“If It’s Not The Light One, It’s Not The Right One”: Connecticut Man Acquitted After Exposing Himself In Court

download-1Connecticut was the scene of a bizarre physical demonstration in a criminal case where Desmond James, 26, was accused three counts of sexual assault.  Since his accuser said that the rapist was a black man whose member was lighter than the rest of his skin, James elected to expose himself to the jury to show that he was not the man despite being picked out in a lineup by the victim.  It worked. The jury acquitted him.

His lawyer Todd Bussert appeared to morph into Johnnie Cochran in declaring “If it’s not the light one, it’s not the right one.”

Witnesses said that people poured into the courtroom to see the demonstration, though it appeared to take the jury by surprise.

I have only heard of one other such demonstration and that case was described to me by the counsel who said that his client was “inspected” by the bailiff in the judge’s chambers. The bailiff was then questioned on the stand in front of the jury as to the distinguishing characteristics.

The decision however left James with having to serve 65 years under another conviction for breaking into a house and raping a 10-year-old girl.

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  1. I’ve been trying to think of some comment tacky enough for this story, but so far I keep coming up ….. Oops, wait a minute!

  2. Not to be indelicate, but human penises are, as a rule, darker looking when flaccid. I am ass-u-me ing that’s the condition the defendant showed himself? If so as such it’s about as exculpatory as OJ trying on a shrunken dessicated glove *in order not to fit into it.*

    The defendant apparently was not the only person in the courtroom caught with his pants down – WHO ARE THESE PROSECUTORS? Were any males? Males who are not BLIND?? Seriously – his erect penis could well have been lighter than his surrounding skin. Very much so. Black men can exhibit ‘shrinkage,’ there is quite a variation of phenotype. Pigment concentrates in shrunken skin. (Plus since this was not a spontaneous act, there are products such as henna that can darken the skin.)

    Why, with DNA evidence, would a prosecutor not call for expert or even non-expert (even more penises,) witnesses and or evidence regarding what is common knowledge for, like, almost everyone else?

    A male judge, a majority male jury, WTF?

    1. Where in the world did find your ridiculous “facts”? Pro tip: whatever you may observe upon self-inspection unquestionably involves a sample size which is “too small.”

      this is to “I’m well-versed on this subject” jamie

      1. I’m a Gay male out for 37 years I have seen thousands of penises of most races what I said is a fact witnessed by me. But any practicing Dermatologist could tell you the same thing, as the prosecutors should have called as well as an examination of skin for applied pigments. It’s so funny and shocking but it’s NOT because the Judge was informed as was (it was implied by the article) the gallery of visitors the prosecutors KNEW this was coming and should not have been caught with their pants down.

        Gay men with a fraction of my field experience know this as matter of course, as well as guys who live in most other areas of the world (outside northern Europe,) or anyone who watches a fair amount of diverse porn. Your lack of such knowledge is forgivable and even kinda endearing, But not your comment about my penis size, that’s kinda gay.

        just saying

  3. The accused has a right to put on evidence in his own defense, and he did. Better show the penis than spend five years locked up.

    1. … he’s spending 65 years in the slammer for other crimes- including raping a ten year-old girl. How does your comment chime with this fact, as noted in the column? Of course, you could be arguing that he’s going to live to be 90 and not want to remain inside until he’s 95- or thereabouts, but come on…

  4. That poor 10 year old girl. Glad her rapist got put away. But will he actually serve the rest of his life or get out on parole for not raping any 10 year old girls in prison?

    Did he also rape the other victim, and she got that detail wrong due to the lighting or some other reason? Or was he innocent of that particular crime? What I cannot understand is why they were unable to get forensic evidence from the victim that would have made a lineup secondary.

  5. Pop star, Michael Jackson got a mug shot of his private parts code named “Peter”. To be used in court.

    That was when stories started circulating about Michael sleeping with boys & molesting them at his Neverland Ranch. The ranch was on the real estate market for $100 million, but took a significant decrease to a new asking price of $67 million in 2017.

    Jackson stopped living at Neverland after his 2005 molestation trial and an extensive search of the property. Neverland almost went to auction in 2008 after Jackson failed to repay a $24 million loan on the estate, but in 2009, before his death, he sold it to Colony Capital for $22.5 million.

  6. It took the Connecticut court system 42 months to process this straightforward case. The courts and the schools are the most dysfunctional and pretentious institutions in American society. We’re not supposed to notice that (aside from the media) these are the portions of American society where liberals predominate. (You could call the media ‘dysfunctional’ but ‘rotton to the core’ seems more appropriate).

    1. How do you make the leap from dysfunctional courts to Liberal predomination??? As if iliberalism is a CAUSE of Court dysfunction? Enforcement of Laws is not supposed to be political, if it is …..that is simple dysfunction of perversion.And the media runs the gamut from Uber conservative to Ultra-goofy, it is, unlike the courts, clearly a matter of personal choice who one chooses to follow. So, again, how do you make the leap?

      1. Sober up and maybe you’ll offer a coherent comment.

        1. I couldn’t get more sober if I tried….I am the Queen of Abstinence. And you are the Grand fool of the Leap….most commonly to conclusion whichyou so frequently demonstrate ;). If you soberly examine my response to your very public scolding of all you do not hold dear, you will see a question. Which you chose to ignore, to go on the attack, to obfuscate, to run willy nilly (tee hee) over…. I wonder why….

          1. I couldn’t get more sober if I tried….I

            Does that make this better or worse?

            1. seriously, I think it makes it……well, what is “this” aside from an ongoing attack from an idiot with no real fact or argument? So, no one likes to be assaulted Nutsy. Do you like hurting people? Does it make you feel ‘smart’??? ….THAT feeling would be the illusion ……

    2. More wackjob, goggle-eyed weirdo tomfoolery.

      this is to “sometimes I just make sh*t up for the hell of it” nutty sufferer

    3. Have you ever questioned why it is that those who vote right wing are not achieving high office in so many areas of life? Have you looked at the studies of IQ distribution between right and left wing political orientation and religious versus non-religious people? Just asking…

      And yet, the major players in the Mueller investigation are all Republicans ( appointed by Trump), but Trumpovich still claims they are Democrats. Sad!

      1. he major players in the Mueller investigation are all Republicans (

        Only in your imagination, Susan. No one has yet produced Robert Mueller’s buff card. James Comey doesn’t claim to be a Republican and he lived in Virginia, which has no party registration. Mueller, Comey,and Rosenstein were all considered suitable for high posts in Eric Holder’s Justice Department and the three have spent between 60% and 95% of their legal career as Justice Department employees. And who does Mueller hire? A bunch of Democratic Party donors.

        Have you ever questioned why it is that those who vote right wing are not achieving high office in so many areas of life?

        Republicans control the presidency, both houses of Congress and about 60% of the state legislative houses and 60% of the governors. The Mayor of Detroit is a Democrat. Any other questions?

        Have you looked at the studies of IQ distribution between right and left wing political orientation and religious versus non-religious people? Just asking…

        Somehow I don’t think you score so well on those tests.

  7. When I’m on the witness stand and the surveillance video I shot is playing, I watch the jury and their reactions. I know I’ve never seen reactions like this one.

  8. Not much funny about a guy who rapes a 10-year-old. Should have put the last sentence first so I could have avoided wasting my time on this convicted felon. Here’s hoping for some prison justice.

  9. After the defendant exposed his manhood, the judge should have dismissed the case as “de minimis non curat lex”.

  10. The judge was greatly perplexed as to what to do after a woman with the prosecution demanded an “In Camera”.

    This brings on an entirely new meaning to The Open Court Principle.

  11. They could have avoided trial if the police made the lineup pull down their pants.

  12. One wonders who the official and court-appointed “pecker checker” was.

    1. Whoever he was, he was fired. He is now Chancellor of the Exchequer.

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