Is Global Warming Is Making Us Stupider?

290px-The_Sun_by_the_Atmospheric_Imaging_Assembly_of_NASA's_Solar_Dynamics_Observatory_-_20100819It is bad enough that global warming may be slowly killing out planet, but what if the hotter it gets, the dumber we become in dealing with it? If a recent study is correct, that may be the case. According to Harvard researchers in n a PLOS Medicine article, the human brain functions 13 percent slower when it has to operate in extreme heat.

The team from Harvard’s T.H. Chan school of Public Health studied the impact of students in non-air-conditioned buildings on both math and memory tests in comparison to their classmates in air-conditioned buildings. (I assume that this was not a self-selecting group of students too stupid to move to air-conditioned areas).

Notably, the scientists actually refer climate changes in their general findings:

“Cognitive function deficits resulting from indoor thermal conditions during HWs [heat waves] extend beyond vulnerable populations. Our findings highlight the importance of incorporating sustainable adaptation measures in buildings to preserve educational attainment, economic productivity, and safety in light of a changing climate.”

Of course, at the point of the no return of climate change, ignorance might be bliss.

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  1. A TED Talk compared global warming solutions “cost to reward” to other world threats. In such context, per the speaker (I mean it’s a TED talk, which proves its value, right?), global warming rates low in descending order, #10 IIRC (#1 was HIV). IOW, compared to other human threats, the cost to solve global warming is so high, for such incremental temperature decrease that it rates very low on the list of threats for which we should spend public funds.

    On a related matter…I respectfully request liberal progressives explain why they switched (since Geezis Soetoro Obama became POTUS) from being allegedly anti-war (remember “war monger” Bush?) to equaling the GOP lust for wars and military excursions, e.g. “I choose nuclear winter with Russia over Trump and Putin signing a nuclear weapons contract.”

    Every single global warming scientist is a hypocrite if that scientist has not publicly and vociferously condemned Obama for his war mongering, including outright lying about ending the 2 wars he inherited, and starting three undeclared wars in Libya, Syria (remember “No boots on the ground?”), and Yemen: peacenik Obama supplied the military weapons with which the Al Saud crime syndicate committed hundreds or thousands of war crimes in Yemen. When the press confronted Obama’s war apologist for “boots on the ground in Syria,” Obama’s war apologist replied: “Who do you believe, me or your lying eyes?” (The press calls Trump on every petty lie, and worshipped Obama’s peace prize while he incinerated the mid east and imprisoned leakers, journalists, and whistle blowers.)

    What global warming scientist has accounted for the bombs unleashed over the globe by the US MIC? None of which I know. Did I miss the memo these bombs naturally lower the earth’s ambient temperature? And I suppose our tens of thousands of war machines don’t emit the worst kind of diesel pollution, right?

  2. One large volcanic eruption can screw things up for 2 or 3 years. I’m not against solar panels or wind mills, I’m just a little sceptical. That’s all.

  3. Hmmm, so slower means stupider? What if the slow person gets the right answer, too? Also, is this supposed to be linear – let’s all move to the south pole?

  4. Hmm, climate is making (some) of us stupid. Does this explain the difference in IQ scores between populations that reside mainly in warm climates vs. those that reside mainly in cooler areas of the globe?


    This conservative-Libertarian think tank spent years denying the risks of cigarette smoking before it turned to Climate Change. Said institute has been credited with bringing ‘down’ the number of Americans who believe the planet is warming. In other words, one so-called ‘think tank’ has been largely responsible for setting us ‘back’ with regards to national policy on the issue. And now the Trump Administration is actually doubling-down on fossil fuels as a national goal.


        In the 1990s, Heartland worked with the tobacco company Philip Morris to question serious cancer risks to secondhand smoke, and to lobby against government public-health regulations.[3] Starting in 2008, Heartland has organized conferences to question the scientific opinion of global warming.[3]:334[14]

        After the election of U.S. President Barack Obama in November 2008, the Institute became involved with the Tea Party movement. According to the organization’s director of communications, speaking at the sixth International Conference on Climate Change in 2011: “The support of the Tea Party groups across the country has been extremely valuable.”[15] Heartland was among the organizers of the September 2009 Tea Party protest march, the Taxpayer March on Washington.[16][17] In support of the Tea Party movement, Heartland offered free literature and other assistance to Tea Party activists,[18] created a website “”, and distributed a free book, The Patriot’s Toolbox.[19][20][21]

    1. I find Henrik Svensmark’s theory credible – and he has countered those who critique him.

  6. t is bad enough that global warming may be slowly killing out planet, but what if the hotter it gets, the dumber we become in dealing with it?

    Leave it up to progressives to believe their immune to the so-called rise in stupidity levels.

  7. No, it would be “more stupider.” And any environmental impact can not compare to the inverse and necessary result of evolution–devolution. We’ve already set in motion the decay of the species. Easily seen in the soft, short-firing minds of the Democratic party as of late.

  8. Global Warming?

    It’s time for a pool party on a hot summer day with Rocky, the Alligator Snapping Turtle. Some of these turtle’s age date back to the civil war. The bite pressure has been measured at 1200 pounds per square inch. But rocky is just blowing bubbles at the pool party.

    Note: The pool in this video has no chlorine or any other chemicals in it.

  9. changing “global warming” to “climate change” is another in a long list of using a name change to obfuscate … drop both of these …creating a cleaner environment and reducing pollution of all kinds needs a “cool” name and many champions

    1. One of my favorite marketing campaigns from the alarmists is the constant use of the word carbon. No one is releasing carbon. It would be foolish to do so since carbon is a fuel. But the non-poisonous gas Carbon Dioxide just doesn’t have the same dark scary connotation that carbon does.

      1. Going for the Chemistry Myths and Memes Award?

        Methane is gradually overtaking CO2 as the heat-trapping agent of concern. Over vast regions of tundra (mostly Siberia),
        the thawing or permafrost is releasing methane that has been trapped for eons. There is no natural life process like photosynthesis to scrub it out of the atmosphere. Methane is 20X stronger than CO2 as a heat trapping gas.

        1. What part of what I wrote was a myth? You on the other hand for some reason, hmmm, left out that methane (not even sure why you brought it up) has a lifespan of about 9.5 years in the atmosphere.

    2. Actually, the change in name more accurately describes what is and will continue to happen. The global climate is rapidly changing in more ways than temperature. For example, hurricanes are becoming more intense and going more significant damage.

  10. I’m no climatologist, nor am I a meteorologist. From what I understand the planet was in the midst of a great ice age 10,000 to 15,000 years ago. I guess there is plenty of scientific evidence of that. Glacial ice sheets were as far south as the state of Ohio. What was the earths temperature and climate like 40,000 to 50,000 years ago? This was before the ice age.

    1. Bob: So massive industrialization in China, India and Brazil would have ‘no impact’ on the planet..???? That’s hard to believe!

      When Nixon first went to China in 1972, most Chinese lived on collective farms. But since then China has built literally thousands of factories and added millions of vehicles to its roads. All that in a country with 1.5 billion people.

      India, the world’s second most populous nation, has industrialized at rate similar to China while Brazil has burned millions of rainforest acres. But you’re saying that none of these changes would impact the planet in any way..??? Sounds like a croc of s**t!

  11. Stupider? Naww! Only if you believe the Reefer Madness man caused global warming propaganda lie. But then again, you were probably stupid to start with if you believed any thing private jet many houses Al Gore carbon whore says. DeCaprio is another two face. He’s gonna fly around the world in his jet to warn about ‘carbon footprints’ & such.

    One thing IS for certain: There is NO ‘scientific consensus’ that backs man caused global warming.

    I understand the sun has more to do with heating & cooling down here than any other factor. Sun’s surface is slowing down it’s activity. What does that mean?


      1. David Benson owes me nine citations (one from the OED) and the source of a quotation, after seven weeks and needs to cite all his work from now on. – Specifically, which lies has he swallowed and where is your proof they are lies? We know that Michael Mann and members of his paleoclimatology group lied, we read their emails. We know that NOAA fudges temperature data up, they were caught doing again last year. We know that a heat wave is just that. We are going to need some links here.

      2. David BB, what is your answer for the Qs asked by Paul CS? I haven’t swallowed anything. Perhaps it is you who have done the swallowing. So why haven’t Gore & DiCappio changed their lifestyles?

        If the so called protectors of the planet are so concerned, why are they not loudly calling for the use of industrial hemp? From hemp we could make cars & the fuel to run them. Henry Ford did that some decades back. Hemp can make very clean burning fuel I might add.

        Hemp is one of the best carbon scrubbers offered by nature. Hemp takes fewer chemicals to process into plastic & clothes & leaves fewer contaminates behind. Not to mention the healthy benefits of eating hemp seeds.

        All the scary the earth is gonna die stuff is meant to do is give govt more control. All I know is that where I live spring has been cooler & more cloudy for the this & the last 2 years. I live just N of the center of AZ between Flagstaff & Phoenix.

        If what mankind releases into the atmosphere were as bad as the scare mongers say, Mt. Saint Helens should have finished us off.

        I am all for ‘clean’ energy, but there is no such thing. Ever look into the process used to make solar panels or wind turbines? Both are prohibitively expensive. And not all that reliable. In another post I said I looked into solar panels & spoke with a very knowledgeable electrician who told me not to pay for solar panels that don’t really produce enough juice to make it worthwhile.

        I was glad he told me that but very sad that he is right. I also said that if solar & wind were all that & a bag of chips there would be a very high demand for them. So David, can you tell me where the long line of people demanding solar & wind power are hiding?

        I repeat: All the scary the earth is gonna die stuff is meant to do is give govt more control.


  12. But then there is also heavy metal poisoning.

    “Move down! Move down!” cried the Hatter.

    1. David Benson owes me nine citations (one from the OED) and the source of a quotation, after seven weeks and needs to cite all his work from now on. – You forgot to mention Roundup which is being sued for causing cancer. And Johnson’s Baby Powder which just lost a $5 billion case over causing cancer.

  13. There must be a lot of hot weather up in Washington DC making the water warm for all the swamp creatures. A lot of stupidity up there.

  14. When you think of the enormous potential in waste management, ecological management, etc.; when you think of the money to be made-reflect upon the tech revolution-there is only one reason why this world is not advancing with the cleaning up of its mess, etc. …., the status quo, Donald Trump, the head oligarch that is bringing back coal. Can it be more clear that this guy and his handlers are not good for America or the world?

    1. “there is only one reason why this world is not advancing with the cleaning up of its mess, etc. …., the status quo”

      Nope, there are more reasons, you just do not want to accept them. Horse and buggy was the status quo before the car came around. The problem for the horse and buggy industry was that the car was far superior even without the infrastructure for it. Wind and solar are not far superior no matter how much you wish it was.

      1. The automobile only succeeded because liquid gasoline was being developed at the same time. Wind and solar are waiting for electrical storage tech to synergize into a complete infrastructure. Charge density / kg, useful lifetime, and cost are the big nuts to crack.

    1. Is that a Digital Mercury Thermometer up your arse or a feather & you’r just happy to see us?

      1. Nope it’s your head up your ass. Same place all climate change deniers have theirs. Go watch faux (not the) news, ie fake news. Thank you right winger for proving the theory that global warming is making at least some more stupid. It has already been proved that those that don’t even watch the news know more than the faux (not the) news watchers.

  15. One thought on “Is Global Warming Is Making Us Stupider?”

    Only Anti-Trumpers & other Commie/Nazi American hatin Trash Lib/Progs that believe the global warming/climate change BullSheeet put out by Goldmansachs/Blood-Gore 4 profit liars.

    1. Yeah, Oky1, it’s un-American to think scientists could know more than a real estate developer. And it’s un-Christian-like to think solar power should replace coal. God gave us dirty energies so we can make a great big mess!

        1. Rieslinhg, and that solar panels are not all that efficient. And costly for the amount of juice the produce. I talked to an electrician friend about panels for my house & he said forget about it. He said they were very inefficient.

          If solar & wind were all that & a bag of chips there would be a stampede of people wanting to get shed of their power companies. Me included. My friend kinda shot down my dream of getting rid of the power company. Oh well….


  16. “but what if the hotter it gets, the dumber we become in dealing with it?”

    I would say yes since dumb and dumber means can’t speak and really can’t speak. for stupid you just have be a progressive socialist that believes subjectively in mysticism, other worlds, and lots of free stuff for no effort.

    It helps to attend a public school with a high ratio of social promotions on the honor role.

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