Philadelphia Ends Sharing Information With ICE

us-immigration-and-customs-enforcement-seal-plaque-l100px-Seal_of_Philadelphia,_Pennsylvania.svgPhiladelphia has announced that it will formally end its information-sharing agreement  with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) – a move following protests against ICE.  Democratic Mayor Jim Kenney declared “If I could abolish ICE, I would. But we can abolish this contract, and we are.”  While a court recently ruled against the Administration on withholding federal grants from sanctuary cities, the growing confrontation with ICE is likely to grow as the Trump Administration pursues penalties against such cities.

Philadelphia’s Preliminary Arraignment Reporting System (PARS) currently informs authorities when new arrests are made, including the arrestee’s full names, countries of origin, and Social Security numbers.

The open opposition of these cities to federal enforcement will inevitably come to a head. This is clearly viewed as a wedge issue by both parties. Only one is likely correct but the true costs may not be evident in the midterms as opposed to 2020.

In the meantime, Kenney was shown dancing with joy over the sanctuary ruling:




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  1. Here’s a little local color about Philly. They have a big Chinatown. it’s quite wonderful actually. But a lot of people from there move away when they can.

    is that because Chinese don’t like Chinese? Au contraire. It’s because they don’t like the urban mess that is Philadelphia. Duh.

    And who moves in? White unmarried bohemians in a lot of cases. check out the article.

    1. Philly has a lot of great things going for it. Mostly location and history.
      The current denizens are, uh, interesting.
      That’s why a lot of the economic dev happens outside Philly instead.

    2. Dancing around because you won a case that never should have been against the US (you didn’t beat Trump, you damaged the lives of Philadelphia’s citizens). In the following months there will be rape. Then we’ll hear about beatings. And your dwellers will have stayed home.

      1. Haha. Pro tip: change the channel; Hannity really doesn’t care about you, get a dog or a hobby instead.
        this is to “that hannity feller sure is a sweetie to me” sandi

    1. That’s very bad and regrettable. A tragedy for falsely imprisoned.
      At the same time, it’s bad for America that there are so many millions of illegals here that it all comes to this.
      The immigration invasion is perpetuating conflicts that in time might only be resolved the old fashioned way.



    I have repeatedly pointed out that Trump’s ‘border crisis’ is phony. Border Apprehensions for 2016 and 2017 were down dramatically from peak year 2000. Therefore it is odd that Trump chose to make this issue the cornerstone of his presidency. Illegal Immigration is not worthy of priority status.

    Remember that ‘fantastic healthcare’ system Trump casually promised? Whatever happened to that? Trump and the Republicans have discreetly focused on destroying Obamacare every which way possible while offering no viable alternatives. And what happened to Trump’s big infrastructure plans? All we’ve gotten are vague schemes to privatize our freeways so they become toll roads.

    Instead of choosing positive goals that benefit the people, Trump chose The Border and Immigration ‘because’ they are wedge issues. That’s part of Putin’s plan for America; ‘wedge issues’ that reduce us to screaming at each other. And so far that plan is working beautifully for Putin. Americans are now too busy screaming at each other to focus on the larger world.

    Sanctuary Cities is a concept that sounds insane to older Whites in small towns. The idea that big cities, ‘run by liberals’, would ‘side against immigration enforcement’ is red meat to the Republican base; an issue Fox News can exploit to infuriate its viewers. For that reason Trump loves the issue. It makes old farts in Smallville livid at their TV screens!

    What Fox viewers don’t know, and what Fox will never tell them, is the Sanctuary City concept is adopted largely on behalf of local law enforcement. In order to understand the logic, we can look at Los Angeles; America’s second biggest city.

    L.A. has an official population of 4 million in a county of 10 million. Within these boundaries there could be enough Undocumented Immigrants to fill a medium sized city. Most have been here for years and are part of families that include U.S. citizens.

    Quite typically these Undocumenteds have married citizens and their children are American-born. What’s more, these Undocumenteds are often home owners and valued employees of local businesses. They are even business owners in many cases.

    Therefore any attempt to round-up Undocumenteds, for deportation purposes, is going to destroy families and communities. If a father is stopped on a traffic violation, then taken into custody for deportation proceedings, his family is torn. HIs wife may not make sufficient income to support the children by herself. She might have to sell their modest house and take the kids to a cramped apartment. Said kids have no father now. Everyone loses!

    In an environment where deportation is a constant threat, local police will invariably be regarded with distrust. This becomes a danger to cities like Los Angeles. If a large segment of the population views police as hostile partners to a hostile Federal government, then the LAPD gets ‘no’ cooperation from certain communities. Only criminals can benefit from that. Sex traffickers, gangs and scammers all thrive in an environment where cops are viewed as enemies.

    One should take care to note that in big cities of the west, a significant number of police officers are Hispanic. And that is also true in New York, Chicago and Philly. Hispanic officers might well have relatives, friends and neighbors with undocumented status. That is another reason cities adopt the Sanctuary status; to make life easier for certain officers. So their personal lives don’t bitterly conflict with the job.

    Said conflicts can apply to other municipal employees and the healthcare profession. Social workers, teachers, doctors, nurses and even animal welfare officials could all be viewed with suspicion in an atmosphere where deportations are a constant threat. The interests of these professions are another good reason cities chose Sanctuary Status. It’s not some nutty liberal thing!

    1. Not nutty at all. Maybe you liberals in your cloistered gated communities and ivory towers think so but in the lower income areas it’s painfully obvious. Now you know why working class voters surprised you by voting for Trump.

    2. “Only criminals can benefit from that. Sex traffickers, gangs and scammers all thrive in an environment where cops are viewed as enemies.”

      I tell you the simple way to end a lot of pimping style exploitation is legalize sex work.

      As for border enforcement and genuine sexual exploitation of minors, ICE has some worthy initiatives

      Migration invasion facilitates sexual exploitation of migrants who pin high hopes on sneaking into the USA and send their youth off with coyotes who abuse them. A lot of third world people would actually be better off trying to make their way in their homelands than exporting their vulnerable ones to the USA. Along the way especially in Mexico they run a lot of risks.

      It isn’t just evil white haters in the USA that are to blame for the situation which actually starts with people making a conscious choice to migrate unlawfully.

      Firm border enforcement such as other nations have will staunch the flow. That’s reality. In fact you have admitted the much that the problem is diminishing. It’s sure not slowing due to Obama green lighting the false notion of economic asylum.

      1. Kurtz, for the record, I live in the heart of Hollywood, a very urban neighborhood near the foothills.

        But we agree on one thing: ‘sex work should be legalized’.

        1. I’m in flyover Peter. I will try to visit LA before I die. Or the civil war begins.

          1. Mr Kurtz – the traffic is hell in L.A. I only go to the museums. There are several that are world-class and worth the trip. I stay in San Diego and drive up or take the train up.

        2. Peter Hill – how are the fires doing in your area? Hopefully, you will not have to run for it. I wish everyone in CA the best of luck dealing with your fires. One of the guys I follow has already been wiped out and had to move. Need to call my sister in SD to make sure she is OK.

          1. Paul, thanks for asking. This part of L.A. doesn’t ‘usually’ burn (knock on wood). But turn on the local news and plenty of fires to look at. Too much development. People always want to build where they really shouldn’t. And I understand because canyons are beautiful. The problem is they burn and slide around.

            1. Peter Hill – glad things are okay in your area. CA burns like AZ burns, except you have Santa Anas. We now require people to cut back their foliage to 50 ft from the house if they live in the forest. At least there is a barrier of some type. It has cut down on the property damage.

              I was hoping to make a museum trip to CA but I may have to wait a while. I have a list of museums I like to visit. 🙂

  3. If Philadelphia and San Francisco want to become havens for criminals among the undocumented people in this country, I’m more than happy to let them do just that.

  4. Wonder what would happen if a conservative city refused to enforce laws or cooperate with the feds on issues that liberals like? Maybe local authorities in such a city should stop protecting abortion mills?

    Don’t worry sweet, tolerant liberals cooperation with ICE will be a “hate crime” in another 10 years. So will the criticism of “undocumented immigrants”.

    1. Oh, you can’t say “illegal immigrant” if you are a lawyer or they can ding your license. Seriously. Even if it’s relevant to legal proceedings. You have to call them something else, undocumented or whatever, “illegal” is now a dirty word.

  5. I remember seeing “Necesita Ayuda” signs popping up on businesses, often Asian ones, back in the last decade. A good way to discourage the black underclass from applying for those jobs–not that I don’t understand why businesses would rather avoid the risks involved with hiring from that segment of the population.

    1. LOLZ you got that right in Chicago especially now every restaurant is a mexican one. At least in the kitchen.

      That old saw about how the migrants give us their rich cultural heritage like a lot of different restaurants is disproven by Chicago. everything from soul food and french to chinese restaurants are staffed by mexicans.

      To find a white chef you have to go to a Mexican restaurant is the funny thing. EG Frontera grill.

  6. Philadelphia has a large population of African Americans and Puerto Ricans dependent on the state for support. So why not invite illegal aliens as well, many of whom will require services from the local government. Where is the tax base supposed to come from?

    I used to live there. Most of the liberals or leftists (and I considered myself left-liberal back then) I talked with about illegal immigration were ambivalent about it. I am still puzzled by how rapidly opposition to immigration enforcement has become the norm, at least among liberal political leaders. What’s in it for Philadelphians in particular? Obviously some segments of the business community are going to like the cheap labor, but what about everybody else? How does it benefit the African-American voting block?

    1. Rudy M – they expect the blacks to stay on the Democratic Plantation because they have been told to stay there. Why they think the Democratic Party is looking out for their needs is beyond me. They should all be registered Independents or Republicans.

      1. That’s the point of BLM and other race baiting anti-police fiascos. keeps them on the Dem Plantation.

  7. Any city or state refusing to cooperate with ICE only creates more danger on the streets…it’s the same when a violent crime happens and when police try to interview witnesses, folks don’t cooperate. How terrible that a mayor would undercut a federal law enforcement agency, whose job it is to remove criminal aliens off the street. Instead, they float this narrative that “ICE is tearing families apart”. Yes, if there is an order of deportation issues, mom and dad, may be taken into custody. ICE primary focus has been, and will continue to be, removing people who have committed crimes, in some cases, violent, against the community. Maybe the mayor should abolish the Philadelphia police department and see what happens then?

    1. I think you have it backwards. When the city cooperates with ICE by reporting citizenship status of people it takes to court it is setting things up so that those who are undocumented or who could be profiled will refuse to cooperate with the snitchy police department. This means that crimes will not be reported and witnesses will disappear so the police cannot report them It also makes a vulnerable population, those with or without documentation even more vulnerable.

      1. @bettykath

        The proper term is “Illegal”, not “undocumented”.

        BTW – Make sure you are sitting down but I’m Hispanic myself and have NOTHING for leftist identity politics or illegal immigration.


      2. I will admit that there is SOME logic in that. Legit to a point.
        But it only goes so far.
        It’s mostly just a thing that relates to investigations.
        you don’t need to suspend all cooperation to handle this concern.

    2. Please describe in detail your world. What solar system is it in? Does it have a double sun perhaps?

      this is to “reality is a bore for me, so I just make sh*t up for the hell of it” knotty

      1. Marky Mark Mark – he is talking about your clients. Are you afraid he is going to taint the jury pool?

  8. Another regressive city, un-American which has decided to go against the wishes of the majority of the public. More than one survey indicate the public is fed up with unfettered, undocumented people attempting to void laws entering our nation unvetted and sanctuary cities in particular are a major thorn in our collective side with many citizens boycotting such cities. Why is it so many poorly informed think harboring criminals is a good idea? It is after all, a slap in the face to all those who used legal means to come here and few in this nation have a problem with LEGAL immigration.

    1. Plus, they aren’t old white guys either, are they?

      This is to “I get my polling numbers from a magic 8-ball, or I just make em up as I go” Brucie

  9. A number of European countries faced a problem over many decades: a large bloc of their electorate favored political parties which would liquidate the constitutional order. During the Soviet era, the Communist Party in France typically polled around 20% of the vote; their counterparts in Italy polled around 26%. The Nazis and the Communists during Weimar were usually good for around 18% of the vote. France and Italy were fortunate in that the electorate gradually grew bored with peddlers of Leninism and (in Italy at least) the peddlers of Leninism grandually grew bored with peddling it. Germany wasn’t so fortunate.

    John Kenney’s activities are another piece of evidence, in case we needed one, that the Democratic Party is a criminal organization and dedicated to importing illegal aliens as a means of keeping control of public offices much as Latin American political parties make use of cruder forms of vote fraud. Ditto the British Labour Party. In the absence of outright and persistent rejection of the Democratic Party by the American electorate, this will not end well.

    1. Please post more conspiracy- paranoia materials. Surely you have something on that notorious cabal of Kissinger, G. H. W. Bush, and the Queen of England. You know what I’m talking about.

      This is to “the trilateral commission is my holy grail” spastic

      1. Your mom wants you to play outside today, and to quit pretending you’re a lawyer.

    2. In France the Communist Party rarely gets enough of the vote to have any real effect on the government. When George Marchais took 15% of the vote and allied with Mitterrand to take control, it was an important addition to Mitterrand’s socialist party winning. However when it came time to hand out portfolios Mitterrand gave Marchais impossible stuff like transportation and sewers. The extreme right and extreme left parties in France, as with other countries serve as a tell tale to indicate the direction of the wind. This affects to some degree how the center left or center right rules. However, it doesn’t affect to a large degree the ruling party. The advantage of having these two extra parties is that the ruling party gets immediate feedback from the populace; something that is next to impossible in the US system of two polarized parties.

  10. Cut off all grants to the city, screw the courts. Do the courts have an army? No!!!

    1. Or Congress could simply amend the law. Apparently the DOJ added the requirement that cities cooperate with federal immigration enforcement to an already existing law. The judge ruled that DOJ couldn’t do that. (I haven’t read the 83 page opinion, but am going by a newspaper article. If anyone has time to read the opinion, he/she could provide some valuable input to this discussion.)

      1. The 83 page opinion is a tell that it’s a farrago of nonsense.

          1. You have of course, misunderstood my remarks. Because dotty.

            1. Spastics — I thoroughly understood that you were, once again, just Making Stuff Up.

              1. David Benson owes me nine citations (one from the OED) and the source of a quotation, after ten weeks, and needs to cite all his work from now on. – speaking of Making Stuff Up, when am I finally going to get my citations? And the source of that quotation? Or will you finally admit you were just Making Stuff Up?

  11. I thought “Crazy Abe” Lincoln told us secession was unconstitutional and the basis for war and a batch of unconstitutional “amendments.” I wonder if President Trump is as opposed to secession as “Crazy Abe” was. Maybe President Trump has some amendments in mind too. There could be heck to pay, huh?

  12. You are officially on your own. We’ll bek sending you some new residents.

    1. It’s the city of brotherly love so they should all get along within it’s boundaries no problem. Take the bell and reroute the freeways .

  13. “Philly’s 8-year battle to be a sanctuary city”

    “This is an important moment for all Philadelphians, especially our immigrant community,” Kenney says in a statement. “It prevents a White House run by a bully from bullying Philadelphia into changing its policies.”

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