Kentucky Man Scores Prison Jumpsuit . . . The Hard Way

RON+CHARLES1Ron Charles really wanted a prison jumpsuit and now he will get one.  In Prestonsburg, Kentucky, a witness called police that a man was running away with an orange jumpsuit.  Police say that, after being arrested, Charles said that he thought the jumpsuit would be “cool.”

With his new jumpsuit, Charles also received charges for disorderly conduct, menacing and theft.  Even though the value of the jumpsuit is small, he could face problems in sentencing due to the other charges and his previous arrests for public intoxication, possession of marijuana and carrying a concealed weapon.

14 thoughts on “Kentucky Man Scores Prison Jumpsuit . . . The Hard Way”

  1. He could have just moved to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, they will be getting them in bulk.

    1. Don’t believe that is the correct address for Lynch, Comey, Clapper, Brennan, Ohr, McCabe, etc., etc.

    2. HRC lost the election and does not reside at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. (Just offhand, I don’t know the address of the Clinton Foundation but she could be reached through them. Perkins/Coie might also be able to help you.)

  2. Sheriff Joe had problems with prisoners stealing his underwear so he dyed them pink. Then the ACLU went bonkers because they were wearing pink underwear. They did stop stealing them, though. And they did sell well at the prison gift shop. 🙂

    I have got to admit this guy’s idea of ‘cool’ is far different than mine. I would think not wearing an orange jumpsuit would be cool. However, I guess that is just me. 😉

    1. Another thing for Hillary to steal to wear for her walks in the woods before she gets to wear the “real” deal.

      1. Elise – well, I suppose, but who is going to help Hillary get a jumpsuit on over her back brace?

        1. I wonder if she will be able to get a jumpsuit over her many pantsuits.

      2. Furry Elise’s obsessive preoccupation with Hillary Clinton continues…

        1. “Furry” Elise? Please explain to those of us who are not privy to your meaning…

  3. Mr. Turley, You inform me, you challenge me and you bless me whenever I listen to you. From a conservative admirer.

    1. You said it much better than I would have and I heartedly agree. Bless you.

  4. This might make for an interesting Suppression Hearing.

    The defendant is wearing the jail jumpsuit, which completes a requisite element of the theft charge. But showing a jury a photograph of the defendant in a jail jumpsuit could be argued as prejudicial.

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