Davis Denies Prior Allegations That Trump Knew In Advance About Russian Meeting

200px-Cnn.svgI have previously written about Michael Cohen’s allegation that President Donald Trump knew and approved the meeting with the Russians in Trump Tower in 2016.  It was a bombshell story from an anonymous source and has reverberated in the news for weeks.  Some of us questioned the account after no one came forward to corroborate Cohen despite his saying that Trump was briefed in a room with multiple people.  Now, Davis (who some have claimed was the source for CNN) is admitting it is untrue.

At no point over weeks of coverage did Davis come forward to refute the story until now — after accusing the President of being co-conspirator in election fraud.

Davis however simply said that the reporting was “mixed up” and that his client actually has no such information even though he was the source of the information.

“I regret that I wasn’t clear enough to The Post. I should have been more clear. I could not independently confirm the information in the CNN story. I’m sorry that I left that impression. I wasn’t at the meeting. The only person who could confirm that information is my client, [Michael Cohen].”

It is unclear why Davis would suddenly want to correct a false story after weeks of controversy including repeated questions in the White House briefings.  When reading this coverage didn’t it seem like an opportune time to correct the record?

One would have thought such a correction was urgent given that it would also mean that your client gave false information to Congress.

While some have said Davis or Cohen were the sources, Davis expressly denied that assertion: “It was painful. We were not the source, we could not confirm, and we could not correct. We had to be silent because of the sensitivity needed in the middle of a criminal investigation.”  Yet Davis spoke at length about the investigations and why would denying his client made such an allegation be barred, particularly for someone who is not under a cooperation agreement?

CNN has not corrected the report from July 27.

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  1. Common sense.

    Had Trump, his entourage and the RNC done anything even remotely close to what the already available evidence shows to have been done by Clinton, her entourage, the FBI/DOJ and the DNC, he would not have made it to election day, let alone survived impeachment.

  2. I’d be concerned about not being in step with people like Mad Maxine, Al “Wolfman” Green, and Hollywood leading the way.
    So of course I’ll join that parade.

  3. If you relax down by the river & watch you’ll see all the enemy Traitors, I mean McCain, I mean Traitors but I repeat myself. come floating by.

    Hey Navy Intel, I suggest you clean your crap up!

  4. Mespo,

    My PC is still under massive attack,,, .. & what next the 9th or 10th PC they blew up… There’s a spare right behind me +++
    Anyway what was it I wrote they just wiped out…

    …I think I’m just as angry with Turley as I am with myself.

    It’s most likely we both know our families have it very nice currently so we don’t fight as hard we we know we have to or things will soon go to hell.

    Mespo, I/m glad I logged on & caught your post as I don’t do following email updates.

    Remember Chuck Stanley that used to write here? Maybe sometime you need the help of an Okie Attorney? Mark Stanley


  5. You righties amuse me. First, it was a witch hunt. Then, it was no collusion. All along it was Hillary’s email’s, Weiner’s laptop, Wasserman’s Schultz’s computer guy. Then, it was collusion is not a crime. Meanwhile, it was who cares about mistresses? Then, it was campaign finance violations are just small fines, and Obama paid a big fine. Then, it was a deep state conspiracy.
    Now, Weisselberg has flipped, Pecker has flipped, Pecker’s co-worker has flipped, Cohen has flipped, Manafort’s been convicted. Gates has pled and flipped. Manafort has another nasty losing trial coming up. Trump Foundation is sued by New York’s AG. Trump Organization’s financial machinations are under review by New York’s AG and Manhattan’s DA. The Daniels case is about to restart in LA. Trump will likely have to be deposed in that civil case now that Cohen has lost his right to assert the Fifth.
    But, no worries, there’s nothing to this Mueller investigation. Are you kidding me? Seriously?
    I fully expect when the Don and Rudy and Flood decide what Trump knew and didn’t know, Trump will admit he colluded and conspired with Russia re the election. As commander in chief, it was his goal to make America great again. So, he had to set up a sting to do a stress test on our institutions to ferret out the “real corruption” and reform our DoJ and FBI. Then, he’ll declare victory and fire Sessions and Rosenstein and appoint someone to fire Mueller.
    That and some unwarranted pardons are how low you folks are going to have to stoop to rationalize your continued support of the Orange Blob. You folks are very, very sad.
    You should get over your Trump idolatry and find a new candidate to support (hopefully not Pence).
    Yes, do keep contending that Dems should be investigated, that the Special Counsel has exceeded his mandate (even though that argument has lost twice in court), that all the “evidence’ that has been used to get pleas and convictions is the fruit of some unidentified poisonous tree, and all the other mumbo jumbo arguments you can muster including how “this thinking [sic]” has brought us the strongest economy ever [sic].
    Trump is going down.

    1. Not sure why the last post was attributed to “anonymous.” It’s mine.

        1. And calling yourself mespo727272 and posting Arrowsmith is so intelligent.

          1. Hollywood:
            Why yes it is since everyone with a keyboard around here and with residence of more than a day knows who I am. Btw, Aeromith is prettier, richer and more talented than you and perfectly describes your scribblings. Dream On!

      1. That’s easy it’s one of your other names and you hit the wrong button. Hoisted on your own petard but your robo name programmer never was that good.

    2. You are aware that it hasn’t been appealed to the appellate level? Or if it has been taken up, it hasn’t been ruled on.

      1. “It” hasn’t been appealed is what? I think it’s a little late to appeal a ruling about Mueller’s mandate for Manafort.

    3. Get back to us when you can explain why Mueller has not investigated all evidence involving Russia and other foreign entities related to the 2016 general election.

      1. You need to talk to Rosenstein about that. Certainly, Trump has tried to get Sessions to investigate these matters (he needs all the deflection he can get), and Sessions has resisted except to the extent Huber is doing something.

        1. Actually I don’t. The lack of intellectual curiosity by you and your ilk exposes your complete disregard for equal justice. Rosenstein and Mueller are merely reflecting the will of an ever increasing ignorant base willfully trading Lawfare for national security.

            1. Fortunately, “the ignorant base” has the wisdom and patriotism of people like “Hollywood” as a shining model to follow.😊😀😂

              1. Yes, you do. We are here to lead you forward and out of the Trump sewer. Will you follow our lead? It’s on you. Haven’t you been suckered enough by the Orange Blob?

                1. Anthony your Weiner phone shoud have got you more jail time now we know Comey lied about checking all the messages and left tens of thousands untouched. How long to let you sucker us under your different names. I lerned better than that back in grade school. Anthony is one of Hollywood Robos names isn’t it?

  6. What does it matter if Trump knew or not, in advance, about a Russian offering opposition research on Hillary Clinton? Opposition research is not a crime, and in order to learn about wrongdoing abroad, candidates would depend upon foreign nationals to supply it. For example, we know that the Clinton Foundation paid a big donor a lot of money to make “hurricane proof trailers” which were dilapidated and moldy, because Haitians reported it.

    Hillary Clinton actually paid a British foreign national former spy for fraudulent opposition research from Russian spies. And yet Mueller is investigating the Trump campaign for taking a meeting, which turned out to be the same complaint about the Magninsky Act that Democratic and Republican politicians have been subjected to all over the Hill.

    This is why I consider the Mueller investigation to be political warfare by a weaponized government agency seeking a Single Party Democratic State. He is investigating the victim for what was actually perpetrated against him.

    If this were a legitimate investigation into foreign intrigues, Mueller would investigate the feeding of false information from Russians into the mainstream media via the Clinton fraudulent dossier. He would investigate how Russia managed to buy 1/5 of all of our Uranium with the help of Hillary Clinton and a hefty donation to her foundation. He would investigate the sly promotion of Socialism through Russian contacts with friendly academics, and if Russia has had any hand in the rise of Socialism’s popularity in the US. Now that would be news if Ocasia-Cortez rose to power through a decades long Russian initiative, which began with infiltration and complete takeover of our schools with pro-Communist and Socialist teachers and professors. He should look into the Dialogue of Civilizations Research Institute, which is a Russian think tank run by former KGB Vladimir Yakunin, to which numerous American and European academics have belonged for years. One of its aims is to undermine democracies, using such language as “decolonization”, and “anti-imperialism.” He would investigate cyber attacks from China against US intellectual property. And there would be significant work done on our voting methods. Our current voting machines can be hacked, as kids showed us recently. And government agencies can be infiltrated by political operatives, as Comey and Mueller have shown us.

    Our great nation is rotting from within. Like Rome.

  7. This seems like big news but in scanning the cable news networks I see no mention of this. Last week’s Manafort and Cohen developments are just dead cat bounce for Russia-Trump investigation. Look at how fast they moved on Manafort and Cohen. If they had anything on Trump-Russia collusion that would come out by now. Trump-Russia collusion delusion will die over the Labor Day weekend as rational thought will catch up with many people who temporarily bought into this deep state/left media hoax and hysteria.

      1. I am sorry Mr. Hollywood Henderson. Were you trying to make a point because all I see is a link to a left leaning article that leads to nothing. You seem to have picked up on Late4Yoga bad habits of posting links to left leaning articles that soothe you but really say nothing, and you are devoid of any original thought process.

        1. Bill Martin,…
          I think they are links to “OPeds/ Opinion” columns, not articles.
          Editorials/ OPeds are a dime a dozen, but we have the “Hollywood filter” screening out the “bad ones”.

    1. mespo,

      I continue to believe Prof Turley has made a horrible mistake & taken up with the modern day Commie/Nazi American Hating .

      IE: See other noted lawyers/ people, Me.

      It’s his ,, Rep. I’m cool with mine.

      Anyway, more input.

      horrible notes. LOL 42,36….


      btw, my pc needs 3 detailed carwashes it;s so ph;ked up

      1. Oky1:
        I don’t think that’s the case. JT is no ideologue. He just works in a world (DC and academe) where cultural Marxism predominates so your can’t always say what you want if you hope to maintain your status. On the other hand I have my own business and don’t live in occupied America so I get a little more room to operate and speak freely.

    2. Impeachment is off the table until and unless the Dems win the House and the GOP Seante grows a spine.

      1. Impeachment is off the table when less than a third of Democrats vote to impeach.
        Al “Wolfman” Green didn’t have much luck when he got his wish to put impeachment up for a vote.

          1. The focus seems to be clearer.
            Instead of producing evidence of “Russian collusion”…..which was ostensibly the primary purpose for appointment the Special Counsel….we can substitute “the Pecker issues” as the basis for impeachment.

            1. Tom,
              Actually in any ordinary congressional climate, that would be the basis for one of the articles of impeachment. But we are not in an ordinary environment. Bigots and oligarchs and plutocrats rule. Trump has media shills blaring his BS night and day. So, we have to see what further dirt Mueller digs up. Whether you can accept it or not, I suspect it is coming. Clearly, if Cohen is taken at his word, we have a basis for violations of Federal Election law and obstruction of justice. But that’s a start. In defense, you have duh conspiracy theories. Good luck with those.

              1. There are plenty of “media shills” out there opposing Trump.
                If you believe that it is Trump’s “mediashills” that have prevented Congressional Democrats from pressing for impeachment, maybe you can get them to “grow a spine”.
                With no evidence presented on the “Russian collusion” basis for establishing the Office of Special Counsel, the fallback position might be to intitiate impeachment proceedings based on whatever these fishing exeditions have managed to turn up.

                  1. Dude,
                    It takes 50% of the House to impeach.
                    The number of Democrats in the Senate doesn’t matter in intitiating impeachment proceedings; it takes a simple majority vote of the House.
                    They mustered 15% of House votes when Wolfman put it up for vote, so there is a way to go to get to 50%+.
                    The “true patriot” crap is always a nice ploy; congratulations for having the presence of mind to use it.

                    1. Right, but to convict at the impeachment trial, you need 2/3 of the Senate. And the GOP has the Senate. They are preventing Trump’s impeachment and conviction/resignation now. Where are today’s Goldwaters and Bakers? Not to be found among the GOP Senators.

                    2. hollywood – McCain just died, so hopefully his seat will be filled immediately.

                  2. McCain’s behavior has certainly been odd the last year. Glioblastoma is a terminal diagnosis. Yet, for 13 months, he’s insisted on remaining in Congress. He hasn’t been in Washington in 7 months. If, for some reason, he’d wanted to remain in office to forestall the legal requirement of calling a special election, he could have resigned 12 weeks ago.

                    1. Hollywood Henderson: Please list out the PROVEN high crimes/misdemeanors that would justify the Senate garnering 67 votes for impeachment?

      2. You lefties are unable to see one move ahead – lousy chess players. Even if Dems win House and vote for impeachment, it will never get passed votes in Senate = pulling grenade and holding it. This is why Dems like whiny Eric S from Cal are running away from the I world while Crazy Maxine Waters embraces it. Even if Dems win house, they will govern it worse than The Gange That Couldn’t Shoot Straight (worse than recent Republican control).

    1. we would just be in a hot war with syria and iran already, quit the dithering, huh

      it would be all the russians fault one way or another, kind of makes you wonder why fight the power?

    2. What if Hillary lost deliberately, intentionally, on purpose so that you would have to listen to all of this malarkey?

      P. S. Don’t you wish it were Hillary in Trump’s shoes right now?

  8. “The average American inadvertently commits three felonies a day.”

    “Corruption can be defined as the taking of bribes of one type or another by officials in order to allow subjects to avoid taxes or regulations. Political corruption doesn’t, therefore, occur in totally free markets simply because there’s no taxation or regulation to avoid. Inevitably, and completely predictably, the more taxed and regulated a society is, the more necessarily corrupt it is.”

    – The Crux

    “The more corrupt the state, the more numerous the laws.”

    – Tacitus

    “Show me the man and I’ll find you the crime”

    – Beria, Stalin’s Director of Secret Police

    “The honorable, brave and courageous FBI/DOJ will NOT investigate the FBI/DOJ/Intel, Hillary and Obama’s crimes” (paraphrase)

    – Oberstgruppenfuhrer Rod Rosenstein

  9. So, Lanny got caught with his hand in the cookie jar and is trying to not look guilty.

    1. PCS

      Lots of people are just jealous of DJT because of his business success, his long history of establishing and maintaining good relations with successful Russian magnates, his innovations in high education, steaks, ability and drive to find alternative sources of funding – as in “Where to Go When All The Banks Say NO! Way”, all the while having lovely, exotic wives, and children who, like their father, hue to the highest levels of honest, fair dealings in business, and at happy hours.

      Paul, face it. Most marxists just can’t compete with the stable genius in the WH.

        1. Yes, Hollywood. Mr. McWilliams is wry to the point of torticollis (a.k.a. “wryneck”).

    2. And Lanny Boy was gleefully on board with adding campaign finance non-crimes to Cohen tax/bank fraud guilty pleas. This did not just happen without prosecutors knowing about Lanny Boy’s cheap political ploy.

  10. Obergruppenfuhrer Mueller,

    Special Agent of the Obama Coup D’etat in America,

    is “piling on” two and a half months before the mid-term elections.

    Big surprise, Comrade Obama.

    America must understand that Mueller’s is an entirely objective investigation, without bias.

    Oh yeah, America really is naive and gullible.

    Will truth out?

    The most prodigious scandal in American political history, the abuse of power by Barack Obama et al.

  11. I can only assume that threats have been flying since the news broke.

  12. Professor–

    Setting to one side the substance of your posts, I wonder if you ever bother to proofread. For a guy with impressive credentials, your blog posts are disappointingly illiterate.

    1. LOL! Good luck with that. Perhaps you’d volunteer your proofing skills. Personally, I believe the value of his free blog outweighs the costs of any proofing deficiencies. But hey, that’s coming from someone that isn’t interested in picking the fly$hit out of the pepper.

    2. Seriously? You just said that? You don’t know what a buffoon that makes you? Condolences. Let’s all go to the “Dogma” blog.

    3. One cannot ‘set aside’ unless they are the originator. OR unless they can refute nothing and wish to proclaim they are nothing with an ad machina attack on a hominem.

  13. Nice deflection on JT’s part, But if he must post what lawyers are saying then he has pages of court jester Rudy G that could be a source of hours of belly laughs.

    1. Speaking of an ad machina attack in lieu of objective or in this case even subjective reasoning on a hominem and up jumps The Collectives broken machinery.;

      1. Much of what follows keeps jumping around, disappearing and reappearing etc try to read it tomorrow.when it’s fixed.

  14. This just keeps getting worse. It is clear that members of the deep state want to take open control of this nation. They are using/working with the MSM to throw our people into a state of confusion through the use of lies. Deep staters just say whatever they want and expect people to believe. I’m very sick of all their lies, their open censorship and their attempt to coup the American people and our actual system of govt.

    The tech companies are all conspiring to plan what we can know during the upcoming election. That’s just insulting and I don’t think it’s legal. They are clearly trying to determine the outcome of/interfering with our election. These IC oligarchs have taken unlawful power over our society. Their unlawful power needs calling out.

    Then there is the example of the NYTimes, who just today, has made up a bizarre story about how all our spies in Russia have no idea how Putin will interfere in the 2018 elections. There are so many false assumptions and assertions in that article you need an abacus to read them all!

    Many of us do not want these creepy, evil IC swamp monsters undermining either our elections or our system of govt. Davis is as manipulative as they come. We don’t want your crap. We want a functioning society, the rule of law and actual information. I hope whistleblowers start leaking everything they have on these SOB’s because what they are doing is evil and destructive of civil society.

    1. Here’s just one of many Davis’ revelatory quotes to be found at wikileaks twitter:

      “Hi John {Podesta}:

      Can in e included in at least one meeting with you and senior managers in charge of crisis management re emails? Someone needs to interface with lawyers – who I suspect may be influencing strategy? On my honor I give you my word I will not mention to anyone my involvement.

      I would also like to talk to my friend the about where to go from here. I can meet her on the road wherever she is. Her husband and I have talked at times – but I haven’t given her my views on this email issue can be handled better going forward.

    2. Maybe I should not use the word wikilkeaks in order to get the comment in? Trying again. If you go to wikileaks twitter you will see many very revelatory quotes from Davis. They show his character. Here is one: Hi John:

      Can in e included in at least one meeting with you and senior managers in charge of crisis management re emails? Someone needs to interface with lawyers – who I suspect may be influencing strategy? On my honor I give you my word I will not mention to anyone my involvement.

      I would also like to talk to my friend the about where to go from here. I can meet her on the road wherever she is. Her husband and I have talked at times – but I haven’t given her my views on this email issue can be handled better going forward.

      1. He can pardon Assange as well. That prosecution is completely bogus.

        If Trump were on the level at all (which he’s not) he would welcome the testimony of Assange regarding Russiagate. I”m sure the IC can come up with other things besides war crimes to impeach Trump, but they won’t use those because they need us at war, everywhere, all the time. It’s both profitable and excellent for instituting a police state in the US. Pure evil.

      2. So, anon, trying to respond for the third time. Yes he should and he should pardon Assange and welcome his testimony about russia gate.

        1. Jill,

          Yes, hopefully Assange will testify. And he should be allowed to leave the embassy without being arrested or worse.

      3. the leftists at democracy now are worth watching for a regular account of the Security State’s persecutions.

        contrast them to the lickspittle war pigs like Hillary

      4. Insufficeint information and resources Too many mystery people who may or may not exist and no credible sources. Conclusion may or may not be useful but is insufficienty objective.

      5. Insufficient clarity with no proofs but the name of the outlet is from a Marxist Leninst source.

    3. Surely you remember Harry Reed on the senate floor when he lied about M Romney not paying taxes. After all was said and done he looked right into the camera, laughed and said it worked didn’t it. I guess this is what this crew is all about lies, lies and did I say lies. The Dems have lost their way long ago.

      1. Harry Reid spent about 9 years practicing law in what was then a city of modest size. He’s spent the rest of his life on government salaries. Yet, before he left Congress, he had a net worth of around $6.7 million. Somehow I doubt our friend Mespo, who has spent 30-odd years practicing law in a city 2x as large as the Las Vegas of 1970, has a wad that large.

        There’s a reason people think his ‘gym accident’ was a little lesson from the brass knuckles contingent.

        1. DSS – although I am personally suspicious of the eye accident, Harry Reid is suing the company. The timing was suspicious.

  15. Why waste time on stories going nowhere? Mueller & his team are doing their best to keep the spotlight off Hillary and the real Russian collusion. That’s where the beef is. What about the Weiner laptop? Where is that and why isn’t that being investigated? Hillary’s 30,000 missing emails, correspondence from Obama and other high ranking officials using false email addresses….what’s that all about? Link to a good article by Sidney Powell….come on Professor Turley’s you can do better….how about some real meat! http://dailycaller.com/2018/06/19/fbi-doj-and-hillary-clinton-weiner-problem/

  16. You can trust Lanny Davis about as far as you could throw a wet mattress up a circular staircase.

  17. Having observed Mr. Davis for years, I have concluded that he is frequently disingenuous and puts his political goals above the needs of his clients.

    Why do we pay so much attention to a political operative?

    1. It’s the same reason why Comey couldn’t indict Hillary, because he would convict Obama. The most prodigious scandal in American political history is the abuse of power by Obama. But the “deep state” Obama Coup D’etat apparatus won’t allow you knowledge of that massive corruption. They make far too much money to give it up. Think about it. You’re following Obergruppenfuhrer Mueller who, as FBI Director, facilitated Hillary’s “pay-for-play” while Sec. of State and who LIED in front of Congress, on behalf of the communist “deep state” dictatorship, saying that Iraq absolutely had weapons of mass destruction (WMD) when it absolutely did not.

      1. Rethuglican controlled Congress for 6 years yet Obama, Clinton, etc. never convicted of anything. Just goes to show when looking for the best and the brightest, hire their crew. Sorry George, you would not make the cut.

        1. The difference between conservatives and you communists

          is that conservatives want “FREE-DOM”

          while you communists want “FREE-STUFF.”

          Your whole welfare state is unconstitutional.

          Karl Marx wrote the Communist Manifesto, 59 years later,

          because the Constitution denied and precluded

          redistribution of wealth, social engineering,

          control of the means of production and central planning.

          The day the Constitution is implemented,

          you communists are going have to

          take care of yourselves.

          Oh my!

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