“Our Friend, David”: Newly Released Tape Shows Trump And Cohen Discussing Purchase of McDougal Story

200px-Cnn.svg160px-Official_Portrait_of_President_Donald_Trump_(cropped)CNN landed a major news coup with the airing of one of the conversations that Michael Cohen secretly taped with President Donald Trump.  The tape is not the best in terms of the audio quality but it contains some troubling portions.  Notably, this was clearly not a telephone conversation but sounds like an actual meeting where Cohen is sitting and meeting with Trump. I just posted a column on the implications of this secret recording by an attorney.  While Rudy Giuliani insists that the tape is clearly exculpatory, the tape could prove more damaging than beneficial to a defense.  Clearly, both sides can read negative or positive elements into this tape.  While some have insisted that Trump sounds like a mobster, there is not a clear crime being discussed on this tape. There are reportedly more tapes, but this tape has good and bad elements for the Trump team.  However, the tape can be used to show that Trump was informed of the deal before the election and participating in the strategy to silence Trump’s alleged former mistress Karen McDougal.  However, Trump has not spoken to investigators (as a basis for some false statement prosecution) on this issue.  

The most damaging elements include the reference by Cohen to David Pecker, publisher of the National Enquirer, American Media Inc. (AMI), as their “friend” and the plan to buy the rights to McDougal’s story from Pecker.  I have previously written that Cohen continues his breathtakingly bad legal advice in suggesting the purchasing of the story.   While the plan was never carried out, it would have magnified the mistakes of Cohen exponentially.

You can hear Trump speaking in the office to other individuals about getting something to “go away quickly” and doing “the Charleston thing.”  It is not clear what the means but it is not likely the 1920s dance. Certainly people in Charleston are curious and confused:

TRUMP: [In background] Good. Let me know what’s happening, okay? Oh, oh. Maybe because of this it would be better if you didn’t go, you know? Maybe because of this. For that one, you know, I think what you should do is get rid of this. Because it’s so false what they’re saying, it’s such bulls—. Um. [PAUSE] I think, I think this goes away quickly. I think what — I think it’s probably better to do the Charleston thing, just this time. Uh, yeah. In two weeks, it’s fine. I think right now it’s, it’s better. You know? Okay, hun. You take care of yourself. Thanks, babe. Yup, I’m proud of you. So long. Bye.

The most damaging material concerns the planned creation of a corporation to shield the purchase of McDougal’s story from their friend Pecker.  Notably, there does not appear to be any question that Pecker would sell the only recently acquired right to McDougal’s story — an exchange that reenforces the view that the contract was a “catch and kill” job by Pecker and AMI:

COHEN: Even after that, it’s not ever going to be opened. There’s no, there’s no purpose for it. Um, told you about Charleston. Um, I need to open up a company for the transfer of all of that info regarding our friend, David, you know, so that — I’m going to do that right away. I’ve actually come up and I’ve spoken —

TRUMP: Give it to me and get me a [UNINTELLIGIBLE].

COHEN: And, I’ve spoken to Allen Weisselberg about how to set the whole thing up with …

TRUMP: So, what do we got to pay for this? One-fifty?

COHEN: … Funding . . . Yes. Um, and it’s all the stuff.

TRUMP: Yeah, I was thinking about that.

COHEN: All the stuff. Because — here, you never know where that company — you never know what he’s —

TRUMP: Maybe he gets hit by a truck.

COHEN: Correct. So, I’m all over that. And, I spoke to Allen about it, when it comes time for the financing, which will be —

TRUMP: Wait a sec, what financing?

COHEN: Well, I’ll have to pay him something.

TRUMP: [UNINTELLIGIBLE] pay with cash.

COHEN: No, no, no, no, no. I got it.

TRUMP: Check.

The reference to paying cash will be significant. The only reason to pay cash is generally to avoid a money trail.  However, Trump supporters insist that it is Cohen making that statement or that the President is actually saying “do not use cash.”  Others have said it is clearly Trump. Audio analysis could well answer that question.

The other negative element is the discussion over delaying the release of divorce papers linked to Ivana Trump for just a short time — the type of strategy that seemed evident in the payments to McDougal and Daniels two months before the election.

COHEN: Um, so, we got served from the New York Times. I told you this — we were …

TRUMP: To what?

COHEN: … To unseal the divorce papers with Ivana. Um, we’re fighting it. Um, [Trump attorney Marc] Kasowitz is going to —

TRUMP: They should never be able to get that.

COHEN: Never. Never. Kasowitz doesn’t think they’ll ever be able to. They don’t have a —

TRUMP: Get me a Coke, please!

COHEN: They don’t have a legitimate purpose, so —

TRUMP: And you have a woman that doesn’t want this.

COHEN: Correct.

TRUMP: Who you’ve been handling.

COHEN: Yes. And —

TRUMP: And it’s been going on for a while.

COHEN: About two, three weeks now.

TRUMP: All you’ve got to do is delay for —

That is the bad stuff.  However, it is important to note that the worst criminal allegation would likely be a campaign finance violation, which can be hard to prove.  This tape is no smoking gun in that sense but it does offer possible tiles for a mosaic of an alleged violation.

The good stuff is that it sounds like Trump is just being informed of some of these efforts by Cohen like having Pecker sell them McDougal’s story.  However, Trump clearly refers to the payment in asking “So, what do we got to pay for this? One-fifty?”

While many have criticized the waiver of attorney-client privilege over this tape, there are two reasons for doing so.  One is to prevent the tape from being released by the court under the “crime-fraud exception” to attorney-client privilege.  Such a ruling would be highly damaging from a political standpoint.  Second, timing is key in scandals.  Since much of the material in these scandals seem to be leaked over time, it is sometimes better to release the material at a time of your choosing.  By releasing the tape, you can immediately offer the early spin like highlighting the exculpatory elements.  Finally, there are all those voices in the background. This sounds like a meeting with third parties present or in the room, which could defeat a confidentiality claim.

In the end, Cohen continues to amaze with his consistently bad legal advice and inclinations.  One thing however has clearly changed.  Cohen is now clearly a foe and not a friend to Trump.

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  1. Don’t believe what you hear or see, that’s the word of the dear leader. And with the help of state TV or FOX NEWS, we have 25 to 40% of the American people that are beyond the reach of logic and reason, they take pride in their willful ignorance and alternative reality.

    1. And with the help of state TV or FOX NEWS, we have 25 to 40% of the American people that are beyond the reach of logic and reason, they take pride in their willful ignorance and alternative reality.

      Bwahahahahahaha! 🙂 That’s awesome! As long as we’re making up statistics: that leaves 60-75% of the American people that are beyond the reach of logic and reason, they take pride in their willful ignorance and alternative reality, because they get their news from other sources.

      Nicely done!

      1. In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act…………G. Orwell

        1. If there was ever a leftist that would have despised Hillary it was Orwell. You might like his diaries of the Spanish Civil war, read them i recommend it

  2. Professor Turley, when are you going to report on the illegality of the Rosenstein/Mueller investigation itself? America now knows that Rosenstein et al. signed the FISA application and that the application was founded on a fabricated, fraudulent political “dossier” created by the Clinton campaign and its agents. The very essence of American law enforcement and jurisprudence have been corrupted and you present “evidence” protected by attorney/client privilege that was illegally obtained by the criminally “malicious prosecution” of Rosenstein and Mueller.

    Robert Mueller lied, to which I think we can all agree:


    The FBI’s notorious Lisa Page and Peter Strzok went before Congress last week and not a word on the Turley blog.

    “[Trump’s] not ever going to become president, right? Right?!” Page texted Strzok.

    “No. No he won’t. We’ll stop it,” Strzok responded.

    In a Sept. 2, 2016, text exchange,

    Page writes that she was preparing the talking points because

    “potus wants to know everything we’re doing.”

    When are you going to comment on the most prodigious scandal in American political history – the Obama Coup D’etat in America?

    All roads lead to Obama.

    1. If Comey had indicted Clinton, he would have convicted Obama.

      The Obama Coup D’etat in Ameirca – Offense is the Best Defense.

      “From the first, these columns have argued that the whitewash of the Hillary Clinton–emails caper was President Barack Obama’s call — not the FBI’s, and not the Justice Department’s. The decision was inevitable. Obama, using a pseudonymous email account, had repeatedly communicated with Secretary Clinton over her private, non-secure email account.

      These emails must have involved some classified information, given the nature of consultations between presidents and secretaries of state, the broad outlines of Obama’s own executive order defining classified intelligence (see EO 13526, section 1.4), and the fact that the Obama administration adamantly refused to disclose the Clinton–Obama emails. If classified information was mishandled, it was necessarily mishandled on both ends of these email exchanges.

      If Clinton had been charged, Obama’s culpable involvement would have been patent. In any prosecution of Clinton, the Clinton–Obama emails would have been in the spotlight. For the prosecution, they would be more proof of willful (or, if you prefer, grossly negligent) mishandling of intelligence. More significantly, for Clinton’s defense, they would show that Obama was complicit in Clinton’s conduct yet faced no criminal charges.

      That is why such an indictment of Hillary Clinton was never going to happen.”

      On July 1, amid intense public criticism of her meeting with Bill Clinton, Attorney General Lynch piously announced that she would accept whatever recommendation the FBI director and career prosecutors made about charging Clinton. As Page told Strzok in a text that day, “This is a purposeful leak following the airplane snafu.” It was also playacting. Page elaborated that the attorney general already “knows no charges will be brought.” Of course she did: It was understood by all involved that there would be no prosecution.”

      – Andrew McCarthy

      All roads lead to Obama.

    2. The dossier has never been disproven.

      Christopher Steele worked for British intelligence for many years and he is a credible agent.

      1. you can’t always disprove a lie. it’s usually on the one who makes an assertion to prove it. steele is not credible and there is no proof. also on the face of it, it is ridiculous. pee pee gate indeed. ridiculous.

      2. Marry – Steele said under oath in a British court hearing that at best the dossier was 50/50 correct. And Steele has attested that he hates Trump and did not want to see him become President, so he was the perfect person to find dirt on him.

        1. PC Schulte,.,,
          – Glenn Simpson’s Fusion GPS and Steele’s Orbis firms have probably been badly damaged by the Russian opposition research that was compiled and distributed.
          And I’ve lost track of the lawsuits against them arising out of the Russian Dossier.
          All in all, I don’t think the income from manufacturing the dossier offset the downside for their businesses.

      3. Marry A. Minority,.,.
        The burden of proof is not on the target of the allegations/ smear job/ opposition research.
        For the most part, the key allegations in the Russian Dossier have not been substantiated.
        This, after two years of investigations from the time that Steele first presented the foreign opposition research on Trump to the FBI.
        Fusion GPS and Steele’s firm ORBIS are for-profit businesses.
        I don’t think that Steele has in Russia sincebthe early 1990s.
        I’d have to double-check when Steele left M-15 to go into business for himself….I think he’s been out of Brirish government Intelligence circles for over 5 years.
        From the description of his home/ mansion, it sounds like he’s done very well fir himself.



    Here The Washington Post questions Giuliani’s spin of events on tape:

    On Tuesday night, Trump attorney Rudolph W. Giuliani disputed the idea that the recording shows that Trump knew about the McDougal deal.

    “It doesn’t,” he said in an interview with The Washington Post. “That’s open to interpretation, and we can have a fight about that.”

    “To me it sounds like Cohen is explaining something to [Trump] that he doesn’t understand,” Giuliani said, adding: “He doesn’t seem that familiar with anything. There is nothing to indicate he knew anything in advance.”

    The president’s legal team released the transcript after one of Cohen’s attorneys, Lanny Davis, provided CNN with the audio of the tape — marking a dramatic escalation of rhetoric and turn against Trump by the Cohen camp.

    Davis told The Post that Cohen, who is under federal investigation for possible bank fraud and election law violations, decided to release the tape “following extensive discussions” with his lawyers.

    The Cohen team was pushed to act by statements Giuliani had made about Cohen’s role in the conversation, Davis said.

    “It became necessary to rebut false statements,” he said. “We were not going to let Michael become a punching bag.”

    When asked whether the Cohen team would release more recordings of Trump in the coming weeks, Davis said he would not comment, but acknowledged, “There are a lot of other tapes.”

    Edited from: “Transcripts Of Cohen Tape Suggests Trump Knew About Model’s Deal To Sell Story Of Alleged Affair”

    The Washington Post, 7/25/18




        Currently women around the country are bracing for total war regarding abortion. Yet the president threatening reproductive rights had affairs with a porn star and Playboy model. In each case Lawyer Michael Cohen was utilized to structure pay-offs.

        One scarcely has to note the gross hypocrisy of Trump, Evangelicals and Republicans. The entire argument against abortion is made on religious grounds. Yet the president leading this fight is nothing more than a playboy from the pages of Playboy magazine. And one of his women was a Playboy model!


        1. yeah, but Trump is no saint in the first place. you’re mixing up a lot of stuff that really has nothing to do with him. he’s not likely to ban abortion either, nor can he. that is SCOTUS cherished golden calf nobody can touch

        2. Peter Hill – in the second story, he was offering to buy the story from the Enquirer. I do not see what this has to do with abortion. Last time I heard, abortions were not free.

      2. PH:
        An old bromide in the now-defunct journalism profession was “hit’em early to capture their attention in the lede.” This is the best tape they have so hoping for more salacious stuff is not particularly realistic. Trump 1 Cohen 0.

  4. There’s another reading into the “cash” comment. “Cash” was used in response to Cohen talking about “financing.” In my experience, financing could easily mean or be interpreted as borrowing money. Paying for something with “cash” rarely means paying with actual physical dollars. It means you aren’t financing it. Trump’s team doesn’t seem to be arguing this, but it appears to me to be the most logical interpretation.

    1. maybe or maybe trump just wanted to 1099 her and thus make her pay off part in income taxes. LOLZ

  5. I saw most of George Stephanapolous’ interview with Lanny Davis’ this morning.
    Now Davis and Avenetti are going at it. The saying ” I don’t have a dog in this fight” was never truer for me than with those two.
    I have a question about the payment; was the payment made to Pecker to reimburse him for the money Pecker paid the Playboy model for the story?
    Or was the payment “hush money” paid directly to the woman to prevent her from selling her story to the National Enqiurer?

      1. Thanks, Paul. I once offered to pay the Enquirer to run a story about me ( in an attempt to invent and spread rumors of a scandal-filled past for myself), but they said they would not bore their readers to death for 10× what I offered.😆😀

        1. Tom Nash – as a teacher, you do not want your name in the paper unless you are getting an award. 😉

          1. PC Schulte,
            Your mention of getting your name in the paper reminder me of an incident with a coworker in the 1980s.
            Al, the coworker, was arrested as he came to work..
            Since he was a well- liked and rerespcted co-worker, every one was wondering why he was handcuffed and led away when he showed up for work in the parking lot.
            Handcuffing a suspect had started to become standard by then, but another co-worker, who had some experience being arrested himself when he was younger, asked “Why the hell did they handcuff him!?”
            Al was about 5″.6″ and maybe 140 lbs. soaking wet, so I answered ” Maybe they were intimidate by his size 😄😃.
            Al got bailed out and was back on the job a few hours later.
            4-5 of us went to our watering hole with Al, who told us what happened.
            There had been a major drug bust that was covered by our local newpaper, which published the names of all 25- 30 people arrested in the “drug sweep” by a task force.
            Al explained that a guy he had known called him to see Al could get him some pot.
            The guy said he couldn’t find anyone with pot to sell and kept bugging Al to find him some.
            Al finally agreed, bought some pot and met the guy to give him the pot, get reimbursed for the cost, and get this guy off his back
            His arrest, published along with the charges in our paper, was for “delivery with intent to sell”.
            He was pretty embarrassed, and said “I do this guy a favor and they’re making it out like I’m some big drug dealer
            Another coworker said “Look at it this way, Al. At least you got your name in the paper”.
            Everybody busted out laughing😃😄😂, including AL.
            I think he pled out to possession and that was the end of it.
            He got a big promotion at work about a year later, so there there real damage done to his status in the company.

  6. The American People are not interested in this trash and Cohen should be disbarred.

    1. W.H. Hefner,…
      – I have the feeling that
      Cohen doesn’t have much of a future as a lawyer even if he is not disbarred.
      It looks like he didn’t have “much of a past” as a lawyer, either.
      I had seen some accounts in the past ( before Cohen’s records were seized) that exaggerated Cohen’s actual legal work for Trump and the Trump organization, but those inflated accounts don’t seem to be holding up.

    2. he should have been disbarred long ago no doubt a pathetic scum
      reflects badly on trump he ever used him for anything

  7. Is this the same McDougall that went down, I mean took a fall for
    President Clinton. I mean the names just get confusing.

  8. What is the meaning of “maybe he gets run over by a truck”? What happened in Charleston? What does that refer to? What is in Ivana’s divorce settlement? Why is Cohen “handling” her. If there were investigative journalists, those are some things I’d like to know. They appear to relate to serious crimes and intimidation.

    Like others, I feel Trump’s affairs are between him and his family. But this transcript points to other things which seem potentially quite serious. As to Trump being taped, tough luck. He’s not bothered to stand up for the right of the American people to be free from mass, illegal surveillance. Does he not understand that is/did happen to him?

    1. Even if that truck reference is totally innocent, Trump sounds like John Gotti.

  9. This must have been a very poor recording because I for one didn’t hear any Russians discussing how they were going to “collude” with President Trump to win the election.

    1. No, you hear a billionaire discussing the pay-off to a former mistress.

      1. Oh, so there is no Russian collusion. That’s what I thought all along.

  10. Let’s see now. Mueller raids a lawyer’s office and the confidential, seized material shows up on CNN within weeks Anybody still wanna defend the charade that Mueller is running a fair, apolitical, ethical and independent investigation? It’s “Absence of Malice” all over again.


    1. The seizures were undertaken by the staff of the U.S. Attorney’s office in Manhattan. However, Rosenstein arranged for the U.S. Attorney himself (a Trump appointee) to be cut out of the loop. If they haven’t been lying to us, the leak came from Lanny Davis, the U.S. Attorney’s office, or the so-called ‘taint team’ which is supposed to be sorting the evidence into material they can use and material they cannot.

      This is a Rosenstein special.

      1. Just saw that. Now we have Michael “Ill take a bullet for Trump” Cohen through his lawyer, Lanny “Clinton-o-phile” Davis working hand-in-glove with the prosecutor to depose Trump. Very nice.

        1. mespo…..also, Lanny and Hillary were in Yale Law together, and I seem to remember an old story from my Democrat Party days, that Lanny got caught plagiarizing and somehow Hillary fixed it and got him out of trouble. That’s why he is beholden to her.

        2. We have to wonder how much of this might be preemptory to put pressure on President Trump to stay away from Hillary Clinton’s malfeasances and sleaze.

          1. You get dumber by the posting. I hope Hillary haunts you forever, you seem to need a bogeyman to make your world go round.

  11. While I laud our host for bringing these matters to the attention of those interested and with exacting and credible analysis of the topics, for me I have to say I no longer care. These so called investigations are nothing more than political tomfoolery disguising itself as an official investigation–an investigation that to the average American (not the perpetually outraged sycophant demographic) loses credibility and their interest every month. But the instigators and supporters of the investigation recognize they need to put out to the lame stream media red meat to feed the appetites of a den of lions ready to pounce on Robert Mueller’s table scraps.

    The succinct cynic in me says it best: “This is bullshit”.

    It’s time for our government to stop wasting effort and money fabricating relevance from the muck raked in by political operatives and instead step aside and let us live our lives harmoniously and without their meddling and incompetence.

    1. I feel the same way Darren. Here we have an event that happened 2 months before an election in which at worst, a candidate for President was discussing a strategy to bury a story about the candidate having an affair with a prostitute. I recall just 4 years earlier another event that happened 2 months before an election where a candidate for reelection for President was working overtime to bury a story about a terrorist attack on our mission in Benghazi where our ambassador was killed along with 3 other Americans.

      There is a deep sickness in this country that has stripped away moral absolutes and replaced them with political ends. Those on the Left will cry whataboutism! The reality is whataboutism is not necessarily an effort to dismiss current events. It’s to expose the hypocrisy regarding equivalent events that were dismissed as a nothingburger, while the current event is seen as a smorgasbord of crimes, collusion, conspiracy and corruption. Campaign finance violations? Let’s go there. Let’s take a deep dive into the 2016 campaigns and expose all of it.



    “I think what you should do is get rid of this. Because it’s so false what they’re saying, it’s such bulls—. Um. [PAUSE] I think, I think this goes away quickly”.

    1. The above is telling because the issue at hand has nothing to do with politics. Yet Trump paints himself as the victim of “false bull– Trump, however, calculates said issue “goes away quickly”.

      This one exchange could be any news cycle for Trump.

  13. In any other case, this would be leaking information about an investigation, but to CNN and Turley, this is a “major news coup”. You would think a constitutional scholar such as Turely would know the difference.

  14. Trump talking like a mobster… Trump supporters love that. The future of Trump lies in-between his achievements and the damage he does. Unfortunately most of his achievements are lies and most of the damage will be blamed on others: those that came before, those yet to be born, and any poor sap that happens to be in Washington, the media, Russia, Europe, China, Canada, Mexico, anybody.

    The Trump administration’s achievements and/or damage have yet to materialize in a clearly illustratable way. The economy is still on the general incline that Obama created. North Korea still has its nukes and missiles and is getting relief from China. The US is in a trade war with China, Europe, Canada, Mexico, Japan, etc,. Trump is starting to bail out/subsidize farmers and soon who else-doing what he accuses other countries of doing. Russia still holds the trump cards in Syria and The Ukraine, etc.

    Trump is now getting ready for any potential Democrat gains in November by blaming Russia for interfering in that election to the advantage of the Democrats. First there is no hacking. Then there is but it didn’t help him. Then there was no hacking. Then there will be but it will help the Democrats. Trump has lied and misrepresented stuff several thousand times since that fateful day in January, 2016. Trump consistently lies about the past. Trump immediately responds to the present by tweeting lies. Now, Trump is starting to lie about the future.

    But his dupes love a mobster.

    1. Remind you of anyone? Dupes that love Clinton, Obama, Bush, Clinton again, …. the list is almost endless. Seems you just like Whining about Trump.

      1. Ron-
        Attacking other commenters reflects poorly on you. If you have anything credible to bring to the discussion I think we will all enjoy reading it.

        1. Chris Bacon – you might send this message on to Marky Mark Mark. 😉

    2. Isaac, as I read your comment and got to the words, “First there is no hacking. Then there is… Then there was no hacking. Then there will be…” the old Donovan song ‘There is a Mountain’ popped into my head. Were you listening to it in the background as you wrote? 😉

      “First there is a mountain, then there is no mountain, then there is
      First there is a mountain, then there is no mountain, then there is…”

      1. Ah, no, I wasn’t but now I am. Donovan is an icon. Way back in the day, sometime in the 70s. On one day word of mouth spread through the downtown area of Victoria, B.C. where I lived at the time; that Donovan and Paul Horn would be giving a concert at the McPherson Theatre that night. Needless to say it was sold out in a matter of hours from when the news was released. Donovan and Paul Horn had children on the stage dancing and singing along. Thanks for the memories.

        1. How cool is that. I’m jealous.

          btw, your ‘lyrics’ have been with me all day: First there is some hacking, then there is no hacking, then there is… 😉

    3. he’s a new yorker. it’s mobsters that talk like new yorkers, not vice versa.

      mobsters from other places, talk like people from other places. not new yorkers

      hollywood always protrays mobsters as having new yorkish accents

      that’s all there is too that, you people have fevered imaginations

  15. As tapes go, it could have gone worse for Trump, there are at least eleven more. Do you think Trump’s lawyers let out the most damaging or the least? The most interesting statement to me wasn’t about the cash. It was, “Maybe he get’s hit by a truck?” Was Trump suggesting a hit? Can’t wait for the trials to start!

    1. yeah i agree this was not damaging. i do not agree that is an order for a hit. cohen prolly has a hard time slapping his own salami let alone staging a homicide.

  16. Which kind? For the left there’s went up. for the rest of us it’s not germane.

  17. Too much missing information to be useful, as is, as anything more than the same of what he’s getting anyway. Any decent script writer could fill in the blanks and make it come out different ways. Not at all as cut and dried as the Clinton business. That one is a slam dunk series of prosecutions. Did I mention I am besides being in the miilitary a former federal LEA and never lost a single case before a judge and 30% jury?

    This will probably get some attention but not the attention the discharging from pubic service over the security clearace deal that came to light today. And there is no down side for the present administration. Sep the government runs out of money again and it’s time for another phony shut down actually a slowdown.

    So who gets sent home for a vacation? The same park attendants?

    Think about a 30% layoff based on political appointments. gurgle gurgle more draino please….and he doesn’t have to invite them back if their clearanced were revoked. What does that take? “I don’t trust you anymore. Clearance puilled pending investigatin by NSA, no clearance no job, don’t come back.. how many of those high salary packets etc. would it take to balance the budget?” Win win win. How many are not in critical job positions and exempt …. especially when they are really only temps.

    This is cut throat not for the weak knee types. And the only one that will come out a hero is The President. The others are too dirty.

    Morals and ethics charge . From the left? Get real. But either way we get to dump a big load of garbage. Pence takes over is the low side… Pelosi can take her 20 years of experience in dirty politics and …go home broke with no one hiring a known loser schumer the same.

    It’s all working better than we hoped for two years ago. Just let the garbage empty itself

  18. If Cohen gave up the tape, he should be disbarred. From what I can see you could get more from Bill and Hillary’s payoffs for bimbo eruptions. There is no criminal act involved.

    1. Is is Lanny Davis, the U.S. Attorneys office in New York, or the Caesar’s wife ‘taint team’ at the Department of Justice that is turning evidence over to CNN?

      1. DSS – supposedly Trump gave up his attorney-client privilege over those tapes, however, that does not mean that Lanny Davis gets to sell them to CNN.

    2. Giuliani brought that about when he said that Cohen mentioned “cash”. Another stupid Rudy move.

      That was an effort to suggest that it was Cohen who had broken the Campaign Financing Laws and not Trump. Cash could be probative of an effort to conceal a campaign expenditure from the FEC. To my knowledge neither this payment nor the Daniels payment was listed.

      But it may not matter.Setting up the shell-company as the means of payment (and the failure to list those on the campaign reports) may be sufficient. $300,000 (and there may be more cases) spent to prevent “bad news” from being concealed is no small amount.

      Cohen is likely to be disbarred anyway…now he’s fighting a jail-term for conspiracy to defraud the US government.

      1. The notion that a violation of federal election laws occurred with these transactions is a bit of creative prosecuting which couldn’t pass muster with a jury in the Edwards case.

    3. Cohen should be disbarred for prolly ten other things too. he’s scum. reflects badly on Trump he was associated with such a tool.

  19. Yawn. Nobody who supports Pres. Trump cares about this stuff. And no follow up to Director Wray telling us that the FBI has investigations going on in all 50 states due to Chinese computer espionage.

    The MSM keeps spiraling into the abyss.

    1. MSM? That’s Fox these days. The rest are LLSP P for propaanda… no journalism there.


      1. Too late in the evening. LLSPP Lame Left Stream Porn Propagandists

        1. Like the definition but too many letters. Probably just LSP can do. Lame Stream Porn.

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