Fresno State Professor Calls For All White Editors Everywhere To Resign After “Ableist” Poem Published By Nation Magazine

unknownRanda Jarrar, a professor of English at California State University at Fresno, became an infamous character when she previously celebrated the death of former first lady Barbara Bush.  The horrific tweets by Jarrar led to calls for her termination, which I previously opposed on free speech grounds.  Now, Jarrar is back after calling for the resignation of all white editors everywhere because The Nation published a poem that some viewed as “ableist.” In the meantime, the editors of the liberal magazine have been on a public campaign of self-flagellation over the publishing of the short poem.

The outpouring of liberal angst and handwringing was triggered by the publishing of a poem entitled “How-To,” by Anders Carlson-Wee.  The 14-line poem  has this line “If you’re crippled don’t flaunt it. Let em think they’re good enough
Christians to notice.”  Carlson-Wee appears to be discussing social norms and roles but the poem was denounced as “ableist” which defined below and distinguished from “disablism”:
Ableism – The practices and dominant attitudes in society that devalue and limit the potential of persons with disabilities. A set of practices and beliefs that assign inferior value (worth) to people who have developmental, emotional, physical or psychiatric disabilities.

Disablism – A set of assumptions (conscious or unconscious) and practices that promote the differential or unequal treatment of people because of actual or presumed disabilities.

The Nation editors immediately went prostrate before their readers in pledging to bar such writers in the future. They said (as many do) that they did not read the poem as a celebration or advancement of “ableism” but a social critique but then declared themselves as reeducated by the outcry of irate readers:


Editor’s note: On July 24, 2018, The Nation and its poetry editors, Stephanie Burt and Carmen Giménez Smith, made this statement about the poem below, which contains disparaging and ableist language that has given offense and caused harm to members of several communities:

As poetry editors, we hold ourselves responsible for the ways in which the work we select is received. We made a serious mistake by choosing to publish the poem “How-To.”  We are sorry for the pain we have caused to the many communities affected by this poem. We recognize that we must now earn your trust back.  Some of our readers have asked what we were thinking. When we read the poem we took it as a profane, over-the-top attack on the ways in which members of many groups are asked, or required, to perform the work of marginalization. We can no longer read the poem in that way.

We are currently revising our process for solicited and unsolicited submissions. But more importantly,  we are listening, and we are working. We are grateful for the insightful critiques we have heard, but we know that the onus of change is on us, and we take that responsibility seriously. In the end, this decision means that we need to step back and look at not only our editing process, but at ourselves as editors.

 For her part, Jarrar could not get past the race of the writer.  In her signature style of embracing racial discrimination as a progressive ideal, Jarrar called for the resignation of white editors everywhere.  She tweeted “At some point, all of us in the literary community must DEMAND that white editors resign. It’s time to STEP DOWN and hand over the positions of power.”  She expresses impatience in having to actually wait for a reason to remove white editors: “We don’t have to wait for them to f— up. The fact that they hold these positions is f— up enough.”
Jarrar expresses utter comfort with adopting a purely racist position that judges all editors solely on the basis of their skin color.  She has taken her Twitter account private so that she can only express such discriminatory thoughts to a select group, but her tweet was passed along by one of the viewers.
Jarrar’s views are not unique.  They represent a growing acceptance of racial discrimination and intolerance disguised as advancing diversity and equality.  My criticism of calls for Jarrar’s termination is not because I respect her views or her scholarship.  Rather, there is a shrinking space for free speech for many employees in this country, including academics.  I can certainly understand the feeling that Jarrar, who does not respect the free speech rights of others, does not deserve such considerations or protections.  However, civil libertarians are often in a position to defend those who are the least compelling persons for such efforts. Jarrar is entitled to speak freely about her political and literary views. It is not simply an exercise of free speech but academic freedom.
In other words, Jarrar is worthy of condemnation but not termination.
Who knows, with the support of the free speech community, Jarrar might ultimately recognize the racism and intolerance of her positions as part of the school’s motto Lucem Accipe Ut Reddas (“Receive the light that you may give it forth.”)

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  1. If I have a DNA screening, and it shows even a centilla of African in my ancestry.
    Can I stay on campus with my brothers and sisters?

    1. Looks like every living thing goes back to the same source.

      Wikipedia –

      Plant Genetics

      Plants, like all known organisms, use DNA to pass on their traits.

      A centilla [sic] of diverse DNA would have no relevance. The criterion that bears is comprised of extant characteristics not points of origin. The American Founders did not debate creation, they established a nation by surveying and setting borders and they required citizens to be “…free white people…”

      “Original intent” is similar to the Ten Commandments in that people have no authority to change them. While playing Monopoly, one has no rational, logical or other conceivable authority to change the rules. Changing the rules would be a violation simply for personal gain, not to improve the game.

      1. George – haven’t you ever played Monopoly with “house rules”? We used to play that if you were completely tapped you could buy in with real money. And there was a rumor that Bob Hope and Bing Cosby and friends played Monopoly with real money.

        1. Iconoclasts!

          I’m talking about the published rules that accompany the board game, “Monopoly,” upon purchase.

          There are no two ways about it.

          There is only one set of rules.

          I am not EXCEPTING EXCEPTIONS to the rules (please excuse the pun).

          (Ya know there’s still a Hope Ave. in Santa Barbara and Bob Hope Drive in Palm Springs).

          1. George – and you never played “strip Monopoly”? When I was younger it was a very “in” game. 😉

  2. And the “original intent,” thrice iterated by the American Founders within the year, and thereafter, of the adoption of the Constitution, was that citizens be “…free white people…”

    Federal naturalization laws (1790, 1795, 1802).

    United States Congress, “An act to establish an uniform Rule of Naturalization” (March 26, 1790).

    “Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America, in Congress assembled, That any Alien being a free white person, who shall have resided within the limits and under the jurisdiction of the United States for the term of two years, may be admitted to become a citizen thereof…”

  3. Randa likes poetry??? Who cudda node! Here, Randa, is a repost of one of my most popular poems! Oh, I hope she enjoys it!

    . . .let me submit this poem, in the style of Edgar Lee Masters. Sorry about the anthology title, but I could not pass up the pun!

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    If ever one day
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    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

        1. Miss Squeeky….It has taken me all day to get the sound going on my computer! So, sorry this is late…. but here is my take:

          Miss Squeek, you are a genius!
          Of that I am quite sure
          Your poetry is clever & deep
          Even if it’s about manure.

        1. Squeeky – I read it and loved it!!!! BTW, how is the kitty doing?

          1. Thank you PaulCS!!! I am glad you liked it. I wrote it about a year ago IIRC.

            The Kitty is doing fine. She is one of the cat pride, now. She bounces along, and is great friends with the runt female from the prior foster group. She is learning to climb, and likes to sleep on my laptop.

            The two Big Boys play with her, too, and will pick her up in their mouths and sling her around. She likes to play chase and will just run like crazy thru the house, then dip under furniture to shake the other cats. She has her bluff in on the Old Man Cat, who is pretty grouchy with the other cats.

            Squeeky Fromm
            Girl Reporter

            1. Squeeky – glad she has joined the herd and hopefully she has stopped attacking your leg. 😉

              1. Thankfully, yes. Also, she cries a lot. Not sad cries, but just little kitten cries. She is in my arms now as I type this. Just a crying and purring and hitting at my fingers. What a little munchkin.

                Squeeky Fromm
                Girl Reporter

  4. Leave Randa Jarrar alone. She’s the poster child for all that’s wrong with academia and she’s constantly reminding us of it. She’s the canary in the coal mine and watching her convulsions lets us know about the poison of multiculturalism.

    1. OK, we know. Now what?

      See Fr. Paul Shaughnessy, SJ on ‘sociologically corrupt’ institutions. She’s there because the scoundrels set the overall tone at Fresno and the object of the administration is not to deal with the problem but to avoid bad publicity. Hollow men run sociologically corrupt institutions. The vast majority of the faculty just let it slide.

      1. TSD:
        That kind of fool builds consensus at the legislative level to put pressure on public college administrators to do something. Termination is the likely result. See, Click, Melissa. That rule only applies, of course, if don’t have a “sociologically corrupt,” group of legislators and the jury is still out in California.

        1. Mespo – it appeared that one of your posts on another thread may have had your full name. Just in case that wasn’t deliberate, or maybe not even you, wanted to let you know.

  5. I genuinely do not understand how any white person who is in any senior position AND who decries white supremacy, white people in power, white privilege, white fragility, or the number of white people in senior positions OR supports opening positions strictly to “people of color”, or to women does not step down and resign so that their position can be filled by a more an oppressed individual.

    As a specific, PZ Myers of U Minnesota, Morris, is a tenured biology professor who does all of the above, I genuinely do not understand why he does not lead by the example, by the behavior he demands of others and step down.

    But there are many many more.

    I think it is time for Anne Hathaway, much as I have enjoyed her works, to retire from acting, at least until racial equality is achieved and white privilege ends.

    1. PZ Myers is 61 years old and hoping for a satisfactory pension, that’s why. He’ll be Medicare eligible in another 4 years and due full Social Security in five. He lost interest in scholarly publication nearly 20 years ago, which is why he has so much time for ill-mannered blogging. It’s a reasonable wager students at Morris will be subject to hm for only a few years more.

      Thomas Sowell flayed James McPherson of Princeton on these grounds 20 years ago. Status signalling for which the costs will fall on younger generations in the academy who had nothing to do with inflicting the injuries which what he advocates is supposed to ‘heal’.

      1. > Thomas Sowell flayed James McPherson of Princeton on these grounds 20 years ago. Status signalling for which the costs will fall on younger generations in the academy who had nothing to do with inflicting the injuries which what he advocates is supposed to ‘heal’.

        Very interesting, thank you, I’ll have to look that one up!

    2. Ash,

      This is so true! As she is in the upper middle class, she should resign immediately and give someone a job who actually really needs it!

    3. Atheists believe they have only this life to live. It would therefore be ironic if white Liberal elites refused to strive for their own prosperity out of a misplaced sense of guilt over the sins of only one specific group of people long dead.

      I do think that they should put their money where their mouth is. All white Progressives and Liberals should therefore step down from all positions of success, power, and authority – no more politicians, teachers, government workers, bored billionaires, actors, actresses… They should all step down, stop working, and go on Welfare. Let oppressed people, or those who merely don’t feel this way, fill their positions.

      I think it would be a wise investment in our future worth the cost. Imagine what the education system alone would be like without all that proselytizing…

      1. If they refuse to step aside, then they preach that any success they have is due to white privilege, every success is stolen from a minority or the poor, and yet they continue on this terrible system.

      2. Karen,

        I’m not sure how this crap relates to atheism. Those of us who are atheists don’t think the same way any more than Christians or other religious people do. There are even some atheist Buddhists who think we have many lives to live!

  6. Edgar Allan Poe. Poe It. Poe itShay. Those who speak poetically think that their own itShay does not stink. No so. Ask Poe.
    Doe, a deer…a female deer.
    Ray… a drop of golden sun…
    Me.. the name I call myself..
    Fa … a long long way to run.
    Poe… a poetic needing thread!

    Poets stink like doe tee la so.

  7. When stupid or crazy statements and actions are given far more attention than they deserve it elevates them. Yes, even this article makes the foolish and frankly embarrassingly ignorant remarks of an extremist far more legitimacy than they deserve. What all media needs to do is to stop reporting at all on this kind of outlandish and unacceptably absurd shriek for psychiatric help. All these articles and other reporting on such stupid remarks is give the nutcase making them the very attention they so desperately crave and than otherwise intelligent people end up discussing and debating this nonissue. This woman can say whatever she wants. She’s a nutcase—also a bigot but clearly someone who needs mental health services to deal with her anger and hatred. Her position does not warrant the attention of a single person outside the human services department at the school she works at so they can help her seek out the therapy and other medical assistance she so desperately needs.

    1. She’s a nutcase with a guarantee of lifetime employment courtesy the State of California. Which is what makes it an interesting story. Just what is the institutional mission of Cal State Fresno?

  8. The Nation is not liberal. It’s propaganda for wealthy, “educated” Democrats. If they were liberal they would have told Ms. Jarrar to take her tripe elsewhere. They would support her right to free speech and they would support the right of free speech of the poem’s author and they would take a critical stance regarding her racist calls for white editors to resign.

    “Liberal” has descending into brainwashing concern over “intellectual” fashion. It has no connection to social justice. Mission Accomplished for the powerful. They have nothing to fear from such “liberals”. They are safely locked in meaningless debates about identity politics and now they actually work against social justice in that capacity.

    Social justice has nothing to do with academic BS. The poem is actually about social injustice. No wonder they are all so upset! I’ll think of this as I see them smirking while stepping over people who are homeless. F-off “liberals”!

    1. The Nation is a red-haze publication which supported the enemy during the late Cold War. It’s long-time proprietor / editor was Victor Navasky, whose life project has been to demonstrate that Alger Hiss was framed. It’s a reasonable wager it is quite popular among faculty (though much less so than The New York Review of Books).

      1. Alger Hiss indeed was framed. He was guilty but the prosecution would have been difficult so they framed him. It happens a lot.

        1. He wasn’t framed. He was tried and convicted of perjury, of which he was guilty and of which there was testimonial and documentary proof.

  9. “And, in the end, no one ever said anything ever again that could possibly offend anyone, so great was the fear of retribution. It was safer not to speak. No one felt oppressed or triggered ever again. Outrage and offense became a thing of the past, along with comedy and art, literature and casual conversation, film and, for that matter, sex. And there was peace and bland silence and a smothering grey stillness where once there had been a vibrant culture.”

    –Caitlín Rebekah Kiernan, 7-22-18

    1. Reading what you wrote reminds me of the song Lennon wrote “Imagine”. I used to like it like most until I really concentrated on what the words were saying. He paints just an awful world in that song. If I truly lived in that world, I do not no why anyone would even bother getting up. And yet, people think it is one of the greatest of all time.

  10. I use pinterest for my arts & crafts also for pinning many things on Chronic Pain. I live with Lupus & MS. I also happen to be a conservative, Pinterest I found was not very friendly to the conservative viewpoint as I had a few boards in the beginning related to politics that were “removed” for hate speech & I was warned my whole account would be taken away. I love art & have many (thousands) of stuff saved, so I no longer use Pinterest for politics. However I do have a board for Chronic Pain Meme’s – YES all of us like to laugh.
    I got a comment on one of my pins about how insensitive it was of me to be posting this & how dare I make fun of someone with Lupus. I was afterall a “privileged white girl”. I looked at this person’s board, because surely they DID NOT LOOK AT MINE. As far as I could tell they did not have any type of Chronic pain, illness or know anyone who did. So I asked them. They responded back – No, but if no one defends the defenseless who else will? I am not going to lie, I was MAD. First off I am NOT defenseless, nor are most of the people I know living with chronic illnesses & disabilities. Second this was typical, a person coming to the defense of something THEY KNEW NOTHING ABOUT. I responded back asking them if they had even bothered to look at my board, because if they had they would know I have Lupus & MS or that I suffered from chronic pain (it’s written in my bio – Chronic Pain Warrior), and I have MANY boards on health, MS, Lupus, Alt Treatments, Exercising with Chronic pain, Fashion for chronic pain, how to survive to seasons, you get my drift. I knew EXACTLY how someone would feel posting that meme, they needed to laugh. because someone like you HAS NO IDEA what it’s like living day in & day out. So how dare YOU come here & tell me about something YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT.
    I got a lot of support on that comment from others as well, because this happens more people realize. This is what angers me the most about this professor. What does SHE KNOW about who posted this poem? NOTHING! It could have been a disabled person or someone who lives with or deals with what they were writing about, but she doesn’t know that, because all she sees is COLOR. These people are sitting here talking about Disablism & Ableism THEY ARE TRE BIGGEST OFFENDERS – Do they not see that? I saw this poem for what it was, the people who got offended are just idiots, you don’t get it & you have NEVER HAD TO DEAL with it. I don’t need anyone to stand up for me or tell me what is or is not offensive. In fact when people try to do that it like you like we are incapable of defending ourselves, I can’t speak for everyone, I know a lot of people who are in my situation why feel this way. We would rather speak for ourselves.

    1. lollabells – you might try Patients Like Me for your daily pain check-ins and conversations about pain. Leave Pinterest for your art.

      1. I use many platforms, including Patients like me for different reason – like checking in & discussions, forums things like that, but for saving articles & general info Pinterest is great! My point was that I don’t need people defending me, & why should I have to stop using a platform? My politics were already not welcomed there, so I should also take another part of me off too? Where does it stop?
        I was asked to leave my Chronic pain support group before the 2016 election because I refused to talk about who I was supporting in the elections, someone in my group figured it out & reported it back to the group therapist. I was told my presence was an emotional trigger, that was the first time I had heard that word associated with politics. Now it is used all the time. Before I was taught to beware of foods, changes in the weather, stress, ect as these were “triggers” as something that could agagite my illness further. I had never been described as a trigger before.
        I did take my political stuff off without a fight, I also did not want to speak about politics in my Chronic Pain support group. It was NEVER a requirement before & personally I don’t care who people support, (also it’s no ones business) it doesn’t make what they are going through any easier or harder. According to some I HAVE IT EASIER, because I am a white, rich, republican. I am white & I have voted republican but I assure people I am not rich.
        Now I don’t care anymore, I am not hiding who I am, because the people who were supposed to be supportive were not, the people that claim to care, want to defend me without evening knowing how I feel about it. I just want to be treated like a human being. I want to talk about things like everyone else, without being judged because I am white or I voted Republican. There are thousands of people on Pinterest who save pins about Chronic Pain, I’m not going to allow people who get offended over something they know nothing about to force me to leave. I would never ask them too.

        1. lollabells – I do not use pinterest so I cannot speak to it. My mere presence seems to trigger my wife. 😉

  11. Help me, Randa, help help me, Randa……..
    Help me Randa, yeah ..get you outta my mind!

  12. I suspect that soon traditional, old style, free speech liberals like Professor Turley will eventually be accused of being a “Nazi sympathizer” or “enabler” for merely supporting the traditional concept of free speech. After all “free speech” is merely a dog whistle for white supremacy. I am wondering who will be the first Democratic party politician who will openly call for European style hate speech laws for the US?


  13. The government created this atmosphere by enacting hate crime legislation, but then only prosecuting whites for alleged bias motivated offenses. The government thus created a culture where minorities are free to engage in racist actions, by both word and deed, without consequence.

    1. @TIN

      Freedom of Speech is enshrined in the Canadian Charter of Rights but in reality comes with caveats. Look up Sections 318, 319 & 320 of the Canadian Criminal Code. The Human Rights tribunals are even worse.

      Don’t worry sweet, tolerant liberals, it’s coming here!! And it will be nirvana ever after.


  14. Bill Veeck, owner of the St. Louis Browns (now the Baltimore Orioles) and Chicago White Sox, lost his foot, crushed by an artillery shell, in the Second World War. Later, his leg was amputated above the knee, in one of 36 operations during his lifetime. Not despite, nor because of his injury did he become so successful. In his autobiographical book Veeck as in Wreck, he said, “I’m not handicapped–I’m crippled!”

  15. Why do such pinheads have jobs? Is stupidity a disease? If so, the CDS needs to classify it as such among many regressive university professors. I am glad I no longer teach as I might be tempted to prank some of these low-IQ primates.

    1. Bruce David – I miss my students and my classroom, but I do not miss the faculty meeting with the requisite pinheads sounding off and the administrators making everyone’s life hell.

      1. Paul C Schulte owes me eighty citations and the source of a quotation

        Why am I not surprised that Paul C Schulte does not see the point of changing the syntax to eliminate the ambiguity in Turley’s original comment.

  16. Not a scholar or lawyer but can speak from experience. Free speech is the most abused of the articles and only applies in one direction. If a student were to repeat some of the garbage that leaves the mouth of educators they would be harassed, banished, or even suspended. Those of liberal mindset are usually free to voice their opinions because they know the heads have their backs. Not so in the case of a person of opposing viewpoint.

  17. Randa Jarrar has good friends. That would be Hamas

    Jarrar had signed on to a letter condemning Israel for fighting back against Hamas. Among other disturbing claims, its signatories declared that they reject the idea “that Hamas is an irredeemable terrorist organization” and “recognize Hamas as a democratically elected ruling party.”

    Hamas is a genocidal Islamic terrorist group that has called for the mass murder of Jews.

    The truth though was that departmental disputes had held up the process not a Jewish conspiracy. But Randa Jarrar had instead circulated conspiracy theories and threatened that, “any other outcome will… will alienate faculty like myself and will severely damage our campus’s reputation across the world.”

  18. Somebody hired Randa Jararr and somebody granted her tenure. Close that program down and discharge all of its faculty. Unless you go Kenesaw Mountain Landis on the Tyler Cowens of this world, you’re not going to repair higher education. She’s a writing instructor. It’s not like you’re unloading people who matter.

  19. I completely disagree. As a racist he/she/it/their needs to be fired immediately. If he/she/it/their called for the dismissal of all blacks from editorial positions you would not hold the same opinion.

    1. So you have the authority to nullify freedom of thought, speech, belief, religion, publication, press, socialization, assembly, and every other conceivable natural and God-given right and freedom per the 9th Amendment?

      If I had to guess, as a simple layman, I’d say that Americans have the right and freedom to discriminate and be as racist as they choose, or not. Kinda like rooting for your favorite sports team or musical ensemble.

      Will the government next compel “arranged” marriage? The government has no constitutional authority to nullify the right to private property and impose “Affirmative Action Privilege,” quotas, forced busing, unfair “Fair Housing” laws, discriminatory “Non-Discrimination” laws, etc.

      There is a veritable plethora of unconstitutional decrees that requires corrective action in America.

      1. George – she can be as racist as she wants at a private school, but not working for a public institution. You know that if she had said let’s get rid of all black football players, she would be out the door.

        1. The American Founders passed the Naturalization Act of 1790 requiring citizens to be “…free white person(s)..” Some might consider that racist. Res ipsa loquitur. The Founders did it, therefore, it is constitutional. Congress could pass that same Act today and it must be found constitutional. You may not like racism but racism is constitutional freedom of thought, speech, religion, belief, socialization, assembly, etc. in the private and public sectors. You may not like the Ten Commandments but they are still the Ten Commandments of God. People cannot pass “amendments” to the Ten Commandments or the rules of “Monopoly.” This situation is similar to the egregious violations of the 6th Commandment – “You shall not murder.” Of course modern women murder all the time – 60 million murders since 1973. Defects in every process must be addressed through corrective action.

          People must adapt to the outcomes of freedom.

          Freedom does not adapt to people…

          dictatorship does.

          1. George – I think if you passed it today it would be found unconstitutional.

            1. All Americans have the right to be racist.

              Impossible. Oxymoronic.

              The Founders wrote the Constitution.


              Both the majority and the minority must accept the outcomes of freedom.

              If the people who wrote the Constitution perceived the constitutionality of racism (demonstrated by their passage of the Naturalization Act of 1790),

              racism is constitutional,

              as freedom of thought, belief, assembly, etc. per the 9th amendment.

              Ironically, it would take an unconstitutional amendment to nullify those constitutional rights of all Americans and all Americans have the right to be racist.

              We sink deeper and deeper into incoherence and irrationality.

              If you don’t stand for something,

              you’ll fall for anything.

              Next thing you know, they’ll let OJ Simpson, the double murderer, go.

              1. George – I watched the OJ trial gavel to gavel and I was surprised they took as long as they did to find him not guilty.

                1. “Taking so long” was the strategy. Make the packed jury sick and tired of the jurisprudential putsch by “whitey” against a black man and they become the saviors of their brother. Apparently, that racism was acceptable.

          1. Wait. I’m still trying to visualize that.

            And, of course, sports, of necessity, funciton solely on merit.

            How ironic. Constitutional freedom is fine for sports and wrong for citizens.

            That dudn’t make any sense!

              1. mespo – considering that Paul is 5’8″ 145 lbs. and 75 years old, Yes that is a perfect example of how Mark and Paul do the pick and roll. 🙂

  20. All racists regardless of color, creed or national origin are repugnant. Jarrar is a racist and she’s proud of it. As to whether she will have a “Road to Damascus” moment, I doubt it but, of course, one never knows.

    1. As to whether she will have a “Road to Damascus” moment, I doubt it but, of course, one never knows.

      Unless Damascus is the name of the bank no longer receiving her direct deposit, she and others will continue to feel empowered to spew this crap.

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