Justice Kennedy Rocks Washington With Retirement

Justice Kennedy

The announced retirement of Associate Justice Anthony Kennedy has rocked Washington.  I have columns that will be coming out in both the Washington Post and The Hill addressing different aspects of this news.  However, the departure of the last Reagan nominee is obviously the end of an era for the Supreme Court as an institution.  As someone with well-known libertarian leanings, I have always had a strong identification with Kennedy’s jurisprudence.  While conservative in his approach, Kennedy believed that the most sacred role of the Constitution was to protect individuals in quest for meaning and identification in their lives.  I always found Kennedy both personally and judicially to be a man of grace and profound sensitivity.  I have long dreaded his leaving the Court, which will be the worst for his departure.

I have been helping with the coverage of the Court this week and will continue to do so today.  We are looking at a long hot summer as Supreme Court politics moves to the forefront of our national debate.  However, this week should be a celebration and thanks to a man who gave so much to this country over decades of service.  One could disagree with Kennedy, as I did on some cases, but no one questioned his sincere effort to strike a balance under the Constitution and on the Court.

There is little doubt that President Donald Trump is likely to move the Court to the right with Kennedy’s replacement.  Trump has shown a remarkable commitment to fulfilling his campaign promises and this was the most prominent and repeated of those promises.  Moreover, the timing could not be worse for the Democrats.  Without the filibuster rule, the threats yesterday of a fight for the balance of the Court was less than convincing.  There is every reason to believe that Trump is about to deliver on one of his greatest promises and that the Supreme Court is about the change in the significant way since the transition from the Warren to the Rehnquist Courts.

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  1. As usual, you are gracious and rational. I have been looking for such an analysis of Justice Kennedy’s retirement and was happy to see this.

  2. Well, I guess Roe v. Wade is dead in the water.

    As a man it won’t impact me very much, but it will guarantee Democratic control of Congress and most states for 15-20 years when 150 million angry women turn out to vote.

  3. At a neighborhood picnic I fell into conversation with a Masai from Kenya, a student studying developmental biology and sociology. His girlfriend is a piano music student from Pullman now studying at McMaster University.

    1. Oh yes, in an op-ed in today’s TNYT Ms Korematsu agrees with my position regarding the supremes misbegotten decision.

      1. David Benson owes me five citations (one from the OED) and the source of a quotation, after five weeks – I don’t care if the queen of England agrees with you, she is not a call to authority. 😉

          1. David Benson owes me five citations (one from the OED) and the source of a quotation, after five weeks – I am not the one who owes me 5 citations and the source of a quotation. You seem to be the one Making Stuff Up.

            1. Only in your fevered imagination. Take an aspirin and see your doctor in the morning.

  4. Maybe when Trump and Putin have this summit meeting there will be some real collusion!

    1. Well, Putin has to give Trump his latest orders. Too sensitive to send via diplomatic channels. Perhaps telling Trump he will have to stand down when Russia re-assimilates the Baltic republics.

  5. Has there ever been a sitting POTUS who was under criminal investigation make a nomination to the Supreme Court?

  6. so what happens when Trump is impeached and jailed for being a Traitor and undermining the US Constitution w/Russia….will we be stuck with whatever Right wingnut horror show he plops into his slot?

    1. Woosty,
      “If” Trump is impeached and then jailed, President Pence would likely pardon him.
      And the nation would come together; none of the whining and wailing about the Trump presidency would continue, and of course none of the animosity toward Trump would transfer over to President Pence.😏😒😉

      1. It’s an interesting point to ponder. Gerald Ford, a generally decent man with a progressive wife, was despised by liberals for pardoning Nixon. You have to wonder how Pence will be treated when Trump leaves in disgrace. Because I think everyone linked to Trump will suffer blowback of some kind; including his appointees to the court.

        1. Peter,…
          Over a year ago Maxine Waters said that “after we impeach Trump, we have to go after Putin”.
          The interviewer said “you mean Pence?”, and Rep. Waters said “yes, Pence”.
          Given some of Waters’ statements and antics, I’m not so sure that is was a slip of the tongue😗….maybe she actually thought the House could impeach Putin.
          At about the same time, she was complaining about “Putin going into North Korea”, which was another puzzler.
          Anyway, if Pence succeeds Trump, I don’t think there’ll be a whole lot of goodwill built up for him by those who despise Trump….the hatred would probably just transfer over to a different target.

          1. Waters is older than Trump. And I think there comes a time when older congresspeople need to step down. The mid 70’s are probably about the turning point. I feel the same way about Nancy Pelosi and Diane Fienstein. They were effective in their day, but seniors slow down and fall out of touch. Donald Trump, in fact, has reached that point in his early 70’s; totally out of touch.

            1. One should have to be between the ages of 39 and 72 to stand for elective office (or for a rentention-in-office referendum). Some dispensations could be offered for certain local offices. In New York, emeritus judges are out to grass completely at the close of the calendar year they reach their 76th birthday, a rule which should be adopted across the country.

              1. I would rather have a 20-year-old president than a 70-year-old.

                1. StormyDanielsLoveChild – I think you may want to reread the Constitution on the qualifications to become President.

                2. I gather Stormy’s Love Child writes from mom’s basement.

                  An appropriate minimum age for the Presidency is 60. Since 1932, all of our better Presidents have had some miles on the odometer when they took office. Roosevelt was the only one from the younger set who’s above the median.

                  1. DSS, Calvin Coolige was dead at age 60. He was not in the time period you mention but he was a notable President from the last century.

                3. Stormy 20-year-olds are frequently still adolescents without experience and without brakes. Sometimes when one wishes to describe schizophrenia they refer to actions of adolescents.

                4. Interesting. I don’t think people should even be allowed to VOTE until at least age 25.

                  1. You are right. Draft them into the army at age eighteen to fight and die in foreign wars so they will finally learn to shut up and appreciate the political wisdom that condemned them to fight.

            2. Peter Shill, Trump seems to have the abilities of a man from 40 to 60. Seldom have I ever seen a man of his age with so much energy. He is non stop. He is accomplishing wonders for the nation and improving the lives of the middle class and especially improving the lives of minorities. If you have any doubt about his energy go to Fox News when he has a rally and take a look and see him in action, then look at his calendar. Almost everything said about him was crap and the American public are seeing that for themselves. Even the DNC recognizes that so even though they wish to impeach him (for no good reason) they are trying to shut up their members because they realize the negative effects these things are having.

              1. Most people who have not used alcohol, illegal drugs, or tobacco their entire life would tend to be in pretty good shape at 72. I think that’s one of the big things Trump has going for him.

                1. I think you are correct but I believe Trump has more energy than most at that age. He doesn’t seem to fatigue easily. You are pretty correct in your assumption that illegal drugs, tobacco and excessive alcohol generally age people a lot quicker. Add to that certain job descriptions.

                  1. He has been shielded from the stress and stressors of everyday life by his money. Even his failures don’t touch him as he has never really been held responsible for them. He is an energy drain to others and that serves him well.

                1. Jay, your responses are rather thin. There is nothing wrong with Trump playing golf, however, even your statistics are open to question. Does he always play when he visits his golf courses? No. Does he play 18 holes all the time? No. Is he frequently working on the golf course? Yes.

                  Obama liked to play with stars and I don’t think did too much work on the golf course. No one knows who played more holes per year, but if you want to look at the minutia then look at the number of times Obama was on the golf course and all the time he spent with pros. Despite all that Obama was a lousy golfer.

                  1. Obama liked to play with stars and I don’t think did too much work on the golf course.

                    Steve Sailer took a special interest in Obama’s golf holidays. He noted one signature feature was that Obama tended to avoid playing golf with peers or using it as a venue to conduct business or lubricate business relations.

        2. It’s an interesting point to ponder. Gerald Ford, a generally decent man with a progressive wife,

          Betty was a woman born in 1918 with the shortcomings of a woman born in 1948. He was forgiving about it.

  7. Hugo Black did have a prior history of belonging to the Klan. Over time he became a good centrist or liberal justice. He did write or author Korematsu though. That was early on. On the other hand I agree with that decision. We were at war.

      1. We did lock some of them up/ If you look at Korematsu on Google wikipedia there is a reference. In America before the war we had The German American Bund. They were Nazi. Some were a threat.

      2. enigma – we did lock up both German-Americans and Italian-Americans. A couple of us cited Wikipedia yesterday.

  8. And ‘He’ Gets To Fill A Supreme Court Vacancy..?


    The frequency of U.S. President Donald Trump’s dishonesty had steadily accelerated since late last year. Then, last week, it skyrocketed.

    Trump is now up to 1,829 false claims for the first 521 days of his presidency, an average of 3.5 per day.

    Trump is now up to 1,829 false claims for the first 521 days of his presidency, an average of 3.5 per day.

    Trump made an astonishing 103 false claims over those seven days, an average of 15 per day. That shatters his one-week record of 60, which he had set in early March.

    Trump is incessantly inaccurate, but that number is still remarkable. To put it in perspective: he uttered fewer than 100 false claims in eight of his first ten months in office. His previous average had been 101 per month.

    If you’re searching for an explanation, part of it is probably just that Trump talked a lot. He had a campaign rally and roundtable in Minnesota, a speech to Republicans and a roundtable in Nevada, a speech to the National Federation of Independent Businesses, an event on illegal immigration, a Cabinet meeting, a meeting with members of Congress, and a softball “interview” with political ally Mike Huckabee.

    Trump is now up to 1,829 false claims for the first 521 days of his presidency, an average of 3.5 per day.

    Edited from “Donald Trump Made 103 False Claims In One Week”

    The Toronto Star, 6/27/18

    1. Despite the stupidity of the above Trump probably fulfilled more of his promises than any other recent Presidential candidate and he still has two years remaining.

    2. There was a nugget in there worth repeating beyond the opening sentence: And ‘He’ Gets To Fill A Supreme Court Vacancy..?

      U.S. President Donald Trump
      U.S. President Donald Trump
      U.S. President Donald Trump

      You’re welcome!

      1. Olly:

        This is Toronto’s main newspaper. ‘Toronto’, Canada’s biggest metro region. Their main newspaper is running an actual news story noting that the U.S. President is a compulsive liar. That should be disturbing to every American.

        1. That should be disturbing to every American.

          You do realize that Glenn Kessler pretty much discredited soi disant ‘fact checkers’ in the eyes of people cataloguing what he was doing? The Canadian media isn’t any more trustworthy that the Democratic operatives with by-lines who make up the American media.

          1. Oh, right, the grand conspiracy; everyone is in on it! How lame can you get!

            Any well-read American knows that Donald Trump utters falsehoods every day. His tweets alone provide an electronic trail.

            But Nutchacha, teacher of spastics, who prides herself on wonkish details, can’t discern Trump’s falsehoods. Which illustrates what I have said before: “Nutchacha is the know-it-all who doesn’t want to know what she doesn’t know”.

            1. Oh, right, the grand conspiracy; everyone is in on it! How lame can you get!

              I can never figure out if you’re playing games or if you’re just. sorta. thick.

            2. Trump’s tweets have mostly been proven true. There are some petty things but the MSM media is stacked up against him so he generates a favorable outcome for him with most of his tweets. The public is learning that the mainstream news media is twisting the truth and that is why Trump’s favorability ratings slowly rise.

              Instead of posting lies Peter Shill could post each one of his tweets and show where Trump is wrong. Take the wiretapping tweet or claim. Maybe the wrong word was used, but Trump was right on target unless one is willing to forget the firings at the FBI and the current hearings.

              Shills don’t report the truth. They “bend the truth” much like the teachers union bends the truth to blame a student when a teacher loses control and physically beats a student.

              1. Allan, you have to know their language: if they disagree with Trump’s opinion or interpretation then that constitutes a “lie” on his part. The whole Trump as a liar shtick is part of the larger campaign.

                1. Foxtrot, not only is he not a liar he is very transparent. We frequently know what he is going to do before he does it and we even frequently know when he changes his mind.

                  1. I personally find his total transparency refreshing. People don’t like what he says and clutch their pearls at his delivery, but he’s saying out loud what an awful lot of us are thinking. We’ve had enough of the oily liars pulling the wool over our eyes every chance they get, with the all-in help of the media. Electing Trump has been like turning on the kitchen light at midnight – the roaches are exposed and scattering.

                    1. Foxtrot, you have hit the nail on the head and said exactly what I am thinking. Despite the criticism of his speaking ability, I have listened to a number of his rallies and his voice comes across loud, clear and honest. I don’t see the mainstream media showing much of that because of their bias so I advise those on the left to learn as much as they can about their enemy and listen to his rallies live on Fox and listen to the crowds. Progressives, get to know your enemy.

        2. The Toronto Star is on life support due to declining readership.Its only saving grace is the NYTimes supplement that comes with the Sunday edition.It may not survive Trump’s first term.

    3. lol, quoting a (fake news) neosocialist newspaper, and the laughter continues ….

  9. Impeach Rod Rosenstein.

    What did Christopher Wray know and when did he know it?

    If Christopher Wray did not know of the entirety of the DOJ/FBI/INTEL anti-Trump machinations, he must be

    fired with extreme prejudice for dereliction and gross incompetence.

  10. ” The American people should have a voice in the selection of their Supreme Court Justice ” Mitch McConnell.

      1. ” Once the political season is under way, action on a Supreme Court nominee must to be put off until after the election campaign is over ” Mitch McConnell

        1. FishWings – that only counts for the general election, else nothing would get done.

          1. ” The next justice could dramatically change the direction of SCOTUS for decades. The American people deserve a voice in that conversation.” Mitch McConnell

            1. They had their voice – they chose Trump to nominate the SCJ’s for the next 4 years.

        1. Constitutionally, there never was an “Obama” administration. It will never be possible for Obama to be a “natural born citizen” and his fraudulent term must be rescinded for the record and entirely expunged.

    1. The American people did have that voice when Trump was elected. But for the recognition that Supreme Court seats were involved in the election, I believe it likely Trump would have lost. That doesn’t bolster your narrative so you bitch and moan.

      1. Ask Mitch, he was the one bitching and moaning that the American people should decide.

      2. No, Allan, the American people, by a 3 million plurality, voted against Trump, so nothing about him reflects the will of the American people. By his conduct and lack of integrity, he also does not represent American values.

        1. Natacha – I thought those people voted FOR Hillary’s vagina, not against Trump. 😉

        2. He won the election. Get over it. I know you don’t like him but whether you can say the words or not to you he is Mr. President and Hillary Clinton is Secretary or Senator unless of course she is convicted of her crimes. Then you would call her Felon Hillary Clinton. She will be the one wearing the orange jumpsuit and Trump will continue to be President despite his orange hair.

  11. Why is this such a shock? It’s been discussed as a high probability for two years.

  12. Well, Ol’ Justice Kennedy had a very subtle sense of humor, that’s for sure. Remember when he said, ““No union is more profound than marriage, for it embodies the highest ideals of love, fidelity, devotion, sacrifice, and family.”

    What a hoot! The Gay Sodomites don’t even pretend to practice fidelity. Heck, if you want to send a queer running for the hills, just say, “forsaking all others til Death do us part. . .” They will be like vampires,shrinking from a cross, and hissing.

    I am still waiting for Gay Divorce Court to hit TV.

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

    1. Are the “Gay Sodomites” any less faithful than the God-fearing, Bible-thumping hypocrites down your way? What about that governor in Alabama? What about that governor in Missouri? Or is infidelity OK, as long as it is a straight white man doing it?

      1. Heck Yes, Gay Sodomites are far, far less faithful to their “partners.” My goodness, do you not know any gay men??? That is why it was sooo laughable when Anderson Cooper acted surprised that his Sodomite Partner cheated on him. I would have been surprised if he hadn’t cheated on him. Read up on it, if you doubt me. Google is your friend!

        Here is you a leg up on your research:


        Squeeky Fromm
        Girl Reporter

          1. Oh c’mon, Jay. You can do better than that! Example:

            Squeeky: Men are bigger and taller than women!

            Jay: My wife is 6′ 4″ tall, and weighs 340 pounds, while I am only 5′ 4″ tall, and am very spindly, weighing in at 120 pounds. Sooo, you can’t say that men are bigger and taller than women, Squeeky!

            Do your research, like I said. There is a reason STD rates among queers is so darn high. Would you believe it easier if I give you a queer source??? Let’s try:


            Squeeky Fromm
            Girl Reporter

            1. Squeeky – both my gay brothers died from AIDS. Does that help with your statistics?

              1. I know, you have told me that before. You can add about a million more dead homosexuals to them, to get some idea of the size of the problem. A large number of these deaths were totally preventable, by simply asking the sodomizer to wear a condom. But, when people want to PRETEND there is no problem, then that is a hard barrier to get past.

                Personally, I think simply telling the truth about a thing, whether you “like” that truth or not, is the best way to form opinions. But the Left has been sooo busy cooing and ahhhing over queers, that they have ignored the very real dangers involved. Kind of like what they do with blacks. PRETEND to love them while they either ignore or actively encourage idiotic and destructive behaviors that have devastated blacks as a group.

                But, mention the number of irresponsible black whores popping out illegitimate kids (77%), and silly twats like Natacha go all BIGOT! RACISSST!

                Sooo, that is just the facts of life in America in 2018. Just ignore the reality of things, and focus on the political correctness of things.

                Squeeky Fromm
                Girl Reporter

                1. Monogamy is losing its importance in the United States. Considering 50% of North American marriages end in divorce, it should be obvious to you monogamy is no longer important to our culture. A very high percentage of marriages end due to cheating.

                  1. When people lived into their 40’s they remarried because a spouse died. We live longer so our cultural norms have changed. Today we live in a disposable world where we get rid of a perfectly good i phone to buy a newer one. Why shouldn’t that attitude have something to do with disposable spouses? Is it good or bad for society? My opinion is it is bad so I have my same wife forever and a lot of things but I did update my i Phone.

                    1. You made my point, which is the idea of monogamy is no longer necessary to our society.

                    2. Stormy, the survival of the species requires reproduction that can occur with marriage or without. That doesn’t make it right or wrong. Monogamy was never “necessary”. I won’t try to figure out an answer because it depends. However, it appears stable marriages are better for the children and the ability of children to function as our future leaders depends a lot on how they were brought up.

              2. Paul,

                I am saddened to learn of your two brothers. My husband and I will pray for their souls and for you too.

                My husband and I are legally married, are monogamous, devout practicing Catholics well received at our parish, and we are told by parishioners that we embody a sacramental Catholic marriage that they wish they had had in their failed heterosexual Catholic marriages now divorces. Though we cant get pregnant, we will continue to try. Practice makes one fecund

                1. Bill – thank you for your prayers. They got caught up in the bathhouse scandals in San Francisco at the beginning of the AIDS crisis before anyone knew what it was or there were any drugs for it.

                  1. Paul, as I am sure you recall a lot of deaths could have been prevented but for the most leftist politics where some put leftist politics above life itself. May they rest in peace.

                    I’m sure you read And The Band Played on a book that documented this and a lot of other things. The author Randy Shilts, a reporter, later died of AIDs. Even our government played politics in their CDC releases.

          2. Monogamy is not a central feature to a lot of straight people, either.

            No, people with a history of sexual promiscuity might be 15-20% of the total. It’s bog standard among male homosexuals (and often on a Brobdingnagian scale).

    2. When I read crap like what you write, it’s no surprise that someone like Trump got elected. He appeals to the hateful, racist, homophobic tribalism of people like you, which is un-American. That’s why he needs to go.

      BTW: have you ever actually met a gay person, including one who was married? I already know the answer to this. I am personally acquainted with gay people who are college professors, successful realtors, florists, and other businesspeople and professionals. It really is sad that people in this country still say the kinds of things you say.

      1. You mean it is horrible that people like me still refuse to PRETEND that queers are normal, and that their relationships are not pretty much just immature sexual hookups. Personally, I think the horrible thing is to PRETEND that male sodomite relationships are not physically harmful. That is why queer/bi-sexual men who have sex with men relationships have the same rate of HIV (about 20%) that cigarette smokers have of lung cancer.

        But by all means, PRETEND on!

        Squeeky Fromm
        Girl Reporter

          1. Squeaky provides us with a window into the mindset of ‘real’ deplorables. Like the Real Donald Trump.

            1. Are her stats wrong? Seems none of you have a reply to her other than name calling. But we’re the deplorable’s, time to look in the mirror.

              1. The Peter Shill types will never base their opinions on facts. Trying to have a conversation with Peter Shill would be like trying to have a discussion with Joseph Goebbels, in his Propaganda Minister role. It simply ain’t going to happen. All you will get are lies and evasions. It will have the appearance of a discussion, but not really be a discussion, because the Shill will say anything, even if he doesn’t personally believe it.

                Do you really think that Joseph Goebbels, in his role as a human being, didn’t know the war was lost in 1943, or even earlier? Maybe about the time of the Stalingrad debacle. But nonetheless, he got on the radio, and int he papers and tole the German people that the Nazis were very smart and winning the war.

                That is Peter Shill for you. He is not here to have meaningful discussions or share relevant information. He is here to spread DNC manure and talking points, even if he doesn’t believe a word a says. That is not a hard concept to understand. Lawyers do it all the time in defense of their clients.

                Squeeky Fromm
                Girl Reporter

                1. Squeeky’s promoting hatred. But I’m the Nazi for noting that.

                  1. No, Peter Shill, I think that you are WORSE than your average Nazi. You see, Nazis lived in a time before there was a widespread understanding about Propaganda. There was knowledge among Propaganda Professionals about propaganda, but the population as a whole was much less well informed. Just like with psychology. Therefore, I could conceivably cut a Nazi some slack for being gullible, and falling for the Nazi Spiel. After all, Nazis didn’t have a previous bunch of Nazis to compare their behavior to.

                    But it is now 2018. There is no “ignorance” excuse whatsoever for you to fall back on to lie and dissemble and deceive people, and then act all innocent and stuff. You are a shill for the DNC/Left. You routinely lie and refuse to answer direct questions. That is why I have ignored you for so long. You would have fit into a Black Nazi Uniform very well. I can just imagine you in Germany, in late 1944:

                    Reich Minister Pieter Hill: The war is going very well for us! We have the Americans right where we want them. In France. Where we can kill them easier!

                    Reporter: But Herr Hill, there are like 75% of our buildings and factories that have been bombed into rubble! The Russians are now in Poland and advancing on Germany!

                    Reich Minister Pieter Hill: Well, a lot these buildings were old and outdated. The Allies just saved us the expense of demolition! Plus, look at all the jobs that are now available to rebuild stuff!

                    Reporter: Herr Hill, did Hitler make a mistake invading Russia???

                    Reich Minister Pieter Hill: Of course not. Hitler just had the courage to do what the Weimar Weenies refused to do.


                    Squeeky Fromm
                    Girl Reporter

                  2. Others might benefit from you doing something you don’t want to do, which is to learn the proper usage of the term ‘hatred’. One thing it does not mean is a refusal to applaud or treat deferentially the mascot groups of partisan Democrats.

                  3. Peter, you are not a Nazi, you are a Shill, Peter Shill, and knowingly promote a sick ideology instead of the truth.

              2. The Shill Hill gang show their true stripes everytime they make comments of this nature. Please, don’t stop them from making those comments. Each time they make them they are attacking about half the population and much of the rest of the population starts to look at them as the shills they are.

                Nowadays when I want to relax instead of putting on Mozart I listen to Maxine Waters and say we are safe for a few more years. May Maxine have many more years on this earth to continuously say those things that reside in the leftist hearts of the Democratic Party. Remember to celebrate her birthday on August 15th.

            2. OMG. Someone provided inconvenient and unflattering social data on liberals’ premier mascot group. This cannot stand. The fabulous are FABULOUS, not matter what those lousy statisticians say.

            3. “Squeaky provides us with a window into the mindset of ‘real’ deplorables. Like the Real Donald Trump.”

              So says the Shill Hill gang.

          2. bigot
            [big-uh t]


            1. a person who is utterly intolerant of any differing creed, belief, or opinion.

            Americans enjoy the unalienable right to freedom of speech, thought, opinion, press, religion, belief,

            assembly, socialization and every other conceivable natural and God-given right and freedom per the 9th

            Amendment. It is the government that is severely limited. People must adapt to the outcomes of freedom.

            Please direct me to the Article of or Amendment to the Constitution which denies Americans the right and

            freedom of tolerance and/or intolerance. Please direct me to the Article of or Amendment to the

            Constitution which denies Americans the right and freedom of discrimination in any form.

            America has learned in the past week that judges and justices make egregious errors and engage in

            political corruption constituting crimes of high office for which they should be impeached. The SCOTUS

            overturned lower courts this week and the SCOTUS overturned itself last week.

            Were the American Founders “bigots,” “racist” and did they “discriminate” when they thrice passed the

            Naturalization Act of 1790, within the year of adoption of the Constitution, which required citizens to be

            “…free white person(s)…?” You may disagree but you may not find those actions of the Framers of the

            Constitution unconstitutional.

            Irrefutably, Americans have the right and freedom to discriminate and, to demonstrate, all unfair “Fair

            Housing” laws and discriminatory “Non-Discrimination” laws are irrefutably unconstitutional.

            People have the obligation to adapt to the outcomes of freedom.

            Freedom does not adapt to people; dictatorship does.

        1. The only “queer” in this discussion is YOU. It is indeed “queer” that anyone in the 21st Century holds such extreme racist and homophobic views and seemingly proudly displays their ignorance and hatred openly.

            1. You still don’t understand, do you, that the hateful, racist and homophobic rhetoric you spew marks you as an uneducated ignoramus? Those are the sorts of people who support Trump. Since you hate gays so much, why do you care about their marital fidelity?. On this note, what about the obese buffoon who brags about grabbing genitals, and who had sex with a porn star in and around the time of Barron’s birth?

              1. You still don’t understand, do you,

                Natacha, you’re not in a position to instruct anyone about anything. (Unless it’s a class in repeated and witless displays of venom).

              2. I don’t hate gays. I just find them vile, filthy, and disgusting. Every time I am around a gay dude, I swear to God that I can just smell a funky odor of feces on him. Maybe that is all in my head, sort of a Phantom Odor Syndrome or something. (I don’t get the same sensory feeling off Lesbians.) But it is real to me. In spite of that, I think they should probably refrain from needlessly killing themselves. I certainly think that people who proclaim to care about them should not encourage them to just “go for it” without mentioning the whole sickness and death thing. I mean, 20% HIV rate is a pretty significant thing. Not to mention all the STDs.

                Squeeky Fromm
                Girl Reporter

                1. I find people enamored with an obese reality TV star who is racist homophobic, misogynist and xenophobic and who has spent his life cheating to get what he wants to be vile, filthy and disgusting. One of the founding principles of this country is “all men are created equal and endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights–among them are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” People like you have no idea what this means, but you also don’t care. Being raised in a family where racism, homophobia and xenophobia are prevalent isn’t someone’s fault, but perpetrating this type of hatred, especially as time goes on, is your fault. You also seem to be preoccupied to an abnormal degree about anal sexual relations. You could use some help.

                  1. One of the founding principles of this country is “all men are created equal and endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights–among them are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

                    Good for you Natacha. However, I believe citing anything from the DoI is actually Step 2 in the Civics Illiteracy Anonymous program. You apparently haven’t done Step 1: Admit you are civically illiterate. I know, I know, it’s a process. 🙂

                  2. Hmmm. Actually the people who are obsessed with all things anal are gay male Sodomites. I mean, they have fetishized people’s rear ends for Heaven’s sake. Ewww! Turned it into a sexual object, in much the same way as some sexual freaks fetishize high heel shoes, or latex cat suits. Double ewww!

                    You are quite free to associate with them, and even find them sophisticated in some way, but I tend to think that playing in doo-doo is a sign of mental illness. Not to mention, very unclean and unhealthy.

                    As for me, I would much rather cling to my guns and Bible than some random stranger’s rear end.

                    Squeeky Fromm
                    Girl Reporter

                2. Squeeky – there is a rash of STDs in Sun City, AZ home of all the retirees. Don’t blame it all on the gays.

                  1. I am not surprised. When I was in Rehab for my back, there were a lot of old folks trying to hook up. What is with people, anyway??? I hate to think how screwed up my world would be if I had some boyfriend hanging around.

                    Squeeky Fromm
                    Girl Reporter

                    1. Squeeky,
                      I was thinking about the hell the boyfriend would be going through.😊😂

                    2. Squeeky – studies have shown you will live longer if you have a partner.

          1. Please provide counter evidence. If you can’t, then what is wrong with pointing out the truth? Your name calling doesn’t make a win for you no matter how well it makes you feel.

          2. extreme racist and homophobic views

            Natacha, male homosexuals commonly bounce from bed to bed with the frequency of a cheap ham radio. That’s just the way life is in that subculture. No amount of attitudinizing by you is going to change that.

            1. OMG I am so going to use that expression “with the frequency of a cheap ham radio”. Love it!

          3. Discrimination is the essence of freedom. If people cannot discriminate, people cannot be free. People buys shoes, marry spouses, obtain educations, attend football games, etc. through deliberate acts of discrimination. Americans enjoy the freedoms of thought, speech, opinion, belief, religion, press, publication, assembly, socialization and every other conceivable natural and God-given right and freedom per the 9th Amendment. The enumerated right to private property “…in the exclusion of every other individual…” per Madison allows unfettered possession and disposition of that property. It is the government that is severely limited by the Constitution not the People. Unfortunately for you, the Communist Manifesto does not hold dominion in the United States of America.

            Your “Affirmative Action Privilege,” “Non-Discrimination” laws, “Unfair Housing” laws, quotas, forced busing, etc. are all irrefutably unconstitutional.

            While Americans violate the laws when they injure people and damage property, they have the right to be as discriminating as they choose.

            People are obligated by the Constitution to adapt to the outcomes of freedom.

    3. We get it. Unless they’re straight, white and christian, you’re riding right next to Iran’s government on the intolerance scale. Thankfully, you and your ilk are reduced to ineffectually spewing such vileness anonymously on the back corners of the internet where you are made a mockery of.

      this is to the squeeKKK.

    4. I often wonder what society was actually like in the Biblical town of Sodom. The residents must have mostly been involved with mundane activities – farming, trade, metalworking, etc. What were the Israelites actually offended about, exactly? Ah, to be a sociologist with a time machine.

      1. “I often wonder what society was actually like in the Biblical town of Sodom. ”

        Take a trip to the DNC.

          1. Was the Freedom Caucus involved in fixing an election? No. But it appears the DNC fixed the election of Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders.

            Was the Freedom Caucus related to any of the activities where the FBI was involved? No, but the DNC was.

            Does the Freedom Caucus have a history of racism? No, but the DNC does.

        1. In David Steinberg’s retelling of the Old Testament, Lot and his wife were leaving the the wicked cities of Sodom and Gommorah.
          As they were climbing a small hill just after they left, they heard a commotion as destruction reined down on the cities.
          Lot then said to his wife “Honey, turn around and take a look to see what all that racket is”.

          1. Did Steinberg realize it was the DNC falling apart with Hillary yelling the election was unfair not that long after cheating Bernie out of his votes?😀

            1. Allan,..
              -I don’t know about that, but I can envision Bill telling Hillary to “take a look back” to see what all the noise was about.
              While I’m posting, I thought I’d present some numbers re health care spending.
              I’ve skimmed some of the previous comments/ exchanges you’ve participated in.
              In 1970, per capita health care spending was $355 in the U.S.
              It is currently c.$10,400 of health care spending for every man, woman, and child in America.
              The overall cost of living was up c. 500-600 % in that 1970-2016 time frame.
              The average per capita spending is up about 30×, or 3,000%.
              ( The numbers I’m using cover the 1970-2016 period).
              It’s true that we did not have CAT Scans or MRIs back then.
              I’ll get into that if time permits.
              As a percentage of GDP, 1970 health care spending was c.7%.
              It is now c.18% of GDP, basically meaning that total amount of health care expenditures represented as a percentage of the U.S. economy has nearly tripled.
              Total U.S. health care
              expenditures were $75 Billion in 1970.
              That total was $3.3 Trillion in 2016.
              By just about any measure, health care costs have exploded over the past c. two generations.
              They were relatively stable from generation to generation prior to 1970, staying roughly around 5% of GDP.
              I’ve reviewed the health care cost issue before; here in comments and elsewhere.
              The problems/ causes/ effects/ solutions can not be reasonably covered in a few paragraphs.
              And I’m short on time right now, so for now I’ll leave it at this sparse review of exploding health care costs.

              1. Just a ckarification….average cost of living increase overall increased by a factof about 6 from 1970-2016.
                Roughly speaking, it took about $60,000 to purchase what $10,000 would have purchase in 1970.
                Health cars costs rose by a factor of about 30 over that same period.
                Basically, it takes $30 to “buy” a health care service that cost $1 in 1970.

              2. “As a percentage of GDP, 1970 health care spending was c.7%.
                It is now c.18% of GDP, basically meaning that total amount of health care expenditures represented as a percentage of the U.S. economy has nearly tripled.Total U.S. health careexpenditures were $75 Billion in 1970.
                That total was $3.3 Trillion in 2016 .By just about any measure, health care costs have exploded over the past c. two generations.”

                Tom tell that to DSS who skirts the issue. Somehow he is trying to excuse excessive government intervention and somewhat skirting the issue of whether or not a reasonably free market in healthcare works. He’s laying back from making any type of statement and instead is using phrases that are near meaningless in the discussion such as “it’s difficult”. I have to wonder, what isn’t difficult?

        1. How much evil has been committed throughout the ages because “God told me to do it”?

          1. God did that to Sodom and Gomorrah, Jay.

            Also, I haven’t tallied how much evil has been committed under the excuse that “God told me to do it”. Nor have I tallied the evil committed under the excuse that “an evil spirit possessed me and ordered me to do it”. Nor have I tallied the evil committed under the multitude of other excuses people offer up.

            Evil exists in our world. It’s a good idea to be on guard against it at all times.

    1. The only ‘disaster’, Lee, is that you might just have to compete for public office and shmooze elected officials to get what you want, rather than having some judge declare it ‘unconstitutional’ for you to not get what you want.

    2. A disaster for those with fascist mindsets. This will help to preserve our Constitution.

      1. They don’t have fascist mindsets. They have social worker / professional class mindsets. Ordinary people cannot be allowed to exercise discretion over the common life when such discretion conflicts with the prejudices of People Like Us.

        1. People can have more than one mindset. Just look at their prior support for ANTIFA. If you “exercise discretion over the common life” we will stop you, forcibly if necessary.

  13. The dems sent their short list over to Triumph Trump this morning.
    hilary clinton
    bill clinton
    barack obama
    big mike
    bill ayres
    maxine waters

    1. Merrick Garland still wouldn’t be a bad choice. At least, he doesn’t have a set of KKK robes in his closet.

      1. The last member of the Court who had had a KKK membership was Roosevelt appointee Hugo Black. He died in 1971.

          1. Well, Jay, given that the membership of the various and sundry klanlets sums to around 2,000 or so (give or take the FBI informants) out of an adult population of over 250 million, I doubt they are all that numberous on Mr. Trump’s List of 25.

          2. In all likelihood, there will be some who will label any nominee(s) as a “Nazi” or a “fascist”, or at least warn of the “slippery slope” to “fascism” as a consequence of Kennedy’s retirement and replacement.

        1. DSS, it’s quite distressing listening to the rubbish written by some of these people. Based on some of the comments made one has to wonder how our wonderful Republic survived.

  14. It’s amazing, isn’t it, how Fatso turns everything into self-praise. That orange slob actually claimed, yesterday, that Justice Kennedy is retiring now because he trusts in his sound judgment to select a replacement.

    I think that the “McConnell Rule” ought to be deployed: no Supreme Court appointments until after the election. Wasn’t that why he denied President Obama his nominee-on the grounds that it’s not fair that those who might be lame ducks get to be involved in selecting a Supreme Court Justice who has lifetime tenure. Why shouldn’t the “McConnell Rule” apply now?

    1. The real McConnell rule: Stick your thumb in Obama’s eye, any way you can. Logic or consistency doesn’t have anything to do with it.

      1. The real McConnell rule: Stick your thumb in Obama’s eye, any way you can.

        You say that like it’s a bad thing.

        1. Oh, that’s right, he was one of those black people. Open season then; AmIRight?

          this is to spasmatic

          1. Obama’s connection to the domestic black population was that he married into it. The black friends he had were people lined up by Valerie Jarrett, and were, like Jarrett herself from the old-line mulattish patriciate in the back population. His wife is a striver of a sort more common among blacks, but still atypical. The closest he’s been to ordinary blacks would be his mother-in-law and his brother-in-law. Frank Marshall Davis was another eccentric living apart from the main currents of black culture and society.

            The real Obama is the issue of Honolulu’s haolie bourgeoisie. His attitudes are recognizable. Metropolitan non-profit functionaries have the same attitudes. There’s a reason he was (18 years ago) seriously considered for a handsome job as president of the Joyce Foundation. He’s one of them.

          2. I bet the print on your race card has faded to practically nothing by now, AmIRight?

    2. “It’s amazing, isn’t it, how Fatso turns everything into self-praise. That orange slob actually claimed, yesterday, that Justice Kennedy is retiring now because he trusts in his sound judgment to select a replacement.”

      You realize that Kennedy could have retired before Trump was elected or in one year rather than before the midterms. That was Justice Kennedy’s decision so I wouldn’t doubt the basics behind Trump’s claim. Remember Kennedy knows the names on the list.

      1. How do you know what Kennedy knows, or why he’s choosing to retire now? Maybe he has cancer. Maybe a loved one is terminally ill. Maybe it’s because he’s 82 years old and wants to enjoy the time he has left to live. I guarantee it’s not because of the orange rodeo clown.

        1. One can only assume, but people in their position generally plan. I am sure he considered the idea of retirement a long time ago and likely picked the time of his choosing.

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