Meltdown At Mizzou: University of Missouri Cuts Budget and Staff In Continuing Decline After 2015 Protests

University_of_Missouri_sealWe have been discussing the continuing problems at University of Missouri after the school mishandled the controversy over the actions of Professor Melissa Click who notoriously led attacks on a student journalist as part of protests. The school sacked Click, but the school proceeded to make a series of controversial concessions to protesters and forced the resignation of the President and Chancellor.The meltdown at Mizzou has continued this year with further deep budget and staffing cuts. This includes lay offs and the elimination of 155 positions.

The Administration and faculty at Mizzou allowed the Click controversy to fester with its failure to stand firm on its educational program and mission. Instead, they put their institution into a virtual free fall of concessions, apologies and resignations.  The Click controversy was caused by one problem: Click.  Her actions were outrageous and damaging to the school.  However, the school seemed to panic in the aftermath.

Not surprisingly, applications have plummeted with whole dormitories being shutdown or even used to try to raise short term rental profits.

The Administration succeeded in alienating everyone, including the legislature which cut $3.8 million from the budget and Missouri governor Eric Greitens withheld an additional $22 million of funding last year.

The student body in 2017 was 30,870 — down from 35,448 in 2015. In fall of 2017, that number was down to 30,870 according to The Kansas City Star.

Worse still is the fall in applications which undermine the ability to keep scores competitive at the school. The university has reported a 14 percent increase in freshman enrollment in the last year but it is still below 2015.  According to College Fix, the university announced that freshman enrollment increased by 14 percent for the fall 2018 semester. Freshman enrollment still remains below that of fall 2015.

Gonzaga University hired Click after she was dismissed by Missouri.


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  1. The Universoty has plenty of money it is one of the ALL BUT TWO inthe USA funded by the Federal Government and thus must toady to the Department of Education and of course whom ever is in charge of he purse strings . I’ve yet to figure out what that has to do with the quality of education

    Therefore I recommend legitimizing Frank Zappa University and it’s off campus program featuring Kindle and the no charge courses offered by the other two and Grove College in Pennsylvania.

    Remember Zappa was the first to say if you want to get laid to to college if you want an education read a book. and stay away from schools like Gonzaga an Fresno which hire the cast offs and garbage of the Department of Education System.

    Worst teacher I ever had became the Principal then worked at the State Department oif Eduucation then the federal Department of Education. If you can’t teach then administrate and if you can’t administrate a school system work for the government.


    1. I believe other universities will follow U of M’s, actions. Many state run schools have failed in their mission to educate our youth and instead have been indoctrinating them into a socialist mindset. Shame on them. They need to close their doors. THEY HAVE FAILED !!!!

    1. No they weren’t. Contemporary libertarians come in a number of varieties. Some have an affinity for goldbuggery, neo-confederate historiography, and dumb-shtick foreign policy; some don’t give a rip about anything but the drug laws; some are faculty poseurs whose basic stance is more one of cosmopolitanism than one in favor of liberty; some are votaries of Ayn Rand; and some are policy wonks. All but some among the first set are hostile to the idea of moral order in small communities. The term ‘Whig’ might apply to that collection of 18th century politicians, but not ‘libertarian’.

      1. Are all liberals leftwing progressives socialist? Or do they come indifferent flavors to.

  2. It’s a reasonable judgement that the Missouri state system is overbuilt and could use some downsizing. This could begin with a bond issue which would be distributed to the various campuses to provide endowment income aid them in meeting their fixed costs, with the most troubled campuses receiving the largest proportionate issue. Other measures would be

    1. Closure of Harris-Stowe and Lincoln

    2. Reduction global enrollment to 110,000 students through cuts in enrollment targets and proportionate cuts in staff. The cuts could be from 17% to 45% depending on the institution.

    3. Recalibrating the institutional mission of each campus, with associated changes in name.

    a. Limit your seven teaching institutions to baccalaureate degrees and post-baccalaurate programs which do not exceed 48 credits in length. Transfer the longer professional courses to the research instittutions. Limit post-baccalaureate programs to vocational subjects and (bar special dispensations) to high-census programs like business, nursing, and teacher training.

    b. Rename these schools. Truman State College, State University College at Warransburg, Cape Girardeau, Springfield, Etc. to emphasize that they are teaching institutions.

    4. Have a central admissions office for the whole system. Aspirant freshmen would send in one application with a card which lists their rank-ordered preferences among the state’s schools. They’re issued a composite schre derived from their high school GPA, their achievement test sores, and their SATs. They’re queue’d for admission accordingly.

    5. Limit the award of athletic scholarships to those whose composite score exceeds the 32d percentile of the body of those admitted to the school they are attending.

    1. You are too kind. The other day someone, who has a doctorate degree by the way, told me he would like to see the administrative parasites of academe packed off with shovels to dig ditches for a bowl of soup a day. I thought that was too extreme; I feel they should have at least three bowls a day if they work well.

  3. I can see why some parents will encourage the kids to go to vocational school, learn to be an electrician, and stay away from so called “higher education”.

  4. When I got out of high school fifty one years ago in N. St. Louis County, the school known as Mizzou was “went in dumb, come out dumb too.” It was run by frats and soriorities and smart teachers did not want to live down there in Columbia like they might want to live in Kansas City or St. Louis. Over time the Univeristy of Missouri St. Louis (UMSL) and University of Missouri Kansas City (UMKC) developed and became very good schools. UMKC has a good law school. There is no reason to go to Mizzou in Columbia unless one already lives in Columbia. It cannot get better. Frat boys got no reason to live.

    1. The four-year completion rate at Columbia (44%) is higher than it is at St. Louis (29%) or Kansas City (26%).

  5. Paul Krugman posts his commentary on his column page associated with TNYT. As he is a trade expert his remarks regarding The Donald and trade actions are worthy of your attention.

    Of course, the stock market is the best predictor of the stock market.

    1. Why listen to Krugman? I haven’t seen him get anything remotely correct, ever. He should claim he is a social critic, maybe that way he could get some recognition for that.

      1. Krugman was absolutely right about so-called ‘fiscal hawks’. They were, and ‘are’ a bunch of hypocrites. They don’t care about deficits now that Trump’s in office. And Obama never ‘devalued the currency’ as fiscal hawks predicted.

        1. Very few fiscal hawks out there. Didn’t see any in the last budget roundup. You have to pay sooner or later.

          1. Slohrss,..
            – Good point. In most previous election years, the budget/debt was often a major topic.
            In 2016, I watched a lot of campaigns, debates, and interviews.
            I rarely saw debt issues discussed.

            1. Trump got the lion’s share of coverage and he didn’t care about the debt.

              1. Peter,…
                – Who did care about the debt?
                Rand Paul was the only candidate that remember talking about the debt as a major issue.
                There were far fewer candidates on the Democratic side….maybe a half dozen candidates for the nomination…and I don’t think any of them were fiscal hawks, either.

        2. Rand Paul raised a fuss about the hypocrisy, at least…

          “[Rand] said, his aim was to expose what he termed “hypocrisy” on the part of GOP colleagues he accused of forming an “unholy alliance” with Democrats to raise spending and balloon the debt.

          “This vote is a litmus test for conservatives,” Paul argued on the Senate floor ahead of the vote, contending that if fellow Republicans didn’t support his resolution, “we are simply the same as the Democrats. We don’t care about the debt.””

  6. It’s amazing how Turley (and everyone else, some perhaps unfamiliar with the cause of the protests) have made the entire issue the professor and not the racism at Mizzou that the students were protesting and the hunger strike and support from most of the black athletes on the football team that brought the issue national attention.
    Far more likely than a reaction to the professor was that it was a reaction to the football players who were roundly condemned by state legislators and others for taking a stand.

    1. “Tim Wolfe had to resign or risk $ One Million Dollars for Mizzou”
      – The Atlantic, November 9, 2015
      The leverage used to force the resignation university President Tim Wolfe was a “strike” by the football team, which would have had financial repercussions for Mizzou.
      It’s ironic that the university is probably losing a lot more money in the wake of the protests, and the video of Ms. Click was the incident that stood out.
      That video likely influenced decisions of alumni, parents, and prospective students.

    2. There was no racism at Mizzou only racial politics played by a gay student body president, Payton Head (yeah seriously the jokes do write themselves) who falsely claimed the KKK were on campus. The feces swastica was seen by police but they could rule out a hoax and the so-called bump into the protestors was not seen on the tape of the incident. The only possibly true event was an off campus drunk calling a racial epithet. This wasn’t about race; it was about power and sticking it the school. Problem is They stuck themselves and the school.

      1. “There was no racism at Mizzou.” That would make it the only place in America, to what degree I have no idea but that is a statement you cannot possibly have knowledge of.

        1. Quit presuming and deal in facts. What exactly was the racism and who perpetrated it? The drunk kid from town? On second thought, there probably was racism ar Mizzou. It just wasn’t the members of the race you presume doing the hating. When you point the finger of prejudice at someone please recall three fingers point right back at you.

            1. OK I’ll play: I nominate enigmainblackcom as one of the biggest racists on this board. Anyone who sees everything through the lens of race is a racist.

              1. Foxtrot – Please provide examples and prove your statement? I am quite capable and often do have long discussions about any number of topics not involving race. If you want help looking for examples, go to my blog where among other topics, race is often discussed and you can quote all the alleged racist things I write.

                1. Not to me. You want me to believe it — especially something considered heinous —- you’ll need extraordinary proof. Your word just isn’t good enough.

                  1. Certainly not true in all cases, it’s my observation however that many people feel that being called racist is heinous, actually being racist isn’t much of a problem. Steve Bannon suggest that people consider being called racist should be a “Badge of Honor.”
                    You didn’t seem to acknowledge racist behavior at Mizzou? I might agree with you that it was just one example and shouldn’t taint a whole university. I’m just trying to establish that racism existed… which you denied.

                    1. Your case doesn’t prove your point. Becker was charged with a felony crime of property damage motivated by discrimination but plead guilty to a misdemeanor property damage charge of putting a swastika in hallway along with a symbol of the Illuminati and words “you have been warned.” No idea who this was directed to or why it was done except he was motivated by YouTube videos not race. What proof do you have this was motivated by hatred of blacks? Did Hitler round up black Africans? Are the Illuminati inherently racist? How do you know “you have been warned” applies only to black students in Mark Twain Hall and not others? He got a suspended sentence after all. If they could have proved his motivation of racism they would have.

        2. I don’t know about Mizzou but I know a thing or two about major university football programs. Race is a factor. Obviously. Jimmy the Greek voiced an opinion that is still widely held in spite of what anybody says. But you can’t expect white people to be honest about racial opinions when they are always getting fired when they say them. Basically the left wing economic rhetorical lynch squads want the racists to self identify and make targeting easier. Sorry but folks are not that stupid

          1. Mr Kurtz – You’d be surprised him many self-identify proudly. The ones who used to hide behind sheets are bow happy to show themselves.

    3. enigma – when student-athletes actually represent the students at large, that will be the day. They have their own housing, dining rooms, weight rooms, special tutors, and academic advisors. Having spent a couple of years tutoring athletes, I can tell you from experience, they do not represent the hoi polloi.

      1. Which is what made this case exceptional. My point is to blame the problems at the school on the professor as Turley did is to completely ignore the underlying issue.

        1. enigma – from what I could experience as a tutor, the black athletes actually did not mix with the hoi polloi, so other than being in class, they did not know what was going on. The athletes stuck together and were given classes together, which made it easier to tutor them. Generally, they would have no idea what was happening with the other students. Clueless.

          I had Reggie Jackson in two education classes with me and never did he offer to go out to coffee with anyone or set up a study group. Nice guy in class though, very bright.

          1. well in most places they don’t have their own classes but they are counselled on which ones to pick. i kept it to myself the time when I was sitting there in accounting with a bunch of hulks and this one test most of us got Ds and this one guy who was there about half the time got an A curiously enough….. i have about a hundred stories like that but I don’t want to embarrass my alma mater. I have to say I liked a lot of the football players including some of the black guys but like most “normal” students I resented all the free stuff they got, the free food, the free gear, the free tutor, and oh the girls. The girls. They had their fill of them and then some…. and they ate it up. They joked about being Mandingos. You know? High paid stud on the university plantation. There is something to that which is funny but something that is not funny. Personally I think they should just get paid and be allowed to unionize

        2. Enigma:

          You are never going to get all 325 million people in the United States to follow the Golden Rule. Can you imagine Liberals no longer attacking the character of conservatives, for example?

          The global history of slavery, the treatment of women like chattel, and other tragedies happened, and they were even more awful than any modern person today can imagine. Jim Crow laws happened.

          And yet, it appears that nothing the country does is every going to make up for slavery…an atrocity that is still practiced on the African continent today by Africans.

          There are so many programs and opportunities for black people to get a leg up. After school programs, scholarships, quotas, Affirmative Action…Nowadays, if any public figure were to use a racist slur (unless it is a Liberal against a Conservative), they would be drummed out of their job. At some point, people are going to have to realize that we have reached the minimum level of racism, where it simmers in the background along with all the other biases and character flaws of the general population. I wish you never encountered racism in your life or rudeness, but a certain percentage of humanity are just jerks.

          Statistically, the United States is one of the least racist countries on the planet. Racism is no longer acceptable by the mainstream. That alone is a great victory. It is hard for some political activists to accept that they were born too late to participate in the Civil Rights Movement or the Underground Railroad. They self identify as civil rights activists in the time of MLK, Jr, but they are at a loss because there are no similar demons to fight today. So they try to recreate the crisis of the 1960s, but oftentimes their narrative falls flat.

          Take, for instance, the poop Swastika at Mizzou. A real Neo Nazi holds that symbol sacred. There is no way they would draw one out of feces. It was a prank or some sort of hoax intended to start all the trouble at Mizzou.

          You might want to take a look at this video clip and tell me what you think. It’s when Larry Elder made Dave Rubins realize that he was wrong to think that institutionalized racism is a major problem in this country.

          1. Karen, Honey, the time you spend blogging is time you could spend watching Fox. When you say categorically stupid and incorrect things, like, the US is one of the least racist countries, you display your devotion to Fox News. Trump was elected because of racism, he remains insanely jealous of Barak Obama, his popularity, both here and abroad, his successes, his dignity and intelligence, and is doing his utmost to undo his legacy for no reason other than racism. The human rights violations inflicted on migrant infants and children are solely race-based. If they were blue-eyed natural blondes from Norway, there’d be no problem.

            1. You’ve uttered not one true statement, Natacha.

              What’s amazing about you is that you have an unbroken record of never offering an arresting and well-considered judgment on any topic. Absolutely pure spite.

              1. Nonsense from TSTD, in support of nonsense from Karen; claptrap and more claptrap from these folks.

                1. Anonymous,
                  Karen is correct.

                  “The country with the highest proportion of ‘intolerant’ people who wanted neighbours similar to them was Jordan, where 51.4 per cent of the population would refuse to live next to someone of a different race.

                  Next was India with 43.5 per cent.”

                  40% + (of individuals surveyed would not want a person of another race as a neighbour)
                  India, Jordan

                  30 – 39.9%
                  Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Vietnam, Indonesia, South Korea

                  20 – 39.9%
                  France, Turkey, Bulgaria, Algeria, Morocco, Mali, Zambia, Thailand, Malaysia, The Philippines, Bangladesh, Hong Kong”


                  0 to 4.9%
                  United States, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Guatemala, Britain, Sweden, Norway, Latvia, Australia, New Zealand

                  5 – 9.9%
                  Chile, Peru, Mexico, Spain, Germany, Belgium, Belarus, Croatia, Japan, Pakistan, South Africa

                  10 – 14.9%Finland, Poland, Ukraine, Italy, Greece, Czech Republic, Slovakia

                  15 – 19.9% Venezuela, Hungary, Serbia, Romania, Macedonia, Ethiopia, Uganda, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Russia, China

                  Source: World Values Survey”



                  1. Refusing to live next door to someone of a different race pales in comparison to enacting policies that hurt people because of their race, and openly praising racists and pandering to their prejudices. “Make America Great Again” really means “Make America White Again”. Examples: Trump praised the White Supremacists as “good people”, and blamed the woman who was run down by a neo-Nazi in Charlottsville. His “zero tolerance” is based on race, pure and simple. He is demonstrably jealous of Barak Obama, and his “policies”, if that’s what you want to call them, consist of trying to undo everything President Obama did.

                    1. Unfortunately, since practically everything Obozo did was outside of the constitution, it is taking very little effort to undo them.
                      “Elections have consequences”

                    2. “Refusing to live next door to a person of a different race pales in comparison to enacting policies that hurt those of a different race”.
                      Close enough, (from memory without backing out of this page), to what Natacha wrote.
                      These issues are intertwined/ related.
                      Usually an intolerant society, or individual, is not inclined to support or “enact policies” favorable to minorities.
                      It’s not as if the bigoted politician or citizen is likely to go out of their way to support or “enact policies” favorable to minorities.
                      The two issues, refusing to live next door to someone of a different race, and political policy issues/ positions unfavorable to minorities, are related, and so intertwined that it’s silly to say that one “pales in comparison” to the other.

            2. Natacha – Trump is not jealous of Obama, he is pis$ed at Obama because of remarks made at a dinner where Obama humiliated him at length. That is probably when he decided to run for President and take the office from Obama. There is bad blood between the two of them.

              1. Obama is also behaving with less class than previous presidents. He’s now running a resistance effort against Trump, far different than his own predecessor, Bush, who left him a very supportive letter in the Oval Office. Past Presidents and their First Ladies have socialized at events and supported each other. Not so, today.

              2. I agree wholeheartedly that was the moment that Trump decided to run for President and that he was pissed. Of course, the few minutes Obama devoted to Trump at the Correspondents Dinner hardly compared to the years Trump attacked Obama with false claims. Wonder what those private detectives found Trump promised was amazing?

                1. enigma – The Donald forced Obama to come up with a fake birth certificate. Do you think Obama is ever going to forgive him for that? No one else was able to get that birth certificate, even if it was fake.

                  1. Quite alright, Mueller is going through a bunch of fake financial documents right now so it will even out. A different set of prosecutors got handed today 1.3 million documents from his fake lawyer. Karma is a bitch.

                    1. Enigma,..
                      – I don’t know how many documents that the Comey FBI, then the Meuller, has looked over.
                      Maybe it’s a million, msybe it’s 10 million, or 100 million.
                      I do know that the indictments and arrest of Manafort, Gates, and the charges against Flynn, Papadopolous, and other were often said to be watershet event, real breakthoughs in tieing the Trump campaign to a criminal conspiracy with Russia.
                      Two years into these investigations, that evidence has not surfaced.
                      The charges, dating back to 2006, have had little or nothing to do with a criminal conspiracy involving the Trump campaign and Russia.
                      Now there is the “Cohen flip” being reported, and another huge batch of documents involved.
                      We’ve seen these same predictions about how the charges against Manafort, Gates, Flynn, Papadopolous, etc. would be “the turning point” in acquiring information to criminally charge Trump.
                      You may have seen the angry exchanges between the House Committe and Rosenstein a few days ago.
                      I mentioned about 10 days ago that time is not on Mueller’s side, especially given all of the confident predictions that Flynn, Manafort, etc. would be the key to wrapping this investigation up.
                      So now it’s Cohen, and more documents that are “the turning point” in the investigations.
                      Rep. Gowdy’s anger and impatience with this maration investigation is shared by at least a large minority of the public,
                      So, OK, we’ll see if Cohen and the 1.5 million additional documents are “the key” to getting some kind of resolution, and conclusion, re these investigations.

                    2. Tom Nash – Wasn’t it Gowdy who spent 3 years investigating Benghazi? Now he’s impatient? The “anger” from House Republicans seems to have more to do with being as yet unable to stop the investigation and turn over every source and bit of evidence over to Trump. Their interference into an active investigation is unprecedented for Congress.
                      I imagine all sides want a speedy conclusion. You seem to see it as there is no evidence and Mueller is hoping to find a smoking gun under every new rock. I believe that Mueller has had plenty almost from the beginning and is building a meticulous case, holding off on some of the major indictments like Donald Jr, because all hell will break loose. Not because anyone really believes Donald Jr again as an example to be innocent, But because Trump supporters see this as a war against them. They will see this whole process as being unfair if Donald Trump only turns out to be guilty of multiple financial crimes with no conspiracy proved.
                      Assuming the President is not indicted while in office, the “matter” becomes a political one as to what the current Republican Congress is willing to do? The date of any decision is critical given that the mid-terms may change the calculus somewhat. Republicans may lose the House, the Senate will likely stay in Republican hands unless Democrats respond to the Supreme Court vacancy with enough energy to swing some elections. The status of the investigation may come into play as well but I don’t expect anything to happen too close to the election, we see how that worked out for Comey.
                      As to what I believe Trump is guilty of? He obstructs justice openly on a regular basis, there will be plenty of testimony to that effect but it’s a judgment call and with Republican judges, they may but Party over country, as they have the past 18 months. The conspiracy case will ensnare several in the campaign/administration but Trump may or may not fall in that regard depending on who else flips on him? I like the chances that Donald Jr or Jared will save themselves. Jared is familiar with family members testifying against each other which was how his father went to prison. It’s the financial crimes which will be clearly laid out including the hundreds of millions of Russian money. Will all the former prosecutors in the Republican Congress be able to look away once again? Only time will tell…

              1. Looks like a lot of blue on that rag of the left. Probably be under attack from the left itself at some point. We just need to watch them eat themselves.

            3. Natacha:

              Trump was not elected because of racism. Professor Turley has discussed this extensively. Do you not actually read the blog?

              Trump was elected because, although he had low favorability, Hillary Clinton was even lower. She was one of the most dishonest people in history. If you are not aware of this, then you are in a very small minority.

              In addition, if separating children is a human rights violation, then how can Barack Obama have dignity and intelligence if he, too, separated children under the Flores Settlement. You see, when parents are arrested, the children do not languish in jail with them. Every day in America, parents are arrested and the children go into care.

              The difference is that it happened more often under Trump, because he prosecuted more people for illegal immigration instead of catch-and-release. When people protested, he used an Executive Order to reduce it, which may not stand up in court. This even applies to those who immigrate here illegally, and then claim asylum when they get caught. In order to qualify for asylum, you have to be persecuted for belonging to one of 5 categories: race, religion, national origin, politics, or belonging to a social group. The entire neighborhood of Watts would not quality for asylum because gangs have driven up crime in their neighborhood. If the law is applied, then most asylum seekers would be denied. And, depending on the judge, many are.

              Here is one of the highest profile asylum cases which I believe to be fraudulent. Do you recall that poor little toddler sobbing on the cover of Time in front of the mean man Trump? Well, it turns out that she was never separated from her mother, at all. Her mother immigrated here illegally from Honduras years ago, and was deported. A misdemeanor. If she does it again, it’s a felony. Her husband is a boat captain with a good job, who would never put himself or any child through the dangers of illegally immigrating. He cannot believe his wife did this, but she disappeared one day with their youngest daughter, leaving 2 children behind. The illegal immigration trail carries an 80% chance of rape for women and girls. I wonder why this little girl was crying so hard when a man put his gloved hands in her mother’s pockets looking for drugs. What happened to her, and what did she see happening to her mother on the journey? The totally unnecessary journey because her husband had a good job and their neighborhood wasn’t bad? And why did she take only one of her children, and the youngest, most vulnerable one at that? I believe she put her child at risk because she felt it gave her the best chance of being let in. She claimed asylum when she was caught crossing the border. But she does not qualify under any of the 5 requirements. However, she is now a political icon, so perhaps they will bend the rules for her. I personally think that if the father’s story is true, she abused and neglected that child by putting her through that. Perhaps the father would take better care of her. Above all, the little girl needs to be given a thorough medical examination for abuse, the poor little thing.

              I would hope that a situation would be dire for someone to bring their child on a dangerous journey. But over and over again, I am reminded of why CPS exists in the first place. One should also recall when Border Patrol recently rescued a 6 year old boy dumped in the desert by his uncle. He assured the kid that BP would find him and take him to his mother in the US, who I assume is also illegal or else she would have brought him in the safe way through the front door.


              1. OK, we’ll go through this again. Like a true Fox disciple, you make a big deal out of the little crying Hispanic girl, saying that because she wasn’t actually taken from her mother at that moment, it’s more fake news. So, according to Fox, Trump isn’t doing bad things by leveraging the emotional distress of babies to try to bully his way with Congress to get us taxpayers to pay for the border wall he promised his faithful he’d force Mexico to pay for. I actually heard your hero, Hannity’s rant on this point. This photo was SYMBOLIC of what Trump does to other little migrant children. His Administration moves these kids around at night to prevent photos of them from being taken. His Administration won’t say where most of the girls and babies are. They are scared to death of photos like little Jessica, crying inconsolably, in a child prison where her jailers are forbidden to comfort her. Trump is doing inhumane things to vulnerable babies and children who aren’t guilty of anything.

                When it comes to Barak Obama, you Fox disciples can’t have it both ways: you can’t say he did nothing, but at the same time, you can’t say he did the same thing as Trump. Obama only separated children for very limited reasons, like they were in danger. Nowhere near comparable to Trump’s program of intentionally inflicting emotional distress on innocent children for no reason other than as political leverage. The drivel you spout was obtained from Fox. When you spend your time blogging, you are missing more chances to watch Fox.

                When it comes to the alleged story about the mother, I don’t believe it. More Fox lies and Trump covers. Meantime, how are your stocks doing, Honey? Mine are in the toilet.

                1. A photo of a child who was not separated from her mother, who took her child on the rape trail NOT because she had no choice is the worst possible symbol. Sorry but we disagree.

                  I’m happy that more effort is being made to keep families together. Sealing the border up tight will reduce the temptation to send children on the rape trail.

                  Meanwhile Congress still hasn’t improved the legal immigration system.

                  1. Yeah, it’s all the fault of Congress. Can’t you find SOME way to blame Hillary Clinton?

                    “Sealing the border up tight” is impossible. The border is 2,000 miles + long, and there are other ways to enter besides just the southern border. How about helping alleviate the lawlessness in those countries from which people are fleeing? Better still, how about fining the crap out of the big hotel chains, restaurants and other businesses that hire them, and then mandatory prison time if they violate again? No work here, they won’t come here, but Republicans won’t do this because Republican business owners are the ones who are getting rich from illegal immigration.

            4. I can’t speak for Trump but the world would be a better place with more Scandanavians in it. Maybe if you went there you would understand Nutcha. Anyhow why do you think people care if you continue to call people names? Call whatever names you like, and cry them out at the WALL.

            5. If the US is so terribly racist, why do people want to come here so badly?

              Also, if I am not mistaken, there are a lot of brown-type folk in Libya, and they didn’t fare so well during the Obama administration.

            1. It was, thanks! I wasn’t even on a Ben Shapiro page. Youtube is possessed. 🙂

          2. What statistics are you citing about America being “one of the least racist countries on the planet?” Racism still exists aplenty, it is merely being redefined so that nothing qualifies, except of course reverse racism.

            1. I agree there is plenty of racism everywhere including America. On this point, white people are delusional. However, blacks and all the rest are racist too. It is natural human tribalism applied to the larger tribe. That’s all. It can get out of hand, but a little bit is only natural. It’s the stupidity of the left to make too much out of it, and the stupidity of the right to pretend it doesnt exist.

              1. Mr Kurtz – We can agree that everyone has the capacity to be racist and it exists in all races. The ability to impose racist policies on others is skewed. Those “making too much of it” are seeing it from a different point of view than those who deny its existence.

      2. Paul – Student-athletes at major schools have a different experience than “regular” students and have certain advantages without question. They also have time demands on them which might equate to those with an outside job in order to pay the freight. As a basketball player at a small school, I got full tuition including meals, free shoes, but also spent during the season, an average of three hours daily in the gym and went on multiple road trips where I missed classes and had to make up the work.
        It would have been easy to be unaware of much going on it the outside world but I chose to read the newspaper daily. While I may have started looking at the sports section, searching for my name. I did read it all and became interested in politics, especially during Watergate when the Senate hearings were televised.
        In spite of whatever privileges I may have experienced as an athlete, I still had numerous experiences that reminded me that I wasn’t exempt from being black as I’m sure modern day student-athletes do as well. I’m also certain, that none of the athletes are more than one degree of separation from someone that has experienced severe racism if they have not themselves. Some of them will risk nothing, wanting to present themselves in the best possible light to improve their chances at a professional career. Others will not be told to “shut up and dribble.”

        1. enigma – Creighton University, who graduated the great Paul Silas (player and coach), graduated a player who could not read. They were actually honest enough to offer to teach him to read and offer him his college education again for free. There were the Reggie Jacksons and those who were sure they would be drafted as a sophomore, who just had to maintain a C average in 24 semester hours a year. We did a lot of tutoring of makeup classes in the summer. However, I would not depend on the football team to lead any movement on campus as you can see by the damage they did.

          1. Paul – I wouldn’t depend on the football team either, though blaming them for “damage” hardly seems right. The University of Missouri, which didn’t admit its first black student until 1950, had problems well before and after the football players took a stand. Why not blame those guilty of the behavior that brought things to that point?
            Amore recent example than Creighton is the University of North Carolina which took using athletes and passing them along to a new level. I don’t recall them being severely punished either?


            1. enigma – the point is the players are not being mistreated, except by the NCAA. So, who ‘woke’ them? Who is the puppetmaster?

              1. Having a few campus advantages doesn’t exempt them from life. And you could make the case the NCAA, schools and coaches are doing a good job of using them, all the while being one injury from being cast aside. The coach gets million dollar shoe deals for the players to have to wear the shoes. The schools get Nike or someone to pay for the players to wear those. The players images are used in video games without compensation. At Creighton and UNC, they didn’t even get the education which was supposed to be the trade-off. Like I said before, all those players are one degree of separation from someone who experienced what maybe they haven’t. Then again, maybe they have?

                1. enigma – I found the players to be very integrated racially. Although I do agree the NCAA abuses the athletes. And were it up to me, the players would be hired by the school, given a salary and have to pay regular tuition to go to school. They could negotiate that salary anywhere in the country. However, no one died and made me God, so here we are. 🙂 I am just a demi-god complaining about abused college athletes.

                  Still, I did find, except for dating, the athletes did not mix with the hoi polloi of the campus. They were very clannish or tribal.

                  1. at my university we had dorms and they were alongside the rest of us. I was amidst a lot of football players. guys that went into the NFL aplenty so Im not going to say names. i will admit I disliked most of them, black and white alike. and the only ones I ate lunch with were white baseball players even though I never went to a baseball game yet in my life at that point. how that happened i don’t know.

                    but there were a couple black guys I liked, I guess three out of about 15 I knew, even if I disliked the rest. one i really really disliked.

                    I am ok being called a racist, it’s been that way all my life in “integrated schools” anyways

                    they should be allowed to unionize. and also get worker’s comp. that’s the legal injustice i would like to mention since this is after all a law blog

                    1. Mr Kurtz – well, if they made me God, inside of my daytime Demigod position, things would change. The NCAA would be abolished, to begin with. All players would be compensated according to their ability and would get workmen’s comp. They would pay for their own classes and could turn pro when they wanted. No coach would make more than the president of the school and the president of the school would not make more than the top paid professor. Nike would not be allowed to sell shoes or uniforms to the teams for 25 years.

          2. Enigma,…
            I remember Paul Silas very well.
            Living just a few miles from the Oregon border in SE Washington, there was a hightened interest in the rivaly between Seattle and Portland.
            Lots of friendly trash-talking, too, between coworkers from both states.
            Wes Unseld was another very imposing player….both Unseld and Silas looked like NFL linebackers.
            Silas really disliked the late Dennis Johnson….after one critical game won by Seattle, with a great game played by Johnson, a reporter said “great game, Paul” .
            Silas said “yeah, too bad an ******* had to win it for us”.😃😄

            1. Tom Nash – Paul Silas and I used to play bridge together at Creighton. Couldn’t bid to save his soul, but man could he play a hand. Really a nice guy and the first person I met at Creighton.

              1. Paul C. Schulte,…
                I suppose knowing Paul Silas gave you extra incentive to follow his pro career.
                Did you keep in touch with him after college?
                Get free courtside tickets😀 using your “connection” with Silas?

                1. Tom Nash – I followed his career, but I did not take advantage of it.

                  1. Paul C. Schulte,…
                    He was a durable player; I think he played in the NBA for about 15 years.
                    I think Seattle was his last team….he ended his career on a high note, with the Sonics winning the NBA Championship c. 1979.
                    I followed them very closely in the 1970s, as well as Bill Walton and the Trailblazers.
                    Everything “came together” for Seattle in the mid-to-late 1970s, but after they won the championship, some players got better offers, the “chemistry” wasn’t there anymore, and the team fell apart pretty fast.

        2. I agree they have a second job for sure. There is a full time practice schedule in the major programs. And they are money makers. they should be allowed to unionize. But they should also quit whining about racism when they are the most privileged “minorities” standing head and shoulders above the co-racial bretheren still stuck in impoverished circumstances. And yes they are far more privileged than non student athletes. The gear alone is probably worth ten k a year I hear, not just shoes but tons of warm ups and other crap a lot of which they can and do sell to the other kids. And the free food and the free tutors. And the free massage one a day at some schools. That’s worth $100 a day right there. Seriously.

          1. I apparently missed out on the free massages, and gear, and even extra pairs of shoes. In a four year career, I got one cash gift of $10 from a parent who gave envelopes to everyone on the team after a Christmas tournament game.
            The vast majority of those “privileged” minorities are cast aside after their eligibility is used up or injury takes its toll. A small percentage have a chance to go professional. Most find themselves scrambling to survive without the same skills as their fellow students. Some have a name they can trade on, others watch the non-student-athletes go on to have far more productive lives. Probably living in less pain as well.

    4. Blah blah blah. You need counseling to get you past your overwhelming resentment toward white people. Sheeesh dude, try living in 2018 instead of whatever Jim Crow year in the past you prefer to dwell in. Any realistic black person who does not recognize that black people, as a group. are their own worst enemy is simply delusional.

      Squeeky Fromm
      Girl Reporter

      1. Whataboutism, kellyanne pivot, and “white pride” talking points. Of course, it fits you well.

        this is to squeeKKK

      2. Aww Squeeky, I must not have a truly overwhelming resentment toward white people because I kind of like you. I find you funny among other things which you probably acknowledge because you think yourself justified.

  7. I do hope Gonzaga put strictures on Click’s contract, like no politics in or outside the classroom.

    1. For individuals like Professor Click, they will not change their ways. Left-wing politics is to them a lifestyle and they exhibit the same type of adherence and headstrongness as fundamentalist religious zealots. For politics is their religion and it is interwoven into their identity and outlook in life. Everyone else is wrong and they are righteous.

      1. You are exactly right. A hundred years ago, these people would have been busting up saloons with axes. A few hundred years before that, they would have been hunting witches or putting Jews to the sword. Same mindset.

        Squeeky Fromm
        Girl Reporter

    2. I think she received a temporary adjunct position at Gonzaga. Her career is toast.

      It astounds me that Click has one of those husband thingys. It would be agreeable for her if something salutary in her life survived that whole imbroglio. Another oddity about her is that her undergraduate education was quite practical, not what you’d expect of a communications / women’s studies professor. IIRC, she studied merchandizing at one of the state business schools in Virginia – if I’m not mistaken, the one Mr. Esposito attended, though about a dozen years after his time there.

  8. College is too way expensive to be saddled with a degree from a controversial school like Mizzo or Evergreen. The administration made decisions that harmed their brand and now they’re paying for it. I have no idea why Gonzaga would want to hire Click.

    1. Evergreen is supposed to be a liberal arts college – i.e. a state institution with the menu options of a place like Williams or Amherst or Reed. Missou is a research university with a whole smorgasbord of academic and vocational options – and 8x the size of Evergreen. Evergreen’s pathologies are local to that little sandbox. Mizzou’s problems are bog standard for American higher education.

  9. Wow, dormitories not being used. This is where we can house the illegal aliens and their children. I’ll bet there is cafeteria to eat in and ab infirmary for health care. Problem solved. I’m sure the tax payers of Missouri would love to pay for this.

    1. Hey in some states they probably are paying for illegals to go to college and live in dorms etc I bet California does

      1. Rampant speculation without even a citation to some ridiculous Pravda Faux News story. Typical.

        this is to “when I’m bored, I usually just post sh*t I make up for the hell of it” kurtzie

        1. Marky Mark Mark – I have been thinking back and I don’t believe I have ever seen you give a citation for anything. How can you rag on someone else when you don’t do it yourself?

        2. You got the proof, now, where’s the apology? Chumped out huh Mark

          1. Your link fails to support your allegation that “some states” are paying for “[undocumented immigrants] to go to college and live in dorms…”

            This is to “whew, glad I found something besides a Pravda Faux News story” kurtzie

  10. You know, I’m just spitballing here. But maybe universities should consider teaching students an education, rather than Liberal politics. Maybe, just maybe, instead of persecutive conservative students they could, oh I don’t know, produce degrees in science, mathematics, literature. They should also track the success of each of their degrees in terms of how many are employed and how much they make, and they should post those figures. Degrees that statistically lead to a long career in fast food service should be discontinued, or at least downgraded to a few electives rather than an entire degree devoted to them.

    Unless you are a trust fund baby, you don’t go to college to enrich your horizons and learn underwater basketweaving. You go to earn a degree in a topic that interests you so that you can have a good paying job. You can take as many courses online, or watch as many DVDs of lectures, that you like for fun.

    But you don’t go to college to skip your classes and go protest in the quad every week.

    Not only universities, but preschool through graduate school are facing an existential question – do they exist to provide an unbiased solid education, or are they Liberal madrassas whose function is to turn out activists and future government employees? Anytime a college advertises that it produces “global citizens” or “good stewards of the Earth”, it means that education is secondary to political activism. But this is really the fault of the preschool through 12 public education system. If children received an unbiased education, they would set foot on a college campus in 2018 and immediately deem it a madhouse. However, Liberal activists enamored of socialism somehow took over the education system, and doggedly indoctrinated children from the time they were toddlers into accepting Liberal doctrine as Gospel and capitalism as Mein Kampf. So they stride onto college madrassas and feel right at home. They welcome the chaos as a battle front to fight the good fight.

      1. David Benson owes me five citations (one from the OED) and the source of a quotation, after six weeks – The Founding Fathers who would have believed in strict interpretation of the Constitution.

          1. Mr Kurtz – you will get as much from Marky Mark Mark as David Benson.

          2. Sorry, Pravda Faux News swill is still just swill. I’m white, and I received in state tuition, federal and state loans, and scholarship and grant aid. Pro tip: Hannity doesn’t even like you.

            This is to “but hannity pinky-swore it was all true” kurtzie

            1. Marky Mark Mark – every so often there is a slip up in the system. You were one.

    1. My first inclination was to close The Evergreen State College and turn it over to the University of Washington or make it a trade school. But then I realized that it might serve a role as a magnet to attract useless academics and underperforming students as a prophylactic measure to prevent contamination of legitimate colleges.

      1. My suggestion would be to dissolve Evergreen State College and discharge all of its employees. Then, the next day, incorporate ‘Olympia State College’, allocate to it the assets of the dissolved institution and send letters to a selection of employees telling them to assemble on the campus.

      2. Those told to assemble would be

        1. The hourly staff

      3. 2. Quasi-faculty who do not teach integrated courses (i.e. athletic coaches, laboratory instructors, remedial tutors in writing, mathematics, and faculty development, music tutors, and workshop presenters from the IT service.

      4. 3. From student affairs, salaried employees in the registrar’s office, the student medical clinic, and off-campus study.

      5. 4. From the compliance apparat: intermediate (salaried) supervisors in the security service and the personnel office, less anyone with ‘diversity’ in their title.

      6. 5. From the finance apparat (i.e. treasury and control, not fundraising): all salaried employees.

              1. college stores, the library, the IT service, central receiving, mail room, campus transportation; and miscellany like the print shop): all salaried employees except the librarians.

      7. Please note who goes: all faculty bar those names, the GC the promotional staff (fundraising, communications, alumni relations), the admissions director and his deputies, the dean of students and his deputies, the chief of security. the counseling service, &c.

        Have the governor appoint a temporary board and a local business executive as president to supervise the assembly of the college. The staff will need a state appropriation to pay salaries and baseline maintenance while this is underway. Recruit committees from across the country to set up a turnkey faculty with the following allocations dictated in the enabling legislation).

        undergraduate and post-baccalaureate teaching certificates: 5 position,
        biology: 65 positions
        psychology, experimental and neuroscience: 18 positions
        computer science: 16 positions
        mathematics: 11 positions
        chemistry: 7 positions
        political science: 24 positions
        sociology: 5 positions (quantitative methods only)
        history: 16 positions (no more than five to American history)
        English: 22 positions, no more than 4 to specialists in post-1914 literature
        Speech and rhetoric: 17 positions
        Spanish: 4 positions
        Philosophy: 4 positions w/ a Medievalist required
        Creative writing: 3.5 positions
        Music: 13 positions
        Studio Art: 13 positions (no performance specialists, demonstrated competence in representational work)
        Theatre and dance: 13 positions (no more than 2 specialists in post-1914)
        Film and photography: 13 positions.

        Post baccalaureate degrees would be limited to the MEd. There would be no inter-departmental majors. Subdepartmental majors would be found only in biology, psychology, and political science. A major would require 42 credits (D-credits deducted) and a subdepartmental concentration 24 credits (D’s deducted). Subdepartmental concentrations would be optional in English and economics and mandatory in biology, psychology, political science, history, and the arts departments, but not present elsewhere. The undergraduate program in teaching would be a 5-course certificate on top of your academic major.

        The hiring committees should include not only recruited faculty but people from other occupations to provide balance. Persons who had taught at Evergreen would be debarred by law. David Benson would be debarred from the hiring committees.

      8. Are you aware that the word ‘die**ry’ triggers the spam filter?

    2. OK, dingbat: the worth of an education is not measured by how much money graduates make. Please tell that to Mitch Daniels, a/k/a “Lord Shorty” (you know, Dubyah’s “my man Mitch”, who appointed the trustees of Purdue University as one of his last acts as governor of Indiana, and they immediately returned the favor by making him University President with a fat salary and bonuses as soon as he left office). He thinks the earnings of college graduates are the best measure of the quality of their education.

      Education opens horizons to thinking, philosophy, art, writing and other areas of human endeavor one might never otherwise experience orexplore and is something no one can take away from you. There are many areas in which people who are very smart, talented and educated don’t make a lot of money. Art, music, literature, theater, social work, teacher education and writing come to mind, since I am personally acquainted with people who have degrees in these areas, and who aren’t and never will be wealthy. They are, however, smart, happy, and fulfilling their destiny.

      You speak of “unbiased” education, meaning the opposite of what you call “liberalmadrasses”. Here’s the problem: when someone takes classes in things like religion, history, sociology, philosophy, psychology, they learn that the racist, xenophobic, misogynistic and money-grubbing values they were taught are not just factually wrong, they are morally wrong. At college, most students get exposed to all sorts of people from all sorts of backgrounds, not just the limited world view from their communities. They learn to be egalitarian and accepting of others. You call that “lilberal”, but it is really the result of education. Your post proves you are not educated.

      1. Your education didn’t do you any good, Natacha, whatever it was.

      2. Hopefully this madness has a biological root cause, and that you surely didn’t elect to pay for it yourself.

      3. My Man Mitch, hell yeah! I like him better than you. Pooh Pooh Purdue! back home again….

    3. “you don’t go to college to enrich your horizons and learn underwater basketweaving. You go to earn a degree in a topic that interests you so that you can have a good paying job.”

      Enriching your horizons and earning a degree with the goal of getting a job in your chosen field are not mutually exclusive. People need understand more than the workings of their profession–they live within the world, too, not just within the confines of their business.

    4. I once awarded you the prize for “Most Uniformed Post” here, but I should have waited for this beauty. For extra credit, please set forth which shill from Pravda Faux News filled your head with this prattle. Pro tip: Perhaps attending an institution of higher learning would provide “facts” to support your worldview; once you learn a little, you will be surprised at how much you don’t know.

      this is to “hannity is my truth whisperer” karen

      1. Marky Mark Mark – so you think universities should weaponize students and send them out the door to destroy America as we know it? More defendants for you then.

    5. Karen S.,,,
      – Do you even wear a uniform?
      Not sure why you would be thought to be “the most uniformed”.

    6. the only socialism these radicals should learn is the socialism pol pot taught the elites of Cambodia when he gave them shovels and told them to work for their food. that’s the kind of socialism they need a lesson in, not the victim politics garbage. one day, one day

  11. “Let’s get some muscle over here,” seems to translate to “let’s get students outta here!” I love Frankenstein!

    1. I’d recommend googling “Crazy SJW threatens student….backfires spectacularly”.

  12. Deservedly suffering the benefits of their decisions, one blunder at a time

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