar hay fever with a sore throat, sneezing, and watery eyes.  It could have been worse.

Moon dust is highly toxic, very small, and very sharp.  It is a dangerous combination that can kill up to 90 percent of the lung and brain cells.  Moon dust never erodes due to the lack of wind and thus remains sharp.  It can also travel with solar winds and adhere to clothing due to a type of lunar static cling.

NASA has been combating the dust with systems that remove it or repeal it, including covering surfaces with an Electrodynamic Dust Shield that uses electrically charged panels repel dust.

8 thoughts on “Just When You Thought You Had Enough To Worry About . . . Lunar Hay Fever”

  1. Translation: Moon dust is like asbestos.

    Lunar hay fever sounds cute, but mesothelioma and asbestos lung irritation would be more accurate.

    The dust of any planet or moon without an atmosphere would probably be similar.

  2. I don’t think NASA can understate the significance to this with regard to manned lunar settlements. The dust will be probably the fatal flaw especially if any outside walks are needed, which are certain inevitable. It’s going to be very difficult to remove any dust that accumulates on equipment or personnel without using either air or liquids to wash it off, something in obvious short supply.

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  4. Colonist candidates would train in Hawaii, breathing volcanic laze.

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