New Jersey Superintendent Who Pooped On Athletic Fields Will Receive $100,000 Compensation And Will Sue The Police For Releasing His Mugshot

download-1-1We previously discussed the bizarre case of Thomas W. Tramaglini, the former Superintendent in Holmdel, New Jersey who was found to be the serial pooper who would defecate on high school football field and running tracks.  Now Tramaglini has reached a settlement with the school district to receive more than $100,000 in a separation agreement.  He also plans to sue the police for releasing his mugshot.

The settlement reported was impressive since Tramaglini had only begun his $147,504 a year job in August 2015.   He will be paid $61,458 of his remaining $147,500 salary along with severance and more than $20,000 in unused vacation days.  It is a curious result since he was committing crimes on school property, but it is not clear that these were his schools.  The total settlement will come to $109,868.

Now the man called the “Pooperintendent of Schools,” plans to sue the Holmdel Police Department for photographing him and “maliciously” circulating his mugshot.  He claims that this was a minor offense that did not warrant such . . . well . . . exposure.

The problem is that mugshots are generally treated as public information subject to media inquiries and public review.  While a misdemeanor, this was a disgusting series of crimes that became a public obsession before the arrest.  It is difficult to see the viable tort action as a matter of common law. There may be some specific New Jersey law that they intend to cite but being arrested is generally a public act.

27 thoughts on “New Jersey Superintendent Who Pooped On Athletic Fields Will Receive $100,000 Compensation And Will Sue The Police For Releasing His Mugshot”

  1. This is nothing new, working on the public dole is always profitable when it suits their needs, hell look who we have in the White House. He is the perfect example of riding the public for all he can get.

      1. Are you complicit in his actions? if so you could care less who is shitting on you.

      1. WOW, and you bought into that? Ya See I’ze gots a bridge in a big city maybe you heard of it, well it’s fer sale, woulds you like to buy a share?

          1. Lots, I also have shares in Trump University, Trump Steaks, and other get on the ground investments. Get it while it’s hot.

  2. All kidding aside, did this person have some type of physical illness that rendered him unable to “hold it” until he reached a restroom? If not, I’m assuming a mental issue severe enough that his attorney claimed disability. Otherwise, the settlement and lawsuit vs. the police don’t make sense. I believe he must be alleging disability and violation of medical privacy laws…..

  3. News flash! The school apparat embraces a number of rackets (as well as clots of institutionalized stupidity). If we were smart, we’d break it up. We’re not, so we don’t.

  4. Attributing these actions to Tramaglini, rather than the attorneys trying to feed at the public trough, is consistent with Turley’s ramblings. Any reasonably honest opinionator would identify and name the real culprits . . . even if that brought to light the inconvenient truth of how way too many attorneys make–not earn–their incomes.

    1. I find this guy to be very troubling as well. Basically and anti-civilization-type of thing to do, since part of history is the problem humans have in dealing with their messes. Cholera, anyone?? This is supposedly an example of the pinnacle of educated man… ???

  5. The guy needs to be watched. What’s going to happen when the money runs out? Who would hire this guy? What statement was he making? Does he still retain his 2nd amendment rights to arm himself to the teeth and, in the right state, if he ‘feels’ he’s being threatened, blow somebody away.

    1. “…armed to the teeth…”? Drejka’s single handgun looks to be medium caliber, a 38, 380, no bigger than a 9mm. Is this just your normal progressive hyperbole, do you know as little about guns as the rest of your subjects, or both?

      It’s too bad “Markeise” McGlockton is likely among about 90% of black males who grow up without biological father to encourage him to obey the law, and be a good person, even when no one is looking, not to steal parking places reserved for disabled persons. The father could have told him, if/when a man of smaller stature and 71% older than you is talking to “your woman” who is safe in her car, just because the guy seems rude and the conversation is unwelcome, never walk up to such guy and push him violently to a concrete floor, where he could hit his head and die, and cost you years in prison with a felony manslaughter conviction. Maybe that biological father could have told him to just ignore such people and drive away rather than to instigate unnecessary criminal violence, just because you can get away with it.

      Maybe all the energy spent by protesting would be better spent lowering the ratio of single parent households, lowering the 45% abortion rate of black unborn children, and increasing the rate of black marriage before child birth.

      Nah, just keep blamin’ whitey. It worked great for McGlockton.

      Progressive narrative is that Markeise had “turned away” after he criminally assaulted Drejka, then Drejka shot. If Markeise turned away, does that mean what he did was not a crime?

      The angle of the bullet entry hole absolutely confirms the exact rotational relationship between the two subjects. The closer is bullet entry hole within +/- 45 degrees of McGlockton’s front center, the more it helps acquit, and vice verse: the farther beyond +/- 45 degrees of center, the more it helps convict. We’ll see.

      After Markeise slammed the older, smaller Drejka to the concrete, you’d apparently prefer Drejka wait for Markeise to kick Drejka in the head while down. How could Drejka defend himself after getting kicked in the head?

      Again, if bullet entry is within a certain angle of Markeise’s front center, a juror voting to convict Drejka declares open season on her/his self for any verbal offense. How many FL jurors of any color want to do that?

      Has any black warned black Floridians that the greater the rate of obeying all laws, including parking and assault laws, the longer is life expectancy, and vice verse, the greater the rate of lawlessness, the shorter is life expectancy? Is that math too difficult for progressives?

  6. It is probably covered by their insurance policy so the district is not out any money. It is one of those situations where it would cost more to litigate it. Sorry, all the best puns have been taken. 🙁

    1. You’re probably right. Also he might have had a lot more than 100K compensation coming & the amount he’s not receiving could be viewed as fine–but it’s more fun to see it as a goofy giveaway.

      If the police violated his rights by releasing his mugshot–I don’t know the laws covering this–he might have a valid case.

  7. The scatalogical double entendres and puns will be the delight of both young and old…. Something about this case, and the person committing the crime doesn’t smell right…. far be for me to “sniff it out”… Still mug shots are public

  8. The Pooperintendent must have come from San Francisco where they poop anywhere and everywhere. Now the Sanctuary City of San Francisco has assigned five of their government employees to “Poop Pick Up” using steam cleaners to handle the filth of human defecation all over their streets from their tent people and others who like to murder young women like Kate Steinley with no consequences. Want to murder someone, go to San Francisco. Want to poop in the streets, go to San Francisco.

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