Florida Woman Charged After Driving With Ex-Boyfriend On Hood For Nearly 20 Miles


Patresha Isidore, 24, is facing a rather novel criminal charge after she drove nearly 20 miles with her ex-boyfriend clinging to the hood of her car.  It appears that speeding with a person on your hood down the highway will only get you a misdemeanor in Florida. The bizarre videotape is below.

Warning foul language:


Notably, the man, Junior Francis, 22, is using his cellphone to call 911. Presumably, this is legal since he is not operating the vehicle . . .  just holding on to it for dear life.

The police affidavit says that Isidore and Francis had an argument and Isidore decided to leave in their co-registered 2010 Mercedes. When Francis tried to stop her by climbing onto the hood, she just took off down Interstate 95. It was an incredibly reckless act, particularly with the father of your five-year-old daughter.  In his car he accused Isidore of “swerving the car” — suggesting an effort to throw him into traffic.

Yet, she is only facing a misdemeanor?



24 thoughts on “Florida Woman Charged After Driving With Ex-Boyfriend On Hood For Nearly 20 Miles”

  1. What are a woman of 24 and a man of 22 doing co-owning a Benz? Somehow I doubt either one is working the trading desk at Goldman Sachs…

  2. Peninsular Florida’s population has increased 15-fold since 1940. High levels of demographic churn correlate with The Crazy.

    My uncle and his wife have had 26 good years on the Space Coast, maybe because they live in a gated community.

  3. Typical Florida, arrest the domestic abuse victim for doing whatever it took to survive.

    1. I doubt her ‘survival’ was ever in doubt. (The survival of her credit rating trying to make payments on that car is another matter).

  4. After she was apprehended, she told the judge that she was sorry and that she intended to turn her life around.

  5. Giving her a misdemeanor is a miscarriage of justice. This cannot be viewed in any other way than attempted murder and reckless disregard for life. How dare she do that to another human being because she was, assumedly, mad. How many people are in prison because someone pissed them off, and they reacted poorly?

    I am absolutely positive that this video would not be viewed as funny to this man’s parents, other family including his little girl, and friends.

    This may come as a surprise to Patresha, but do you know what you do when you have absolutely, positively, had the last you can stand from your significant other? You break up. Have some class and think about your kids.

    What if her children piss her off one day? What is she going to do?

    This whole reasoning that you have to restore your honor and self respect with violence and/or murder has got to stop. Because when grown men and women have tantrums, people can die.

    1. Some other mistakes to learn from, based on the details of the story:

      1. Try to avoid having children with people to whom you are not married. The requirements of a parent are at least equal to if not greater than that of a spouse. If they don’t meet the minimum requirements to wed, don’t get in a situation where you have to coparent with them. Because now he is stuck forever with this crazy lady as the mother of his child. His daughter is in her care, unless the courts deem her unfit.
      2. Don’t co-own expensive property like houses, apartments, or vehicles with someone you are not married to. Again, if you don’t deem the relationship long-lived enough to marry, why put yourself into a situation where you will have to untangle yourself from co-ownership of things?
      3. They had BETTER break up after this event. If I hear that these two remain together after this, then it is stamping approval on unforgivable acts. There are so many insane relationships that persist so long after they should have died an infamous death. Move on and find a lady who will not try to murder you. Also, do not make mistakes that will make anyone you’re dating even want to kill you.

    2. He put his butt on the car when it was NOT moving. He could have, and SHOULD have got off the car before it reached the highway. He assumed the risk. Clearly the driver was NOT trying to Kill this fool, she simply called his bluff and kept driving

      1. In New York, what she was doing is called Reckless Endangerment in the 1st degree. It’s a class D felony. No, ‘he axing for it’ is not a defense.

        1. DSS – I am going with the assumption of risk. He was dating her, he got on the car, he assumed the risk.

          1. I’m sure in Arizona the courts would settle it in a brisk five years.

            1. DSS – we do have Fast Track for some criminal cases. 😉 This is the type of case they give to Marky Mark Mark.

  6. 2010 Mercedes-Benz 401k, no doubt, probably still making payments on it (or maybe dodging the repo man). Betting these two don’t have a pot to piss in between them (except for the car, of course).

    These kinds of folks are why Democrats will be going hard for your retirement plan funds in the future. Those that save and live within their means for all of their working lives will soon be paying for irresponsible folks like these.

  7. FIRST,

    IT was HIS choice to get onto the hood of the car.

    SOME of her conduct – such as trying to throw him off at speed is inappropriate.

    But he created the problem.

  8. With him on the car, he is creating a road hazard. Swerving to shake him off was the correct thing to do. You will find it in the Operator’s Manual.

  9. As a crime victim in Florida, I’m not even a bit surprised. Criminals have more rights than the citizens they prey on here. I am curious as to which County this happened in.

    1. Shanon-sorry to hear that you were a victim, take the course and start packing, turn the tables.

      1. That’s the first thing I did when I was notified he’d be released. When the Department of Corrections tells you that they can’t ensure your safety…I decided the safety of myself and children were too important not too.

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