Ultra-Orthodox Men Delay Two More Flights Until Women Agree To Move From Their Seats

Austrian_Airlines_Logo_(2013).svgWe have previously discussed flights delayed by Jewish ultra-Orthodox who refuse to sit next to women.  Rather than remove these men for delaying a flight, airlines bizarrely coerce women to yield to their demands in moving their seats.  Just a week ago, an El Al flight was delayed by ultra-Orthodox men refusing to take their seats.  Now, an Austrian Airlines plane was delayed at Ben Gurion Airport for 40 minutes late due to the refusal of 26 ultra-Orthodox men to be seated by women.  Again, there is no consideration for the other passengers, particularly the women who are singled out for requests to move to other seats to accommodate these men. Worse yet, because Austrian Airlines decided to accommodate the demands of these men, other passengers missed their connecting flights.  

When the pilot asked the group to sit down, they refused until women agreed to move their seats.


It has been years of this utter nonsense and abuse of women, but finally El Al CEO Gonen Usishkin said that, in the future, any passenger who refuses seating “will be immediately removed from the flight.”  This occurred however after women filed lawsuits and threatened boycotts over their abusive treatment.  Why should it take years and litigation to get the airline to take the obvious step of removing these unruly passengers. If these men cannot abide sitting next to a woman, they can buy tickets in seats next to each other.  Problem solved.

Nevertheless, United Torah Judaism MK Yisrael Eichler attacked the women who objected to their mistreatment, declaring their complaints to be “malicious . . . anti-Semitic libel.” He is now threatening a boycott if the airlines dare to say that ultra-orthodox men cannot hold up flights until women move to segregated seating:  “I’m telling El Al that if you give in to the terrorism of Haredi-hating groups and remove a passenger who behaved properly and asked nicely to sit next to a man, we will remove hundreds of thousands of your passengers every year. Terror against terror.”


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  1. Most religious fundamentalists are like these two losers- it’s not just an Orthodox Jewish thang — look at Pence! But they shouldn’t be accommodated – if they didn’t want to sit next to a female goyess they should have bought up all the surrounding seats.

  2. I thought these men were so smart, so superior, that finding a seating arrangement that works for them at the time of booking would be a piece of cake. Well, I guess they aren’t too bright afterall.

    Are they admitting they are truly that stupid and incapable? I think they better striaghten up and show the world their self vaunted superiority or I’m going to start having trouble believing they are superior to women.

    1. Are they admitting they are truly that stupid and incapable? I think they better striaghten up and show the world their self vaunted superiority or I’m going to start having trouble believing they are superior to women.

      I suggest if you’re concerned to answer the question of who is superior to whom, look at who starts the businesses, who runs the businesses, who prospers as engineers, &c.

      1. DSS – we have a lot of female-owned businesses here in AZ. The key is being able to take a risk with your own capital.

      2. Not these idiots. The Jews that excel in this world are those who practice their religion with respect to those around them. These extremists are no different from the suicide bombers that want everyone who doesn’t believe as they do, to die. The difference is that these terrorists support the pilots who bomb, kill, and maim; and then go home for lunch as opposed to the terrorists who support the poor sap who blows up others with his or her self, no lunch. Religious extremists are responsible for almost all of the world’s ills throughout history. Now, I said extremists. That doesn’t include those that believe what they believe and manage to respect others at the same time.

        1. “Religious extremists are responsible for almost all of the world’s ills throughout history.”

          Tell us how you believe Stalin was a religious extremist. Tell us now you believe Mao was a religious extremist. I can mention many more. Religious extremists have killed far fewer than those pursuing the ideology and religion of the left.

          1. If you look at the history of mankind you will notice that the genocides and denigration of others has been almost always supported by religious extremism. Read the Old Testament, the Koran, the New Testament. Throughout these ‘holy’ books are recordings of genocide along with the justification. The entire colonization of those parts of the world that fell to the pirates now known as the British, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, etc empires was founded on religious superiority, regardless of whether or not the true impetus was outright theft. The priests went along to justify it all. Stalin and Mao are recent examples of the same formula but without masquerading as having divine authority. Stalin and Mao were no less religious than the rest; they simply cut out the middle man and were themselves the authorities, complete with manifestos or their sacred books.

            Throughout history civilization has receded when a people came to believe that they were superior for ideological reasons rather than acts of humanity. I have met many religious people who maintain that although they believe in their particular story, they respect the stories of others on an equal basis. I think they would be more accurate to say that they respect the rights of others to have their stories. Absolute belief in an absolute and only supreme power contradicts the acceptance of other absolute supreme powers. It’s more an example of ‘I may disagree with you but I believe in your right…’.

            The more extreme the religious stance, the more regressive is society. These mutts should have been taken off of the flight, arrested for terrorism, and denied access to public transportation, regardless of the religion, how much they have suffered over the past few thousand years, or the country that purports to be under constant threat of annihilation.

            1. Issac, did you take math in grade school? If so add up the numbers and look around. Go through different time periods and take a look at the actual numbers of dead. We know in the 20th century probably more than 100 million were killed outside of war just for leftists to maintain their power. When your list even comes close post it and we can remove all those deaths errantly based on religion. Understand I am not defending religion rather putting things into perspective and also trying to impart the fact that socialism is a faith-based religion held dearly by many on the left today.

    2. JIllinksi – Jared Kushner belongs to this deranged sect. Ivanka converted to it.

      1. Autumn, again you demonstrate your ignorance and racist tendencies. I say that despite the fact that I would have let the plane fly without those men and told them to book their seats in advance to make sure they could see to their specific needs on their own time. Jared Kushner’s religious beliefs are quite different than those under discussion. But it seems useful to you to group people in a racist way when you wish to denigrate them. Do you do that with blacks as well? Hispanics? How about Asians?

        1. The notion pushed by many on the left and nearly all social justice warriors is that America is not a melting pot but a cauldron of hate and racism. The latter simply is not true and this fallacy generates and stems from mostly opportunists who preach this screed mainly for their own personal benefit. From this there are groups who nurture and perpetuate this falsehood through virtue signalling, to promote a political agenda, to those who are convinced by charlatans they are victims and they legitimately believe this.

          There are individuals who hold racist and bigoted beliefs and that is simply a manifestation of personal choice. It is not the uniform practice of American society. I will go so far that the fastest growth of actual racist advocacy comes from white middle to upper class leftists who declare racism to not only be rampant but use racist means to attack those who they disagree. The average person residing here is not so quick to jump on the racism chariot and emblazon division by militant means.

          Take tonight for an anecdotal example. After celebrating the Independence festivities with family, I went for a late night dinner. Nearly all the staff were of various ethnicities and races, probably a quarter of the patrons were Whites, about the same percentage were Muslim, and the rest consisted of Asians, Blacks, a mixed race family and others. Everyone got along fine. They sat next to each other’s tables and it was just as ordinary as anything else. That’s the way it is among the regular people who live here.

          This notion of fanning the flames of alleged racism helps nobody. Once opportunists and weak-minded individuals stop following these charlatans the notion of rampant racism will largely subside. Then, we can enjoy true integration. Not settling for tolerance, but tolerance will carry the day.

  3. It’s in Israel, home to many ultra-Orthodox. El Al should have special seating options to accommodate these men. It’s a reasonable wager they don’t because secular Israelis are as contemptuous and rude as their counterparts in the United States.

    By the way, close relations of mine have been shuffled around on airplanes to accommodate other passengers, in one case because the complaining passenger (who wasn’t svelte) said she didn’t want to sit next to someone heavy. . Ann Coulter was stripped of a pre-booked seat with extra legroom (for which she had paid a premium) to accommodate another passenger. Delta airlines PR lied about this and never provided any explanation (though it’s a reasonable inference that the girl given Coulter’s seat was a Delta employee who wanted to sit next to her husband).

    1. “secular Israelis are as contemptuous and rude”

      That is a pretty broad statement. One should be careful about defining cultures across international borders where people are different because their lives are different. I won’t say the same for the nation you live in. In any event, I just wanted to point out something that is a completely different topic. 12 kids are trapped in a cave in Thailand. I heard that on the news in several places but nowhere was it mentioned that Israel is greatly involved in the rescue. My understanding is that those very specialized communications are the link between those children and the outside world. This equipment was developed in Israel and is owned by an Israeli company.


      1. Allan:

        That story about the kids has been preying upon my mind. I really hope they don’t try to get the kids to learn how to dive and then have their first dive spelunking. The only other options that I know of are to either wait a few months for the water levels to go down, or try to pump the water out. They went 10 days without any food, and who knows how safe the water that poured into a bat filled cave was to drink. Thank goodness all those kids and their coach are still alive, and are all together. Cannot imagine what those kids and their parents must be going through.

        I did not know that Israel had been helping those poor children. They help with Search and Rescue around the world. If anyone can get them out, it will be them.

        1. Karen, the Israelis also have equipment that makes water from the air and it is pure. I think there are supposed to be monsoons that will end that avenue in a short amount of time. I don’t know how deep they are but we have machinery that digs large holes underground. One such machine dug through the granite rock in NYC to build the subway tunnels. I’m not sure of what equipment exists or the feasibility. I wish I knew the anatomy of the cave. The experts might be coal mining rescue teams and possibly oil frackers that have the ability to send pipes in a horizontal direction though they dig through shale. The area they are in is above the water level so I wouldn’t think it is that deep below ground. I am not sure why they can’t dig down unless there is a mountain on top.

          1. Allan – what I am reading is that they are going to teach the kids to scuba dive and take them out as they get proficient. They have 30 more divers coming to help and they will be working in teams. That is the last report I heard.

            1. I heard that as one of the possibilities but they indicated the great danger in doing so. I think money might have something to do with what solution is chosen.

            2. I’m very worried about the diving option. It has been mentioned that they are miles in, and they would have to squeeze through narrow openings. The children don’t even know how to swim. If they knocked their breathing apparatus off, they would drown. If those behind them cannot go forward because someone is having an issue, they might not have the room to turn around, and then they would drown.

              Spelunking in the dark water would not be the ideal way to learn how to dive. However if they run out of options, like if the monsoons are going to raise the water level above where they are trapped, they would have no choice.

              1. Karen S – I get the impression they will be taking them out one by one, not in groups.

          2. From the map, it looks like they are under a mountain range.

            The article you linked to also mentioned the Israeli Sky Saver, a personal rescue device that can save people over 120 stories high. That made me think of the recent high rise fire tragedy in UK. There still appears to be no way to save people in a high rise fire. Those above the fire are lost, and there’s nothing anyone can do about it. Before 9/11, I assumed there was an evacuation procedure for any building to code. But if they can’t put a fire out, people just stay trapped and die.

            Perhaps they are already working on this, but if not, the age of high rises necessitates an architectural solution to emergency evacuations in the event the bottom floors are cut off.

            1. Outside of the terrorism seen I don’t think highrise fires in the US amount to many deaths and are probably in the single digit range and limited to the apartment where the fire started or to the adjacent apartments. Helicopter evacuation can be done from a roof and even a balcony.

              I tried Google Earth and failed. Perhaps the mountain doesn’t extend all the way to the coast. I hope they will be saved and there will be no loss of life. I’ve been to Thailand and found the people there to be gentle and pleasant.

      2. Plus, Israel makes some really kewl tobacco pipes called “Alpha.” I have been expanding my pipes ever since my Crazy Uncle bought me a few Ben Wades, one of them a big Danish weird looking thingy, and little pipe called an Alpha Cameo. It is not very big, and has a flat bottom where you can just set it down, and it won’t roll over. Plus it has this rough wild looking finish that I really like. Sooo. I have bought a few more of those.

        Squeeky Fromm
        Girl Reporter

  4. Are those gentlemen? gay? I thought gays profess to be tolerant of others, regardless of their persuasion.

  5. I wonder if Harvey Weinstein would object to sitting next to a woman. He wouldn’t make a very good orthodox rabbi now would he.

  6. If these guys didn’t want to sit next to women. Let them move. These women paid for their seats too! If this was a white person who didn’t want to sit next to a black person, how would it be handled? It would be handled the right way!

  7. I wouldn’t want to sit next to anyone who is so egotistical that he’d request that I change seats. Put all of the egotistical attention getters together in the back next to the toilets.

  8. If they want a private airplane with no women let them buy one. Delaying a flight should get them arrested.

  9. Hmmm.
    Let’s just change religions here, and see how it feels.
    “Ultra-orthodox Islamic Imams delay two more flights until women agree to move from their seats”
    How would that be taken, and how would it be reported.

  10. Chosenites. Nothing ends the debate and discussion like accusing someone of being an “anti-Semite.” The late James Sobran’s definition is the best: Not someone who hates Jews, but rather someone hated by certain Jews.

    1. JJ – dishonest people attack those who criticize Zionist as being anti Semetic. Totally absurd as all Jews are NOT Zionists and the Zionism camp includes non Jews (Biden comes to mind) Hell Zionists despise secular Jews who call them out as “self hating Jews” and will readily sacrifice them as easily as any Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist or atheist. One of the people killed on the USS Liberty was Jewish.

      1. “JJ – dishonest people attack those who criticize Zionist as being anti Semetic.”

        Apparently, studies have been done on this and what has been found is that more and more anti-Semites hide behind using the word Zionism or criticize Zionism. They are cowards. At the latest count I have read, one has a 75% chance of being an anti-Semite when they engage in your use of the word Zionism and probably substantially more where the person uses it continuously, even after being informed of its use as an alternative to being openly anti-semitic.

  11. Good for those women who stood up for the airline and forced them to do the publicity improving move…ahem…the right thing.

    The Orthodox Jewish men were utterly wrong in this case. If they had a special seating requirement, then they should have A) chartered a private plane B) organized seating with the airline in advance to ensure they did not sit next to any scandalous women or C) don’t fly. If there was some issue that came up, like they do not assign seats, then they need to make arrangements in advance.

    You cannot make demands for special accommodations on the tarmac.

    I think the proper policy is take your seat or deplane.

    I’ve never liked this segregation of the sexes and different treatment of men and women, no matter what religion it rears its head. It’s not anti-Semitic, obviously, to not want to give up your seat.

    People can do whatever floats their boat as long as they don’t harm anyone, but they don’t have the right to force their own beliefs or restrictions upon others. If this had happened in America, I would have said that everyone has the freedom of religion here, but no one can force their beliefs or special requirements upon others. That would be intolerant.

    1. Paul, it probably is if they fly on Saturday. There is a contingent of ultra Orthodox Jews here who walk to their synagog as driving (and electricity) is forbidden on Shabbat.

  12. Here’s the Western Washington Liberal version of demanding others be reseated on airliners.

    The process used:

    1) Throw your weight around and force everyone you disapprove of to comply
    2) When confronted by someone in authority regarding your bad behavior, act worse.
    3) When 2 doesn’t seem to work play the victim.
    3) When 3 fails dig your heals in an refuse to budge because you are right and everyone else must suffer.
    4) Play victim again.
    5) Get sanctioned by the police to everyone else’s relief. Yet, you’ll never learn from the experience and become an even worse jackass than before and a greater chip on your shoulder.


    At least in the US airlines won’t put up with problem children like these very long. If the captain orders your eviction, you go. When it comes to the authority of airliner captains over the passengers, theirs is second only to God’s.

    1. Darren Smith, I fail to discover anything “liberal” in this conduct.

      I agree about the captain. But I am unsure about the second to God part.

    2. I remember that incident. She demanded respect because she said her husband just lost his mother. But she had no problem harassing her fellow passenger. She did not give him respect, but she demanded it herself because of her husband’s loss. She did not respect her husband’s mourning when she made a scene next to him. I think she used his bereavement to try to get a pass on her disrespecting and harassing fellow passengers.

      Of course they could not take off with her on board. If she was this bad on the ground, how much worse could it get in the air, when she could no longer suffer the consequence of being removed for her behavior? The airline did the right thing standing up for the passenger who was the object of her aggression.

      This is why the latest poll indicates 59% of people fear violence from Trump-haters.


      1. very true.

        The video also shows the end result of marrying a testoserone challenged man.

        1. Studies show that Liberal women are far more attracted to conservative men. They may say that they want a non-threatening man who will wait for them to make the first move, videotape their consent and have their signed consent form notarized prior to asking if they could have a kiss, who wants to split the bill and won’t open the door because women are equal, a vegan who wears hemp sandals and protests against fascists wearing a pink female genitalia hat, but when it comes right down to it, they are most attracted to a conservative, self respecting, confident man who will open the door for them. They want the fiscal conservative who saves for the future instead of the one who believes in communism, and is unemployed because he keeps demanding an entry level management job that has flexible hours so he can protest every week against the patriarchy.


          “Some notable comments from the participants:

          “I want to be with a man who is ambitious, liberal men simply aren’t as ambitious.”

          “Conservative men plan for the future, they’re in it for the long run.”

          “Liberal men are less masculine.””

          The feminism movement has careened so far away from the original premise: equal opportunity for the sexes. Now they cannot even decide what the sexes are. The movement is pressuring males to become who women want to be friends with but not actually date. They poo pooed courtship and marriage and then wonder why men don’t want to pursue and court women anymore. People know how to have hookups but have no idea how to go on a date.

          There is a strong evolutionary sound reason why women instinctively want a man who can handle a crisis and protect them.

          A conservative country boy could build a lady a two story treehouse condo with a spa if they got stranded on a deserted island, after which he would go hunt some game or fish to go grill on the fire pit. The Liberal man would be agonizing over the dirt, bugs, and snakes and have no idea what to do other than wring his hands.

          1. I agree. I do not understand how some of these liberal women as you describe put their political religion ahead of their inner wantings and settle for less in a partner.

            For today’s teenagers who display wayward drifting toward feminized, neutered approaches to adulthood, their fathers and society in general owe it to them to straighten them out with a little Shock and Awe:





            In another topic on evolutionary derived preferences in mate selection, I’ve wondered, perhaps in some way for comic relief but it might be true, if men evolved to be especially intolerant of nagging, constantly complaining, unloving women. Anecdotally with every man I’ve known the most common complaint is the nagging and complaining. But from an evolutionary perspective, the common scold type is unwilling to accept and love others as young children very much need otherwise, else they and their husband are neglected. Now instead of participating in leadership roles or working, their men must suffer the cost of the drama and attend to them constantly. Men who chose loving and friendly women had more successful children who socialize more easily and are more prone to be the same. And the man could actually spend time on important matters to benefit the family as a whole.

            I don’t know of any man who seeks out a common scold to be a girlfriend. It just goes against the male psyche.

            From the example of the couple on the airliner, we have the low T male, cuckolded into submission by his untamed shrew of a wife. He was forced to surrender himself to her since he was less appealing to other women. Now, he must adopt liberal policies to remain relevant within his relegated social circle. He is consigned into a life of constant berating and the humiliation of being thrown off airliners. She on the other hand is completely unattractive to a real man and settles for this guy. Or perhaps she was attracted to him knowing she could wear the pants and punish him via the gimp suit in the basement whenever he misbehaved.

            And finally, show the boys the video of the airliner incident. Ask them, “Do you want to be like him? If not then man up!” It’s that simple.

            1. You’re both putting an acre of embroidery on a pinhead of fact.

              1. It’s called Satire. But since you are quite adept at defining “Pinhead” from your own self-reflection, do tell us what it truly means.

            2. I noticed the guy on the airplane avoided eye contact with, or even directly addressing, his wife as she harassed her seat mate, and then argued with airline staff. He just sat with his head in his hands in the universal gesture of helplessness and submission.

    1. That errant, weak-assed comment is all you could come up with? You would be more accurate in your comparison by saying it sounds like efforts by some Americans to force their beliefs on others. Like forcing the Little Sisters of the Poor to provide certain contraceptives for those they employ. Or forcing a baker to use his artistic talents to create a cake for a gay wedding. Or forcing people based on the color of their skin to sit in the back of the bus. Or forcing pregnancy resource centers to advertise abortions.

      Damn, this is not that difficult. Try again.

        1. Exactly. Your first comment is right on target. All religions have prohibitions against killing, yet we are all forced to pay more than half of our taxes to facilitate killing people around the world.

          1. yet we are all forced to pay more than half of our taxes to facilitate killing people around the world.

            Ignorance, innumeracy, and aggressive stupidity coming from you never surprise me. Current tax receipts are running at $5 tn a year. Military expenditure amounts to $740 bn a year, or 15% of your taxes and social security contribution. And, like everything else, this sort of public spending is partially financed by bond issues. About 12% of all public spending is devoted to the military.

            And, of course, the military, like the police, are there to maintain order. A dim-witted adolescent fancies disorder is the result of the depredations of his preferred bogies. Disorder is inherent in the human condition, and the only defense against disorder is men with guns. The guys who stuffed you into lockers when you were in junior high school are of value to the rest of us. You are not.

  13. What Austrian Airlines does it up to Austrian Airlines and the country of Austria.
    End of controversy especially when El Al Will provide that exact same service IF they want to pay for it. If they don’t they can sit in the back of the bus voluntarily or take the bus. It has nothing to do with us we’ve got enough problems with the fail to assimilate so why should we make them citizens crowd. The answer is the same and it is no. You don’t like our system GET OUT.

    1. Interesting Austrian airlines went along with this. I would say the Zionists have their hooks in there however they are hosting a meeting for adults who refuse to go along with the Iran sanctions – you know, folks who actually work in the best interest of their respective countries rather than Israel’s

  14. Oh good. So those rigid fools don’t fly at all. Serves them right.

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