Florida Man Accused Of Series Of Crimes While Wearing Ankle Bracelet

If found guilty Benjamin Langkamp Jr., 18, is likely to be long-remembered not for the thirteen cars that he allegedly broke into over the course of a week, but the fact that he carried out the crimes while wearing an ankle bracelet tracking his movement.


All thirteen cars were burglarized in a one block radius over the course of three days.  Police were able to confirm their suspicions after downloadhing the data from his bracelet.

As we have discussed earlier, he is not the only criminal allegedly under-deterred by wearing an ankle monitor (here and here and here).


7 thoughts on “Florida Man Accused Of Series Of Crimes While Wearing Ankle Bracelet”

  1. This boy obviously needs psychiatric counseling/medication! What could he possible get from 13 cars that he desperately needed? Probably nothing. He’s just “acting out” habitually. Pretty sad. Where are his parents?

  2. Another example of the male brain not developing judgement until in their twenties, although there are many examples of it not developing even then.

    1. Well, you know, betty, we often don’t see ourselves as others do.

    1. For those who are unable to find their way in the world, jail/prison may be their best option.

      1. Yup, three meals a day and clean bedding. Not to mention interesting companions.

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