A Bronx Tale: Victim Knocked Unconscious By Thugs In New York and Then Robbed By Passersby

bronx-alleged-mugging-featureThere is a highly disturbing videotape released by police in the Bronx of an innocent man being sucker punched in the middle of an intersection after two men approach him.  The attacker is Luis Rivera, 22, and he later returned and robbed the victim as he laid helpless in the street — and took a videotape of his victim.  Rivera only turned himself in after police released the pictures below.  Cops are looking for a man who punched a victim who was walking to his factory job, knocking him unconscious, but also seek several people seen in a video who stood around and even rifled through the man’s pockets as he lay in the middle of the street. The victim is father of three Fernando Levano, 37, and he was left with a severe brain injury from the skull fracture in the middle of the street. He was placed in a medically induced coma.

The videotape also shows Rivera and another man apparently celebrating the brutality on June 18th.  Other people walked up but do not help Levano including a woman who also rifles through his pockets.

Police are still looking for the accomplice in the blue hat with Rivera.

Police are searching for an attacker wanted for assaulting a 37-year-old man in University Heights.
Police are searching for an attacker wanted for assaulting a 37-year-old man in University Heights. (DCPI)



Rivera is currently just facing an assault charge according to media reports. Hopefully, that will change to include robbery and other charges.  Rivera and his accomplice are clearly dangers to society in not just the unprovoked act but the complete lack of humanity demonstrated in their crimes.

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  1. Let me just say this how you going to try and charge him with robbery when it was then black mfs from around there that man has no idea who they are and second the guy was off so much liquor the judge said cause they tested him and he started with my man so my man punched him he fell and that’s that how you guys tryna charge him shit that he didn’t touch and don’t need and at that his first charge ever and y’all can’t let him go like in jersey city for a mister minor charge 🤦🏽‍♀️ Y’all systems all messed up y’all don’t know what y’all doing y’all holding people for the money the guy lived he is up and talking he should know now to not drink and come on peoples block starting shit with people he don’t know that’s it

    1. Again, New York has been highly successful at restoring public order. Baltimore and Detroit are social disasters. New York is not.

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      1. Wildbill99

        It’s Ok.

        Please tell everyone here just where the Bad Men Touched You.

        We know Trump Bad, Clintons/Bushes/NeoCon Nazi/Lib/Progs/Commies good.

        But we believe we can tell, they touched you.

  3. A good example of what’s wrong with our cities…….a lack of social capital, where you can trust people to work with others, help others and make good choices. What we have is an increasingly growing number of citizens who are forced to live behind barred windows and barricaded doors because thugs, criminals, gang members and other violent creatures are free to roam the street.

  4. First, I am so sorry that the victim suffered a severe brain injury. I hope there is some update as to what happened to him. Will he ever recover, or is life as he knew it over?

    This is a Lord of the Flies moment, played as adults. The law of the club. Society devolves when values are absent. Each and every participant was not raised to be a contributing, helpful member of society.

    This reminds me of a test that was done on TV, years ago. I can’t remember the show, but they set up fake fights on the street, coordinating with police, to gauge how the public reacted. They involved ganging up on a single victim. Most of the cases had people avoiding the area, walking away, and some called the cops. But there was this one instance, where a mother with her kids in the car came to a screeching halt at the curb, leapt out, jumped into the middle with her arms out protecting the victim and started yelling at the attackers. She put everyone to shame. Now, I don’t recommend for people to get involved in a street fight when their kids are nearby, but she certainly put her money where her mouth was on doing what’s right.

    1. We can look at the example of airline hijackings. Prior to the 9/11 attacks the general consensus was among travelers was that in the rare event that a hijacking occurs, the best response is to just wait it out until the air-pirates’ demands are met and you can go free if you don’t make waves. Those days are over. Now, the consensus is that the terrorists will fly the plane into a building and kill everyone inside and more. I believe the terrorists know that it is most likely they will face the wrath of a hundred passengers and that is probably a significant deterrent.

      1. True. No one thinks going along with hijackers is the safest move anymore.

        Such a violent world, today, with the ideologues.

  5. “There is a highly disturbing videotape ….”


    I vote we ban the euphemism “highly disturbing” from the lexicon. “Highly disturbing” is getting a rock in your running shoes during the last mile of Boston Marathon with you in the lead. I think we call this exactly what it is: the devolution of society into a state of nature. This miscreants don’t deserve our polite acknowledgment of purpose or success; they deserve 10 years in prison with some Bubba socking them in the head twice daily — regardless of need or unintended improvement to their thinking.

    1. The homicide rate in the Five Boroughs is 3.9 per 100,000. It’s about 25% below the national mean. There are only four police precincts in the city where it exceeds 9 per 100,000 and none where it exceeds 15 per 100,000. BTW, the national mean in 1980 was about 10 per 100,000. The metropolitan mean was around 13 per 100,000.

  6. The caption should read Welcome to Sanctuary City. The predators attack then the vultures come to clean the carrion, what a wonderful class of people.

  7. Young men like that are a dime a dozen. Far too many young men have a lust to kill, maim, rape and plunder. The lust for violence is hereditary and reproduced most often via rape. The best first step solution is easy access to birth control and easy access to termination of adverse pregnancies, almost all of which are the result of rape/alcohol/drugs

    1. You’re a pansy, Chris. Other men are not. Just learn to live with it.

  8. He will be charged with a misdemeanor, the midterms are coming up. That is a Democratic voter you are charging, buddy!!! Every vote counts.

    1. No, this is a class C or class B felony in New York. An A-I felony if Mr. Levano dies.

      1. DSS – Nope, every Democratic vote counts. It will be charged as a misdemeanor. 😉

  9. I am confident police will identify Mr. Blue Hat.

    These types of criminals are unfit to remain within society. Recidivism is guaranteed.

    1. Or the non-gated communities of Louisiana?

      Do you really think this is a ‘liberal’ thing?

      It is crime — plain and simple — to give it a political bent is to try to hard to explain it.

      1. The “Knock-out Game” was created by urban blacks, and was soon adopted by other urban lowlifes.

    2. Liberals love to talk about fairness for all. Bernie Sanders owns several properties in His state. Nancy Pelosi’s husband is worth millions. Diane Feinstein’s husband is worth millions. The Clintons and their Foundation are worth millions. Maxine Waters lives in a $4 Million house. But they still want to raise taxes to what they were before President Trump’s Tax Reform package. Are some Republicans rich? Sure, but they want to keep your taxes low and lower if possible. Seeing the masses of people marching over the weekend with signs for every issue we have and ones we don’t.

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